Fla. woman tied and beaten after craigslist date

Julian Ryals

Julian Ryals

Police in Boynton Beach, Florida, have recently arrested 38-year-old Julian Ryals for allegedly brutally assaulting a woman he met on the casual encounters section of craigslist. The victim states that the pair had consensual sex and when it was over Ryals refused to let her leave, tied her up, choked her and hit her and tied her up again after she broke free of her bonds. The victim eventually escaped and was able to call 911. Ryals is then accused of stealing the woman’s car. He also has a lengthy rap sheet that include charges of domestic violence and battery.

People, people, people. How many times do I have to say it? Craigslist is not the place to meet people for anything let alone casual sex. I’m not victim blaming here because ultimately the blame lies with the perpetrator however, male or female, you need to be smarter than this. The majority of men on craigslist looking for casual sex are dregs and a lot of them are looking for nothing more than victims. Think, don’t let yourself become a victim.

Master Ed sentenced to 20 years for keeping teenage sex slave

Missouri man gets 20 years for keeping young woman as sex slave:

Edward Bagley Sr.

Edward Bagley Sr.

Last week 46-year-old Edward Bagley Sr. of Lebanon, Missouri was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for keeping a woman captive as his sex slave for years. You can check the archives to see my previous posts on this but I’ll try to sum up the low points of what Bagley did to his victim.

First he took the mentally challenged woman in as a 16-year-old girl, would trade her to his friends for things like cigarettes and steaks, would electrocute and torture her and broadcast it on the internet, made her sign what she thought was a legally binding document making her Bagley’s slave and lastly he had her vagina sewn shut. Those are just the ones I can pull off the top of my head. For those of you new to the story, yes Bagley is/was married and his wife was in on it as well.

As I’ve mentioned previously a lot of people who claim to be from the BDSM community think that this was nothing more than a master/slave, or dom/sub if you will, relationship. It was not. It was slavery at its basest form using coercion and violence against his victim. Most BDSM people who I know in real life say that they have never heard of any kind of consensual BDSM relationship like this and are shocked that any BDSM practitioners would try to say so.

As far as I’m concerned 20 years is nowhere near enough the sentence Bagley should have got. He’s nothing more than a modern-day slave trader. He got the 20 year sentence after entering into a plea deal back in January.

And if you are a BDSM practitioner great for you but this isn’t a government indictment on your lifestyle. It’s an indictment on one white trash hillbilly scumbag who took advantage of a 16-year-old girl for his own sadistic purposes. If you think anything else you may want to unzip the mouth hole on your gimp mask because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen.

‘Master Ed’ pleads guilty in Lebanon, MO sex slave case

Edward Bagley Sr.

Edward Bagley Sr.

Final Suspect Pleads Guilty in Sex Slave Case; Faces 20 Years:

As alluded to yesterday 45-year-old Edward Bagley Sr.of Lebanon, Missouri has pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking, torturing and raping a woman he kept in his home for several years. Just a slight recap of some of the torture this woman had to endure at the hands of this white trash hillbilly.

The victim was tortured over a six-year period by strangulation, suffocation, breast and vaginal penetration with skewers, and electrical voltage.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about her ordeal in the archives.

While it’s good to see that all involved are being sent to prison Bagley is only facing 20 years thanks to his plea deal. That means he could get less than 20 years. The torture of this woman is almost Dr. Mengele like proportions and all he’ll get at the most is 20 years? This is not justice unless there some kind of Marquis De Sade room in federal prisons that I’m unaware of. With any luck his fellow inmates will return unto him what he gave to that poor woman tenfold.

Guilty plea expected in Lebanon, MO sex slave case

Edward Bagley Sr.

Edward Bagley Sr.

Guilty plea expected in ‘horrific’ sex torture case:

Tomorrow 45-year-old Edward Bagley Sr.is expected to plead guilty to the sexual torture and trafficking of woman that he and his wife allegedly kept as a sex slave.

Bagley met the girl when she was a 16-year-old runaway and convinced her to stay at his trailer. Bagley would sexually abuse the woman and either broadcast it over the web or charge his friends to watch. He even lent her out to some of his cronies in exchange for things like steaks, cigarettes and cash. He had his name tattooed on her and made her sign what she thought was a legally binding contract making her his property. As one form of punishment Bagley allegedly had her vagina sewn shut. This went on for a number of years. The only reason that she was rescued is because she had a heart attack after being electrocuted by Bagley during one of their torture sessions.

