LI woman sentenced for craigslist harassment of 9-year-old

Mother Sentenced In Craigslist Retaliation Post:

I originally posted about 41-year-old Margery Tannenbaum of Hauppauge, New York here. She was arrested back in May of 2009 for posting an explicit ad on craigslist designed to harass a 9-year-old girl that was having a dispute with Tannenbaum’s daughter.

Recently she was sentenced on harassment charges to a year probation, 35 hours of community service, and will have to undergo psychiatric treatment.

I’m sure the ad was posted in the casual encounters section and as we all know harassment ads in that section can lead to not just harassment but violent crimes as well. The section serves no real purpose except for deviants trying to live out their sick fantasies or for prostitution ads. It cries out to be removed or at least moderated which again is not impossible.

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