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Florida high school student found with a gun and drugs

Last week, a 16-year-old student of Ridge Community High School in Polk County, Florida, was found to allegedly have an unloaded gun (pictured above) on campus. The student was also said to be in possession of 24 hydrocodone pills. No ammunition for the gun was found.

This leads me to believe that the student was possibly selling the gun which is still a frightening concept in itself. If he was selling it at school who was buying it and why did they think they needed it?

Also, you may not think of handguns being used in school shootings but it only took a coward armed with two handguns to kill 32 people at Virginia Tech. 

Sue Klebold still talking like she was a victim of Columbine

This past weekend, Sue Klebold premiered a documentary about her struggle with learning that her son was one of the killers at Columbine. As if a book and a TED Talk weren’t enough.

The movie entitled “American Tragedy: Love is not Enough” is said to show “Klebold’s agony, from the nightmarish realization of what her son did, to her advocacy for mental health.”

“I don’t know how I could have shown him, any more than I did, that I loved him,” Klebold said in the film. “Knowing that you’re loved isn’t enough, and I didn’t have the tools to use, to try to help him.”

What tools didn’t you have? What tool makes you give a rat’s ass about the murderous plot your coward of a son was hiding from you?

Once again, Sue Klebold seems to make it all about her and to a lesser extent her demon spawn. Twenty years later and I have yet to hear so much as an admission of responsibility.

As always, I’ll leave you with this quote from Sue Klebold in 2004.

“I haven’t done anything for which I need forgiveness.”

Yes, you have and you still haven’t apologized for it.

Teen charged with LetGo murder in Dallas

18-year-old Terrius Randolph has been charged with Capital murder for allegedly shooting and killing a man he set up through mobile marketplace app LetGo. Randolph is accused of killing 67-year-old Oluwafemi Joseph Ogundana in Dallas, Texas. Police didn’t have to look far for Randolph for when the arrest warrant was issued Randolph was already in Dallas County Jail.

These craigslist replacement apps are no safer than craigslist itself. If you insist on using one of these apps or websites I implore you to make the exchange at a police station. Many police stations in the country have designated areas for such transactions. I realize that some people may not have the utmost faith in the police but going to a police station will go a long way in helping to secure your safety.

Student found with gun at Ky. high school

Last week, a 15-year-old male student was found with a loaded .380 handgun (pictured above) at Great Crossing High School. in Georgetown, Kentucky. A student notified faculty of the gin. The student was apprehended and arrested without incident.

No word on where the student got the gun but nickel-plated guns are for insecure show-offs.

The World We Live In: Kitty litter for students trapped during school shootings

In Michigan, Fruitport High School is being constructed to have curved hallways designed to minimize a school shooter’s line of sight.

An elementary school in Bergen County, New Jersey, has bought 50 bullet-resistant doors to the tune of $2500 each. It’s not like schools could put that money to better use.

Jefferson County public schools in Colorado, the same county where Columbine High Schoool is, asked parents to include kitty litter, buckets, and trash bags as back to school supplies. This is “a way for students to relieve themselves in the event of a prolonged lockdown because of an active shooter.”

So we’re expecting our kids to shit in buckets rather than doing anything about guns. Got it.

And before you talk to me about bulletproof backpacks, I already talked about that.


School shooting plot thwarted at NC university

Paul Steber

19-year-old Paul Steber of Boston was arrested for allegedly plotting to shoot up High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. Steber was said to be in possession of a semi-automatic handgun and a double-barreled shotgun while living on campus. North Carolina law prohibits firearms from being kept on university grounds. Steber was turned in by another student.

Steber reportedly admitted to police that he planned a shooting at the school although he seems to have given multiple reasons as to why. In one instance he is said to have told police that he’s been planning a shooting since Christmas of last year claiming he didn’t want to be ‘an outcast’ anymore. In another instance, he claimed that he would have killed his roommate and himself if his roommate got into a fraternity and he didn’t.

As far as being an outcast goes, there may have been good reason for that. According to a former high school classmate, Steber would constantly look up guns, the NRA, and politicians while at school. Steber is even said to have admitted to police that the reason he chose to attend High Point University was that it’s easier to obtain firearms in North Carolina that it is in Massachusetts. It’s also alleged that Steber researched mass shootings like the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting by watching videos and studying what to do and what not to do as a mass shooter. He’s currently being held on $2 million bond.

So as usual, it seems like he’s just another selfish and emotionally stunted coward who can’t handle any degree of failure without resorting to violence. It’s situations like this that make me reiterate that the gun is a coward’s weapon.

I’ll post more details as time allows and as they become available.

