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Parents charged for not securing gun used in school shooting

This story is a month old but you should be used to that by now.

Anyway, in the almost 20 years I’ve been publishing this website in one form or another, I can probably count on one hand the number of parents who have been charged in connection with their son’s school shooting. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one and the only reason he was charged was that he was a felon in possession of a firearm.

More recently, the parents of Joshua Owen have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor which is a fourth-degree felony. Dale and Tamara Owen are accused of allegedly knowing that their son had threatened to shoot up V. Sue Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and did nothing to secure a firearm in the home.

It was the same firearm that Joshua Owen took to the school earlier this year and tried to shoot at three students. The gun didn’t fire but Joshua Owens discharged the gun into the air.  Luckily, no one was injured before he was apprehended.

Before the shooting, when police approached the Owens about threatening statements made by their son, they allegedly denied having a firearm in the home. After the shooting, it was made public that the gun was left unsecured on the top shelf of their bedroom closet. You gotta love these responsible gun owners.

In New Mexico, a fourth-degree felony carries only a maximum of eighteen months in prison. If it were left up to me, these parents would be sentenced to the maximum if convicted. A message needs to be sent to irresponsible parents who leave guns laying around the home. Because it seems the type of people who leave their guns unsecured are the type of people who are just looking for an excuse to shoot someone.

Free gun locks can be obtained through Project ChildSafe all over the country.

The Real Crime Podcast Episode 8-Rise Above Hate

This week Trench talks about the ignorant bigotry (bignorantry?) against trans people in this country. He also discusses Nancy Grace’s regrettable return to the airwaves along with one of the crimes she discussed on the first episode of her new show.

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Utah suspect uses Snapchat to lure 13-year-old girl to rape her

20-year-old Tristan Todd Larson of North Logan, Utah, was arrested this past week for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl. Larson is said to have posed as a classmate of the victim on Snapchat asking the victim if she wanted to come over.

When the victim arrived at Larson’s home, Larson reportedly grabbed her into the apartment, tied a bandana around her mouth to silence her and pushed down the hallway to the bedroom where he raped her. The victim was able to identify Larson since Larson and the victim had mutual acquaintances.

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When interviewed by police, Larson initially denied the victim was in his apartment until investigators told him that the girl was able to identify multiple details of his apartment. It was at this point that Larson was said to invoke his right to an attorney. He is currently being held without bail.

Previously I used to tell parents to make sure that their kids can identify everyone on their friends list as someone they know in real life. However, even then, those people might not be who they say they are.  While 13 is the minimum age allowed on many social media networks and apps, thanks to opportunistic scumbags like this, 13 is nowhere near a safe age for apps like Snapchat.

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Nancy Grace to poison the airwaves again

There are a number of people who I don’t like to give attention to because it’s what they crave. The first is the Westboro Baptist Church which is kind of hard to do since I moved to the city they’re headquartered in. Maybe I’ll tell that story on my Patreon, but I digress. The second person I go out of my way to ignore is our tangerine-tinged racist sex pest of a President. Last and almost certainly least is Nancy Grace. You can read about why I have such disdain for Nancy Grace here or you can listen to Episode 4 and Episode 5 of the Real Crime Podcast.  (More episodes are on their way, by the way.)

Anyway, she’s returning to TV with a new show that plans to ‘investigate’ wrongful accusations, botched investigations, suppressed evidence, unclear motives, and unjust sentences. So in essence, Nancy Grace is moving on from the missing blonde girl of the week in order to ally herself with the ‘Making a Murderer’ crowd. And you know what? I don’t blame her, because that’s where the money is these days.

Way back when I first started writing about crime, if someone said they were into ‘true crime’ it meant that they were into books and movies about unsolved crimes, high profile murder cases, or serial killers.  Now the term ‘true crime’ has been hijacked by the ‘wrongly accused’ crowd ever since people started falling for Steven Avery’s line of bullshit. Because as we all know, it only takes a movie or three to fool people into thinking you’re innocent. Just ask Damien Echols.

