Accused child molester says he trolled craigslist for victims

Nicholas Blinn

Nicholas Blinn

Police: Man Trolled Craigslist For Sex With Boys:

Recently 25-year-old Nicholas Blinn of Danville, Indiana was arrested for allegedly molesting a 15-year-old boy in 2008. It turns out that he may have many more victims.

According to police Blinn said that he often scours craigslist in search of sex with boys. He may have molested boys in four Indiana counties. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this story.

Blinn also said that he would often meet people for sex off of craigslist and that some of them turned out to be ‘too young’ for him.

Do you see this craigslist? This is your clientele. Besides child molesters they’re pimps, thieves, killers and con men. Yet you still refuse to do any kind of moderation in the personals or casual encounters sections.

How many more children have to be violated before you do anything about this?

How does the saying go? All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Or for greedy men to turn a blind eye to what they know is wrong.

Fort Wayne prostitution arrest shows typical pimp behavior


Prostitution arrest after ad:

Police in Fort Wayne, Indiana arrested Antwone K. Davis Sr. on prostitution charges after investigating an ad on their local section of They allege that Davis was basically the woman’s pimp and some quotes in the article show that he was displaying typical pimp behavior…

A woman in the car told police she and Davis had been dating for six months and that he had come to her two months ago about “making money” through online prostitution. The woman told police Davis posted the ads, but she also told them she posted the ads, court documents said.

Davis told police his girlfriend would give him the money she received from clients, and they would share it, but later he told police she would keep the money and buy what they needed, court records said.

It sounds like to me that the woman was trying to cover up for Davis in fear of what Davis could to her. Also the fact that Davis would keep all the money shows that this woman was probably nothing more than a sexual slave for Davis with no freedom of her own.

Like I keep saying if the government really wanted to do something serious about prostitution and human trafficking then they would send these pimps to prison for some seriously long sentences.

Pedophiles target 10-year-old on YouTube


In Pine Grove Township, Indiana authorities are saying that a group of sexual predators targeted a 10-year-old boy through YouTube. Now don’t get ahead of me yet, we’ll get to that in a second.

Police are saying that the predators posed as 14-year-old girls and coerced the boy into posting nude videos of himself on YouTube which he did. He got requests for more videos like that and the boy deleted the original video. He then started receiving threats if he did not post more videos.

The boy’s mother discovered what was going on because she receives copies of the e-mails sent to her son.So far the suspects remain at large.

Now while I think it’s a great idea to have copies of your kids’ e-mails sent to the parents account let’s discuss the 800 pound gorilla in the room. What in the blue hell was a 10-year-old doing with his own YouTube channel? Are you high? Have you ever read the comments from a typical YouTube user? Let’s also not gloss over the fact that the 10-year-old allegedly claimed to be 16 on YouTube. I seriously doubt he was fooling anybody.

Look parents, YouTube is no place for a 10-year-old. Hell, it’s not a place for most children if they can’t handle the verbal abuse that will be heaped upon them by the entirety of YouTube.

And again good job YouTube for the community policing that caught the video before it could fall into the wrong hands. Oh wait, it didn’t.

Guy searches for young girl on craigslist gets arrested for child porn instead

Jonathon Martin

Craigslist child pornographer arrested:

The Indiana State Police say that 28-year-old Jonathon Martin of Vincennes, Indiana posted an ad on craigslist seeking young girls for sex. I’m assuming they mean underage girls.

The reason I say that is because when they investigated Martin they allegedly found 20,000 images of child porn on his computer.

One could safely assume that the ad Martin is accused of posting would have been posted on the casual encounters section of craigslist and once again the community policing failed. Again it’s because the troglodytes that infest the casual encounters section are not exactly the law abiding type and could really care less if an underage girl gets raped by one of their scummy brethren.

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Drunk Ind. Breeder leaves kid in cold car naked

Brittany Hazelwood

Court: Drunk mom leaves nude kid in cold car:

Mom Arrested After Children Found In Freezing Car:

Police in Fishers, Indiana arrested 24-year-old Brittany Hazelwood for allegedly leaving her two children in the car, one of them naked, while it was 36 degrees outside. Police say that Hazlewood was drunk off her ass and almost passed out inside the house. The kids were said to have been in the car outside the house for 40 minutes. Hazlewood’s BAC was said to be .19.

The other Breeder of the pair came home while police were at the house and guess what. He was drunk too with a mighty .21 BAC. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit.

And to top it all off police say that the home was filthy with trash and open food.

Now as far as I can tell Hazlewood was not charged with DUI however if the kids were in the car in the driveway and she was inside passed out I’m going to assume that the kids didn’t drive themselves there which means that Hazlewood earned herself the #7 spot on the BB BAC Board.