CBS Boston

Good guy with a gun at school shooting wasn't supposed to have one

I’ve previously discussed the armed security guard at STEM School Highlands Ranch here. The guard not only shot at police thinking they were one of the suspects but one of his rounds penetrated a wall and wounded a female student of the school. Now, it turns out, that he wasn’t even supposed to be carrying the gun on campus.

According to The Colorado Sun, the school specifically requested that the guard be unarmed as it goes against Douglas County School District policy to have an armed guard on campus. The school wasn’t even aware the guard was armed until the day of the shooting since the guard was allegedly concealing his weapon at all times.

Much like the school resource officer in Tennessee who brought an AR-15 to a high school, this sounds like someone who was just itching for a chance to use his firearm at the school. While it seems like that the guard was relishing such an opportunity it also seems like he was ill-prepared when the opportunity presented itself. Instead, the guard ended up doing more harm than good.

Craigslist killer of Florida mom wants death sentence overturned

David Sparre

David Sparre was convicted in 2011 for the murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. The Jacksonville, Florida mother of one had met Sparre through craigslist’s Casual Encounters section in 2010. Sparre was just looking for a victim as he stabbed Tiara Pool 89 times in what Sparre admitted to being a thrill kill. In 2012 Sparre was sentenced to death by a Florida jury. The last we had heard, Sparre was looking for a new trial on the grounds of diminished capacity and ineffective counsel.

Now, Sparre’s latest attorney is arguing with the Supreme Court to have his death sentence overturned, once again, because of ineffective counsel. She argues that Sparre’s five defense attorneys were just looking to make a name for themselves.

“Mr. Sparre had one death-qualified lawyer who can not take capital cases anymore. He had four other additional lawyers who all jumped on his case, so they could get death qualified,” Biggart said. “There was confusion at the evidentiary hearing over who was actually lead, who was fourth chair, who was third chair. This was not a well-oiled machine.”

While I am far from a legal expert, it’s difficult to defend someone in a capital murder case when he shows up for his trial with prison tattoos on his face that he got after his arrest. That’s not even taking into account the letter he wrote to his ex-girlfriend after his conviction where he admitted to enjoying killing Tiara Pool.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sparre’s death sentence was overturned as many places and officials are losing their nerve for it. As I say in most of these cases, his death sentence will be infinitely more humane than what he did to Tiara Pool.

Student found with loaded gun in Florida high school

A 14-year-old male student from Auburndale High School in Auburndale, Florida was allegedly found to have a loaded 40-caliber handgun in his backpack. The gun was loaded with target rounds which sounds like a less-lethal round than standard rounds. The truth is exactly the opposite.

Target rounds are supposed to be used at shooting ranges. However, it’s not unheard of for people to use them for ‘daily use’ in their firearms. The problem with that is target rounds are specifically designed to not expand. While that may sound better than having a gaping exit wound, the target round will travel farther through more objects. In the case of a gun being found in a school, those objects could be other students and faculty.

No word on where the gun was obtained but if I had to hazard a guess this sounds like a firearm that is used by an adult at a shooting range. While they may have practiced their aim, it doesn’t seem like they practiced safe gun storage.

The Daily Threat for the Week of 8/11/2019-8/17/2019

Late as usual, usual reasons why.


28-year-old Miranda Perez of Lake Worth, Florida, was arrested for allegedly threatening a mass shooting after her kids were rezoned to a new school. Again, how can we expect our kids to not act out violently when parents are just as guilty?

17-year-old Kareese Colon was arrested for allegedly posting a threat against Deltona High School on Instagram. Colon is said to have posted “I will really shoot this MF up and let one of y’all report me, I dare you. I’ll shoot you too.”  He later said he thought the threat would be funny.


A 14-year-old from Iredell County, North Carolina has been arrested for allegedly threatening a school shooting against West Iredell High School. The student had reportedly told others not to come to school.

At Cypress Lake Middle School in Fort Myers, Florida, a student allegedly stood up in the middle of class on the first day of school and yelled “school shooting”.  There was no actual threat but someone needs to teach their kid about yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.


A 15-year-old girl from Albert Lea, Minnesota, was arrested after allegedly posting a school shooting threat against Albert Lea High School on Snapchat.

A 15-year-old female student of Edison High School in Fresno, California is accused of making a threat against the school by posting a photo of guns on Snapchat and telling other students not to come to school.

An unidentified student allegedly posted a threat against James Clemens High School in Madison, Alabama. Once again, the threat was said to be “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”


A 15-year-old girl in Corpus Christi, Texas, is accused of threatening a shooting against Tuloso-Midway High School. She allegedly posted to social media “I got ak’s and I’m (expletive) ready I’ll do it alone or yall can join.”

