Robertson hazer being released

Parents Fear Release Of Teen Involved In Hazing:

One of the Robertson High hazers is getting ready to be released.

You should know the story by now. Santiago Armijo was one of the football players from Robertson High who took place in a hazing ritual where younger teammates were sodmoized with broomsticks. He violated his house arrest numerous times. He’s been held in juvenile detention for the past six months.

Detention officials now say that since he’s had no problems in the past six months he’s eligible for release.

Of course, and who can blame them, some of the parents of the victims are none too happy about this.

One parent put it best…

“How could he have actually been rehabilitated from something that deep seeded in six months,” the parent said.

That’s easy. He’s not rehabilitated at all. He’s just biding his time until he can get out.

As far as I’m concerned he should have never been charged as a juvenile in the first place so he can get a real taste of who’s really big and bad.

Robertson High hazer gets probation

Teen sentenced for role in hazing scandal:

17-year-old -year-old Marcus Gutierrez of Robertson High in Las Vegas, New Mexico recently pleaded guilty to taking part in a hazing incident at the high school where football players sodmized younger teammates with broom sticks.

Let me repeat that for you in case it hasn’t really sunk in. A group of football players held down some of their younger teammates and sodomized them with broomsticks.

In an act that basically amounts to prison rape all that Gutierrez gets is probation until he’s 21. His lawyer argued that Gutierrez’s only role in the attack was helping to the hold the kids down.

Now if he was arrested in a case where he helped hold down a woman that was being raped with a foreign object would he still be only given probation. If football was not involved anywhere in the equation would he have still gotten probation? I seriously doubt it on both counts.

This ruling sends out the message that raping your high school teammates with foreign objects will only get you probation.

Robertson High suspect pleads out

Teen enters plea in Robertson hazing :

17-year-old Marcus Gutierrez, one of the accused in the Robertson High School hazing sodomy case, has pleaded guilty to one count of criminal sexual penetration and one count of conspiracy to commit criminal sexual penetration.

If you’ll recall Gutierrez and some of his teammates allegedly sodomized younger teammates with a broom stick.

Apparently juvenile sex offenders get the same slaps on the wrist that adult ones get as Gutierrez is only facing detention until he is 21.

Charges dropped against adults in Robertson High hazing case

Prosecutor drops charges against 4 in NM hazing:

Originally the Las Vegas, New Mexico DA charged four school officials with failure to report child abuse in the Robertson High hazing case. In that case several football players are accused of sodomizing younger teammates with a broomstick.

The charges were dropped against the adults because the failure to report child abuse only applies when the abuse is being committed by adults and not other children.

You think that they would have checked that out before charging them.

Robertson suspect sentenced for probation violation

Teen In Hazing Case Sentenced For Probation Violation:

Santiago Armijo is one of the members of the Robertson High football team in Las Vegas, New Mexico who is accused of taking part in a hazing incident where younger teammates were sodomized with broomsticks. While awaiting trial Armijo was ordered to be under house arrest and have no contact with the victims. That didn’t stop him from attending a house party, going to the mall and texting one of the victims.

Finally someone decided to hold Armijo responsible for his actions as a judge sentenced him to one year in a juvenile facility for violating the terms of his probation.

Armijo had this to say at sentencing…

“I have no excuse for what happened but if granted a second chance it won’t happen again,”

You violated your parole three times so technically that would be a fourth chance. This isn’t Major League Baseball and you’re not Daryl Strawberry so you get a time out in a correctional facility.