Craigslist killing in Georgia over an iPhone

Irving and Dent

Irving and Dent

2 Riverdale teens held in death of Lithonia man selling iPhone:

25-year-old Jevon Nathan Freeman of Lithonia, Georgia was allegedly shot and killed by 18-year-old Terrance Justin Dent of Riverdale, Georgia. Freeman had placed an ad on craigslist to sell his iPhone. Dent responded to the ad and when the two met to make the deal police say that Dent shot Freeman. Then Dent allegedly gave the gun to his 17-year-old cohort Latrel Irving. Nice friend. No honor among thieves and all that apparently. Dent has been charged with murder while Irving has been charged with possession of a weapon by a minor. Police say that Dent has admitted to the murder.

And once again people still think that craigslist is safe. I used to joke by referring to craigslist with a famous quote from Star Wars. The tagline of the old craigscrimelist site was that craigslist was an online hive of scum and villainy. While a little melodramatic the heart of that quote still applies to craigslist.

One of the arguments I get most is that crimes like this also happen with newspaper classifieds as well. I’ll tell you what. Compile those statistics from the last 6 years and then let’s compare notes. I’m confident that the craigslist numbers will dwarf anything related to the newspapers.

The latest craigslist killing happened in Tinley Park, IL

Christopher Dyson

Christopher Dyson

Markham man charged in Tinley Park shooting:

The latest name to add to the ever-expanding list of craigslist killers is 18-year-old Christopher Dyson. He’s accused of allegedly shooting 24-year-old Thomas Mastro to death after a craigslist deal gone wrong in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Police say that Mastro placed an ad on craigslist looking to unload his Playstation 3 and had agreed to trade it with Dyson for an iPhone. Mastro went to get the PS3 in the box from Dyson’s trunk when a struggle for the box ensued and Dyson shot Mastro in the chest. This was all done in broad daylight in front of a local convenience store. Dyson was caught after a 45 minute manhunt.

Again doing any kind of business on craigslist is like taking your life in your own hands. It doesn’t matter the location, the time of day or how many witnesses are around. Some people don’t care and will stop at nothing as long as it benefits themselves no matter how small the dollar amount may be.

December craigslist murder in Indy over an iPhone

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton, 18, charged with murder, robbery in iPhone Craigslist killing:

Second arrest made in Craigslist, iPhone murder case:

On December 17th 31-year-old Nishant Patel of Indianapolis was shot and killed after trying to sell his iPhone on craigslist. Police say that Bryant “BeDo” Dowdy was the triggerman and that 18-year-old Dominique Clanton has also been charged with Mr. Patel’s murder.

Apparently there is no honor among thieves because police say that Dowdy not only shot and killed Patel but shot both Dominique Clanton and Eric Clanton in order to eliminate all the witnesses. Eric Clanton did not survive his injuries.

Two people dead over a trendy piece of plastic. Such a waste. However it does show once again just how dangerous doing any kind of business on craigslist still is. It’s not the online hippy commune of peace, love and sharing that it once was. It’s now an online directory of potential victims.

L.A. County man robbed in craigslist iPhone deal

Man robbed in Temple City while trying to buy iPhone via Craigslist:

A man was robbed at gunpoint in a craigslist deal gone bad in Temple City, California. The victim met his assailant behind a Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s for those of west of the Mississippi, where he thought he would be buying an iPhone. Instead he was robbed at gunpoint and the gunman is still at large.

The gunman was described as an Asian man of about 5 feet 9 inches tall and 160 pounds. He had black hair, brown eyes and wore a red jacket.

Again when doing business through a classifieds site meeting in a public place isn’t enough anymore. As I’ve mentioned before the best place to meet some one is ion front of a police station. If they balk at the meeting then they’re shady to begin with.

Safer classifieds at

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Stafford craigslist robbers arrested

Craigslist robberies bring 3 arrests:

I originally posted about the Stafford, Virginia craigslist robberies here. Basically the suspects used the promise of high end goods like iPhones at cheap prices to lure their victims.

Police have arrested 3 suspects in those robberies and they are Rashad Jamar Lightfoot, 19, Jarren Arees Fields, 20, and Adrian Marquelle Clark, 20.

Remember, as the old saying goes if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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Human trafficking on the iPhone?

I originally posted about TassaTags here. They are a luggage tag you can buy where the proceeds go to help stop human trafficking.

I received an e-mail from them the other day where they are calling on Steve Jobs and Apple Computers to block the craigslist iPhone app under Apple’s own terms.


Craig’s adult section hardly is in keeping with Jobs’ words.

Job’s states,” (W)e do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone…You know, there’s a porn store for Android….You can download nothing but porn. You can download porn, your kids can download porn.
That’s a place we don’t want to go – so we’re not going to go there”.

YET..Next Mobile Web has recently released its Craigsphone app for the iPhone.

They have a point. If Steve Jobs is trying so hard to keep porn off the iPhone I would think that he would also want child prostitution and human trafficking kept off of it as well.

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Robbers use high end items to lure victims

Online ads bait in two attacks:

In Stafford, Virginia two unsuccessful robbery attempts took place where the victims were lured with high end electronics posted for sale on craigslist.

In one instance the victims thought they were going to buy a Playstation 3. They were asked to meet at the courthouse and once they got there they received an e-mail asking them to go to another location. When they got to the other location one of the suspects allegedly tried to hit the man with a bottle.

In a separate incident the victim was allegedly lured with the promise of a cheap iPhone. That man was punched in the head however he and his girlfriend were able to run to the Sheriff’s office.

Police believe both acts were committed by the same suspects.

Two lessons here. The first is if you’re asked to go to another location you’re more than likely being set up. The second is if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Craigslist’s anonymity and unmonitored ads continue to claim more victims.

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iPhone stolen at Lucky

Mountain View woman robbed of iPhone4 after arranging deal through Craigslist:

A woman from Mountain View, California was robbed of an iPhone 4 that she was trying to sell through craigslist. She met the buyer/robber at the parking lot of a supermarket ironically named Lucky. The thief asked to see the phone and when she showed it to him he grabbed it and ran off.

Look, I know you’re trying to make some money by selling a phone that has been sold out in a lot of places but in cases like that you may want to stick with eBay where you only have to mail the item to someone.

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iPhone themed craigslist robberies in Flint

Authorities say car-jackers used Craigslist for crimes:

18-year-old Darius Brown, 17-year-old Bobby Kyles, and 15-year-old Jacobi Morris of Flint, Michigan have all been arrested for various robberies and carjackings using craigslist to lure their victims.

They allegedly posted ads for iPhones ‘selling’ at $300 or two for $500. When the buyers arrived they were either robbed of their money or their car.

Again if the price sounds too good to be true it usually is. Don’t risk your life getting the latest shiny new toy.

NJ man robbed of iPhone

NJ man robbed at gunpoint during meeting to sell iPhone:

I expect that there will be a lot of these stories in the coming weeks since the iPhone 4 has just been released. The ‘early adapters’ (ie, the people who have to have the newest shiny phone as soon as it comes out) will be unloading their old iPhones on craigslist.

In Linden, New Jersey a man was robbed at gunpoint after placing his iPhone for sale on craigslist. The suspect got away with not only the phone but also $340. The meeting took place in broad daylight in public. So it doesn’t matter where you meet for a craigslist sale, there is still a good chance that you will get robbed.