Burnout Breeders boast buds with blow-ups of baby

‘Crazy Grandma’ Beth Hensley. (Take in the scenery.)

‘Crazy Grandma’ Beth Hensley. (Take in the scenery.)

Toddlers photographed with pot:

Mother arrested after baby, child photographed with drugs:

Deputies: Ky. family had photos printed of toddlers with pot:

Let me set the scene for you. In Leslie County, Kentucky police arrested 53-year-old grandmother Beth Hensley and her daughter Tracey Hensley. The younger Hensley is mother to five children ranging in ages from 1 to 7. Allegedly someone in the Hensley ‘household’ thought it would be funny to take pictures of the kids with decent sized buds of weed and some joints. Police were notified when someone at the local drug store noticed the pictures on the film that was developed at their store.

After police went to the domicile they say they confiscated 24 marijuana plants and a baggie of weed. Grandma Hensley was charged with drug trafficking while the younger Hensley was charged with child endangerment. Now before I go on my rant here’s one of the pictures in question.


Grandma Hensley says that the joints in some of the pictures, including one where an ‘adult’ appears to be trying to light it, were really just Prince Albert tobacco. Like that makes it better? She also says that the reason that she took the pictures was “It was just some to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was.” She must have had one hell of a scrapbook planned. Here’s the picture from when the meth lab blew up and killed your brother.

The only way this story could be any more trailerific if pit bulls were somehow involved. Who still uses film anyway?

So it was Prince Albert huh? I bet she wishes someone was letting her out of the can.

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Pot smelling tot leads to grow operation bust

Mark Biondolillo

Mark Biondolillo

Kindergarten Student Smells of Pot, Father Arrested:

In Leicester, New York a 5-year-old boy allegedly went to his kindergarten class reeking of weed. This led police to investigate the home of his burnout Breeder, 41-year-old Mark Biondolillo.

Not only did they just find weed on the premises but they also allegedly found a grow operation that included over one hundred marijuana plants. Biondolillo was charged with child endangerment along with the various drug charges.

Now I know we are going to get the militant stoners in here who are going to say what’s the big deal and I’ll tell you. The first is a kid can’t reek of weed just from the plants unless he was rolling around in a Hefty bag full of weed. That means that more than likely that copious amounts of weed were being smoked around the boy. The second thing is that when you run a grow operation in your house it is inviting several other factions of criminal elements into your home. The house could have been in a home invasion of people looking to rob the Breeder or a competing dealer could have looked to eliminate the competition in a violent way. But the burnouts would have you believe that weed is some magical fairy plant that makes everyone fart rainbows and sing Kumbya.

The boy was turned over to his mother. I hope she regrets ever hooking up with that loser.

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Woman uses toddler as TASER shield

Mo. mom accused of using child to block Taser:

A 20-year-old woman from Hannibal, Missouri is accused of using her 1-year-old child as a shield when police produced a TASER while investigating an assault claim made by the woman. The thing is she wasn’t shielding herself.

During the course of the police investigation a 22-year-old man showed up and started giving cops a hard time. When police pulled out a TASER the woman handed the child to the man to use as a shield.

I would lay odds that not only was he probably the man who assaulted her but more than likely is her penis.

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Ohio woman charged with squeezing infant to death

Prosecutor: Mom Squeezed Daughter, Causing Death:

25-year-old Samantha A. Smith of Milford, Ohio has been arrested in the death of her 11-day-old daughter. The girl died on Dec. 20th of last year. Authorities say that Smith admitted to squeezing the baby because she was constipated which caused the baby’s intestine to rupture. What the hell? If that was really her motivation babies aren’t Play Doh toys for God’s sake.

There was evidence of other abuse too. Neighbor’s claimed that the baby had bruises on it’s face like someone had pinched the baby’s cheek to the point of contusions. Smith also canceled a doctor’s appointment for the baby three days before her death. Police believe that was to cover up the abuse.

also arrested was Smith’s boyfriend 26-year-old John D. Foster. Both have been charged with manslaughter and child endangerment.

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Woman charged with breast feeding while driving

Breast-feeding, cell-using driver charged:

39-year-old Genine Compton of Ohio was charged with child endangerment for breast feeding her child and talking on her cell phone at the same time while driving. How is that possible without having three arms?

When police tracked her down she said she didn’t want to let her child go hungry. So I guess feeding your child can’t wait until you can do it safely? She should consider herself very lucky that she didn’t have an accident as the airbag would have surely killed the child.

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Like a dog

Police: Naked Girl Forced To Eat On Floor:

Police in Bullhead City, Arizona have arrested Juan and Dawn Corral on charges of child abuse, child endangerment and aggravated assault. Juan Corral Jr. (same guy) has also been charged with sexual contact with a minor and sexual molestation.

Juan Corral Jr. is the stepfather and Dawn Corral is the mother of a 9-year-old girl. Corral Jr. made the girl take off all her clothes and eat and relieve herself on the floor like a dog. The girl was also severely beaten so bad that she had to miss a week of school. Corral Jr. also ‘touched her inappropriately’ as a form of punishment. So what did the mother do? Since you’re reading this here you can probably guess. She stood by and did nothing.

Personally I wouldn’t even treat a dog this way. And here we have another case of a woman who obviously thinks having a penis in her life is more important than her own children. If this happened to a child of most women I know someone like Corral Jr. would be missing said organ and it would be found in his mouth to show he was a screamer. Figuratively, of course.

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La. man gambles with his parental rights

Baby Left In Car While Dad Gambled, Police Say:

27-year-old Craig Bychurch of Larose, La. was arrested for leaving his 3-month-old baby in the car while he gambled at a casino. After his arrest the baby was given to the mother who happened to be at work at the time. So she’s pulling in the dough while he’s wasting it at a casino. Not much of a man right there.

Bychurch has been previously arrested for various charges including failure to register as a sex offender.

He’s been court ordered to stay away from the baby which may be best for everyone.

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