TN man shot and killed daughter at her foster home

Slain teen’s placement in foster home questioned:

34-year-old Christopher Milburn’s 15-year-old daughter complained of abuse and was placed in a foster home. That foster home was only two doors down from her father’s home in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

So I imagine that it wasn’t much trouble for this scumbag to walk the 200 feet to the foster home, shoot his daughter and the foster father to death before taking the coward’s way out himself.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services says it’s not unusual to place an abused child that close to the place of abuse. They may want to rethink that policy.

Thanks to Gina for the tip.

Murder-suicide at Mt. Diablo

Las Lomas student, mother die in suspected murder-suicide at Mt. Diablo State Park:

By all accounts 16-year-old Adam Williams was the stereotypical good kid. Well liked at his school, a good student, a musician and an athlete. That’s why it came as a shock to his California community that his mother, Judith Williams, shot him in the back then in the head with a .357 before turning the gun on herself at Mt. Diablo State Park.

Some seem to think the reason behind the murder-suicide was that her company was failing. A week prior to their deaths Judith Williams had all her son’s pets put down without his knowledge or consent.

A lot of people in this country are having financial difficulties even including yours truly. However being rational and not cowards we persevere and don’t kill our kids and pets.

Again the old Trench Reynolds’ saying applies here. If you’re going to off yourself man up and go alone.

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Florida man kills family, teen son escapes

Teen son escapes Fla. family slaying; 4 dead:

A lot of people say there is no such thing as good and evil in the world. They say things aren’t that black and white. I disagree. That my friends is 34-year-old Troy Ryan Bellar. He is the face of true evil.

After an argument with his wife Bellar gunned down his wife Wendy Bellar, their 8-year-old son Ryan Patrick Bellar and their 5-month-old son Zack James Bellar. He also made a concerted effort to try and kill his 13-year-old son Nathan…

His father chased him through the cluttered garage and took aim, but tripped on a bicycle before he could get off another fatal shot. As Nathan ran screaming to the safety of a neighbor’s house, the father killed himself in the front lawn.

So not only was Bellar evil he was also a coward.

Every once in a while a story comes along that makes me think about retiring from the blogging business. This is one of them.

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Tenn. woman pleads not guilty in botched murder-suicide

Not guilty plea entered by mother:

Back in November it’s alleged that 30-year-old Audrey Story of Jonesborough, Tenn. tried killing herself and her 7-month-old son by overdosing on Klonopin. Police say she crushed the anti-anxiety drug into her son’s milk after telling a relative they were ‘going to a better place’. Both story and her baby survived.

This week Story pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated child abuse.

Again while I would never condone suicide please leave your kids out of your own drama and if you are going to kill yourself do the world a favor and go alone.

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Canadian doctor accused of killing kids

A horrified town wonders, why?:

Dr. Guy Turcotte of St. Jérôme, Quebec stands accused of killing his two kids in a botched murder-suicide attempt. Dead are his two children Olivier Turcotte, 5, and Anne-Sophie Turcotte, 3. The motive behind the killings seems to be that Turcotte was distraught over being separated from his wife. I guess this is another case of ‘if I can’t have the kids no one can’. How selfish can you get? If you’re that upset about your failed marriage kill yourself but don’t take it out on your kids. Or even better, you can just be a man and carry on with your life so your kids will still have two parents.

In a case of somewhat poetic justice the hospital he was taken to refused to treat him because it was the same hospital that him and his doctor wife worked at.

He’s still in ICU in a different hospital and hasn’t spoken to police yet.

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Kids unharmed in murder-suicide…for once

Kids alone for days, parents dead in locked room :

Police in Madras, Oregon discovered the bodies of 26-year-old Hannah Crowe and 21-year-old Julian Wallulatum dead from an apparent murder-suicide. Both were shot and Crowe was said to be the murder victim. The murder-suicide allegedly happened after a domestic dispute. Their 9-month-old daughter was locked in the room with them but was relatively unhurt. Three older children were left outside of the room on their own.

How sad is it when we say after a story like this that at least he didn’t harm the children.

Thanks again to LadyJade for the tip.

Quebec children killed in failed murder-suicide

Que. woman charged with murder in children’s deaths:

36-year-old Cathy Gauthier-Lachance of the Saguenay region Quebec was arrested in connection with the deaths of her 3 children and her husband. There has been no motive for the killings but both parents had recently lost their jobs. It’s alleged that this was supposed to have been a murder and suicide pact between Gauthier-Lachance and her husband 46-year-old Marc Laliberte.

The RCMP have said that the children, 12-year old Joelle, 7-year old Marc-Ange and 4-year old Louis-Philippe, died from either suffocation or poisoning. Both Laliberte and Gauthier-Lachance had stab wounds.

I still don’t get why when people are having financial difficulties they feel the need to punish their children for their own failures. If you want to kill yourselves go alone. Let the kids have a fighting chance at least.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.

Woman kills son, self over alleged affair

Police say an alleged affair led to murder-suicide:

Why do so-called ‘adults’ feel the need to involve their children with their drama?

For example, take 34-year-old Lavinia Banks of Addis, Louisiana.

She thought that her husband was having an affair. So did she seek advice from her church? Did she contact a lawyer? Maybe a private detective?

None of the above.

Instead she shot her 7-year-old son Darieyonne, dragged him to the bathroom then shot him again. Then she shot herself.

What did that boy have to do with the drama in your life between you and your husband?

At one of my other sites we have a saying about murder-suicides. “If you’re going to kill yourself man up and go alone.”

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Still not roid rage

Steroids did not act alone:

This is an article from Jim Varsalone, the pro-wrestling editor of the Miami Herald. He’s kind of saying what I’ve been saying since day one of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide.

Roid rage, a term associated with steroid use, is a quick, violent outburst. It leads to a punch, a kick, an assault, but not murder. The Benoit murders/suicide occurred over a two to three day period.

With the rampant use of steroids in sports and the number of high-profile wrestlers who have died at an early age, no one — other than Benoit — has been linked to murder.

Mr. Varsalone goes through numerous other aspects of steroids and Chris Benoit’s crime as well. It’s worth your time to read the whole article and get another perspective.

Concussions not steroids

Brain Damage May Have Caused Wrestler Chris Benoit to Kill Family, Doctor Says:

A doctor who examined the brain matter of pro-wrestler turned family annihilator Chris Benoit states that Benoit had brain damage consistent with Alzheimer’s patients.

The Sports Legacy Institute, an organization that advances health and wellness of athletes, coordinated the testing using samples of Benoit’s brain tissue provided by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation — with the permission of Benoit’s father.

Despite the results, Dr. Robert Cantu, a member of the institute and chief of neurosurgery service at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Mass., said there was no way to know for sure if the concussions Benoit suffered caused the murder-suicide.

Cantu did say that the brain injury Benoit suffered can cause depression and irrational behavior.

Decades of chairshots and flying headbutts can turn the brain to mush. Not that I’m excusing what the Canadian Coward did but can we finally get off the whole “roid rage” knee jerk reaction finally? This shows that there could have been a number of reasons that led Benoit to kill his family.