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Trial set to start for the murder of Jaymie Adams. Is the wrong man being tried?

Jaymie Adams

Jaymie Adams

Since I started posting about the murder of Jaymie Adams I’ve contended that her husband, Justin Adams, was her killer. Not only was he prostituting her on craigslist while she was pregnant but he was also allegedly having an affair and had taken a life insurance policy out on his wife. Oklahoma City police originally arrested Adams and charged him with his wife’s murder.They then did an about-face and lessened the charges to manslaughter and under a plea deal allowed him to walk out of court a free man.

All of a sudden they arrested a man by the name of Jospeh Cyr and made him the prime suspect. The police say that Cyr was a john and killed Jaymie Adams although they never said, to my knowledge, what his motive was. They claimed that Cyr’s DNA was found on Jaymie even though it was not mentioned in the autopsy report. Now Cyr’s trial is set to start this coming Monday and we’re finally getting a glimpse of what kind of tactics the prosecution has planned.

From NewsOK…

Prosecutors plan to discuss Cyr’s past sexual interactions with women during the trial. They allege Cyr “repeatedly intertwines sex and violence” and desires to impregnate women against their wishes.

They also allege Cyr often pressured the women he impregnated into aborting “the very pregnancy which he sought and caused.”

This is the first I’ve heard of any such behavior like this from Cyr. I’m not saying it’s not true it just all seems very vague as far as motives go. In the time around Cyr’s arrest I had been contacted by Cyr’s girlfriend at the time and she did not give any indication to me about any violent sexual behavior towards her from Cyr.

The whole situation seems like the Oklahoma City PD screwed the pooch on this one. As far as I’m concerned the entire investigation was mishandled and should have been handed off to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) like the investigation into the murder of Carina Saunders.

In today’s climate where every police action is questioned and scrutinized and documentaries of police mishandling capture the country’s imagination why is no one questioning why this investigation was such a clusterfuck from the beginning?

Joseph Cyr held over for trial in Jaymie Adams murder

Choctaw man accused of killing woman and her unborn child to face trial:

Joseph Cyr

Joseph Cyr

Today Joseph Cyr was in an Oklahoma City court and ordered to be held over for trial in the murder of Jaymie Adams. More details of the investigation have been made public but I’m still not convinced of Cyr’s guilt.

Reports have long been saying that police found Cyr’s DNA on Jaymie’s body even though that was not included in the initial autopsy report. Now they’re saying that it was in her body. Since she was advertising herself as a prostitute on craigslist this should not come as a shock. I’m not trying to condemn the victim but that is a fact. That still doesn’t mean that Cyr killed her especially considering the alternative.

Jaymie Adams’ husband, Justin Adams, was originally thought to be her killer and I suppose that is still the case. Unfortunately he’ll never see a day in jail as he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and then walked out of court. Supposedly Adams is going to be a witness for the prosecution. If that’s the case then justice isn’t only blind it’s also brain-damaged, but I digress.

Previously I’ve posted about how Adams had allegedly taken out a life insurance policy on his wife and how he was having an affair. With today’s testimony it gets better.

Today Adams testified that he would normally go with his wife on her calls to make sure she was safe, you know, like most pimps do. Except that night he decided to stay home and watch the kids. How convenient. He also said that this was going to be her last night of hooking. This sounds even more like a made for Lifetime movie.

Could Joseph Cyr be the actual killer? Absolutely. The problem is I have yet to hear what his motive was for killing Jaymie and her unborn child. Justin Adams, on the other hand, had plenty of motive, in my opinion.

If the Oklahoma City police can admit that they allegedly screwed up in investigating Justin Adams how do we know they haven’t screwed up by letting him go?

Justin Adams pleads guilty to manslaughter in his wife’s death, walks out a free man

Justin Adams pleads guilty, walks free in death of wife, unborn child:

Justin Adams pleads guilty, sentenced in wife’s death:

Justin Adams Pleads Guilty In Deaths Of Pregnant Wife, Unborn Child:

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

A grave injustice occurred today. Justin Adams pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges in the death of his wife Jaymie Adams and their unborn child. Jaymie was a prostitute being pimped out by her husband and was found stabbed to death in Oklahoma City. Early reports seemed to indicate that Justin Adams was the culprit especially considering that he took out an insurance policy on his wife and was allegedly having an affair. Leaving out the whole part about his alibi being questionable at best.

Then all off a sudden police turned their attention to Joseph Cyr. Reports have said Cyr was one of Jaymie’s customers who met her the night she died. They also say that Cyr’s DNA was found on Jaymie even though the coroner’s report mentions no such thing.

In case you couldn’t tell I think Adams is the killer and Cyr is innocent.