Shawnee Mission West High School in Overland Park, Kansas, was locked down due to a threat against the school posted on Snapchat.

A 14-year-old student of Mountain Pointe High School. in Tempe, Arizona has been arrested for allegedly circulating a threat against the school on social media.

18-year-old Triston Cook has been arrested for allegedly sending a threat to a student of Yulee High School in Yulee, Florida. Cook reportedly said in the threat “I got a .12 gauge slug with your brains name written all over it.”


A 13-year-old student of Pine Ridge Middle School in Naples, Florida was arrested after allegedly sending a threat through Snapchat to another student. The threats were said to have included “My Dawgs gonna bring guns and knifes to school tomorrow and we finna pull up and beat the shit out of you.”  and “Just know your gonna get shot one day no one gonna be there for you because [I’m] gonna do it when no one around.” 


A 15-year-old male student of Seabreeze High School in Volusia County, Florida, allegedly made a threat against his school on Discord while using a fake name. The threat was said to include I [fake name] vow to bring my fathers m15 to school and kill 7 people at minimum.” His mom rertedly told police that “But he’s just a little kid playing a video game,” she protests. “These kids say stuff like that all the time. It’s a joke to them.”


18-year-old Nainoa Gazman Figueroa of Kahului, Hawaii, was arrested after allegedly tweeting that he would shoot up a school. Local authorities were notified of the threat by a security company in Washington, DC that monitors for such threats.

Two students of Beyer High School in Modesto, California, have been arrested for allegedly posting a threat against the school on Snapchat. This one was another “Don’t go to school tomorrow” but one of the students was reportedly holding a pellet gun.


A 16-year-old former student of Las Plumas High School in Oroville, California, was arrested for allegedly posting a threat against the school on Snapchat. The threat was said to be a picture of guns taken from another student but the former student superimposed the message of “S*** if you go to Lp better get ready to jet #schoolshooter.”

A 12-year-old student of La Vina Middle School from Delano, California, was said to have not only posted a threat against the school on Snapchat but posted the threat under another student’s name.

A 14-year-old student of Oologah-Talala public schools in Oklahoma was arrested for allegedly making a threat against schools there. Another student came forward to report the threat.


A 12-year-old female student is accused of posting a threat on social media against Barrington Middle School in Florida. That threat reportedly said “Dear bms students I will be shooting that skool [sic] up September 3 2019 be ready say your goodbyes to you’re [sic] family because that is finel [sic]…Goodluck (; be ready.” The girl accused of making the threat went to a rival school.

18-year-old Brandon Gregory Scott allegedly told his class at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida that he would shoot up the school. At his home, police found three books detailing how to assemble and take apart firearms, as well as a compound bow. Police are seeking a court order that would prevent Scott from owning firearms under Florida law.

26-year-old Brian Groner of Jefferson City, Missouri, has been arrested for allegedly threatening a school shooting on Facebook. Groner’s profile reportedly listed him as “Your Next Mass Shooter” and the threat was said to be “Columbine won’t have s— on me. The Columbine shooters were lame because they only killed 12 people. I could do better and kill more than 12.”

Two 13-year-old male students of Floyd Dryden Middle School in Juneau, Alaska, were arrested for allegedly threatening to bring a gun to the school and start shooting people. No word on if they actually had any access to firearms.

15-year-old Nicholas Jenkins of Davie, Florida, was arrested for allegedly posting a school shooting threat on Discord.  The threat read ” “I want to shoot up a school. This is a genuine feeling. I want people to suffer. I want to step on and or over their bloodied corpses and hear the squelching of their wounds forcing out that last bit of blood. Then, blow their heads off to make sure they’re dead. I wish to see those I haven’t shot shake in fear and scream and cry at such a heinous act. Then, see the shock on their faces once I’ve shot them too.” Jenkins is a student of Nova High School.

Belvidere North High School in Belvidere, Illinois was on lockdown after an unspecified threat.

10 school threats in Houston in just one week
That headline speaks for itself.


20-year-old Benjamin Schultz of New London, New Hampshire is accused of allegedly posting a threat to Snapchat of him holding a gun with a caption that read “You better not go to school tomorrow.”

A 14-year-old male student of Don Soffer Aventura High School in Aventura, Florida has been arrested for allegedly posting a threat against the school on Snapchat. The threat was a picture of the student holding a BB gun with the caption “Watch out at school tomorrow.”


A 15-year-old male student of Campbell Memorial High School in Campbell, Ohio was arrested for allegedly telling other students that he would be the next school shooter.

Just remember, these aren’t all the school threats that have happened in the past two weeks. These are just the ones that I’ve heard about.