Mercades Nichols back in jail

Teen in notorious videotaped beating back in jail:

The so called ring leader in the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay is back in jail.

18-year-old Mercades Nichols was arrested this past Wednesday for violating the terms of her probation.

It seems that Ms. Nichols got into some kind of dispute with a neighbor then drove her grandmother’s car up on to the neighbors’ lawn aiming towards the neighbors.

She is currently being held without bail.

Personally I’m surprised it took this long for her to violate her parole.

Finally someone gets jail time in Victoria Lindsay beating

YouTube beating defendant gets jail time:

In a move that makes absolutely no sense to me 18-year-old Brittani Hardcastle was sentenced to 15 days in jail and three years probation for the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay. She also has the usual stipulations of not contacting the media for profit and can’t belong to any social networking sites.

Why it doesn’t make sense to me is that Hardcastle is the only one to get jail time. All previous suspects were given probation and had to write letters of apology.

Was Hardcastle the sacrificial lamb? I have no problem with her serving jail time, as a matter of fact it should have been more. However if you’re going to sentence one of them to jail then why not sentence all of them?

Can we officially call this a travesty of justice now?

Mayes and Nichols sentenced in Victoria Lindsay beatintg

Teen Sentenced For YouTube Beating:

Teen In Polk Video Beating Gets Probation, Community Service:

And the sentences aren’t that much if you ask me.

Anyway, 18-year-old Brittany Mayes was given the ever so harsh sentence of 1 year probation, $2000 in restitution paid to Victoria Lindsay’s family and she can not access any social sites like MySpace or Facebook.

Mercades Nichols was sentenced to 3 years probation, she must write a letter of apology, must stay in school or be employed full time, can have no contact with Victoria or her family and can not talk to the media for profit.

So basically they were given the proverbial slaps on the wrist.

I’m not saying they should have been sentenced to life in prison but they should have received at least some time in county lock up.

Last of suspects plea in Victoria Lindsay beating

Teen Takes Plea Deal In Video Beating Case:

2 Remaining Teens in Beating Case Accept Plea Deals:

Sorry that I’m late with this one. The stories broke while I was on vacation.

Anyway the last of the three suspects in the recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay have all agreed to plea deal ensuring that none of the suspects will face trial.

Brittini Hardcastle pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and battery. Under the plea agreement prosecutors agreed to drop a felony count of tampering with a witness. Hardcastle is still facing up to five months jail time and will be sentenced on March 30th.

Kayla Hassall pleaded no contest to to misdemeanor battery. Under the terms of her plea prosecutors agreed to drop felony kidnapping charges. April Cooper pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor battery.

All 3 also have the provisions that they must write letters of apology to Victoria and can not talk to the media for profit.

As some of my commenters have mentioned what’s the deal with the letters of apology? For one I doubt they’ll be sincere and secondly why not just make them write ‘I will not beat Victoria’ 500 times on a blackboard. It will probably have the same effect.

Mercades Nichols takes plea

Suspect in Teen Beating Accepts Plea Deal:

Mercades Nichols has accepted a plea deal in the video recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay. According to the terms of the plea Nichols faces up to three years probation, 100 hours of community service, she must write a letter of apology to Victoria, and she can not profit from the media. Also under the plea prosecutors agreed to drop the kidnapping charge which carries a life sentence.

If you’ll recall prosecutors said that they would only offer Nichols the deal if co-defendant Brittini Hardcastle also accepted a deal. She’s expected to take a plea deal on Feb. 4th.

Plea reached in Victoria Lindsay beating

Plea Deal Accepted In Teen Beating Case:

18-year-old Brittany Mayes has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in the video recorded beating of Florida teen Victoria Lindsay. Under the plea agreement prosecutors dropped felony charges of kidnapping and witness tampering. Mayes is facing a possible one year behind bars. Also Mayes can have no contact with Victoria and can not profit from her crime. The judge warned her to keep her nose clean between now and sentencing which is scheduled for March 5th.

Lawyers for Kayla Hassall and April Cooper said their clients are scheduled to accept pleas in the beginning of February. Mercades Nichols and Brittani Hardcastle must both accept pleas or they both head to trial.

Both Nichols and Hardcastle face charges of kidnapping, misdemeanor battery and tampering with a witness. The kidnapping charge could carry a life sentence.

My advice to all those involved is to take the pleas. You’ll be eaten alive at trial.