Getting back to Nancy Grace, while she may have business savvy for jumping on this trend, I find it a little more than ironic that she’ll now try to get people out of jail after so many years of trying to get people into jail whether they deserved it or not.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I will not be watching her new show.

Social Scandal Sheet 7/8/2019: Kik Edition

Bradenton man who had a terabyte of child porn sentenced to 30 years in prison

Police say Miguel Bonilla Rivera admitted to having a terabyte of child porn on his devices, trading images and videos of child porn on Tumblr and the Kik messaging app, and engaging in online masturbation sessions with a 15-year-old boy.

Pair of area men facing multiple child porn counts in separate cases

Andrew Allain Fink, 32, used the smartphone messenger app Kik to distribute in a public chat room pornographic images and videos of young girls.

An investigation revealed that an IP address registered to 31-year-old Brien Pennell was being used to share images and videos of child pornography via the Kik app.

Former Border Patrol Agent Keith E. Hook pleads guilty

Hook initiated a private conversation on the messenger application Kik with an undercover agent, police said, and over the course of five days from April 30 to May 4 of last year, Hook allegedly both requested and provided child pornography to the undercover agent.

Republic man claimed hackers put child porn on his computer; now he’s going to prison

Clifford Kinkade, 37, admitted that in 2016 he exchanged sexually explicit messages with a 14-year-old girl in Kentucky whom he met online. In the conversations, which took place through Kik and Skype, Kinkade described sexual activities he would like to engage in with the victim.Court documents say Kinkade also traveled to Kentucky in an attempt to meet with the victim.

Oregon man who abused 2-month-old sentenced to 30 years in federal prison

Sean Jeffrey Haga shared photos of the abuse online with an undercover FBI agent via Kik Messenger on June 17, 2016.

Colorado Man, Ryan Edward Mausner, Sentenced to 14 Years for Enticing a Minor for Illicit Sex

Mausner admitted that from Jan. 31 to May 25, 2018, he induced, enticed, and coerced a child victim to engage in criminal sexual activity. Mausner was actually communicating (via the Kik messaging application and texts) with an undercover FBI agent, who portrayed a single mother with a 7-year-old daughter.


Remember, Kik is the app preferred by sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

Being transgender did not cause a school shooting and a good guy with a gun shoots an innocent (More on the STEM School shooting)

This has been a difficult post to try to write as I’ve been trying to find the perfect words to express my thoughts on this but they haven’t been coming. Part of the problem is the anger I’ve been having over the ignorance and hate that people seem to have against a marginalized group of people like there’s a limited amount of rights to go around. It’s as if the rights that should be afforded to trans people will somehow take their weapons of cowardice away.

But before we get to my ranting which I may just save for the podcast let’s get to the news at hand. A couple of weeks ago, affidavits were unsealed which gives us a somewhat clearer picture of what led to the school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. The shooting left 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo dead after he threw himself at one of the shooters.

The most recent news stories have focused on 16-year-old Alec McKinney.  The more recent reports are trying to paint the younger McKinney as the ringleader. McKinney allegedly claims the shooting happened because he was bullied for being trans. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Devon Erickson supposedly claims that he had no idea what McKinney was planning up until the last minute. Both of these claims are bullshit and I’ll tell you why.

First off, as you should know by now, the tale of the bullied school shooter is largely a myth. More often than not, the shooters are bullies themselves. I think I’ve pummeled that bereft-of-life stallion enough times. Am I saying that trans school students never get bullied? Not on your life. However, let’s not forget that Devon Erickson reportedly went around the school constantly talking about school shootings

He would enter the classroom and say, “when the pencil hits the floor I’m going to start shooting.” Then, he would spend the rest of class sporadically dropping pencils, [student] Cole said of the suspect.

“He would just get really close and kind of hunch himself over your shoulder as you were sitting down, and he would just whisper in your ear ‘don’t come to school tomorrow’ and just kind of crack a smile and walk back to his seat,” [student] Cole said.

