Hannah Overton out of jail for now

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Former convicted killer of her foster child Andrew Burd, Hannah Overton has been released on bond pending a new trial.

So having dealt with criminal misinformation before please allow me to explain what this means. She has not been exonerated. She has not been cleared of any charges. She has not been acquitted. She has not been found innocent. I know I sound like someone from the Department of Redundancy Department but sometimes you have to hold the morons’ hands.

A lot of the article I’ve read on the subject of her release say that she can spend Christmas with her kids and that she can hug her kids for the first time in 7 years. You know who can’t hug or spread Christmas with anyone? Andrew Burd, the foster child that she was entrusted with taking care of and instead allegedly killed him by violence, malice and neglect.

Just because she’s the favorite of 20/20 and a large megachurch doesn’t automatically make her innocent.

Justice is a gift that will go undelivered this Christmas.

Hannah Overton will be tried again in the death of Andrew Burd

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Recently Hannah Overton had her murder conviction overturned in the death of her foster son Andrew Burd. She was initially convicted of killing Andrew by way of sodium poisoning as it was alleged she used some kind of salt filled seasoning as a punishment resulting in his death. There were also accusations of blunt force trauma against Andrew and making him sleep on a plywood bed under the watch of a hidden camera. Since Overton belonged to a local Texas mega-church there has been an outcry since her arrest to free her.

Now prosecutors have stated that they will bring her to trial again for Andrew’s death. If were prosecuting this case I would request to have it moved out of Nueces County so there would be a better chance of an impartial jury. Too many aspects of this case have been decided on because of emotions rather than the pursuit of justice.

Hannah Overton’s conviction overturned

Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton

In a case, in my opinion, where emotion has overruled sense Hannah Overton has had her murder conviction overturned. For those of you who may be new to the site can catch upon her story here. The tl;dr version is she was convicted and sentenced to life in the murder of her 4-year-old foster child Andrew Burd who died from sodium poisoning. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement sprung up from the media coverage and the fact that she attended a fundamentalist Christian church. As I’ve said in the past, the excuses that the Free Hannah movement gave that supposedly showed she was innocent sounded like a 4-year-old trying to explain who broke the lamp. As far as I’m concerned the evidence clearly showed that she was responsible for the death of Andrew Burd.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned her conviction on the grounds of ineffective counsel which her former lawyer denies. Prosecutors gave not yet determined whether or not they’re going to retry her. I can almost see why they might not. We are not a society prone to logic anymore, if we ever were. Instead emotion and outrage rules the day. That’s how the media operates these days. To get ratings or pageviews they resort to invoking an emotional response from their audience rather than reporting the facts. The media circus that has revolved around Hannah Overton paints a picture of a falsely accused woman while in my opinion the evidence says otherwise.

So more than likely a child killer will go free in the name sentimentality while Andrew Burd will receive no justice.

No new trial for Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Hannah Overton (crying salty tears)

Judge rejects claims in salt-poisoning case:

Earlier this week a Texas judge rejected the claims that Hannah Overton should get a new trial. Score one for the good guys for once.

For those of you new to the site Overton was convicted and sentenced to life in the murder of her 4-year-old foster child Andrew Burd who died from sodium poisoning. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement has formed from the media coverage and the fact that she attends a fundamental Christian church.

In his ruling the judge said that there was no prosecutorial misconduct and that all evidence that was supposedly knew was known by both parties at the time of the trial including the testimony of a salt poisoning expert who said that Andrew had eaten the salt himself. The defense at the time chose not to have the expert testify.

Of course Overton’s current attorney says that they are going to file more appeals. Unfortunately no one can file any appeals for Andrew Burd.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to review Hannah Overton case

Hannah 'Salty Dog' Overton

Hannah ‘Salty Dog’ Overton

Overton case to be reviewed by Texas appeals court:

Churches can do great things for society when they put their minds to it. Some of the greatest charities in this country are run by churches. Churches can also do great evil when they lead their congregations astray. Such is the case of Hannah Overton.

As you should know by now Overton was convicted of killing her foster son Andrew Burd by sodium poisoning and blunt force trauma. The number of atrocities committed on Andrew have been well documented on this site. Now the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will be reviewing Hannah Overton’s case. The reason they are reviewing the case is because her church and the ‘Free Hannah’ movement have raised money to produce a video declaring her innocence.

The group has also sent letters to Texas Governor Rick Perry to plead her case. If you’ve been following the Republican primaries you should know by now that Perry is a bigot that hides behind the Bible.

I don’t know how much money they raised but whatever the amount was it probably could have been served better going to some needy families instead of trying to free a convicted child killer. If you ever read any of the excuses that the Free Hannah movement has put out there they sound like the ramblings of a 4-year-old trying to get out of trouble from their parents.

I think the sane people of this world need to fire back and fight for Andrew Burd since he can’t fight for himself.

I would like everybody out there to write the Texas Court of Appeals and tell them why they think that Hannah Overton should be kept behind bars. Their address is 201 W 14th St Austin, TX 78701.

When you write them please be courteous and professional in your letters. And if you’re a Christian please let them know that as well. Let them know that not all of us are blinded by our faith.

1200 letters in support of a child killer

Hannah Overton

Family and Friends Fight for New Overton Trial:

I’ve posted about Hannah Overton many times before. She was convicted in 2007 for the sodium poisoning and blunt force trauma death of 4-year-old Andrew Burd. Andrew was her foster son who the Overton’s were looking to adopt.

