Teen slashes Mom over MySpace

Deputies: MySpace sparks knife attack:

18-year-old Terry Gene Starnes of Hayden, Idaho was arrested for slashing his mom’s arm.

According to police Starnes’ mother, for some reason or another, told her son not to get on MySpace. It seems like the 6’2″ 320lb. Starnes has a little MySpace addiction because he started packing his stuff. His mother tried to grab a cell phone charger that she bought for him. That’s when Starnes took out a knife and slashed her on the arm. Starnes then escaped on his bike before police picked him up.

I’ve had addiction problems in my past. Not like drugs or anything like that. And I used to get so livid if I didn’t have access to my addiction of choice at the time. But never did I once think about slashing somebody with a knife over it.

Luckily his mom wasn’t seriously hurt. I think that this kid needs some serious therapy time.