Another Dunbar Village gang rapist resentenced

Jakaris Taylor

Jakaris Taylor

Dunbar Village rapist resentenced to 60 years in prison:

Much like his cohort Nathan Walker, Dunbar Village gang rapist Jakaris Taylor has been re-sentenced to 60 years. Taylor had been given a life sentence for his role in one of the most heinous crimes I’ve ever posted but had to be re-sentenced because of the Supreme Court’s idiotic ruling that teens could only be given life sentences in cases of murder.

Taylor and three others were convicted of gang raping a woman and making the woman’s young son having sex with her. The group also used guns and bottles to rape the woman. Why the Supreme Court doesn’t think that this isn’t worthy of a life sentence is beyond me. They just keep giving criminals more rights than their victims. As I have said before the woman and her son will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. So should the perpetrators regardless of their age.

Life sentences for Dunbar Village rapists

Three men sentenced to life in prison in Dunbar rape case:

Tommy Poindexter, Jakaris Taylor and Nathan Walker were all sentenced to life in prison for their parts in the infamous brutal gang rape that took place in the Dunbar Village development in West Palm Beach.

There were the usual courtroom histrionics that should be expected in these cases. There were also family members of the convicted making the usual excuses of how they all had hard childhoods. None of which outweighs the fact that they gang raped a woman and forced her to have sex with her son.

The remaining rapist, Avion Lawson, is set to be sentenced in December.

And let’s not forget there are still several suspects that have yet to be caught.

Guilty verdict in 2nd Dunbar Village trial

Taylor guilty on all counts in Dunbar Village rape case:

18-year-old Jakaris Taylor was found guilty yesterday on all 13 counts he was accused of for his role in the Dunbar Village gang rape.

It took the jury five hours to come back with guilty verdicts on all counts. It seems they didn’t buy his simulated sex act defense.

Along with the three other rapists of Tommy Poindexter, Avion Lawson and Nathan Walker, Taylor is also facing multiple life sentences when sentenced in October.

This isn’t the end of the story either. There are still six suspects at large who were never identified or caught.

Maybe now that these four are looking at multiple life sentences they’ll give up the rest of them.

Second Dunbar trial started

The trial of Jakaris Taylor for his role in the Dunbar Village gang rape began this week and I’m amazed at his defense. Through his attorney Taylor claims that not only did he go into the victim’s apartment to persuade the others to leave, how benevolent of him, but that he didn’t actually participate in the gang rape but simulated a sex act on the victim because Tommy Poindexter had guns pointed at him.

However the then 12-year-old who was forced to perform a sex act with his mother testified that Taylor was one who set the incident in motion by saying that Taylor was the one who knocked on the door to get the victim out of the house.

The victim herself testified there was nothing simulated about the rape that was perpetrated on her by the ten people who raped her including Taylor.

Separate trials ordered for Dunbar Village suspects

Judge severs trials of 4 charged in savage Dunbar Village gang rape:

A Florida circuit court judge is splitting up the trials of the 4 suspects from the Dunbar Village gang rape case in West Palm Beach.

If you’ll recall the four suspects are accused of breaking into a woman’s apartment, gang raping her and forcing her to have sex with her own 12-year-old son.

Tommy Poindexter and Nathan Walker will be tried in August with the trial of Avion Lawson and Jakaris Taylor starting in September. However each will have his own 6-member jury. I’ve never heard of that before. If there are any legal experts out there is this not uncommon?

Dunbar Village case update

Confession allowed in Dunbar rape case:

Dunbar Village rape case suspects ordered to give fingerprints:

For those of you unfamiliar with this story back in June of 2007 a group of youths broke into the Dunbar Village apartment of a woman and her son in West Palm Beach, Florida. The assailants not only gang raped the woman but they forced her to have sex with her own young son. They then threw cleaning fluids on the woman to try and hide DNA evidence. It still stands as one of if not the worst News of Doom story I’ve ever posted.

Anyway the most recent update is that suspects Avion Lawson, 16, Jakaris Taylor, 17, and Tommy Poindexter, 20, have been ordered to have their finger and palm prints taken and to submit handwriting samples. I can understand the handwriting samples but shouldn’t they have their prints already? If someone in law enforcement wants to answer that question for me please feel free.

Also the confession of Lawson has been ruled admissible. His defense attorney argued that he invoked his right to remain silent prior to confessing but the judge ruled that Lawson did not invoke his right. However parts of a confession given by Taylor were ruled inadmissible with the judge saying that Taylor did invoke his right.