Since Overton belongs to a fundamentalist Christian church a ‘Free Hannah’ movement has been trying to get her conviction overturned because they say that she is a ‘good Christian woman’. I was raised that good Christian women don’t kill their children but I digress.

Churches can be like families in both good ways and bad. Much like the family of abusers that we see on BB that defend child killers because they’re family, Overton’s church has circled the wagons around her instead of realizing that she’s a killer. For example, recently 1200 letters requesting a new hearing for Overton were sent to the district attorney’s office.

You know why you won’t see 1200 letters being sent in support of her conviction? Because most rational thinking people know that she deserved her conviction and don’t feel the need to write since she’s already serving a life sentence.

If you want to prove me wrong you can send a letter to…

13th Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi Site Nueces County Courthouse
901 Leopard, 10th Floor,
Corpus Christi, Texas

They can also be reached by phone at (361) 888-0416 or by fax at (361) 888-0794. Or they can be e-mailed here.

Hannah Overton lawyer accuses prosecutorial misconduct

Hannah Overton

New evidence cited in salt poisoning case:

You can see all my posts about Hannah Overton here. Long story short she was convicted and sentenced to life in the murder of her 4-year-old foster child Andrew Burd who died from sodium poisoning. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement has formed from the media coverage and the fact that she attends a fundamental Christian church.

Anyway Overton’s lawyer has accused the prosecution of misconduct by claiming that they withheld medical evidence from the defense at the time of trial.

“Most striking, evidence discovered in the prosecution files reveals that Andy’s stomach contents (of salt) when he arrived at Driscoll Urgent Care was a low 48, as shown in a test of gastric content from the hospital,” asserted Cynthia Orr, Overton’s lawyer.

That’s all well and good and if this was held from the defense than the prosecutor should be punished. However in my opinion this does not exonerate Overton.

For example the cause of death listed by the coroner was sodium poisoning with a secondary cause of blunt force trauma. I would tend to take the word of a coroner than that of an urgent care clinic. No offense to urgent care workers but coroners have the luxury of being more thorough since unfortunately their patient isn’t going anywhere. Not to mention that doesn’t explain away the blunt force trauma either. Also let’s not forget that Andrew was allegedly forced to sleep on a sheet of plywood.

I do say that this is enough to grant her a new trial. I have no problem if she gets a new trial. When she’s found guilty again maybe the Free Hanna movement will finally give up the ghost.

Hannah Overton: Still a child killer II

Hannah Overton loses another appeals battle:

I oroginally posted about Hannah Overton here and here. A basic rundown is she was convicted and sentenced to life for killing 4-year-old Andrew Burd by sodium poisoning and has an innocence movement behind her because she belongs to a hardcore Christian church.

Anyway she has had yet another appeal denied this time by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. As a matter of fact they refused to even hear the case. Her next step is to take her case to the U.S. Supreme court who may not even choose to take the case on.

Hannah Overton: Still a child killer

Hannah Overton case upheld by appeals court:

I originally posted about Hannah Overton here.

To recap she was convicted of killing 4-year-old Andrew Burd by sodium poisoning and abuse and failure to get him proper treatment. A ‘Free Hannah’ movement grew out of her conviction because she belongs to a church. So because she’s a ‘Christian woman’ she couldn’t have possibly killed Andrew. Apparently her followers never heard of Occam’s Razor which says the most likely answer is usually the correct one.

Anyway her movemnet was dealt a serious blow this past week when The 13th Court of Appeals handed down a 95 page smackdown on the appeal of her conviction. Check out what the appeal itself said…

Overton appealed the conviction on several grounds, including errors in the indictment and jury charge, insufficient evidence, prosecutorial misconduct and a claim of newly discovered evidence. The defense also accused 214th District Judge Jose Longoria of abusing his discretion in allowing testimony from the medical examiner and a doctor who treated the boy.

That’s what I like to call the spaghetti defense. By that I mean they throw everything against the wall and hope that something sticks.

Now let’s hear from one of the Free Hannah movement, Doug Hoffman assistant pastor of Calvary Chapel Coastlands, aka Free Hannah ground zero.

“We are confident that Hannah will be released someday — not just released but found innocent, that she did not intentionally harm this child,” Hoffman said. The ruling “was a punch in the stomach, but it wasn’t totally unexpected from knowing how things are sometimes handled there.”

You can be as confident as you want she’s in jail and will be staying there for the rest of her natural life. This isn’t some kind of Christian persecution or conspiracy, it’s justice.

Corpus Christi 3-year-old starved

3 1/2-year-old Boy Admitted To Driscoll Children’s Hospital Weighing Only 20 lbs.:

Judge Denies Mother Ability To See Her Children:

Back in February 3-year-old Isaac Villarreal of Corpus Christi, TX was removed from his house by CPS because he only weighed 20 pounds. His birth organism, Alma Villareal, claimed that Isaac had an obesity problem and was on “a special diet”. She claimed that a pediatrician admonished her for Isaac being too fat when he was two. Doctors at the hospital that Isaac was admitted to found no evidence of Villareal’s claims.

More recently Isaac has put on weight but doctors are saying that he will more than likely have learning disabilities because of the starvation.

Villareal’s 3 other daughters were also removed from the home and a judge has denied Villarreal’s request to see her children.

Child abuse charges are still pending against Villareal.

Thanks to KC for the tip.