Welsh predator extorts US girls through Justin Bieber Tinychat room

Justin Bieber chat room used to incite two young girls to perform sex acts:

Benjamin Mahoney

Benjamin Mahoney

No grown man should ever be in a Justin Bieber themed chatroom, ever, for any reason. Unless you happen to be an online predator which 29-year-old Benjamin Mahoney of Wales is. Mahoney used the Bieber themed chatroom on Tinychat to groom two girls from Maine that were ages 11 and 12. For those of you unfamiliar with Tinychat it is a chat room service that incorporates webcams.

After gaining the girls trust he intimidated the two girls to perform sex acts on each other and if they refused he would threaten to post the videos on the web. The girls eventually went to their local police and through the help of the Department of Homeland Security they were able to track Mahoney down to the home he shared with his mother. Go figure. Mahoney was only given five years for his deeds.

First off as I keep saying no child under the age of 18 should have a webcam unless it’s to Skype to Grandma under parental supervision. If you allow your kids to have webcams like this not only do you have to worry about the predator in your town but predators worldwide as this shows. Lastly please tell your kids that no adult online is to be trusted especially if they’re in an age inappropriate room like teen pop star chat room. If they’re in there they are only up to no good.

Omegle child predator posed as Justin Bieber to extort girls

Christopher P. Gunn (not Bieber) and Justin Bieber. The resemblance is uncanny.

Christopher P. Gunn (not Bieber) and Justin Bieber. The resemblance is uncanny.

Christopher P. Gunn Charged With Sextortation And Cyberstalking After Allegedly Posing As Justin Bieber Online:

Authorities: Man lured girls by posing as Justin Bieber:

In Florida 31-year-old Christopher P. Gunn has been charged with posing as teen pop sensation Justin Bieber on the anonymous chat site Omegle in order to extort explicit photos from underage girls.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office states that Gunn would pose as Bieber and promise the girls things like concert tickets in exchange for topless photos. Once he would get the topless photos he would allegedly blackmail the girls into sending more explicit photos or he would publish their photos on the web. Investigators say that Gunn preyed upon girls from ages 9 to 16 throughout the world.

Gunn was already in custody for allegedly running a similar blackmail plot in Alabama. He would pose on Facebook as a new kid in town and would befriend high school age girls and try to get them to send him inappropriate photos.

In the Bieber scheme he would use such screen names as Justin Babin, justinqazabc123, and surprise.suprise1. In the Facebook scheme he would use the alias of Tyler Mileke.

If convicted on all the Florida charges he’s looking at 50 years. Not that I have a problem with that but here’s the thing. Gunn’s charges stem mostly from child porn and harassment charges. So far there’s no evidence that he met any of these girls and molested them. So why is that child molesters that actually rape their victims get far less time than scumbags like Gunn?

And again parents, no child, especially a 9-year-old girl, needs to have their own webcam and be on Omegle. Remember, their motto is ‘Talk with strangers.’ You wouldn’t let them talk to a stranger on the street so why would you let them talk to one in your own home?

Utah craigslist cruiser blackmailed

Brad Ray Adams

Brad Ray Adams

Police say man used Craigslist for sex, extortion:

If you’re a gay man or you hit from both sides of the plate I’m happy for you, I really am. However you may want to clue in important people in your life to your lifestyle. For instance your fiance. But if you’re trying to stay in the closet or keeping it on the down low as it were you may want to avoid cruising craigslist for anonymous hook ups. You may just find yourself blackmailed and outed.

In Provo, Utah police arrested Brad Ray Adams for allegedly extorting money from a man he met through craigslist. The victim was engaged to a woman at the time and Adams threatened to reveal their trysts to the fiance if the victim didn’t pay Adams and continued to have sex with him. Even after complying with Adams’ demands he revealed everything to the victim’s family. You would be correct in assuming that the victim is no longer engaged.

Adams had claimed that he had ruined the lives of others in a similar way.

Honestly I can never understand what it’s like to go through life gay but once again I would recommend to gay and straight people not to engage in anonymous hook ups on craigslist. Extortion is probably the least dangerous thing that could happen to you.

UPDATE 5/6/2012: Adams was only sentenced to 15 days in jail and a year on probation. Score another one for the bad guys.

Another fake cop extorts and assaults backpage prostitute

Leo Driscoll IV

Kenner man accused of posing as a cop to extort sex and money from prostitute:

While police were investigating the crimes of the assumed deceased Kylan Laurent they came across another backpage predator.

Police there say that 23-year-old Leo Driscoll IV was posing as a police officer in order to extort money and sex from a backpage prostitute. Isn’t sex through coercion technically rape? Driscoll has been charged with extortion, impersonating an officer and possession of oxycodone but not rape or any kind of sexual assault for some reason. When a prostitute is raped it’s still rape.

With their millions of dollars that they’re allegedly spending what is Village Voice Media doing to protect these women from predators. That answer would be nothing.

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Plenty of Blackmail

Ah, extortion. Probably my favorite of the white-collar crimes. Only because it’s so doomed to fail.

