Pill popper provides pedophile perv with victim

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Man, woman arrested on sex trafficking charges:

Titusville pair accused in sex trafficking of minor:

Woman traded sex with child for pills, police say:

25-year-old Debra Annmarie Blackmon of Titusville, Florida really likes her pills. She likes them so much she was willing to sell a girl she has legal guardianship over to her alleged dealer in a sex for pills trade.

The man she traded the teenage girl to was 23-year-old Tony Marcel Hammond. In exchange for having sex with girl, which on my sites we call child rape, he allegedly gave Blackmon Percocet and….wait for it…you know it’s coming…Oxycodone, aka Oxycontin, aka Hillbilly Heroin. Hammond also provided the girl with weed to, as one article put it, help the girl complete the sex act. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

The girl is now in state custody. Blackmon has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor by legal guardian which carries a maximum 30 year sentence. Hammond has been charged with sex trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution. He’s only looking at 15 years. If you ask me both of them should be sentenced to a life of being prison bitches if you know what I mean.

And the first person who says to me that she’s an addict and that she has a disease can save it. Drug addicts do not have a disease, they have a weakness. People with diseases for the most part don’t choose to have them. Every addict made their choice to put drugs first in their lives. Some to the point where they would sell another human being, possibly their children for sex.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for the tip.

Darwin Costello died from his injuries, Mom arrested for drug pushing

Baby dies of injuries from beating:

Mom in south Fort Myers baby abuse case released on bail:

I originally posted about Ryan Costello and Whitney Simonson here.

Unfortunately their child, Darwin Costello, has died from his injuries and Ryan Costello has been charged with first degree murder in his death.

Simonson was also arrested because not only was there a growing operation in their house but Simonson was allegedly sold over 100,000 oxycodone pills. Police found 1800 pills in a desert container. From the sound of the second article I linked to it sounds like that Simonson is trying to play the victim in the drug dealing scheme.

According to Simonsen’s arrest report, she told investigators Ryan Costello would set her up with customers, and that since August, she’s dealt an average of 600 pills monthly.

“Whitney stated that at every residence she and Ryan had lived, she has set up an area in the kitchen for the purpose of storing different kinds of drugs in different types of boxes,” a narcotics detective reported. “She described this as Ryan’s workplace.”

If you pushed 100K+ hillbilly heroin pills you’re not a victim you’re a volunteer.

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Drunk breastfeeding leads to other charges

Woman Accused Of Breastfeeding Baby While Drunk:

This line from the article sets the tone nicely for the rest of the story…

Police said it started when Renee Vanalsburg punched her half-sister in the face.

You know it can only get better from there and of course it does. ‘Better’ being a relative word here because after police arrived at the scene they noticed that Vanalsburg was breastfeeding her baby while obviously drunk and high. The baby’s father, Marc Rush, was also arrested when police found a bottle of oxycodone and tin filled with an unnamed white powder in the baby’s crib.

Anybody want to take any guess what the mysterious white powder was? Since there was oxycodone I’m going to guess the powder was meth.

Anyway, also on the floor of the baby’s room was broken glass, knives, bug poison and spray paint.

Did I mention this happened in Florida? Florida always takes any crime story and takes it to a whole new level. Stay classy Sunshine State.

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