When Adams was the suspect the police couldn’t keep their mouth shut about all the evidence they had on him. Now with Cyr all they say is they have his DNA but I have yet to hear any conclusive evidence that indicates that Cyr had any reason for killing Jaymie.

Now thanks to double jeopardy Justin Adams will never serve a day for a murder I believe he committed.

Thanks to Hanna for the tip.

Jospeh Cyr’s girlfriend talks about his arrest in Jaymie Adams’ murder

Joseph Cyr

Joseph Cyr

Girlfriend Of Man Charged With Killing Pregnant Blanchard Mom Speaks Out:

In my previous post about the murder of Jaymie Adams I mentioned that police arrested Joseph Cyr after reducing the charges for Justin Adams to manslaughter. Joseph Cyr’s girlfriend, Rebekah Schultz, has taken to the local media questioning the arrest. In the interest of transparency I have been in previous contact with Ms. Schultz prior to Mr. Cyr’s arrest. At no time did she divulge any sensitive information to me.

“You have to see the things in the affidavit that don’t add up, because they are holding a man right now for reasons that are very untrue,” Schultz said.

“To say they have DNA match or cell phone pings that are on the same tower, I’m not quick to believe it because they tried to say the same things about Justin Adams,” said Schultz.

Schultz says the affidavit for Cyr’s arrest is misleading. They did not skip town after Jaymie’s disappearance, but instead relocated to the Tulsa area because of her job. Schultz says they notified detectives about that move and made sure police had their contact information after.

“They portrayed somebody who just up and left and they didn’t know, which is very untrue. They absolutely knew.”

Schultz also denies the claim made in court documents that Cyr tried to sell the truck to get rid of evidence. She says she was pregnant and they needed a bigger vehicle.

“The truck had been taken in. They said they processed it and didn’t find anything and they gave it back. There was nothing that indicated we shouldn’t be able to sell it.”

Normally I would be one of the first people to say how coincidental this would be albeit sarcastically but I tend to believe Ms. Schultz. If you think my objectivity in this case is being swayed by Ms. Schultz you’d be wrong. I have yet to read anything that is a smoking gun that leads me to believe that Joseph Cyr committed this crime. Also I’d like to see the OKC police answer a simple question. If they say that have a sample of Joseph Cyr’s DNA from Jaymie Adams’ autopsy how come it isn’t mentioned in the autopsy report? Not to mention I have yet to hear a motive on why Cyr allegedly killed her while Justin Adams. Jaymie’s husband, had plenty of motive.

Could my opinion be swayed in the future? Absolutely, but it would have to take some pretty convincing evidence on the part of investigators. So far, as far as what’s been published in the media, they do not have that evidence in my opinion. As far as I’m concerned everything points to Justin Adams as being his wife’s killer.

Charges amended to manslaughter in death of Jaymie Adams

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Oklahoma County prosecutors reduce charges against Justin Adams in death of wife and unborn child:

Earlier today prosecutors in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma reduced the charges against Justin Adams to first-degree manslaughter in the death of his wife Jaymie. Jaymie Adams died after being stabbed and struck repeatedly. She was also pregnant at the time of her death.

Prosecutors, in the latest charges, allege Adams “aided and abetted Jaymie Adams in engaging in acts of prostitution,” engaging in criminal conduct “that resulted in the death of Jaymie Adams.”

The Adamses were allegedly swingers and Justin Adams contends that his wife was a prostitute that advertised online.

I have yet to see an article that details why the charges were amended. It could just be that investigators do not yet have conclusive evidence to pin the murder of his wife on Adams. In my opinion while the evidence so far may just be circumstantial all roads lead to Justin Adams. As I have detailed before there was a life insurance policy taken out on Jaymie by her husband, the alleged affair that Justin Adams was having and the matter in which Jaymie was killed seemed incredibly personal.

Adams’ attorney, the ever vocal Irven Box, said that he is going to try to have the charges dismissed tomorrow.

Some reports mention Joseph Cyr as a possible suspect who I posted about here. Supposedly Cyr’s DNA, specifically semen, was found on Jaymie Adams’ even though the initial autopsy report makes no mention of it. I still don’t see Cyr as a viable suspect. Even if Jaymie was a prostitute and Cyr was one of her clients what would be his motive for murdering her so brutally? The only thing I could think of is if Cyr was on PCP at the time. Mr. Cyr has not been charged with anything as of yet.

Maybe the OSBI should take over this investigation much like they did with the murder of Carina Saunders because in my opinion it seems like local investigators are in over their heads.

