Man beaten in hate crime

Teens Charged In Assault Of Man, 76:

I’m going to try and not do a lot of crime stories at this blog but you’ll see why I’m doing this one here in a second.

You see, I grew up in South Jersey and moved to North Carolina about 11 years ago. Now the South gets an unfair reputation of being a haven for racist activities and hate crimes. Let me tell you, I saw more instances of hate crimes in New Jersey then I ever did while living here in the South. For example…

Those two charming young lads are Zackary Dylon Watson, 17, and Emanuel Miller, 16. They’re accused of assaulting elderly fisherman James Privott who just happens to be black. They beat him enough to put him in the hospital. Police are saying the attack was racially motivated.

His wife had this to say about the attack…

“What has happened is an unfortunately thing. I think we’re living in a prison world, because we’re not safe here.”

Now where do you think this happened? Alabama? Mississippi? How about Baltimore? Maryland may be below the Mason-Dixon line but it is far from being the south.

I get sick of people from the Northeast who think that they’re some kind of racial haven when obviously they’re not. I would even say that race relations are probably better in the South than anywhere in the country.