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Violent street gangs traffic in children


Second Gang Busted for Child Sex Trafficking at Wyndham Hotel:

When my lovely and talented wife Jade sent me this article she commented that she ‘wondered’ where the victim was advertised. While I couldn’t confirm it one could safely assume that the victim was advertised on one of the big two. However I am getting ahead of myself.

This article from change.org is mostly about how they want the Wyndham hotel chains to be more proactive in helping to prevent child prostitution at their franchises. However I want to focus on the other part of the article which is the fact that members of violent criminal gangs are trafficking children as prostitutes.

In one instance in San Diego members of the Crips were allegedly prostituting girls as young as 14. In the most recent instance in Virginia a member of MS-13 was turning out a 15-year-old girl and was advertising her as a “high school girl” and “fresh out of the box.”

So for those of you that are ‘hobbyists’ when you get a girl off of backpage or craigslist not only could you be getting a child but your money could be going to fuel some of the most violent group of criminals in our country.

But hey, it’s all consenting adults and a victimless crime right? Hardly.

Alleged gang member accused of sexually assaulting teen

Man Denies He Sexually Abused Girl From MySpace:

21-year-old Angel Acosta of Waukegan, Illinois is an alleged gang member. He’s accused of meeting a 15-year-old girl over MySpace and sexually abusing the girl twice. No word if it was just statutory rape or an actual sexual assault.

The MySpace I posted is obviously not the one he used to meet the girl but if you read his MySpace blurb it looks like a tip of the hat to his alleged gang affiliation.

Omaha gang celebrates cop shooting on YouTube

You Tube Video Shows Gang Celebration After Shooting:

I found the video in question and it’s still available on YouTube.

I find it amazing that YouTube’s parent company Google can censor the internet for the entire country of China but they’ll complain that they can’t check every YouTube video for offensive content.