Florida man moves to Mich. to be with 14-year-old girl

Florida man who met Michigan girl on MySpace faces sex charges:

Police in St. Johns, Michigan arrested one 25-year-old Danny Dewayne Waller of Elkton, Florida. He’s been charged with various criminal sexual conduct and enticing/coercing a juvenile over the computer charges.

Not a lot of detail on this story but what is known is that Waller is alleged to have met a 14-year-old girl from the St. Johns area on MySpace before moving from Florida to be with the now 15-year-old girl. With the enticing and sexual conduct charges I’m guessing the relationship was not platonic.

For someone to move to be with underage girl they must have more than serious problems. And how in the hell did he think that he would ever be able to keep that ‘relationship’ a secret?

Creepers are stupid.