And yet again we have a story where two Breeders are more concerned with getting their drink on then cleaning the house or caring for their children.

I wonder if the Breeders went to the same bar for both of them to get drunk and did they take the kids in the bar with them.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

Joshwa Carlisle set his mistress and daughter on fire

What the fuck kind of name is Joshwa?

Indiana Man Accused Of Burning Baby Alive:

Brizzi may seek death penalty for slayings, arson:

Double Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance:

22-year-old Joshwa Carlisle of Indianapolis has been arrested in the deaths of his mistress, 25-year-old Tracie Shannon, and their daughter 9-month-old Juliana Shannon.

Carlisle is alleged to have suffocated Tracie Shannon before setting the apartment on fire. Investigators also say that Carlisle doused his own infant daughter on lighter fluid before setting her on fire while still alive. Police say they knew that Juliana was alive during the fire because she had carbon monoxide in her lungs.

The DA seems to think that the motive in the killings was that Carlisle was told that he would need to provide $200 a month child support.

When Zeroboss first started PBB (now BB) I started a site at the same time called News of Doom. One of the ways to be automatically included on that site was to set someone on fire. I can only imagine the pain that someone must endure by being burned to death. Now factor in that one of the victims was a 9-month old baby. Imagine not only the pain but the fear that went through her while being burned alive.

There’s an old classic for arsonist douechebags like this. They should nail his dick to the floor, set the room on fire, hand him a hacksaw and see if he can make it out in time.

Thanks to Terri for the tip.

Tot touching tutor convicted

Brett J. Zagorac

Craigslist ad tutor found guilty of misdemeanor battery:

I originally posted about Brett J. Zagorac here and here. He’s the tutor from Munster, Indiana who was advertising his services on craigslist under a fake name because he had previously been in trouble for allegedly touching students inappropriately. He was arrested for allegedly fondling a boy he was tutoring. Then he was ordered to stay way from any children and was caught tutoring another girl from Evanston, Illinois.

For the boy he was tutoring in Portage, Indiana he was convicted of the lesser charge of battery and not child molestation. That carries a max sentence of 180 days. He was released for time served. However he is still facing charges in Evanston, Illinois for the girl he tutored there.

If this guy loves teaching as much as he supposedly does is it so hard not to touch any of the children? In my opinion he’s been lucky so far. If he keeps it up he’s going to end up on the business side of the wrong parent who catches him touching his child.

Safer classifieds at

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Another dangerous bath tub claims a victim

Parents arrested after hiding baby’s severe burns, broken bones:

19-year-old Kaitlin Moore and her 24-year-old boyfriend Justin Weber were arrested in Mooresville, Indiana for allegedly scalding their two-month-old baby.

Moore claims that the baby fell off the bath pad and into the bath tub.

They tried treating the burns at home because they were afraid of losing the baby. The reason they were afraid of losing the baby because DCS had already visited the house because of bruises the baby had. They actually tried claiming that the bruises were from the baby accidentally bumping into a door. That’s the stereotypical excuse a wife beater uses so it makes me wonder if she was being beat as well.

Not only were the burns so bad that the skin was coming off but the hospital also discovered 8 different bone fractures.

If these scum really cared about their child and it was truly an accident they would have gone to the hospital no matter what. Instead they were selfish scum that cared more about getting in trouble then getting help for their child. What kind of cowards beat a 2-month-old child anyway.

Thanks to Sherri for the tip.

Meth Breeder only gets a year

Otterman gets jail time:

28-year-old Amy Otterman (formerly Amy Reed) of Greencastle, Indiana was sentenced to three years on child abuse charges. She was arrested while pregnant when her then two children tested positive for meth, methadone, weed and coke. (I made sure I spelled coke right this time.)

Prosecutors agreed to a plea when they discovered that the kids ingested the drugs on their own and they were not administered by Otterman. I don’t see how that should make a difference. If you leave coke and meth just laying around while there are kids in the house AND YOU’RE PREGNANT to me it’s no different than giving the kids the drugs yourself. Considering one of the kids was a three-month-old I don’t see how that child could have gotten their hands on the drugs.

Anyway the judge thought that one year in jail and two yeas of house arrest would be a sufficient enough punishment. And her kids have been returned to her. You can send your regards to Putnam County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Headley.

Thanks to CJB for the tip.

Facebook burglars on the loose

Police looking for Facebook burglars:

Police in New Albany, Indiana are on the hunt for Shaun South and Kyle Bieber. They’re accused of breaking into a woman’s house after she posted on Facebook that she was going to a concert.

I’ve been saying this ever since I started this blog lo those many years ago. Be careful hat information you post on the internet. Nothing is private on the internet.