UPDATE 11:46 PM EDT: Joseph Cyr has been arrested in the murder of Jaymie Adams. Again the investigation states the DNA evidence and that Cyr’s cell phone records show that he was in the area at the time of Jaymie’s death. They originally said that about Justin Adams too but now they say those reports were inaccurate. I’m still not convinced that Cyr is the right suspect. This investigation has been so mishandled I can see everybody walking on this case.

Joseph Cyr

Joseph Cyr

Is Justin Adams’ attorney trying to frame an innocent man?

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Charges against Blanchard man accused in wife’s death to be amended:

Amended charges expected in death of Jaymie Adams:

I actually got wind of this story a few weeks ago. I basically thought nothing of it because I figured I’ll post about once the charges have been amended. Then a couple of weeks went by and the charges still hadn’t been amended so I decided to go back and take another look at it and I’m glad I did.

For those of you who don’t know Justin Adams has been charged with the brutal stabbing and blunt force trauma killing of his pregnant wife Jaymie. In my opinion police have the right man due to the alleged motives of a life insurance policy that was taken out on Jaymie and that Adams was allegedly having an affair as well. I won’t even get into the craziness that is Adams’ mother Tina Clarke.

There has been something that I have been leaving out of my posts on Jaymie Adams murder. There is another man who has been mentioned in this case but I’ve intentionally left his name out since he has not been charged with any crime. His name is Joseph Cyr and he may have been the last person that saw Jaymie Adams alive. Mr. Cyr has been very cooperative with police by all accounts. Thanks to Justin Adams attorney, Irven Box, neither I nor Mr. Cyr have that luxury.

You see it seems that not only the report of Adams charges being amended was leaked to the press but so was an accusation that Mr. Cyr’s DNA was found on Jaymie Adams. Specifically it’s being said that Mr. Cyr’s sperm was found on Jaymie Adams. More on that in a little bit. That’s important because Justin Adams claims that his wife was a prostitute on craigslist and has admitted that they both allegedly engaged in a swinger lifestyle.

While the charges are most likely going to be amended sometime soon the Oklahoma City police still contend that Adams is their only suspect…

“The investigation of the death of Jaymie Adams is continuing. At our request, the Oklahoma City Police Department has pursued additional evidence. We continue to allege that Justin Adams has culpability in the death of his wife. Charges will be amended to reflect the level of his suspected culpability,”

This statement was issued after the leak and while it didn’t come from Box directly he hasn’t been exactly shy on commenting about it once it was leaked to the press. Who does he think leaked it? Why Justin Adams’ big mouth mommy Tina Clarke of course…

Box said he gave a copy of the confidential report to his client, who in turn may have given it to his mother. The report later was leaked to the public.

“Evidently, he gave it to her,” Box said. “It couldn’t have come from anyone else.”

Even if Box didn’t specifically instruct his client to have this information leaked I’m sure he was well aware that it would be leaked by the woman who couldn’t keep her mouth shut if she was covered in bees.

Now as far as Joseph Cyr’s DNA being found on Jaymie I have to ask why was that not in the original autopsy report which can be found here. (PDF File) I encourage you to read the entire report but what sticks out is the last sentence on the report.

Acute inflammation and some red blood cells are noted in the vaginal swab. No definite sperm is seen in the oral, vaginal or rectal swabs.

So where was this new magic DNA collected from and why wasn’t it collected before. Is it a definite match or a possible match meaning it could match several hundred thousand or million other men? Not only that but what would Mr. Cyr’s motive be? For the sake of argument let’s say that Jaymie Adams was a prostitute and Mr. Cyr was a client of hers. What could possibly be his motive for stabbing her 21 times and bashing her head in? This sounds way to personal for Jaymie Adams’ murder to have been committed by anybody but Justin Adams. He had the most to gain from Jaymie’s death but Adams’ attorney is now allegedly using the court of the press to try to sway opinion away from his client. Common sense and logic dictates that Justin Adams is more than likely guilty. Hopefully the people of Oklahoma City have not fallen for Box’s legal sleights of hand.

Judge orders ankle monitor removed from Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Oklahoma judge agrees to remove ankle monitor of man charged in pregnant wife’s death:

This comes straight from the ‘You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me’ department. It’s not bad enough that Justin Adams has been released on bail but this past week a judge in Oklahoma has ordered that his ankle monitor be removed.

If you’re wondering why I think that’s a big deal it’s because Adams is accused in the brutal stabbing and blunt force trauma murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams. There’s more to the story than just that though.

Justin Adams and his crazy mom, Tina Clarke, claim that Jaymie Adams worked on craigslist as a prostitute and was killed by a john in Oklahoma City. However a cubic ass-ton of strange behavior on Justin Adams’ part lead me to believe that he’s the killer. Like that he allegedly took out a life insurance policy on his wife shortly before her murder or that he supposedly started having an affair with another woman prior to his wife’s disappearance. And let’s not forget the accusations of possible witness tampering by Justin Adams’ mom. Not to mention that cell phone records possibly place Adams’ near the scene of the crime. That’s why it’s a big deal to me.

