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Another Florida teacher arrested for naked Snapchats

Another Florida teacher arrested for naked Snapchats

Thomas Tomaszewski

The teacher led obsession with Snapchat and their students continues, once again in the Sunshine State. This time it’s 29-year-old Thomas Tomaszewski who was teaching at a middle school in Orange County. He’s accused of allegedly sending nude Snapchats to and soliciting explicit pictures from a female student of his school. His ‘reasoning’ for Snapchatting his student sounds like it came straight from ‘To Catch A Predator’…

The girl told deputies she had trouble fitting in at school, so Tomaszewski gave her his phone number, the arrest report states. They started texting, with him often giving her advice or words of encouragement.

Let me stop right there for a moment. As I’ve said before. Any contact between teacher and student that circumvents parents is rarely any good.

Anyway, Tomaszewski reported told police that he was just trying to help the girl feel “wanted and valued.” He might as well have said that he just wanted to hang out and that the wine coolers were just for him.

Since he’s a male teacher victimizing a female student I imagine he’ll be buried under the jail any day now.

Tyler Hadley to be resentenced for the bludgeoning murder of his parents


Tyler Hadley

Add Tyler Hadley to the unfortunately growing list of murdering minors who get a second shot at sentencing while their victims are still dead. Hadley was 17 in 2011 when he bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie, Florida, Home. He then threw a party that he had invited all his friends to on Facebook while his parents’ corpses laid in their bed. He was tried as an adult and pleaded no contest but not before giving out prison autographs that read  ‘Hammer Time’.

Hadley was sentenced to two life terms, one for each parent, Mary Jo Hadley, 47, and Blake Hadley, 54. Now the 4th District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach has ordered that Hadley be resentenced due to the Supreme Court’s ruling that automatic life without parole for minors is unconstitutional.

Hadley’s uncle, Mike Hadley, puts it better than I ever could…

“All I can say is that whatever laws that they are passing to let these young kids under 17 to just do whatever they want and then give them a lighter sentence is insane,” Hadley said during a phone interview. “It makes no sense at all. When somebody can do those horrendous things to another human being and then stand back and laugh about it and have a party over their dead bodies is crazy. You can never let those people out on society again — ever.”

Added Hadley: “He got a lighter sentence because he didn’t get the death penalty. He’s lucky he got what he got.

Not to mention that he obviously has no remorse for his actions. Not only was he trying to parlay his infamy into some kind of badass prison rep but he also pleaded no contest. That means he did not admit any guilt but agreed that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict him.

Like his uncle said, he deserves the death penalty. Anything less than at least one life sentence is a massive miscarriage of justice.

Florida man caught trying to screw the pooch on craigslist

George Wilkinson Jr.

George Wilkinson Jr.

21-year-old George Wilkinson Jr. of Tallahassee, Florida, was recently arrested for allegedly looking for dogs to have sex with on craigslist. While this is not a new phenomenon it seems that Wilkinson was not shy about what he wanted. Normally the ‘people’ that are into pooch screwing use a thinly veiled code on craigslist. It seems that no one clued Wilkerson in…

In the ad, he wrote that he was looking for “someone who owns a big dog they like to mess around with … let’s go to your place and let’s have fun and get mounted by your dog.”

It doesn’t get much more blunt than that.

Wilkinson is said to have claimed that the ads were a joke. Ah, the old joke defense. We haven’t seen you in a while. The court thought the joke was so funny they set his bond at a grand and banned him from owning any pets. Sadly he did allegedly receive e-mails from people who were willing to let him have sex with their dogs. If that is the case I hope they are prosecuted as well.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention that this is a common occurrence on craigslist despite their so-called community policing. Apparently the craigslist community is too busy looking for dogs to abuse.

Break-in suspect asked teen victim for $10 or sex over Kik

Jerry Lee Thomas

Jerry Lee Thomas

18-year-old Jerry Lee Thomas of Winter Haven, Florida, is a suspect in an alleged home break-in. Being an obvious criminal mastermind Thomas allegedly contacted a 15-year-old girl who lived in the house he’s accused of robbing. Police say that Thomas messaged the girl through Kik and offered the girl information on the burglary in exchange for $10 or sex. How can a woman of any age turn down such a flattering offer? That was sarcasm by the way.


Anyway, the girl turned Thomas down and her mother contacted police who posed as the girl on her Kik account. All they had to do was wait for Thomas to show up in order to arrest him. Thomas’ ‘not me’ defense is something straight out of ‘To Catch a Predator’. He reportedly claimed that he didn’t even have the Kik app on his phone but a friend must have used his phone to message the girl. So why was Thomas the one to show up at the girl’s house? He supposedly claimed he was there to ‘help’ her. We also would have accepted that they were just going to ‘hang out’.

So not only is Kik lousy with sex offenders and pedophiles, but it seems they have their share of idiot burglars too.

