Robert Thompson sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

 Robert D. Thompson

Robert D. Thompson

Craigslist sex case co-defendant sentenced to 25 years in prison:

One of the worst craigslist sex crimes I’ve posted about was the sex ring out of Newberg, Oregon that not only involved animals but also children as young as 4. Previously the ringleader, Darrin Daily, was sentenced to 40 years which of course doesn’t seem near enough. Now his cohort, Robert Thompson has also been sentenced.

Thompson was not only convicted for his role in the ring but also for trying to arrange a hit on one of their teenage victims. So what did Mr. Dead Behind The Eyes get? Only 25 years.

We’re talking about children being forced to have sex with animals here. Something that depraved should at least get an automatic life sentence without parole. In a perfect world it would result in execution. He could have been sentenced to 40 years but for some reason the judge took leniency on him. Leniency for a guy who gets off on kids and dogs having sex.

Not only does this show what’s still wrong with craigslist but also our justice system in general.

Darrin Daily sentenced for craigslist child and animal sex ring

Darrin Daily

Craigslist sex abuser gets 40 years:

I originally posted about Darrin Daily here and here. He’s the filthy scum who was caught running a child sex ring on craigslist in Newberg, Oregon. In his little circle Daily and his cronies would have sex (child rape) with kids as young as 4 and would sometimes force the kids to have sex with his dog. Daily would recruit new members for his group on craigslist.

This week he pleaded to the charges against him. The plea deal allowed him to be sentenced from 20 to 40 years, His attorney argued that he should only get 20 because “Daily would be amenable to sex offender treatment if freed at 64.” Are you shitting me? This guy runs a child porn and rape ring that involved bestiality and a lawyer has the balls to say that he’d be amenable to treatment? There is only one treatment for dregs like this if you ask me and it comes in several calibers.

Thankfully the judge gave him the max of 40 years. Not only that he’s not eligible for any kind of sentencing reduction program. If Daily lives to see the end of his sentence he’ll be 84 when he gets out.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that if craigslist moderated its casual encounters section or allowed a third-party company to monitor the ads this wouldn’t be an issue.

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Child sex ring suspect accused of trying to get hit on victim

Robert D. Thompson

Man in Newberg Craigslist sex abuse ring faces murder solicitation charges:

Is it me or does he look like he’s dead behind his eyes.

Anyway, I originally posted about Robert D. Thompson here. He’s accused of being one of the participants in a Newberg, Oregon child sex ring that was organized on craigslist and reportedly involved children as young as 4 being raped and forced to have sex with a dog.

Now Thompson has another charge to worry about as he’s now been charged with allegedly trying to solicit a hit on of the teenage victims of the sex ring. Along with his 11 sex abuse charges he’s had seven murder solicitation charges added. Hopefully that means that he’ll get a real sentence instead of the slaps on the wrists that some of the other suspects in the ring got.

Craigslist child and animal sex ring defendant sentenced

Newberg Craigslist sex case defendant sentenced:

Back in October I posted about a sex ring that involved children and animals out of Newberg, Oregon. It was allegedly run by a man named Darrin Vaughn Daily who is accused of recruiting other members for the ring on craigslist.

Underage girls were forced to have sex with the members of the ring and sometimes animals and the acts were recorded.

Another member of the ring that was arrested was 42-year-old David Garcia. It seems that Garcia entered into a guilty plea with prosecutors and part of the plea deal is that he will testify against the other members of the ring. The thing is that prosecutors gave him a cushy sentence in exchange for his testimony.

He got 40 days in jail along with 5 years probation along with lifetime status on the sex offender registry. He’s also barred from having unsuper4visede contact with minors which include his own children.

Some of the other defendants have also already been sentenced.

Patricio Moreno was given five years probation and a lifetime on the sex offender registry since he passed a lie detector test where he said he didn’t knoiw the girl was underage and he agreed to testify against Daily.

Alisa Nice was given five months in jail and 5 years probation but violated the terms of her probation by being caught on the internet.

If these are the kind of sentences being handed out to child rapists in exchange for testimony then Daily better get one of those triple digit sentences.