Let’s also not forget the reported drug use. Erickson and McKinney allegedly used cocaine the morning of the shooting. Cocaine isn’t something you just pick up for the first time on a whim. McKinney was also said to have previously given Xanax to a girl who overdosed but thankfully survived.

But no, let’s blame everything on the fact that one of the suspects is trans. As one Denver Post commenter put it…

This is the profile of almost every school shooter. Polar opposite of the stereotypical NRA member the left tells you to worry about.

Ignoring the evidence that more shooters in recent history have turned out to be MAGA hat-wearing imbeciles.

And speaking of shooters, it turns out there was a ‘good guy with a gun’ at STEM School Highlands Ranch. So what did this heroic gun-toting red-blooded 2nd Amendment upholding God-fearing American do? STEM School’s private security guard allegedly shot a student after shooting at a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant. Way to go there, Jesse James. Only by the grace of God did this not turn into an even bigger bloodbath due to the itchy trigger finger of a rent-a-cop.

The gun nuts do have one point in their favor though. The suspects had to use an ax and a crowbar to wrest the guns from a gun case. So in retrospect, even I will admit that the guns were stored securely.

But back to the matter at hand. Do I think that McKinney is any less culpable of the crimes he’s accused of because he’s trans? Absolutely not. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as any murderer should, but his gender has no bearing whatsoever on this crime.

Denver Post 1
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Classified Crime Blotter 7/7/2019


Ex-Las Vegas fire captain gets probation for sex with minor

In February 2017, Richard Loughry contacted a girl through an advertisement on and twice asked her whether she was comfortable going to his fire station, according to authorities. The advertisement described the girl as 22, though she was 15 at the time, prosecutors said.

Downey Attorney Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charge After Posting Ads for Opioids on Craigslist

A Los Angeles attorney, Jackie Ferrari, 36, pleaded guilty Monday to a federal drug trafficking charge for selling more than 1,000 oxycodone pills after posting ads on Craigslist, prosecutors announced Monday in a news release.

‘Be careful’: One man’s warning after losing over $1,000 in Myrtle Beach rental scam

Apollo 11 scammers are flooding Internet with fake collectibles ahead of anniversary

Imperial Beach Man Who Traveled to Atlanta to Have Sex With 9-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to 35 Years

An undercover FBI agent posted an ad on Craigslist in April 2015 posing as a mother seeking a “teacher” for her 9-year-old daughter. Prosecutors say 40-year-old Craig Alan Castaneda responded, describing his prior experience molesting children.

Cabot man sentenced to 35 years in prison for child pornography

During an online investigation in 2017, investigators placed an advertisement on Craigslist titled “young, fresh, petite.” The advertisement gained many responses and an undercover officer began texting some of those who responded.

The undercover officer told Robert Nathan Hensley, 57, that he had a 14-year-old daughter. Hensley told the officer to ‘bring her to me’ because he had a ‘machine’ that he would use to have sex with the child.

Madison County family searching for lost cat contacted by scammers, warns others


East Hartford man sentenced to 10 years in prison for trafficking 16-year-old runaway for sex

Alexander Pedraza, 28, promoted the prostitution of the girl, who had been a ward of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. He picked the girl up in Auburn, Mass. in March 2017 and pressed her into working as a prostitute at the Flamingo Inn in Windsor, the Rodeway Inn in East Windsor and hotels in Hartford, according to federal prosecutors.

Queens Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking 13-Year-Old Girl

Eddy Florence, 34, admitted to prostituting the teen for several weeks in 2017 and taking the proceeds, prosecutors said. He also also pleaded guilty to endangering a second girl, a 15-year-old runaway.

The War on Is a War on Sex Workers

No, it’s a war on slavery. Get over it.

Tulare man sentenced for human trafficking

Myron Johnson was arrested on Jan. 20, 2017 after one of his victims escaped a home in Visalia where Johnson had been selling her for sex. The girl stated that Johnson had threatened to kill her and use other physical violence if she did not perform the sex acts.

Biddeford man sentenced to 9 years for sex trafficking 15-year-old

In April 2017, Isaac “Henny” Suero convinced a 15-year-old girl he had met online to work as a prostitute in Bangor and Scarborough.

