Breeder's bad boyfriend bludgeons baby with basketball shoe

Child Killed With Sneaker:

Why is it that children keep getting killed by Breeders for things that children do? Have we become that much a society of morons and troglodytes that no problem can be solved without violence even against the most defenseless members of our society?

For example take Calvin Jones of Memphis, Tennessee. He was babysitting his girlfriend’s 2-year-old when the girl soiled herself as 2-year-olds sometimes do.

Rather than doing the sane and rational thing of cleaning the girl up he allegedly beats her death with his hand and basketball shoe.

We’re not done yet.

The egg donor, Anisha Alford, has also been charged because when she found the girl spitting up, cold and complaining of being sick instead of going to the ER she did nothing and the girl was dead the next morning.

If the girl was able to complain about feeling sick wouldn’t she also be able to complain about the beating she took?

The article states that police do not know if Alford was aware of the beating but how could she not be?

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Bad Boyfriend: Jason Wayne McReynolds

Man accused of causing girl’s injuries:

31-year-old Jason Wayne McReynolds of Evansville, Indiana has been charged with felony child abuse for life threatening injuries he allegedly inflicted on his girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter.

As is almost usual in these cases the mother went to work and left the girl with McReynolds and the girl was fine when she left.

Police say the girl had a subdural hematoma and burn marks.

This should come as no surprise because…

McReynolds has a previous child abuse conviction. On Oct. 12, 2006, he was arrested for beating a 7-year-old boy. He was convicted of a class D charge of battery, rather than the charge he originally faced: battery resulting in serious bodily injury of a person less than 14 years of age.

Also notice that he has the middle name of Wayne. I still stand by my theory that when you give your son the middle name of Wayne, Lee or Ray you’re basically creating a psycho in waiting.

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Ex-con Bad Boyfriend charged in murder of 2-year-old

Police: Mom’s felon boyfriend beat, killed 2-year-old boy:

Ladies, and let’s face it the only guy out there besides me is Evil Brent, would you date a 28-year-old ex-con who did a stretch for robbery, grand theft, forgery and fleeing a law enforcement officer?

Would you date said ex-con if you had a 2-year-old child?

28-year-old Jason Padgett of Palm Bay, Florida was arrested in the beating death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son.

Witnesses say that they saw Padgett punch the boy in the face and head three weeks prior to his death but police are not saying why the witnesses never came forward.

The boy’s mother left Padgett to baby sit while she went to work. Meanwhile it is said that while baby sitting Padgett smoked dope and beat the child.

He claims that the boy fell off the toilet and hit his head and instead of getting medical help he gave the boy a bath and put him to bed.

When the mother came hone she took her son to the hospital.

An autopsy showed that the brain injuries were caused by a beating and that the boyu showed signs of sexual abuse.

How does falling off a toilet cause that?

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Murder charges for python death in Florida

Report: No trial date in python killing:

Back in July I posted about how the 8-foot Burmese Python that belonged to 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell got out and squeezed his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to death.

At that time I posted that the only charges Darnell was facing was not having a permit for the snake. It seems a lot as happened since then because not only is Darnell facing a murder charge but so is the girl’s mother, Ashley Hare.

Personally I am glad that they are bothy facing murder charges. Leaving an 8 foot python basically unguarded is like leaving a loaded gun just laying around except it’s usually a slower and much more painful death for its victim.

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Bad chicken looking boyfriend threw boy against wall

Police: Man Threw Toddler Against Wall:

Police: Boy Thrown For Not Going To Bed:

Man accused of throwing child against a wall:

Angry Chicken Man over there is 34-year-old Benjamin Edward Ahr of Daytona Beach, Florida. Before we get to his transgressions let’s ponder about his mugshot for a second. He’s 34. Fauxhawk, bleached blonde, funky sideburns, not only a neck tattoo but a neck tattoo of a woman’s name. He’s 34. Grow up already.

Anyway he’s accused of lifting his girlfriend’s 2 1/2-year-old son over his head and throwing him against a wall because he wouldn’t go to bed. The girlfriend was at work at the time. The boy went into seizures and at the time of the articles is on a breathing machine in the hospital and has a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.

Ahr tried blaming the injuries on ‘rough housing’ by the boy’s older brother.

Except when the police interviewed the older brother he said that not only did Ahr throw the boy against the wall he abused the older brother as well.

Why would anyone think that this piece of crap is more important than their kids. Ladies please choose your boyfriends wisely.

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I am the monster

Deputies: Man Admitted Torturing Infant:

Lake County man charged with torturing infant:

Deputies: Man Admits To Abusing Infant:

23-year-old Robert Young of Tavares, Florida looks like the All American Guy doesn’t he? Too bad that All American look hides a monster by his own admission.

