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Craigslist pulls ads for synthetic weed but other ads get a pass


This is an article our of the state of New York about how happy state legislators are that craigslist has pulled all ads for the synthetic marijuana substitute known as K2, spice, and several other different names. K2 is much more dangerous than normal marijuana and has been known to cause very detrimental side effects including psychotic episodes. This is reminiscent of when craigslist pulled all the ads for the malt beverage Four Loko when it was first pulled from shelves.

Don’t get me wrong. Craigslist should be commended for pulling these ads. My only question is if craigslist can pull all the ads for K2 then why can’t they pull all the ads that have titles like “Any dads like to perv over their young sons?” or “Donate for the Mom and daughter fantasy”. That’s not even considering all the people who advertise on craigslist for sex with dogs. I don’t mean ugly people either. I mean actual dogs.

Craigslist shows they can pull these ads but it has to be asked why won’t they?

Bronx teacher not so smart as craigslist creeper


27-year-old Jonathan Blum is a high school teacher in the Bronx although that may not make him the brightest bulb. New York investigators say that Blum posted a craigslist ad allegedly looking for sex with someone underage who was “interested in messing around with a licensed real teacher.” He might as well have just called the police to turn himself in to eliminate the middle man. Instead police posed as a 14-year-old girl and were able to arrest Blum at a pre-arranged meeting place.

At least this exposed a teacher as an alleged predator before he could hopefully harm any kids.

NYPD looking for Brooklyn craigslist rapist

Suspect in hotel surveillance footage

Suspect in hotel surveillance footage

The NYPD are looking for a man accused of raping a woman who was providing massages on craigslist back in October. The suspect is said to have flashed a badge after getting a massage at the woman’s motel room. He then allegedly raped the woman and robbed her before fleeing in a black Mercedes.

The suspect is described as an adult black male wearing a black T-shirt with yellow lettering, light-blue ripped jeans and black sneakers.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit tips at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577.

All calls are strictly confidential.

I know some of you might think that the victim may have been working as a prostitute and got what she deserved. No, she didn’t. No woman no matter what their line of work, legitimate or otherwise. deserves to be raped.

Chuck Schumer wants childproof caps for all e-juice


United States Senator Charles Schumer from the Blommbergist Commonwealth of New York has never been one to shy away from over-regulation. So it should come as no surprise that Chuck wants to require all nicotine e-juices to come with childproof caps.

According to the article calls to New York state poison control went up from 46 calls in 2013 to 70 in 2014, in a state of almost 20 million. I would lay odds that they get more calls about poisonings from things that already come with childproof caps like prescription medication and bleach.

Schumer also has to trot out the candy flavors trope as well…

“With flavors like bubble gum and chocolate, it’s no wonder children are attracted to e-liquid in the hopes that it’s candy,” Schumer.

The thing is Chuck you can get childproof bottles from most reputable vaping outlets and if your local one doesn’t have one they can be ordered online. Not to mention that most kids can open child proof caps anyway.

Once again clueless politicians are too willing to waste taxpayer money over trivial B.S.

One of the principles this country was founded on was freedom of choice. Apparently choice has been replaced by ‘mandates’.

State of New York looking to ban e-juice

New York State House in Albany. Doesn't it look like a super-villain should live here?

New York State House in Albany. Doesn’t it look like a super-villain should live here?

Not happy with just trying to ban vaping indoors for ludicrous reasons the state of New York is now looking to ban e-juices all together.

The current bill is called Bill S6939B-2013 and here’s what it says…

Prohibits the sale or provision of any quantity of electronic liquid used to refill an electronic cigarette or cartridge; defines “electronic liquid” as any liquid composed of nicotine and other chemicals that is sold for use in electronic cigarettes.

Not only would that effectively kill the vaping industry in New York but it would put a lot of people out of work not to mention the business owners themselves. Is the state going to reimburse them for their losses? I seriously doubt it. For some reason pre-filled e-cigs like Blu are exempt from this ban.

The state claims they’re doing this for health reasons. So why don’t they ban smoking too or instead of? As I’ve said before there are too many people in the government making money off of tobacco whether it’s the politicians themselves or doctors and scientists doing tobacco studies. None of them want to see the money disappear.

If you live in the Empire State and want to contact you representative to tell them how stupid this bill is you can find their information here. I would recommend either writing an actual letter to them or making a phone call to their office. This is what gets their attention the most. Don’t forget to always be polite when dealing with government figures. It makes us appear more credible in discussing our opinions.

New York looking to ban vaping indoors, not the city, the state

New York State House in Albany

New York State House in Albany

I love Upstate New York. I was born in Syracuse. I’ve been to Albany on business and loved the area. I was within a fraction of a C.H., as one of my friends used to say, of moving there. So please don’t take this as a personal attack against the entire state but your politicians are a special kind of stupid.

