More Chalupa hijinks from Echols’ fans

Over the weekend this fake twitter account showed up in response to my latest posts on Damien Echols…



So apparently they’re not above employing the same tactics as a grade school bully. Bravo. However will I recover from that?

Socastee shooter’s Twitter page?

I received a tip from friend of the site KuJoe that he may have found the Twitter account of the yet to be named shooter from Socastee High School. He sent me a screen grab. I’ve removed all identifying information since his name has not yet been released.

Click for larger

Shotguns, swastikas and Molotov cocktails, oh my. If this is his twitter account someone should have caught this. Luckily no one died this time.

UPDATE: Another friend of the site, Morgan, found the following on the twitter page in question…

Yeah, well, you kinda did. If this is the Twitter page that belongs to the suspect. If not Socastee has another problem on their hands.

Craig inadvertently acknowledges my existence

While we’re on the subject of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and social media I thought it would be a good idea to follow Craig on Twitter. I thought it would provide me with some good blog fodder. Well, it turns out I’m not welcome to follow Craig on Twitter. He’s blocked my @trenchreynolds account.

Check it out.

On the rare occasion that I do interviews with the media about craigslist I am always asked if craigslist knows about this blog. Now I can answer with a resounding yes.

I was able to follow Jim Buckmaster. I wonder how long it will take for me to be blocked from that account as well.

Blocked or not as long as their tweets are public I’ll be able to follow them on Twitter.

If you want to follow a real socially conscious CEO of a classifieds site then why not follow Greg Collier of whose site has been human trafficking free for 10 years.

To help spread the word on craigslist human trafficking you can win a free CraigsCrimeList T-Shirt.

Woman Describes Her Abortion on Twitter, Is ‘Astonished’ by Backlash

I’m not going to give this attention whore any more attention then she’s already gotten but I have two things to say.

The first is this is how disposable unborn life has become when ‘women’ are Tweeting and posting on YouTube about their abortion.

The second thing is what in  the blue hell did she think would happen?

PBB now on Twitter

twitter_logoFor those of you on twitter you can now follow PBB at @badbreeders.

(Parents Behaving Badly was too long of a name for twitter).

Furniture store used Iran twitter tags to promote store

Habitat sorry for Iran Tweeting:

While it’s not a crime per se it is a scummy business practice so I’m going to allow it. Plus it did break one of the unwritten laws of twitter.

Anyway, UK furniture store Habitat got caught using twitter hashtags for the ongoing situation in Iran to hep promote the store. Now allow me to translate.

On twitter some people use what are called hashtags on their posts. Hashtags are keywords people can use so others who are looking for twitter posts on that subject can find them. For instance if you were tweeting about the situation in Iran you would put #iran at the end of your tweet.

What Habitat is accused of doing is using hashtags about Iran at the end of their tweets but the tweets were about promoting their stores.

One of the controversial messages – called tweets – which appeared before being removed by Habitat, read: HabitatUK: #MOUSAVI Join the database for free to win a £1,000 gift card.

Habitat has removed the offending tweets but has not said who was responsible.


Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work:

I guess it was only a matter of time since twitter has been accepted by the mainstream. Thanks a lot Oprah.

Now cyber criminals are using twitter to send malicious links to sites that infect youir computer with malware.

According to the article the scammers use popular hashtags which means I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using the unrest in Iran, which is a hot topic on twitter right now, to carry out their schemes.

That’s unbelievably low.

Freedom for some…

You know, I’ve been trying to stay away from politics because anymore there is no real political discourse anymore. It’s usually just one side yelling at the other for whatever reason.

However when you read about what’s going on in Iran you can’t help to wax political. However my post isn’t about Iran per se but more about the Western world.

First let me preface this by saying that I hope the people of Iran do gain their freedom. I know somebody will misconstrue my post somehow as support for the current regime in Iran.

Next I want to address all the people who are changing their Twitter icons to green to show support for the Iranians. That’s great, whatever floats your goat. However don’t get down on somebody who hasn’t, like me. I know you’re trying to bring awareness to the plight of Iraninans but to me it’s like the ribbon craze of the 90’s when everybody felt it was necessary to wear a colored ribbon for whatever cause. I didn’t need to wear a red ribbon then to show that I was concerned about AIDS. Conversely I don’t need a green Twitter icon to show I’m supporting the Iranian people. Not to mention the so called awareness factor. You’d have to be living under the proverbial rock to not know what was going on in Iran right now. If there are people that are that ignorant then they can’t be of any help anyway.

Now on to my main point. I would lay odds that the majority of you who are supporting the Iranians could have not given a rat’s ass about the freedom of the Iraqi people back in 2003. Forget why you think the war in Iraq was started. I don’t care if you think it was about oil or not the fact remains that the people of Iraq no longer live under a dictator who made Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like Abraham Lincoln. I already know what you’re thinking though. You’re thinking that while the Iranians are trying to gain their freedom from within we ‘interfered’ with the ‘sovereign’ government of Iraq. To that I say we would have waited a long time before an internal revolution would have happened in Iraq. While Iran may not be as free as say the U.S. or Canada they obviously have a lot more freedom than the Iraqis did prior to the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

I know what else you’re thinking too. You’re thinking that this all started in Iran because of a fixed election. Then I guess you don’t remember the countless elections that Saddam Hussein won with 100% of the vote. Where were you then?

You’re either for freedom for all or you’re not.

As always it was your pleasure.

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Philly riot coordinated through MySpace and Twitter

Disruption by teens flocking to S. Broad St.:

Twittering Teens Terrorize the City:

A Philadelphia flash mob turned into an actual mob over this past weekend.

Hundreds of teens ranging in ages from 14 to 17 flooded the area near South Broad St. pre-dawn Sunday morning. In one instance a taxi was hijacked and crashed into a pole. In another two women were pulled from their Jeep and were beaten and robbed. No serious arrests were made.

Personally I think all their parents should be arrested. Seriously where were their parents? Oh wait, this is Philly I’m talking about. I used to live there. In my neighborhood the parents were usually buying lottery tickets or at the tap room. But I’m sure your neighborhood isn’t like that.

Terrorism on Twitter

Terrorist ‘tweets’? US Army warns of Twitter dangers:

Army Intelligence really does live up to its oxymoronic name sometimes. This is one of those times.

They released a report publicly that states Twitter could be used as a possible communication and propaganda tool by terrorists.

Now I’m not saying there’s no such thing as terrorists or that everyone is a terrorist but if the terrorists weren’t using Twitter before I bet they are now.

Some things the military needs to keep to themselves.