9/5/04: From The Mail Sack

This e-mail is from a celebrity of sorts. It was an e-mail I received in response to the stoner loser who killed two Philly firemen with his faulty wiring in his basement pot growing operation.It’s from the Cultivation editor of High Times Magazine, Dan Vinkovetsky….

I think your attack on me on your website was a bit over the top. I called the firefighter’s deaths tragic. If the fire was caused by a reading lamp, would you ban books? I’m not a legalization freak: I believe that the current policy of arresting responsible marijuana users is rediculous and reminiscent of alcohol prohibition which we both know failed and we both know created needless death and destruction. On a personal note, some of my best friends are firefighters and I’m well aware of what they do for all of us. As a matter of fact, many firefighters smoke marijuana and one, Vincent Kane, who died in the 9/11 tragedy in NYC (where I live), was an ardent supporter of marijuana law reform. So before you start calling people ass-clowns, do some real research and reporting instead of just being a loud-mouth reactionary blow hard.
Kindest regards, Dan

While we agree that the firefighters’ deaths were tragic, I’m afraid that’s all we agree on. Of course I wouldn’t ban books if the fire was caused by a reading lamp. But your argument is faulty because pot is illegal to begin with reading isn’t. Due to the fact that Daniel Brough was committing an illegal act that led to the death of two firemen he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If marijuana was legal there is a good chance that these firefighters would still have died as the neighborhood where the fire took place has faulty wiring in most of the houses and most if not all the houses have little to no property to grow it outdoors. Not to mention the high crime rate in the area would be cause for theft of outdoor plants. And yes the prohibition of alcohol in this country was a mistake but the majority of Americans were opposed to it. When marijuana was outlawed it was being used by minute percentage of the country. And where do you draw the line. If marijuana is legalized then coke users will want that legalized, then crack, then heroin. Where does it end. I think it’s a shame really that as you say some of our nation’s firemen smoke pot. How many of them are willing to die for it?

The Death Penalty: Your Anti-Drug Part II

We have more fallout from the Philadelphia pot growers fire that killed 2 Philly firemen. Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jill Porter says that the charges against scumbag pot dealer Daniel Brough are too harsh….

And so the D.A.’s office may have created unintended consequences of its own by holding Brough on two counts of murder. The charges seem inapplicable and extreme, and they make him more sympathetic than he ought to be.

More sympathetic? Not to me. His illegal pot growing set up cost the live of 2 people. Since he was committing an illegal act I don’t see any problem with being charged with murder.

And the people in his neighborhood don’t think he did anything wrong

But to some neighbors, Brough is an amiable handyman who supplemented his low income by selling marijuana.

“I feel sorry for the firemen’s families, but I also feel sorry for Danny, because he was my right-hand man,” said Leonard Zultan-ski, 79, a neighbor who said he socialized with Brough daily. “If I needed somebody, he was always available to help me out. And he would do things for you, sometimes for just a pack of cigarettes, sometimes for nothing at all. He was a good kid.”

Although Brough has no criminal record in Philadelphia, some neighbors said it was well-known that he and his common-law wife sold drugs.

Actually this doesn’t surprise me. After having lived in this neighborhood I got to witness all sorts of depravity similar to this. It’s just tolerated by the white trash citizens of the neighborhood. You say it’s not a white trash setup. Then read this…

Neighbors said Brough lived in the home with his common law wife, mother, twenty-something stepson and 13-year-old son. The family had lived there at least seven years, Benson said.

That’s got white trash written all over it. Just alone for the fact that he was growing pot in the same house as his 13-year-old son.

And of course this brings out all the legalization freaks

News of Brough’s murder charge quickly spread around pro-marijuana circles. Dan Vinkovetsky, Cultivation editor of High Times Magazine in New York noted the tragedy of Friday’s blaze but said if marijuana was “legal and out in the open” the firemen’s death could have been avoided.

So if it was legal this wouldn’t have happened. Guess what Sunshine. IT IS ILLEGAL! How about this mister stoner magazine guy. Maybe if he wasn’t growing pot this wouldn’t have happened. Ever think of that assclown?

And of course this old standard from a Philly dope dealer…

“How do you call something that grows out of the ground a drug?” the dealer asked last night. “God doesn’t make drugs.”

You know what else comes out of the ground? Arsenic. Why don’t you go shove that through your system you fucking parasite of society.

The Death Penalty: Your Anti-Drug

Pot grower faces murder charges for firefighter deaths:

I originally passed over this story as tragic but preventable. That was until I found out it happened blocks from where I used to live in Philly. The vertical trailer park known as Port Richmond. Where minorities are threatened not to move in, drug use and dealing is rampant, and the police don’t do a damn thing about any of it. Where the two main occupations are collecting welfare and buying lottery tickets. So this white trash scumbag hooks up pot growing equipment in his basement. All the houses in this neighborhood are incredibly old and the electrical systems in most of them predate WW II. So the drug dealing scumbag’s equipment shorts out and starts a fire. The ensuing blaze kills two Philadelphia firemen, Fire Capt. John Taylor, 53, and firefighter Rey Rubio, 42. Taylor was Married with two teenage children and a grown stepson. Rubio had a child and a second job at a pizza parlor. Now, they’re dead. Never to be seen by their families, friends or co-workers ever again. They died horrible deaths. All because this scumbag, Daniel Brough, wanted him and his scumbag buddies to get high and get some money from dealing. Was it worth it you fucking waste of life? Was your little stoner habit worth the lives of two Philadelphia firemen? This scumbag faces charges of two counts of third-degree murder, two counts of involuntary manslaughter, risking and causing a catastrophe, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Not only do I hope you get the death sentence but if it was up to me the family and friends of the two firemen would be able to nail all your body parts to a tree then take turns going at you with a jackhammer. I hope you rot in hell you worthless piece of stoner shit. You aren’t worthy to breathe the same air as the fireman who tried to save your worthless piece of shit house. And I’ll ask you again, was getting high worth the lives of two firemen because you are going to fucking pay for it.

Ty Longley

Ty Longley confirmed dead:

Ty Longley, guitarist for Great White, has been confirmed that he passed away in the Rhode Island club fire. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family and to all the friends and families of all the victims.

RI Club Fire

Fire Engulfs R.I. Nightclub:

We’ve all heard about this by now. Close to 100 people so far have been pronounced dead. The fire started due to pyrotechnics used by Great White in their show. The club owner says he did not give permission to the band to use pyro. Jack Russel, the lead singer, says he did. A lot of fingers are being pointed at Great White right now and at Jack Russel in particular. But think about this for a minute. Great White has probably done that exact pyro at other clubs hundreds of times without incident. And apparently club owners are like cops when it comes to covering each others asses. The guy who owns the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (yes, THAT Stone Pony) said in this article that GW didn’t get permission to use pyro there. So have other club owners. And yet not one single loss of life until last night. And I’ve been to the Stone Pony. It’s just another dive club where someone famous happen to get his start. I wonder if he approached the media or the media approached him. Either way it’s kind of ghoulish. But in the middle of all this finger-pointing there are the victims. Close to a hundred dead and more missing. Among the missing are GW’s guitarist Ty Longley. Ty actually has his own website at TyLongley.com. A lot of fans and non-fans have signed the guestbook hoping for his safe return. But of course the mutants have come out in full force. I won’t even attempt to repeat some of the sick shit they posted there but I hope those people eye’s burst for posting such crap.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their family and friends, Great White, and the family of Ty Longley. Hopefully he will come home.