Denver man sentenced for pimping girls, women

Starting in 2015, Orlando Johns, 27, began advertising on for the girls and women to engage in sex with men, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Friday. If his victims protested, he became physically violent with them, the DA said.

Sex traffickers ruin their victims’ lives – they should be made to pay to help rebuild them

Hartford man sentenced to 11 years in prison for sex trafficking minors

According to court document, Hiran Sanchez recruited a 15-year old victim in 2016 and a 16-year-old victim in 2017 to perform commercial sex acts. Sanchez advertised both of the victims on and transported them to hotels in the Hartford area to meet with clients who paid for sex.

Oakland pimp pleads guilty to transporting 14-year-old girl from Oregon for prostitution

Eugene McNeely also faces pending federal charges for sex trafficking of children and two counts of sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion — one for his 14-year-old victim and one for an adult woman.

Man on run since last year arrested on charges he advertised teenage girl for sex

An advertisement posted for her on Oct. 15, 2016 advertises “Sexi Sexi Native Babe. Military Special & Highly– 19.” The ad allegedly lists Alrico Ray Coleman’s phone number and email for contact information. At the time the ad was posted, she would have been 16 years old. The ad is listed for the Tacoma and Lakewood areas.


Criminal enterprise puts Pekin woman in prison

Upstate family says an app is the reason they were attacked at gunpoint

Memphis carjacking, attempted robbery through ‘LetGo’ app leads Southaven police to 4 suspects

Woman confronts shoe thief, gets dragged by car


Armed Cleveland robber steals passports from duo trying to buy cellphone through OfferUp

Facebook Marketplace

Man arrested after robbery during Facebook Marketplace exchange

17-year-old charged as an adult inOfferUp shooting that killed Indiana teen

Garry Lee Higgins

17-year-old Garry Lee Higgins has been charged as an adult in the June shooting death of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera. Johnny was selling an Xbox on OfferUp and met Higgins and an 18-year-old cohort at an abandoned home in Gary, Indiana. During the transaction, one of the suspects allegedly produced a gun and shot Johnny in the back as he was running to his father’s car.

The two suspects were arrested this past Thursday but were yet to be named. The 18-year-old suspect still remains nameless as charges have yet to be officially filed. Higgins faces four felony charges including murder and attempted armed robbery.

ABC 7 Chicago

Social Scandal Sheet 7/6/2019: Snapchat Edition

Police: CEO of children’s aid group busted with teen in Clearwater hotel room

According to arrest affidavits, 35-year-old Larry Eugene Lawson met the teen through social media, and the two have allegedly been conducting a relationship for about two years. Lawson allegedly picked up the boy from his home a week ago without his mother’s permission, according to law enforcement.

The alleged victim’s mother contacted local police after seeing a Snapchat video of the boy in Clearwater, authorities said.

Horsham youth sports referee sent to jail for improper contact with underage boys

Specifically, prosecutors alleged Kevin Patrick Barron, 22, in the summer of 2017, communicated with a 12-year-old boy via the social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat and asked the boy inappropriate questions of a sexual nature and sought nude photos of the boy.


Kelly shared pornographic images with some students on Snapchat, had sexual conversations while at school, and texted students sexual images of his genitalia, according to an affidavit for a search warrant for Michael Kelly’s home.

Former Gonzales Junior High nurse accused of sending inappropriate Snapchat material

Gonzales Police Chief Tim Crow said Kelsie Marie Remschel took inappropriate pictures or video that were shared through Snapchat to the student while he was at school.

POLICE: Lufkin man shot in chest after setting up meeting over Snapchat

As I’ve said before, the hot girl on Snapchat doesn’t really want you.

Former Richmond Hill police officer convicted of sexual enticement of a minor

25-year-old Jeffrey Allen Allmond Jr., then a police officer, met two girls, ages 15 and 16, via the Tinder dating app. Allmond then communicated with the girls through Snapchat and arranged to pick them up in the middle of the night outside the gate of Fort Stewart. Allmond then drove the teens back to his apartment and performed sexual acts on both of them.