Young has admitted to basically torturing a 2-month-old girl because she wouldn’t sleep. I couldn’t find what the relationship was between Young and the girl but I’m guessing he’s the bad boyfriend.

The girl was taken to the hospital by her mother when she had breathing problems which x-rays revealed to be cracked ribs.

Young has allegedly admitted to beating and squeezing the girl’s chest, bending her wrist back, and pinching her fingers knees and toes because he said he noticed she would sleep when she was agitated.

Young went on to admit that he would “twist the infant’s foot, when she wiggled her feet out of blankets,” wrench her arm behind her back, and press his hands on her stomach to force a bowel movement.

When he was arrested he told deputies that “I am the monster” and said that…

…he knew he should have stopped the behavior and was afraid to tell the child’s mother because he did not want the woman to think he was a “monster.”

If he wasn’t a monster he wouldn’t have done any of this in the first place.

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7 hours at a bar = one dead child

Cops: Jeffco baby died after dad left, went to bar:

23-year-old Joseph Trujillo of Jefferson County, Colorado allegedly went and drank at a bar for 7 hours. That’s a monumental amount of drinking. The problem was he was supposed to be watching his girlfriend’s five month old baby at home. So to put two and two together the baby was at home alone while Trujillo was getting his drink on.

Unfortunately the baby died. The details of the baby’s death have been sealed.

Trujillo is not the baby’s father.

Now I know you’re thinking where was the mother. She’s got a legitimate reason for not being there as she is serving our country in the military overseas.

Can you imagine being thousands of miles from home in a war zone finding out that your child has died due to the neglect of your boyfriend who thought 7 hours at a bar while your infant was home alone.

It’s unfathomable.

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Bad Boyfriend abuses twins, kills one

4-month-old twins hospitalized, one on life support after mother’s boyfriend allegedly assaulted them:

Teen arraigned on murder charges after 4-month-old baby dies:

Bullitt County man admits to drug use before alleged assault on 4-month-old:

Bad Boyfriend 18-year-old Samuel Harris, Jr. of Bullitt County, Kentucky has been arrested for abusing his girlfriend’s 4-month-old twins killing one of them.

Harris allegedly abused them while his mother went out to get something to eat. Allegedly in that short time Harris took one of the twins and started shaking him because why? That’s right because he wouldn’t stop crying. So Harris thought it would be a good idea to throw the baby across the room onto a broken couch that had wood sticking out of it. The child was pronounced brain dead and eventually died.

On top of all that Harris admits to using marijuana all that day. And here I thought weed makes you mellow and non-violent. So if Harris was using drugs all day was the mother of the twins aware of this when she asked him to watch the kids? Food for thought so to speak.

Thanks to Chrissie for the tip.

Del. teens beaten with hammer by bad boyfriend

Teens recovering from brutal attack:

We don’t hear a lot out of Delaware. I guess because it’s only 3 counties long. Yet it seems like an eternity when you drive from tip to tip but that’s just me. And usually we don’t hear about bad boyfriends abusing teens yet here we are on both counts.

38-year-old Wayne Jones of Houston, Delaware was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s children, ages 13 and 16, with a hammer in a vacant home. He’s also accused of raping the 16-year-old girl.

Jones took the two to a vacant home next to his parents’ house in the first block of Jackson St. Jones went inside the home with the boy. His sister went to check on them because they had been in the home a long time. The girl said Jones told her that her brother was playing in the living room and when she went to look for him, Jones hit her from behind with a blunt object.

The girl told investigators that Jones then dragged them into a car and drove to an apartment where he formerly lived. That’s where he allegedly raped her and told her that he would hurt her family if she told anybody.

Jones’ lame story is that he took the kids to get ice cream at midnight and that when he saw the door to his old apartment open he was attacked by two men who also attacked the kids.

Ice cream at midnight in January in Delaware. Nope, I’m not buying it.

The boy is currently on a ventilator while the girl was treated and released.

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Bad Denver boyfriend claims fall in the hall

Denver man charged in toddler’s death:

I know you may think that I do like repeating myself but I don’t. Yet it seems I keep having to.

31-year-old Jacob Garcia of Denver, Colorado is charged in the death of his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son.

He claims that the child ran into a hallway and fell.

Medical personnel at the hospital disagreed because of the “subdural bleeding in the brain” and “bruises throughout his body.”

Now here’s the part where I have to repeat myself.

Ladies, if you’re man ain’t got no job he’s not worthy to be watching your kids while you work. I know that wasn’t the case here but it bears repeating.

Now for the abusers again you are not smarter than people who went to school for years upon years to learn their profession. They can tell the difference between a fall and a severe beating. Rather than going to jail, because you will, how about not beating the child in the first place dumbass.

Thanks to Rachelle for the tip.