Non-lethal weapons infographic

I found this infographic about non-lethal alternatives to firearms interesting. Your mileage may vary. I especillay find it interesting that in some states TASERs and stun guns are banned but firearms are permitted. For instance in my state of North Carolina you can carry a gun with a concealed carry permit but TASERs are only allowed in homes and businesses. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Bradford, PA police get TASERs

Bradford City Police have three tasers donated:

Police in the city of Bradford, Pennsylvania received new TASERs. That’s not really newsworthy for the rest of us but what Mayor Tom Riel said about the TASERs kind of sums it all up.

“Bottom line, if people behave properly and don’t act like an animal, they won’t get tased and end up in a cage.”

Like I say if you’ve been Tased you probably deserved it.

Flour for my porkchops

Man busted: Powder was flour for pork chops:

Calvin Wallace was arrested in Boynton Beach, Florida for having 54.3 grams of MDMA. When asked by police Wallace said it was “flour for my porkchops.”

However it’s not because of his pork chops that he’s on these pages. This is why…

An officer pulled out his stun gun and ordered Wallace to put his hands outside the car, but he cursed at officers instead. Wallace resisted some more, and was stunned three times before officers could cuff him.

That’ll cook his pork chops.

Woman uses toddler as TASER shield

Mo. mom accused of using child to block Taser:

A 20-year-old woman from Hannibal, Missouri is accused of using her 1-year-old child as a shield when police produced a TASER while investigating an assault claim made by the woman. The thing is she wasn’t shielding herself.

During the course of the police investigation a 22-year-old man showed up and started giving cops a hard time. When police pulled out a TASER the woman handed the child to the man to use as a shield.

I would lay odds that not only was he probably the man who assaulted her but more than likely is her penis.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Man shoplifts while daughter is in sub zero car

Man allegedly leaves daughter in cold:

Yet another heartwarming Christmas time tale, this time from Kirksville, Missouri.

28 year old Christopher Guthrie of Moberly, Missouri was arrested in WalMart for trying to shoplift. He got into a scuffle with store security when they apprehended him. It was at that time that they discovered he had left his young daughter in the car in sub zero temperatures. Police had to use the Taser on Guthrie as well. And when they searched him they found a baggie with Xanax in it.

I bet he wasn’t even stealing a present for his daughter.

Underage Facebook party busted

Police: Underage Drinking Party Advertised On Facebook:

Police in Bessemer City, NC received a tip that an underage party was being advertised on Facebook.

When they went to the house of Steven Haney, and his girlfriend, Melissa Wilson they arrested the pair and charged 31 others for underage drinking.

And to top it all off Ms. Wilson was Tasered for failing to respond to police orders.

Remember what we say kids. Nothing is private on the internet. If you don’t want the cops to come to your house don’t post it on Facebook.

Other YouTube Taserer sentenced

Son in YouTube Taser stunt gets 2 years’ prison:
Previously I posted about how the father in the father and son YouTube Taserers pleaded guilty. Now it’s the son’s turn.

22-year-old Paul Crowell pleaded guilty to stealing a police officer’s Taser. He was sentenced to two years behind bars this past Thursday.

If you’ll recall the pair stole a Taser from a police officer when they were being assisted by the officer. They then posted a video on YouTube of them Tasering each other.

YouTube Taserer pleads guilty

Father shown in YouTube Taser video pleads guilty:
A few months back there was a story about a father and son who stole a Taser from a Wisconsin police officer. Like every responsible citizen they realized the error of their ways and returned the Taser to the nice officer…just kidding. They actually recorded themselves Tasering each other and posted the video to YouTube.

The father, 42-year-old Paul J. Dupey, pleaded guilty to the charges against him and could serve as much as three years behind bars.