The state government is looking to follow in the footsteps of New York City and making the indoor vaping ban statewide. Now when I say indoor vaping ban I mean in public places like bars and restaurants. I’m pretty sure your home is still safe…for now. As I’ve said previously I have no problem with the ban. Since I’ve been vaping if I have to go to the smoking area to vape I always have people asking how it worked out for me and I’m more than happy to try to sell them on the concept of vaping instead of smoking. What I do have a problem with is when these bans are being instigated by complete bullshit. For example lets hear from Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan).

Joining in Hannon’s fight to curb e-cig use is Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan), who said she personally “felt nauseous” when someone smoked an e-cigarette in her presence.

“Smokers’ rights end when they start affecting nonsmokers,” she said.

Now did she ‘feel nauseous’ due to the expelled vapor from the e-smoker or was it more likely that her smug sensibilities were offended making her figuratively nauseous? I would lay odds that it was the latter and not former.

I guess we’re even then because ignorant and clueless politicians make me nauseous and yes I get nauseous a lot.

NY pair charged with Backpage sex trafficking

Elijah B. Richardson and Jakia J. York

Elijah B. Richardson and Jakia J. York

Two arrested on sex trafficking charges at Colonie motel:

19-year-olds Elijah B. Richardson and Jakia J. York were arrested in Colonie, New York for allegedly forcing a 21-year-old woman into prostitution. The pair are said to have advertised the woman on Backpage. Police say that the pair were keeping the woman hooked on heroin so she’s keep turning tricks for them.

Yet not only do people still believe in the consenting adults myth but Backpage continues to make money hand over fist in this modern-day slave trade. If you want to make the comparison between today’s sex slavery and the slavery prior to the US Civil War consider Backpage the auction house where slaves were bought and sold.

Justice still being sought for Chanel Petro-Nixon

Mom seeks justice for slain honor student found in garbage bag:

Chanel Petro-NIxon

Chanel Petro-NIxon

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 8 years since the murder of 16-year-old Chanel Petro-Nixon of Brooklyn. In June of 2006 Chanel’s body was found in a garbage bag after having been strangled to death. At that time of her death police were looking into Chanel’s MySpace account for any possible clues. Since that time no one has been arrested for her murder.

The article I linked to does mention something that I had not had heard about until now. Police do have a person of interest in Chanel’s murder. On the day of Chanel’s disappearance she was supposed to meet a boy. When questioned the boy said that Chanel stood her up. That boy is now in prison for violating a restraining order taken out by a former girlfriend. He was also charged twice with rape but was acquitted both times. To me that sounds a lot like where there’s smoke there’s fire but police have not been able to physically connect him to the crime. That’s why police say they need the public’s help.

The Mayor’s office, NYPD, and Crime Stoppers have joined forces to offer a $22,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. The number to dial with a tip is 1-800-577-TIPS. All calls are treated confidentially.

“There are people that have information,” Detective Scandole told PIX 11. “And they may believe that information is not important and it may seem inconsequential. But to us, it could be the one thing that ties it together. It’s like we’re putting together a jigsaw puzzle and we’re missing that one piece.”

I pray that the Nixon family will find justice and peace very soon.

LI Breeders leave kids home for 6 days with no heat

Maria and Tulio Ayala

Maria and Tulio Ayala

Long Island Couple Accused Of Leaving 4 Kids Home Alone For 6 Days:

Maria and Tulio Ayala of Central Islip, New York, on Long Island are accused of leaving their four kids, ages 15, 13, 8, and 4, at home for six days while they stayed at a hotel. No big deal right? The 15-year-old is old enough to watch the other kids. Oh, did I mention there was no heat or food in the house?

Mr. Ayala is trying to make it look like it was no big deal. He says that his mom was there to watch the kids and he left them with money for food and space heaters. He claims that this mother called the cops on him unwarranted.

So let me get this straight. You had money for a hotel for almost a week, you allegedly had $100 to leave the kids for food. Yet you can’t pay you’re own heating bill? I’m sensing a definite lack of priorities here. I’m going to guess they didn’t stay at The Ritz but I’m pretty sure whatever hotel they stayed at had heat.

The children are currently staying with relatives but the Ayala’s say they’re going to fight to get their kids back. Maybe if you took care of them in the first place you wouldn’t be in this situation. Hopefully the only HOtel you’ll be staying is the Gray Bar Hotel.

Thanks to Nicole for the tip.

Man from Attica pleads guilty in craigslist child porn case

Attica man pleads guilty in child pornography case:


48-year-old Paul J. Havlen Jr. of Attica, New York, (the town, not the prison) recently pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to receive child pornography. It seems that Havlen placed an ad looking for, as the article puts it, a young man interested in smoking marijuana and sexual activities.

Havlen is said to have had graphic conversations with a 15-year-old boy who responded to the ad and was soliciting him for graphic pictures of himself. Of course the 15-year-old boy were federal investigators. What gets me about this guy is that at the time of his arrest he tried weaseling out of it ‘To Catch A Predator’ style.

Havlen told police at the time that if the person he was meeting had really been a 15-year-old boy, he would have talked to him, told the boy not to participate in that kind of activity, and to go home, according to the indictment.

If I was a conspiracy minded individual I would swear that there is some kind of handbook that these scumbags keep reading from.