Man sues Facebook for allowing his underage daughter to post sexual pictures of herself


Within the past few years I’ve tried to stop posting stories that happen outside the US because I don’t live there. It’s not some jingoistic thing. I just feel if I’m ignorant of the country’s culture I have no business posting about it. However this story should speak to not only parents in the Western world but to those of us who believe that personal responsibility is a dying concept.

In Northern Ireland a man sued Facebook for allegedly allowing his 11-year-old daughter to open multiple Facebook accounts and post suggestive photos of herself on those accounts. She was said to have been approached by at least one predator who has now been legally restrained from contacting her. As you may know Facebook’s terms of service state that users have to be 13 in order to join Facebook.

You would think that in a world that made sense the lawsuit would be thrown out of court. Maybe the laws regarding this in the UK are different from those in the US, like their libel laws, because Facebook actually settled for an undisclosed amount. In my opinion this assclown just got a payday for not doing the job of a parent.

Unfortunately no social network or app is going to do any kind of real age verification because that would be bad for business. The goal for these companies is to have as many users as possible. If a company like Facebook were to even charge a dollar to verify age a huge chunk of its userbase would leave in droves. The article mentions that maybe in Europe they could use passport numbers as age identifiers but then Facebook has our passport number. Facebook doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to privacy so I’m sure many people would not want Facebook to have that information.

So instead we have to do our jobs as parents and what our children do online with either their computers or smartphones. If I had to hazard a guess there was not a lot of monitoring going on here until it was already too late and now someone got paid off for their own negligence.

UK Burnout Breeder gets no jail time after son dies horrible death from poison plant food

Lauren Booth (Is that the fish and chips truck? I've got the munchies.)

Lauren Booth (Is that the fish and chips truck? I’ve got the munchies.)

Freedom for the smirking mother whose boy died after drinking plant food she used to grow cannabis:

Poison plant food mother Lauren Booth sentenced over son’s death:

‘Inadequate’ Huddersfield mum whose son died after drinking poisonous plant food avoids jail:

In November of 2010 2-year-old Aaron Booth died a prolonged, torturous and horrible death. He drank a bottle of plant food that contained mostly potassium hydroxide. He had to have his stomach and esophagus removed. Unfortunately doctors were not able to save him as his windpipe had been destroyed by the toxic chemicals. Aaron held on for 11 days before finally succumbing to lethal effects of the poison. So how did he get his hands on such a dangerous toxin?

It seems that his female birth organism, Lauren Booth, and her boyfriend had been up until 6am, doing responsible adult things I’m sure, and crashed without feeding Aaron. Being a hungry 2-year-old he grabbed the nearest thing that looked like a bottle, in this unfortunate case it was the caustic plant food. The plant food was allegedly being used for the all the weed she was growing in the house. And like most drug users it seems she was more concerned about the drugs than her son.

Prosecutor Thomas Storey said that when Aaron’s father Mohammed Khan visited the hospital, Booth seemed more concerned about moving her cannabis plants than her son’s condition.

He recounted: ‘She told him that she and her partner had been trying to make some money by growing skunk [a type of cannabis] in the house, almost seeming annoyed by the involvement of the police because they were going to have to find somewhere else to grow [the drugs].’

A jury had heard that police found material relating to cannabis-growing on a computer in the cluttered house, but Aaron’s bedroom was ‘curiously empty’. The prosecution said Mr Williams (the boyfriend) had time to remove any plants after the child went to hospital.

So when her number came up for trial she would be looking at hard time since Aaron died such a horrible death. Not so much, this is England after all. She received a 12-month sentence, all suspended. And in my best TV announcer voice, “But wait, there’s more.” She already has another kid. She now has a daughter who is almost one. Luckily the child is in foster care.

The judge said that Booth would have to live with her consequences for the rest of her life. Excuse me your honour but she obviously never gave a shit about Aaron since she was growing drugs in the house and obviously neglecting him.

I just by wish by suspended sentence he meant she would be suspended by her neck while given a Drano douche and Clorox enema while forced to gargle with lye. Then maybe there would be justice for Aaron.

Thanks to Veronica for the tip.

Foiled UK plotter knew German killer

Tim Kretschmer dead

Tim Kretschmer dead

An unnamed UK teen was arrested back in March of 2009 for plotting an attack against Attleborough High School in the UK. He posted a threat against his school on the forums of A Canadian moderator on the forum found the threat and contacted authorities. The kid was arrested at the school with a backpack filled with gasoline, matches and a knife. The kid, now 17, has been ordered held under UK mental health laws as a judge ruled he is still a danger.

Supposedly the motive behind his attack was that he was ‘teased’ and felt ‘neglected and let down’ by the school. He is also said to have Asperger’s syndrome as well.

Now before you feel sorry for this kid it turns out that not only was he a bona fide mutant he had also been in frequent contact with one of Germany’s biggest mass murderers. The kids had a fascination with Columbine even using the a picture from the Columbine massacre as his forum signature. He also had frequent contact with Tim Kretschmer who killed 15 people at the Albertville-Realschule before being killed himself. The attack in Germany took place five days before the UK teen was arrested.

This is not the first time that I’ve heard of these mutants being in contact with each other. Back in 2008 when Dillon Cossey was arrested for plotting an attack at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School it turned out that he had been in contact with  Pekka-Eric Auvinen who killed 8 people at the Jokela High School in Finland.

Again this is just another reason why parents need to moderate their kids’ online activities. Not only do you need to keep them away from online predators but you never know when you may have to protect the public from them.