Violent street gangs traffic in children


Second Gang Busted for Child Sex Trafficking at Wyndham Hotel:

When my lovely and talented wife Jade sent me this article she commented that she ‘wondered’ where the victim was advertised. While I couldn’t confirm it one could safely assume that the victim was advertised on one of the big two. However I am getting ahead of myself.

This article from is mostly about how they want the Wyndham hotel chains to be more proactive in helping to prevent child prostitution at their franchises. However I want to focus on the other part of the article which is the fact that members of violent criminal gangs are trafficking children as prostitutes.

In one instance in San Diego members of the Crips were allegedly prostituting girls as young as 14. In the most recent instance in Virginia a member of MS-13 was turning out a 15-year-old girl and was advertising her as a “high school girl” and “fresh out of the box.”

So for those of you that are ‘hobbyists’ when you get a girl off of backpage or craigslist not only could you be getting a child but your money could be going to fuel some of the most violent group of criminals in our country.

But hey, it’s all consenting adults and a victimless crime right? Hardly.

Alleged gang member accused of sexually assaulting teen

Man Denies He Sexually Abused Girl From MySpace:

21-year-old Angel Acosta of Waukegan, Illinois is an alleged gang member. He’s accused of meeting a 15-year-old girl over MySpace and sexually abusing the girl twice. No word if it was just statutory rape or an actual sexual assault.

The MySpace I posted is obviously not the one he used to meet the girl but if you read his MySpace blurb it looks like a tip of the hat to his alleged gang affiliation.

Gangsta has bail raised because of his MySpace

MySpace page used against gang suspect:

23-year-old Spencer Bomberry had been arrested for slashing a man in the face but was out on $5000 bond. An assistant district attorney tried to get the judge to revoke bail by citing Bomberry’s MySpace. Obviously not the one I posted.

On Bomberry’s MySpace he boasted about his gang affiliation by showing pictures of himself wearing gang colors and giving the obligatory gang signs.

The judge didn’t revoke bail but did raise it to $50K. The judge even stated that it was Bomberry’s MySpace that hurt him the most.

For his obvious criminal prowess this gangsta gets awarded the brand spanking new…

MCS Dumbass Award

Have fun in jail Vanilla Ice

UK police blame Bebo for gangs

Social websites lure youngsters into gangs:

Police and press really need to get their wording straight. This is about gangs in the UK that are using sites like Bebo to recruit new members…

Young people are being groomed into gang culture by a criminal element, a chief constable said today.

Norfolk police chief Ian McPherson said teenagers are being inadvertently drawn in by internet social networking sites.

How about no?

It’s not the site’s themselves that are drawing in kids to join gangs. I don’t think Bebo is taking advertisement money from gangs. It’s the gangs themselves that are drawing in the kids. It probably also has something to do with lax parenting but let’s not look at that. Let’s look at social sites instead. That must be the problem. Sheesh.

YouTube gang member busted

YouTube leads to arrest:

You have to love an article when it starts out like this…

Gang members, take note: Police officers see YouTube, too.

And that’s just what Buena Vista Township, MI police did when they saw a gang video on YouTube.

In the video a 19-year-old member of the BV Boyz was brandishing a MAC-10 and stating where their turf is. It had the usual gang signs and gun flashing.

It was enough for police to launch raids where weapons were seized and at least one arrest was made.

Further proving that gang members aren’t the brightest bullets in the magazine.

Lee County crackdown on gangs

Gang members busted on MySpace:

14 alleged gang members arrested:

I bet you didn’t know that as of October 1st it is against the law in Florida to use MySpace to recruit people into a gang or promote gang activity. While I think this is a great idea I see the law being challenged in the future.

However that’s neither here nor there as Lee County in Florida has taken it upon themselves to use that law to initiate Operation Firewall. They arrested 14 alleged gang members including a Juggalo but he was arrested for something else.

First the Juggalo. His name is Devin Goldie and he was arrested for having a hit list posted on his MySpace rather than being a Juggalo. It cracks me up that the FBI considers them a gang though even though some of their members have committed violent acts.

Felix Cuevas and Pablo Ortega of the Latin Kings were arrested.

Others arrested were Victor Cruz Gomez, 17, Richard Omar Figueroa-Santiago, 22, Erik Jose Hernandez, 14, Uriel Lujan, 15, Miguel Jimenez Jr, 17, Obduella David Soto, 25, Marcos Santiago, 17, Priscilla Ortiz, 23, Antonio Geminaiano, 23, Yan Rocha, 22, and Isaias Antonio, 16.

Personally I think it should be illegal just to be in a gang. The Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble. Gangs are anything but peaceful.

Thanks to Frank for the tip.

UPDATE: Police also arrested 29-year-old Elvis Rodriguez.

Omaha gang celebrates cop shooting on YouTube

You Tube Video Shows Gang Celebration After Shooting:

I found the video in question and it’s still available on YouTube.

I find it amazing that YouTube’s parent company Google can censor the internet for the entire country of China but they’ll complain that they can’t check every YouTube video for offensive content.