Adams’ attorney says it’s because the murder was committed by someone else. That would be awfully convenient for his client.

Justin Adams released on bail, Mommy’s PI says she has proof of his innocence

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Blanchard man accused of killing his wife is released from the Oklahoma County jail:

Private Investigator Claims Discovery Proves Justin Adams Innocent:

This past Wednesday 25-year-old Justin Adams of Blanchard, Oklahoma was released from jail after his bond was set at $100K. Adams is accused in the December, 2011 stabbing and beating death of his wife Jaymie Adams and their unborn child. I wonder if his mommy put up the bond money since she’s been so supportive of her son in the past including allegedly trying to pay off witnesses.

On top of that news now the PI that mommy hired, who is now magically working for the defense, says that she has proof of Justin Adams’ innocence…

“Justin and Jaymie had an alternative lifestyle that obviously they were trying to cover up when he was arrested, because he lied to law enforcement. That’s the bottom line. He lied and it ultimately got him in trouble,” said private investigator Dana Reyna.

She says many people thought this would be an open-and-shut case, but her investigation proved that would not be so. Instead, she said there were several other theories about who may have killed Jaymie based on the lifestyle she and Justin had.

What she’s referring to is that Jaymie and Justin Adams were said to be swingers who looked for other couples on craigslist. Normally I would say that could mean that there are other suspects but let’s not forget that not only did Adams take out a life insurance policy on his wife but he was also having an affair. It’s hard to ignore that kind of math.

I guess now we should be taking bets to see if he cuts off his ankle monitor or not. I say he’s a runner.

Was Justin Adams’ mommy paying off witnesses?

Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke

Court Docs Suggest Witness Tampering In Adams Case:

Police say phone records of Justin Adams’ girlfriend, imply witness tampering:

According to recently released court records Tina Clarke has been allegedly giving money to her son’s mistress. Her son, Justin Adams, is accused in the stabbing murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams, and their unborn child.

It seems that Justin Adams and the woman were having an affair before Jaymie was killed and even talked about getting married and having kids.

No word on what the money Clarke sent to the woman was for but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it was a payoff to buy the woman’s testimony since there have been previous allegations of witness tampering.

Since we’ve heard from Ms. Clarke before maybe she’ll shed some light on what the money was for.

We get letters: A missive from Tina Clarke?

Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke

If you’ve been following my site for the past few weeks you’ll know that I’ve been posting about the murder of Jaymie Adams’ and her unborn child. Her husband, Justin Adams, has been arrested and charged with her murder. Justin’s mother, Tina Clarke, has been very vocal in their local media about her son’s alleged innocence. It seems that she doesn’t just contain her objections to the local media.

A little over a week ago I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be Tina Clarke. I say claiming because I can’t be 100% sure. The e-mail address used does trace back to her Facebook but her she had her e-mail address posted publicly on her Facebook. And as far as I can tell the IP address the e-mail was sent from was from Oklahoma City.

Here is the e-mail just as I received it. The only thing I’ve edited is the name of Clarke’s alleged ex-boyfriend…

I don’t know who you are, but I would hate to think that you like making money off of other peoples tragedy. You have not once said anything good nor most of all you have written are lies. Domestic? where is the police report of domestic? Ex boyfriend will be the first to tell you he had 9 beers and 3 zannies as he calls them , the night jaymie went missing.I told ex no when he asked me to marry him on 2/12/12 and i broke up with (ex),2/14/12 (ex) calls police and tells them his lies out of anger.I have proof of my where abouts that night with 4 people, there is proof of justin’s where abouts with 3 people. Now there is proof of the man from craigslist talking with jaymie the night she went missing and up to minutes before she was murdered, and he wasn’t home from 9 pm to 2 am that night.I have proof of the police covering up thier mistakes in this case. So please, if you want to write about someone and put it in the public, please make sure you have proof they did what
you say they did, don’t tell lies on people just so you can make a dollar.

I wish I was making money on this site. Like I keep saying I’m just some guy with a big mouth and a website.

Every detail that I have posted has come from the Oklahoma City media so if you have an issue with the veracity of the details you may want to take it up with them.

Lastly, why are you even bothering with me? I’m just a two-bit blogger. Why should anybody care what I think? Other than the fact that the more you proclaim your son’s innocence it makes him look guilty and it makes you look involved. Personally I think your time would be better spent keeping quiet but by all means keep providing us with entertainment.

And yes this is ‘She doesn’t know when to shut up: Part 5′.