Drunk Florida Breeder did 120+ mph with kids in car

Robert Rioseco

Robert Rioseco

Deputies: Drunken man clocked at 127 mph on Overseas Highway — with 3 small kids in the car:

Police in the Florida Keys pulled over 46-year-old Robert Rioseco after he was allegedly clocked doing 87 mph (140 kmh) and then doing 127 mph (204 kmh) down the Overseas Highway. Police say that when he got out of the car he reeked of booze and that three of his young children were in the car with him. The kids were turned over to their mother and were relatively unharmed.

Now some may think that this is a funny story since no one was hurt but I beg to differ. My dad was a drunk and he used to drive us around drunk all the time. This was during the 1970s before DUIs were seen as the reprehensible crime that they are now. Just him driving us to the local mini mart while drunk was terrifying enough for me. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for these kids going over 120 mph on a bridge that is mostly just surrounded by water. One careless mistake and we could have been talking about how much of senseless tragedy this was after they fished the kids out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not surprisingly this was Rioseco’s 9th arrest in the area.

Man accused of rape while his kids were in the car

Man arrested, accused of raping woman while his children waited in the car:

That my friends is 24-year-old Quinton Travoitz Young of Dallas, Texas. He’s accused of raping one woman and attempting to rape a pregnant woman all while his kids were in tow.

In the first rape he forced a woman into his car at gunpoint while his kids were in the back seat. He took her to a vacant house where he allegedly raped her while his kids waited in the car.

In the second incident he forced a pregnant woman into the car at knifepoint and took the woman to a different vacant house again while one of his kids was in the car. After he took the woman to the vacant house he left the window cracked so the boy could get air. How considerate of him. Considering how hot Texas can get in May I doubt that was enough. Anyway the pregnant woman fought back and her attacker fled with her purse. She was able to get the license plate number of the car and police were able to track him down.

The boys are ages 4 and 5.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all another story comes along to prove that we haven’t heard anywhere near ‘it all’.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.