Calif. man tortures his girlfriend over Facebook posts

Anthony Lozano

Anthony Lozano

Facebook Post Spurs Man to Allegedly Torture, Hold Girlfriend Captive for Days:

California Man Anthony Lozano Jealous Over Facebook Message, Imprisons and Tortures Girlfriend, Say Cops:

36-year-old Anthony Lozano of Hanford, California may have a wee bit of a jealously problem. He’s been arrested for allegedly torturing his girlfriend for four days all because she conversed with a male friend on Facebook.

For four days Lozano is said to have bound her and beat her and choked her with ropes and towels because he thought that she was being unfaithful to her. Did I forget to mention that two children were at the home while all this was going on? Nice guy.

I still don’t get the whole jealousy thing. I mean I have more female Facebook friends then my wife. She has more male Facebook friends than me. Neither of us really give a rat’s ass. Jealousy is unproductive. If you’re significant other is really cheating on you dump them and forget them. This way you won’t end up in jail.

Man threatens wife after she contacts old boyfriend on Facebook

Facebook Correspondence Sparks Marital Discord for Silverdale Couple:

A 55-year-old unidentified man from Silverdale, Wash. was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his wife after she contacted an old boyfriend on Facebook. They dated 32 years ago. The old flame now lives in a completely different part of the country now. The couple have been married for 28 years. In today’s marriage terms that’s almost a lifetime.

Anyway, when the husband found out he demanded to know the woman’s password. He also allegedly called her at work 18 times and told her to “say goodbye to everyone”. He’s also accused of assaulting her.

I still don’t get the whole jealousy thing. On my MySpace most of my MySpace friends are women, none of them are any of my ex’s though. On my wife’s MySpace she has mostly male friends and yes one of them is an ex-boyfriend. Am I calling her at work and threatening her? Hell no, I’ve got better things to do with my time and we have this thing in our marriage that the man in the article obviously doesn’t. Trust.

MySpace jealously leads to domestic dispute

MySpace Account Leads To Domestic Violence Act:

Michael Vassar, 28, and Ajia Harris, 25, both of Fort Pierce, Florida were arrested after a domestic dispute over Harris’ MySpace.

Harris is pregnant with Vassar’s baby. Vassar thought that Harris was cheating on him because of all the male friends she had on MySpace. Vassar allegedly became enraged and smashed the phone as she tried to call 911. Vassar claims that she cut him with a knife. Harris said she wielded a knife in self defense but did not cut him.

Apparently this clown doesn’t understand how internet friends, especially MySpace friends, work. The majority of my net friends are female. The majority of my wife’s internet friends are male. Does that mean we’re cheating on each other? Hell no.

apparently Mr. Man here was too insecure of his inadequacies that he thought his girl was cheating on him. I never understood the whole jealousy thing.