MyCrimeSpace 2008: The year that was

My boss at b5media, whom I greatly respect, has suggested that maybe a ‘best of 2008’ type post is in order. Unfortunately this site isn’t the kind that has ‘best of’ stories per se. However we did have two really huge stories this year that seemed to grab more attention than the others.

The first that leaps to mind is the disappearance and death of Brooke Bennett.

Brooke Bennett was a 12-year-old girl from Vermont who disappeared back in June. It was originally thought that she ran off with someone she met on MySpace. Unfortunately after her body was found it appeared that her sex offender uncle, Michael Jacques, had altered her MySpace to make it look like she ran away. It didn’t end there though because the case has had as many twist and turns as a roller coaster.

When Jacques first became a person of interest in the case he contacted Brooke’s ex-stepfather Ray Gagnon. Gagnon traveled from Texas, where he lived, to Vermont. While in Vermont he phoned home to Texas and asked his landlord to dispose of a computer that Gagnon owned. That computer is alleged to have a vast cache of child porn on it and has not been recovered. Gagnon has also been arrested for destruction of evidence.

The state of Vermont does not have the death penalty but the feds have taken charge in this case since using Brooke’s MySpace while committing a capital crime is technically crossing state lines where it then became a federal case making Jacques eligible for the death penalty.

The attention garnered by this story not only caused me to close down an epic thread because there were too many comments and caused me to open my message board again. Any details you may want to know about this case can be found at either of those two links.

The other big story of the year was the recorded beating of Victoria Lindsay. Back in April 16-year-old Lindsay of Polk County, Florida was lured to a friends house where she was beaten by several girls that she believed were her friends. The beating was recorded on one of the suspect’s cell phones. Originally it was thought that the assault was recorded in order to post to MySpace and YouTube in order to further humiliate the victim.

This was a case that was tailor made for the daytime TV talk shows. As a matter of fact it was so made for daytime TV that a staff member of the Dr. Phil Show bailed out one of the suspects. Allegedly that staff member did so without the permission of the show.

Since the original offense some of the suspects have been arrested again for other unrelated offenses. One of the suspect’s mother has even filed a lawsuit against police for allegedly acting inappropriately.

The most important thing in my opinion that has happened in 2008 is that there have been less stories reported about crimes as they relate to social networking sites. I hope that’s because of there have actually been less crimes and not just because the media is tired of reporting on them.

Here’s hoping that in 2009 you don’t find your name on these pages.

Pleas offered in cheerleader beating

Plea Deals Offered in Video Beating Case:

Plea deals have been offered to all suspects remaining in the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay. The terms of the deal have not been made public and so far no one has accepted the plea.

The remaining suspects are Kayla Hassall, Mercades Nichols, Brittini Hardcastle, April Cooper and Brittany Mayes.

If the cases go to trial they could be facing life in prison.

You may want to also view this thread in which Mercades Nichols’ mom is an active participant.

Mercades Nichols arrested again

Girl In Taped Beating Case Arrested Again:

Mercades Nichols, she of the Victoria Lindsay beating, has been arrested once again for charges not related to the beating.

Sometime between Oct. 31 and March 28, Nichols stalked and threatened the victim online and in person, even when Nichols was aware that an injunction had been placed against her, Wood said.

“She harassed, cyber-stalked and placed the victim in fear,” Wood said, reading from the arrest warrant.

The victim is said to be Nichols’ ex-boyfriend.

She’s being held without bond.

Mercades Nichols' mom files lawsuit

Legal Action Considered Against Polk Sheriff:

This one is from the “Boy does that woman have brass ones” department.

Christina Garcia is the mother of Mercades Nichols. Mercades is one of if not the main suspect in the videotaped beating of Victoria Lindsay.

You would think that Ms. Garcia has more important matters to attend to like making sure her daughter stays out of jail but no. Ms. Garcia has taken it upon herself to file a lawsuit against Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd for making ‘defamatory’ remarks and causing ‘severe emotional damages’.

In her intent to sue notice, Bernard wrote that Judd failed to handle the arrest of the teens “with integrity and a degree of care” that would have protected them “against unfair treatment and exposure.”

Judd has described the March 30 beating in published news stories as “animalistic” and said that after the teens were arrested, they were laughing together in a holding cell, saying “Am I going to miss cheerleading practice?” and “I guess we’re not going to the beach this week.”

I didn’t know you could be sued for the truth. Garcia’s face is causing me severe emotional damages. Can I sue for that?

UPDATE 1/8/09: Thread closed due to length. Conversation continues at