Florida teen accused of using Kik to rape victims

Terry Fenelon

Terry Fenelon

18-year-old Terry Fenelon of Homestead, Florida, is accused of using social messaging app Kik in order to extort at least four underage victims into having sex with him. Fenelon would pose as someone named Dre and would ask his victims for explicit pictures and when he would receive them he would coerce the girls into have sex with Dre’s ‘cousin’ who was actually Fenelon. He would either threaten his victims with sharing the pictures they had sent them on Facebook and in some instances would threaten violence against a victim or their family. Please check out the links I’ve posted below to see what lengths of depravity this scumbag would allegedly go to in order to repeatedly violate his victims.

While Kik is awash with sex offenders and pedophiles online predators range in all ages and backgrounds.

Police believe there may be more victims.

Anyone who believes they were victimized by Fenelon is asked to call the State Attorney’s Office hotline at 305-547-3300.

Homestead Senior High School student accused of extorting sex from girls

Teen girls extorted into sex by Homestead High student, police say

4th victim says Homestead High student extorted sex from her

Florida Kik kreeper narrated each movement of victim from car

Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez

27-year-old Miguel Rodriguez of Orange County, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik to send explicit photos of himself to an underage girl. Normally that would be scary enough for most parents but Rodriguez is said to have taken it even one step further…

Detectives said Rodriguez “narrated each movement” while watching the victim and her parents from his car as he was parked near their home.

So not only was the victim in potential danger but her entire family could have been as well. It doesn’t take a lot of information for a predator to find out where their victim lives. It can take as little information as where they go to school or what sport they play.

Kik is swimming with sex offenders and pedophiles and while Kik does cooperate with law enforcement it’s not their job to protect your kids. A vigilant parent is the best and only line of defense between online predators and your kids.

A cavalcade of Kik kreepers

Dylan Young

Dylan Young

25-year-old Dylan Young was arrested by police in Chandler, Arizona, for allegedly trying to solicit sex from a 14-year-old girl over the mobile messaging app Kik. The 14-year-old girl was actually a police investigator.

Florida teacher who sent explicit Snapchats to students arrested

Dionne Younce

Dionne Younce

I originally posted about Dionne Younce here. She’s the 28-year-old phys ed teacher from St. John’s County, Florida, who got suspended then fired for allegedly sending explicit Snapchats to some of the male students from her school. More recently Ms. Younce was arrested for allegedly having sex, still child rape in my opinion, with a 17-year-old male student. Age of consent in Florida is 18 and the 11-year-age gap is not covered by the poorly named Romeo and Juliet clause. It also sounds like St. John’s County is treating her like an actual criminal since she’s currently being held on $200K bond as they should.

This shouldn’t be treated any different if a male teacher had sex with a female student, As a society we need to move away from that bro mentality of “Heh heh heh, where were teachers like her when I was in school?” At least one local parent gets it…

“This day in social media, it’s kind of easy to do. But still, doing that with students?” Lodise said. “Obviously, it’s taking advantage of somebody who’s not mature enough to make those decisions; wise decisions.”

While some may not think that an act like this is victimization it could very well mess up kids like this emotionally and mentally when it comes to future relationships with women.

UPDATE 4/9/2016: Younce has entered a plea of not guilty.

Florida woman in coma after brutal attack by craigslist roommate

Byron Mitchell

Byron Mitchell

I don’t consider the following story a craigslist crime per se. To me a craigslist crime is one where craigslist was instrumental in helping a criminal locate a victim. However due to the level of brutality that took place I couldn’t just ignore this story.

In Miami Danielle Jones has been brutally beaten and stabbed and is currently in a coma clinging to life. Even more sad is that she may not make it. Police believe the perpetrator to be Jones’ roommate 35-year-old Byron Mitchell. Mitchel responded to Jones craigslist ad for a roommate.

Police say that a week after Mitchell moved in he assaulted Jones by beating her and cutting her face. She sustained multiple lacerations and face and skull fractures. She is currently on a ventilator. Mitchell, who allegedly owns a health and fitness business, is claiming the attack was self-defense. Personally I get the feeling that a health and fitness owner could defend himself from a 23-year-old woman without putting her in a coma.

Danielle Jones’ family had posted the pictures of Danielle lying in her hospital bed on a GoFundMe page for Danielle. The injuries are horrific and looked more like a sadistic beating than any kind of self-defense.

Jones’ own mother is now trying to warn people about getting roommates on craigslist and I couldn’t agree more. I have posted more than a few stories where victims have ended up dead or assaulted by craigslist roommates whether it be the person placing the ad or the one responding to it.

No matter how you use craigslist it has devolved into the internet’s largest game of Russian Roulette.

UPDATE 2/21/2016: Danielle Jones has opened her eyes but doctors are afraid that she may have extensive brain damage from the vicious attack.

UPDATE 3/3/2016: This past Tuesday Mitchell was denied bond. The same article also states that investigators believe that Mitchell allegedly tried to cut off Ms, Jones’ lips and eyelids during the vicious attack.

On an even more distressing note members of Ms. Jones’ family are saying that she may not ever see again.

“Her eyes have hemorrhaged because he strangled her so badly. The doctors are saying she might not be able to see,” her cousin, Kaitlin Cabot, told Inside Edition.

UPDATE 3/11/2016: Danielle Jones has come out of her coma after 24 days.

UPDATE 3/19/2016: Danielle Jones is now speaking as well.

If you’d like you can make donations for her medical expenses at her GoFundMe page.