Since the story broke there have been some in the BDSM community who have been saying that there is nothing illegal going on here. One journalist even compared this situation to 50 Shades of Grey. Here’s the thing with that though, in most BDSM relationships it’s not only between two people and those people usually respect each other and the relationship is consensual. Trading your partner out for steaks and smokes is usually not part of the deal. What happened here is nothing short of the torture of a poor unfortunate woman. She was not a willing participant. She was coerced into thinking that she had no other choice. Prison for Bagley is only a modicum of justice in this case.

No word on what Bagley’s possible sentence is but unless it includes the words torture, electrocution, rape and slavery it won’t be anywhere near what this cowardly and depraved piece of pig excrement deserves.

‘Journalist’ compares sexual torture and slavery case to 50 Shades of Grey


Is Missouri couple’s ’50 Shades of Grey’ lifestyle a crime?:

Diana Reese is a freelance journalist in Kansas City. The Washington Post carried her article that compares the trashy mom porn novel 50 Shades of Grey to a case in Missouri where a mentally challenged woman was held captive for 7 years.

As far as I can tell, because I haven’t read the book, 50 Shades of Grey is about a man who introduces a naive young woman into the world of BDSM. From what actual practitioners of BDSM have told me it’s just a Harlequin romance novel that made it big. But I’m not here to trash the book. I’m here to call Ms. Reese’s article not only irresponsible journalism but trying to get ink (or pixels) by using something that’s popular to trivialize the plight of a woman who was tortured and traded for 7 years.

I’ve posted about the story of Edward Bagley Sr. and his wife Marilyn of Lebanon, Missouri before. They allegedly took in a mentally challenged 16-year-old runaway in 2002. Bagley convinced her to come live with him and even made her sign a contract that said he owned her which she thought was legally binding. He is believed to have raped and tortured the woman for years over webacam and with private shows for some of his buddies. He had the girl tattooed with his name to show dominance over her and that she was his property. Investigators say that Bagley also traded her out to some of his friends for money, clothes, cigarettes and steaks. Did I mention at one point she allegedly had her vagina sewn shut as a form of punishment?

This is not BDSM in any sense of the term. This is just pure sadism in its basest sense, torture for the sake of torture.

How dare anyone try to compare the torture this woman endured from the ages of 16 to 23 as a ‘relationship’.

Updates on Lebanon, MO sex slave case

4th man changes plea in Missouri sex slave case:

Update: Fourth Man Pleads Guilty in Ozarks Sex Slavery Case:

I’ve previously posted about this story here and here. The heart of the story is that Edward Bagley Sr. of Lebanon, Missouri allegedly kept a mentally challenged woman as a sex slave for 7 years between 2002 and 2009. He first met the woman when she was a 16-year-old runaway. He is accused of torturing her which included sewing her vagina shut and anally electrocuting her. Bagley would also ‘rent’ the woman out to other men for such things as steaks and cigarettes.

The last update I posted said that two of Bagley’s customers, Dennis Henry and James Noel had pleaded guilty to the charges against them. Since that time two more customers, Bradley Cook and Michael Stokes, have also pleaded guilty.

Stokes not only had repeated sex with the victim and tortured her but he also promoted her at strip clubs and took her to California for a porno mag shoot. He only received five years for his guilty plea. Considering he admitted to electrocuting the victim anally and vaginally he should have gotten way more than that.

Cook got 20 years in his plea deal admitting that he engaged in sex and torture with the victim.

Henry got 15 years in his plea deal for committing sex trafficking by force.

Noel also only got 5 years for torturing the victim.

Bagley and his wife Marilyn have yet to go to trial which is scheduled for February 15th. If they don’t get life sentences then there is no justice for victims.

And to all you BDSM aficionados out there this is not an indictment on your lifestyle choice. We are talking about a woman who was manipulated into believing that she was legally someone’s slave. She was not a willing participant, there was no ‘safe word’. She was the captive of a sadist and that’s all there is to it.

UPDATE 7/11/2012: The trial for the Bagleys has been pushed back until February 2013.