Man accused of posing as teen, tricking 13-year-old into sending nude videos on Snapchat

Police say a 13-year-old girl told them she had been talking to someone she met on Snapchat. They say she believed he was a friend of her friends and was 17-years-old. Officers say the victim told them Brandon Schaeffer, 21, offered to pay her money if she sent him sexually explicit images and videos. She says he was aware she was 13.

Man sentenced to 6 years after trying to pick up girl at Circleville school for sex

Police say on Christopher Bartholomew’s phone, they found obscene photos of the girl and a Snapchat conversation where he said he planned to “pick her up from school and take her virginity.”

Human Trafficker Who Targeted Victims Online Held Autistic Teen for Prostitution; More Victims Sought: LASD

Investigators believe that two women in their 20s helped Bryan Barkley, 23, by recruiting vulnerable victims through social media sites like Snapchat and grooming them, the Sheriff’s Department said.

Former Reagan High School teacher accused of sexual assault of a student sentenced to 4 years in prison

The criminal complaint indicates Kenneth Chu starting communicating with the 16-year-old via Snapchat in the summer of 2018. The complaint said Chu would ask the girl “if she wanted to sneak off and fool around” — and he began to send pictures to the girl of himself naked.

2 arrested for attempted murder in West Monroe after robbery set up on Snapchat

Law enforcement officers have arrested two people in connection with an attempted murder at a local business in West Monroe. The attempted murder was the result of a robbery set up on Snapchat, according to arrest records. Authorities arrested 19-year-old London Lewayne Shepherd on a charge of attempted second-degree murder on Tuesday. 17-year-old Trisha Lynn Maum was booked into jail on Wednesday for the same crime.

Burbank teacher charged with sexually assaulting student

According to charging document from Cook County prosecutors, Shannon Griffin, 49, had a sexual relationship with a male student, who was between 15 and 17 years old at the time, prosecutors said. They began communicating over SnapChat after Griffin met the boy his freshman year while traveling on a bus, prosecutors said.

Bond denied for man charged with child porn, soliciting minor

“Dustin Joseph Kramer, 25, admitted to having sex with a minor,” she said in court. “The defendant communicated with her through Instagram then Snapchat and met in person. On several occasions he had sexual contact, provided her with alcohol and took advantage of her.”

Area Man Arrested for Online Solicitation of a Minor

Suspect Zachary Cheyenne Trueblood allegedly told a Marble Falls police officer he had been intoxicated when he allegedly sent sexually explicit Snapchat messages to a 14-year-old girl.

Man arrested on charges of inappropriate communications with teen

A police report stated 20-year-old Kaden Coleman asked for pictures over Snapchat of the 15-year-old’s “belly behind ur undies.” The teen said she never sent Coleman the pictures and showed a screenshot to Tristan and he was able to track Coleman’s location during the conversation to Georgetown.

Arrests made in OfferUp killing of Indiana teen

Shooting victim Johnny Peluyera

Previously, I’ve posted about the murder of 16-year-old Johnny Peluyera who was shot and killed in Gary, Indiana after trying to sell an Xbox on marketplace app OfferUp.  Johnny and his father met the buyers at an abandoned house in Gary when the transaction turned deadly. One of the suspects allegedly produced a silver handgun before shooting Johnny in the back before he could reach his father’s car.

For a while, the suspects were at large, however, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office have announced that two suspects in Johnny’s murder have been arrested. While the suspects’ names have not yet been released, one is said to be 18-years-old while the other is 17. The Sheriff’s Office has said they will be requesting that the 17-year-old be tried as an adult.

The suspects have not yet been officially charged but once they are their names will be released.

Again, as the amount of violence increases against people using apps like OfferUp there is only one relatively safe location to make these transactions and that’s at your local police department. While it’s not a 100% guarantee of your safety, it does go a long way in discouraging the criminally inclined from attempting to bring you grievous harm.

ABC 7 Chicago