For example take 41-year-old Nadia Aubry of the Detroit area. She’s been arrested by the FBI for allegedly trying to blackmail a married businessman that she had sex with after meeting him on free dating site PlentyOfFish.

The FBI says she asked for $20K and threatened to tell the man’s wife if he did not pay. She also allegedly sent him pictures of his house and family showing that she was serious.

Of course since you’re reading this here you know that instead of paying the man went to the FBI who set up Aubry for arrest.

I guess greed is a more compelling reason than family.

To the married guys out there, don’t troll free dating sites for an affair. The long time repercussions are not worth the night of fun you may think you’re having.

Sex offender charged with craigslist extortion

Jared. E. Rosenow

Registered Sex Offender Accused Of Human Trafficking:

In case you needed yet another reason not to cruise craigslist for sex is that you may be blackmailed by a registered sex offender.

In Bellevue, Nebraska an 18-year-old female posted on craigslist, presumably on the casual encounters section, for an encounter with another female. She was contacted by what she believed was a 22-year-old woman. The ‘woman’ allegedly convinced the 18-year-old to send explicit photos of the 18-year-old.

The 18-year-old then received a text message from someone claiming to be the ‘woman’s’ stepbrother saying that the woman was actually a 14-year-old boy and that if she did not have sex with him (the stepbrother) he was going to police.

Instead the 18-year-old went to police and investigators found out that none of what the texter claimed was true. It turned out that the whole scheme was the machinations of one 42-year-old Jared. E. Rosenow of Friend, Nebraska. Rosenow is a registered sex offender. Her was convicted of soliciting a child in Illinois 6 years ago.

Rosenow has been charged with pandering and human trafficking since he attempted to recruit his victim.

Authorities believe Rosenow has done this before and are asking anyone who has information on this type of crime to contact Bellevue police at 402-293-3100.

First off I’m amazed that there is an actual woman on casual encounters if that was the section that the victim used. Secondly nobody should be using casual encounters for casual hook ups. I’m not against casual hook ups per se if that’s your bag but there are way too many predators trolling that section looking for victims. Again I believe that craigslist should remove casual encounters as its potential harm greatly outweighs its potential ‘good’.

Geebo.com proactively removed its personals to avoid problems like this.

The fight isn’t over yet. Help spread the word on craigslist and backpage crime by winning a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

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Iowan pleads guilty to MySpace extortion and child porn

Iowan pleads guilty to child pornography, extortion charges:

25-year-old Garrett Drew Roegner of Plymouth, Iowa pleaded guilty to charges of extortion and child porn. It seems that Roegner had pics of him and his ex-girlfriend having sex when he was 19 and she was 17. The sex is legal but the pics are not. Bitch all you want, that’s the law.

Roegner threatened the woman over MySpace that he would reveal the pics if she didn’t meet with him.

He’s looking at 22 years but we’d be lucky if he got 22 months.

More craigslist hook up extortion

Police: Craigslist companionship turned into extortion:

As I’ve mentioned before you really shouldn’t hook up with strangers on craigslist, especially if you’re married. Several bad things can happen to you if you do and in this case it was extortion.

27-year-old Amber Louise McGovern of Eugene, Oregon was arrested for allegedly trying to extort money from a married man after they hooked up on craigslist. Police say that she was a kept woman for a while but when the guy said he was cutting her off she threatened to reveal the relationship to his wife.

Don’t think that the guy has gotten off the hook either. I’m sure he had as lot to explain to his wife.

Anyway, police believe that McGovern may have had more victims and that she has used the aliases of Amber Dawn and Amber Swope.

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Another downside to craigslist cruising: Extortion

Asheville man charged with online extortion:

58-year-old Michael Harvey Oakley of Asheville, North Carolina has been charged with trying to extort money from a man who posted a personal ad on craigslist.

The article doesn’t say what kind of personal ad it was but let’s take a look at the circumstantial evidence. First the ad was posted in Ashville which is also called the Berkeley of the south. The personal ad was placed by a man and answered by another man. Oakley is accused of threatening to reveal sensitive personal information if his demands were not met.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to think that the victim was possibly cruising on craigslist. If the victim does it fact lead a closeted gay lifestyle then that is his choice. However this is just one of the many risks people run by cruising for anonymous sex, gay or straight, on craigslist.

And just out of curiosity since I’m not a member of the gay community if I have any gay readers I’d like to know your opinion on this practice. I understand that there are people who are closeted or on the down low so to speak but I’d like to hear your opinion on this in general.

100 years for man who poisoned his kids in extortion scheme

100-Year Sentence For Dad Who Poisoned Kids:

William Cunningham of Clayton County, Georgia received the maximum sentence of 100 years for poisoning his own children. In 2006 Cunningham fed his 18-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son a deadly combination of prescription drugs, lighter fluid and Campbell Soup. His plan was to get his kids either sick or killed and then try and squeeze some money of the Campbell Soup Company.

Luckily the kids survived but they now have scarred lungs from being force fed the lighter fluid from the concoction and will more than likely have lifelong breathing problems.

I still can’t understand the type of person whose brain is so broken that they would put a price on their own children’s heads.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.