First day of School: Mutant Season

Student planned Columbine-style attack, police say:

An anonymous tip intervened on a teen’s plan to attempt mass murder at a Tampa high school:

17-year-old Austin Cook of Tampa, Florida has been arrested for allegedly plotting an attack against Leto High School also in Tampa.

Cook allegedly told witnesses that he was going to ‘break the record’ of Virginia Tech. He also allegedly tried to recruit other people for his plot.

Police received a tip through Crime Stoppers. When they searched Cook’s house they turned up all the typical trappings of a mutant. Police say they found not only videos about Columbine on his computer but they also found a Columbine video game. The Columbine video game I know of is SCMRPG. I wonder if its creator will grace us again with his presence to tell me the game is not a Columbine tribute but I digress.

Police also found a .22 rifle, a bow and arrow, and books about guns. They also say that cook was researching Tampa gun shops.

But being a typical mutant there was a major flaw in his plan. He plotted his attack for 11/11/11. That is November 11th 2011. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t public schools closed on Veteran’s Day?