Confessions or not I think the evidence against them is rather overwhelming.

More arrests coming in Dunbar Village case

More arrests sought in Dunbar Village gang rape case:

Police have asked the State Attorney’s Office to issue arrest warrants for two more juveniles in the notorious Dunbar Village rape case, where a mother and son were brutalized for hours, West Palm Beach police said Friday.

One of the four teens arrested, Jakaris Taylor, accepted a plea deal that required his testimony. He identified two other juvenile defendants and police filed the charges with the State Attorney’s Office.

Hopefully those arrest warrants will be issued and all scumbags involved will be brought to justice.

Plea reached in Dunbar Village rape case

Dunbar rape suspect pleads guilty, gets 20 years:

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before one of the suspects in the horrendous Dunbar Village gang rape case would turn on his homeboys.

16-year-old Jakaris Taylor pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and two counts of armed sexual battery. To refresh your memory Taylor and his cohorts are accused of storming the apartment of a woman and her son, gang raped the woman and forced her to have sex with her son.

In the plea Taylor was sentenced to 20 years behind bars sparing him three consecutive life sentences. Part of the plea requires him to testify against the other suspects.

Dissesnion in Dunbar

Jail letters talk strategy in Dunbar Village rape case, records show:

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the Dunbar Village rape case. In case you’ve forgotten that’s was when a bunch of teen thugs broke into this woman’s apartment, gang raped her, and forced her to have sex with her 12-year-old son.

It seems that there is dissension in their ranks.

Deputies seized two letters from 14-year-old Avion Lawson, whose DNA was found on a condom left at the rape scene. A letter Lawson picked up in front of co-defendant Jakaris Taylor’s cell says “real niggas don’t take pleas,” but the writer urges Lawson to do so.

“But they no you wuz in the house so just stick up to it bro … they really do got yo DNA,” the letter says.

The letter is signed “Bean Boys,” Soulja and L’il Beast.

A few weeks after that July letter, a jail deputy confiscated a second one from Lawson’s styrofoam food tray after a meal, a letter to an unnamed person. The writer claims he never had sex with the woman but knows who did. “Now if they trying to give me life for something I ain’t do … they goin’ wit me.”

There is, though, a transcript of a phone conversation Lawson had while using a phone at the police station. In it, he complains that another suspect, a 14-year-old not charged, is ratting him out in the interview room next door. He says the female detective knew a lot details about the crime that she otherwise would not have known.

It’s only a matter of time before somebody rolls on their buddies if they haven’t already.

What I want to know though is when the other arrests are coming. Allegedly police have the names of other suspects but only four of the alleged 10 are in jail.

Update on Dunbar Village suspects

DNA evidence led to teens in Dunbar Village rape:

One of the suspects in the Dunbar Village gang rape has confessed to his involvement once the police confronted him with the DNA evidence that placed him at the crime scene.

During a six-hour interview with police, Avion Lawson, 14, the first to be charged in the case, confessed his involvement after being told his DNA was inside a condom found in the victim’s home. En route to the Juvenile Assessment Center, Lawson called some friends and did not sound remorseful, according to police. His lawyer, Bert Winkler, declined to comment on the evidence.

Next up is one of his accomplices Nathan Walker…

The next to be charged was Nathan Walker, a 16-year-old who dropped out of the seventh grade after three attempts to pass. Walker’s latent fingerprint was found at the scene along with his DNA on the outside of the same condom linked to Lawson, according to the documents.

Walker became so agitated at the police station that he had to be placed in handcuffs and leg restraints after he began throwing chairs at the walls and door, according to documents. His lawyer, Robert Gershman, has asked for a mental health evaluation of his client.

How the hell did his DNA get on the outside of the same condom that Lawson used. Scratch that. I don’t really want to know.

And now the best part if there can be a best part in this twisted saga. 15-year-old Jakaris Taylor caught hell from his mother over his involvement.

Jakaris Taylor, 15, was arrested July 12. A resident of Dunbar Village, he said his brother played with the 12-year-old victim, though Taylor denied ever being in the apartment. His mother, Jacqueline Minor, encouraged Taylor to give police a DNA sample. Lab results showed Taylor’s latent print inside the home, near Lawson’s and Walker’s.

Minor was livid at her son, according to police.

“Jacqueline yelled at Jakaris and told him she hoped he would never get one night of sleep and that he sees [the victims] every night when he tries to sleep,” a report stated.

Such a refreshing change from the usual “not my kid” syndrome.