More on Tracy Hermann’s sentencing

Tracy Hermann

Tracy Hermann

I know I don’t have to tell you who Tracy Hermann is and what she was convicted of. Anyway I found a better article about her sentencing.

It seems the reason she was sentenced to 50 years instead of 100 like James Sargent was that she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her son Benjamin.

At the sentencing Hermann said that what she did was a ‘mistake’. She also said that her sentence would bring justice for Benjamin.

Maybe if she and Sargent actually gave a shit for their baby there wouldn’t be a need for justice.

Hermann will have to serve her entire sentence.

Tracy Hermann sentenced to 50 years

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Peoria woman sentenced to 50 years for death of son:

You remember Tracy Hermann and James Sargent don’t you? They were the scumbag Breeders that left their 5-month-old son Benjamin strapped in his car seat in his crib for days while they went about their lives not feeding him, changing him or even checking on him.

The last we heard Sargent was sentenced to 100 years for his part in Benjamin’s death. Now Hermann has been sentenced to 50 years.

No word yet on why she only got half of what Sargent got. At least if she does get out she’ll be well past child-bearing age.

James Sargent sentenced to 100 years

Sargent gets 100 years for death of son:

James Sargent of Peoria, Illinois has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for the death of his son, 5-month-old Benjamin Sargent. As you’ll recall Sargent and the birth organism, Tracy Hermann, allegedly left Benjamin strapped in his car seat in his crib for days while they went about their lives not feeding him, changing him or even checking in him. Benjamin died from an infection caused by the feces in his diaper that eventually ate through his skin.

Hermann’s trial is set to start in October.

James Sargent found guilty of first degree murder in death of his son

Judge: Father’s actions toward baby were ‘brutal and heinous’:

Again you can find my other posts on Sargent here and here. He is one of a pair of Breeders who left their son, Benjamin Sargent, alone in his car seat in his crib for days while they played video games and did not feed or change Benjamin which led to his death.

The sperm donor of the pair, 24-year-old James Sargent of Peoria, Illinois, was found guilty yesterday of first degree murder.

A doctor who testified during the trial said that Benjamin didn’t die from starvation but rather from an infection caused by the unchanged diaper. The fecal material ate through the skin causing a massive infection.

Sargent is looking at 100 years when sentenced in June.

The birth organism of the pair, Tracy Hermann, is scheduled for trial in August.

No insanity defense for Breeder who left baby alone for 8 days

Mental health defense denied for Sargent:

You can read my original posts on James Sargent and Tracy Hermann here.

They were the pair of Breeders who left their 5-month-old baby son, Benjamin Sargent, alone in his carseat in his crib for 8 days without feeding him or changing him or checking on him. According to a witness they were busy “playing video games, watching TV, feeding and caring for themselves.”

Benjamin Sargent was found in the same clothes he was dropped off at the house it with his eyes open and his fists clenched. Both Breeders have been charged with murder.

More recently an insanity defense for Sargent has been rejected. Sargent’s attorney contended that Sargent has a “dissociative disorder.” According to the good doctor Sargent retreats into the fantasy world of Lord of The Rings.

However the shrink that saw Sargent said that was only part of what led Sargent to ignore his own child.

The doctor testified the dissociation could explain some of what happened when the infant died after going without food or water for eight days in mid-February 2008, noting a baby’s cries are difficult to ignore.

“Either he (Sargent) is either deaf and blind or an utter psychopath. There’s no evidence of either,” Killian said.

So on that basis the judge thankfully rejected that defense.

Sargent is looking at 20 to 100 years behind bars and his trial is set for April 27th.

Hermann’s trial is set for May 4th.

Last I heard they were both blaming each other.

Peoria 'parents' won't face death penalty


Lyons says pair won’t face death sentence:

If you’ve been following my sites for some time you may remember a story I posted here about a couple of so-called parents who left their baby in his car seat in his crib for eight days and starved him to death.If I remember correctly the young ‘parents’ were too busy playing video games to feed their own child. After eight days the baby starved to death.

Originally prosecutors stated that they were going to seek the death penalty for 21-year-old Tracy Hermann and 23-year-old James Sargent.

Unfortunately that has not come to be and more than likely will not happen.

Peoria County State’s Attorney Kevin Lyons said too many pitfalls exist to make the death penalty a realistic option, including Tracy Hermann and James Sargent’s mental health issues and the fact that they are blaming each other for the boy’s death.

‘Instead, I’ll seek to make them live in the general populations of the Stateville, Pontiac and Menard prisons, each day, every day,’ Lyons said.

‘When it is all over, I expect their names and their existence here to be forgotten while they are shuffled off to prison … to remain forgotten, unimportant, and away from the free world that they so (selfishly) took from the baby they decided to make … and then leave to literally cry itself to death.’

That’s my kind of prosecutor.

Sargent is said to be using a mental history defense while Hermann claims ‘she was simply not interested in parenting.’

Maybe they should have thought of that before these to dirtbags decided to do the horizontal hokey pokey. Not only that but there’s this thing called giving a baby up for adoption. Maybe you should have looked into that.

Parents of Baby Left Alone in Car Seat for 8 Days Face Murder Charges



Tracey Hermann, 21, and James Sargent, 23, are charged in the child neglect death of their 5-month old son Benjamin Sargent. They’re accused of leaving the baby strapped in a car seat, in his crib for 8 days while, among other activities, played video games.

Should this reflect on gamers as a whole? Hell no it shouldn’t. This should only reflect on two ‘people’ who didn’t give a damn about their own son. Video games weren’t the only thing they did for 8 days and if they didn’t play video games they would have done something equally as trivial instead of caring for their own child.