News of Doom: The Tacony Dungeon

Linda Ann Weston, Gregory Thomas and Eddie Wright

Four people locked away in dungeon:

Three charged after four found chained in Philadelphia:

Basement Dungeon Ring-Leader Linked to 50 People in Three States:

I’ve posted about people trying to defraud the government for benefits before. Sometimes it’s adoptive or foster parents who treat their kids like shit so they can keep the benefits. I’ve posted stories about people who keep their dead relatives in the house so they can still get their benefits. However I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted about living breathing adults being held against their will in order for someone to collect their government benefits.

In the Tacony section of Philadelphia a landlord discovered 4 adults being held captive in his building with one actually being chained to the boiler. All 4 adults have disabilities. The makeshift dungeon only had a bucket for a toilet.

Police have arrested 51-year-old Linda Ann Weston, her boyfriend, 47-year-old Gregory Thomas and 50-year-old Eddie Wright and have charged them with conspiracy, aggravated assault, kidnapping, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment.

Weston had previously done time for locking her sister’s boyfriend in a closet and starving him to death.

Police also say that Weston and her crew may have done the same thing in both Texas and Florida. And speaking of Florida a missing 15-year-old girl was found in Philly and may have had a ‘relationship’ with the son of Gregory Thomas.

You know, if these scumbags put as much effort into a legitimate business instead of holding these people captive and collecting their social security checks they’d probably be legitimate millionaires. Instead they’re being held on millions of dollars of bond.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.

UPDATE 10/19/2011: 10 more victims have been found ranging in ages from 2 to 19. One of those include Weston’s niece who was reported missing in 2009. Some of the other new victims have also been reported missing. They were found in a different location than the first basement where the 4 initial victims were found.

If some of these victims were reported missing then how would Weston be able to collect their benefits if they had any? I think there’s something more to this story.

Guy with melting face drugged and raped teen he met online

Jeffrey Thomas Sackman

Jeffrey Thomas Sackman

Cathedral City man arrested in missing teen, sex assault case:

Two-Face up there is 44-year-old Jeffrey Thomas Sackman of Cathedral City, California. He’s accused of holding a 15-year-old captive in his home, keeping her drugged and repeatedly raping her.

Police say that two years ago Sackman posed as a 17-year-old named Giovanni Antonio Corsentino when he first met the victim on MySpace and Facebook. Recently the girl ran away from Buena Park, California and reached out to who she thought was her friend. That’s a 2 hour drive by the way and knowing Southern California traffic it’s probably more like 4.

Sackman bought her a bus ticket with the promise of helping her get to Arizona to see her brother. As an aside it’s always the bus with these scumbags. It seems that the bus is the transportation of choice for sexual predators.

Instead of going to Arizona Sackman allegedly kept her captive in his home, kept her doped up on meth and repeatedly raped the girl. The girl’s mom was able to track down her daughter to Cathedral City and police found the girl being hidden in Sackman’s home.

The scariest part is that Sackman is not a registered sex offender and has no criminal record. That makes me wonder if this is only the first time he’s been caught. Predator scum like this are usually working more than one victim at a time. And Sackman lived in a family friendly neighborhood which shows that these monsters can live anywhere.

Police do believe that there may be other victims.

Investigators asked anyone with information to call Detective Rick Sanchez at (760) 770-0381.

UPDATE 9/27/2011: First thanks to whoever posted the link to this story at the OC Register.

Check out the laundry list of charges that have been brought against Sackman…

He has been charged with 14 felony counts, including oral copulation with a minor under the age of 16, rape of a drugged victim, sexual intercourse with a person under 16, sexual penetration with a foreign object, rape and committing a lewd act with a child under 16, said John Hall, spokesman for the Riverside District Attorney’s Office.

He was also charged with one misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography and one count of resisting a peace officer.

Police are saying that he also had another victim who he had dome something similar to you a few years ago.

Since he can’t get the death penalty, which he deserves, I hope he ends up getting one of those 100+ year sentences and not some slap on the wrist that sees him getting out in a few years.

New York woman held captive and forced into backpage prostitution

Henry Douglas

Cops: Woman held, forced into prostitution:

Police in Albany, New York have arrested 42-year-old Henry Douglas and 19-year-old Ciara Miller for allegedly holding a woman captive and forcing her into prostitution on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

Police say that the victim was a friend of Miller’s and thought the pair was going out to party. Instead she took the woman to Douglas at a hotel room where she was held captive and was advertised for prostitution by Douglas on backpage. Douglas allegedly threatened the woman with violence if she did not comply and also threatened to kill her family. So much for consenting adults huh?

So while Village Voice Media pays lip service that they’re spending millions of dollars to combat the trafficking of children, allegedly, what are they doing to prevent victims like this being held against their will and being peddled on backpage? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.

The only way to combat that would be to shut down the adult sections which they’re obviously not going to do since the money made from that is more than likely propping up their failing company.

Backpage crime post #145
Prostitution/Human Trafficking post #731

More indictments in Lebanon sex slave case

Back in September I posted a story that caused somewhat of a controversy. Back then in Lebanon, Missouri five men were indicted for holding a developmentally challenged girl captive and sexually abusing and torturing her.

Those ‘men’ are…

Edward Bagley, Sr., 43, and Michael Stokes, 62, both of Lebanon, Mo., Dennis Henry, 50, of Wheatland, Mo., James Noel, 44, of Springfield, Mo., and Bradley Cook, 31, of St. Louis, Mo.

Here’s the summary of the situation from my original post…

Bagley is said to be the ring leader as investigators say he was the one who held the girl hostage from 2002 to 2009. Bagley originally met the girl, only identified as VF, when she was a 16-year-old runaway. He convinced her to come live with him as a sex slave even forcing her to sign a contract, that she believed was legally binding, into becoming his sex slave. Bagley is said to have raped and tortured the woman both live and on webcam for years. He is also said to have advertised his little shows online as well. No word on what website he used to advertise but I have my suspicions. He lured the girl into his pathetic life by promising to make her a model which is a common trick among online predators. He is even said to have had the woman tattooed branding her as his property. If she complained or tried to leave Bagley would only increase the torture. Outside of these shows Bagley is said to have forced her to work in strip clubs too keeping all her money. Investigators were tipped off when Bagley took the woman to the hospital after torturing her so bad that she went into cardiac arrest.

Got that so far? Now for his alleged accomplices…

Stokes gave Bagley steaks, cigarettes, coats, clothing, lighters and cash. Henry and Stokes paid approximately $2,900 for Bagley to transport FV to California in December 2006 for a photo shoot in which FV performed sexual acts. Henry accompanied Bagley on the trip. Stokes paid Bagley $300 for a torture session, and also gave him money to build a home-made device to sexually torture FV. Cook gave Bradley a hard drive with sadomasochism and torture videos downloaded from the Internet.

Now a new indictment has been handed down against Bagley’s wife, 45-year-old Marilyn Bagley.

Marilyn Bagley, 45, along with her husband Edward Bagley, Sr., also known as “Master Ed,” 43, and Michael Stokes, also known as “The Rodent,” 62, all of Lebanon, and Bradley Cook, also known as “PutHer2GoodUse,” 32, of St. Louis, were charged in an 18-count superseding indictment returned by a grand jury in Kansas City, Mo. The superseding indictment replaces an indictment handed up last Sept. 8. Edward Bagley, Stokes and Cook remain in federal custody.

Nice names. I still want to know how in the blue hell a married couple come up with a scheme like this to torture a young woman like this. How is that conversation even brought up? “Hey honey, you know what would make our marriage even better? If we got a mentally challenged woman that we could hold captive and torture.”

Speaking of the torture…

Edward Bagley allegedly beat, whipped, flogged, suffocated, choked, shocked, caned, skewered, drowned, mutilated, hung and caged the woman to coerce her to become a sex slave.

Not enough for you?

The men had locked the victim in a cage, and had her vagina sewn shut as a form of punishment.

A lot of the comments I received on my original post were from people who were involved in BDSM relationships who thought that the woman was not a victim and that prosecutors were making a big deal out of nothing.

Tell me, does this sound like a willing participant to you?

She did not know how to think for herself. She also took long periods of time to think and comprehend something and had a difficult time keeping up with conversations. Henry saw that the woman did not know how to eat with a knife and a fork, and he taught her how to use silverware.

Not to mention the whole vagina sewing thing.

Henry and Noel have already pleaded guilty.

There is no way in hell you can say that this woman was a willing participant. This is not your normal BDSM relationship. This crossed over into nothing but pure rape and torture. No one is here to attack your lifestyle. I just want to see a sick son of a bitch, his wife and the rest of his lackeys serve a long time in a captive relationship courtesy of the state.

Thanks again to phyllie for the tip.