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Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes shooter has $6 million seized

The grandparents of the 11-year-old Colegio Cervantes shooter, José Ángel Ramos, have been identified. They are said to be José Ángel Ramos Saucedo and Rebecca Jiménez. If you’ll recall, the guns Ramos used in the shooting were two Glock handguns that he obtained from his grandfather. These guns are banned in Mexico and Ramos Saucedo has been charged with homicide by omission. The guns were allegedly obtained illegally by Ramos Saucedo.

It’s also believed that both grandparents are allegedly involved in money laundering. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Mexican government has frozen $6 million in various bank accounts belonging to the grandparents.  Over the past two years, Ramos Saucedo and Jiménez are said to have purchased three BMWs, three Jeep Cherokees, and three luxury trucks. He’s also accused of sending several money transfers to the United States.

What does any of this have to do with a school shooting? Well, school shootings tend to be reflections of what’s going on in the home. So if the home is one filled with violent criminals, you can imagine why the kid had so much disregard for human life. But you know, keep beating that video game horse.

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11-year-old Colegio Cervantes school shooter came from family of crime

While authorities in Mexico were first speculating that video games were behind the school shooting at Colegio Cervantes, it more than likely a family history of violence had more to do with it.

Reports are saying that the 11-year-old shooter, José Ángel Ramos, comes from a family with a history of crime and violence. The shooter’s father is in a US prison for drug trafficking. Whether he’s a member of one the infamous cartels remains to be seen. His mother is said to have died after having her throat slit.

His grandfather, who is said to have owned the guns used in the attack, is under investigation for money laundering along with the grandmother. Speaking of guns, the two Glock handguns used in the attack are banned in Mexico.

While this explains how the shooter could have violent tendencies after no history of behavioral issues in school, this doesn’t explain the cause of the shooting.

Again, it’s my opinion that this was nothing more than a Columbine copycat shooting since the shooter was dressed almost identically to Eric Harris of the Columbine shootings. I expect any day now that we’ll find out that not only did the shooter heavily research Columbine but that he was probably involved in online Columbiner groups.

Houston high school shooting was accidental, suspect charged with manslaughter

Two suspects have been arrested in yesterday’s shooting at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas. Initially, it was reported that the victim, Cesar Cortes, was 16-years-old but it has since been reported that he was 19-years-old at the time of his untimely passing.

Police have ruled the shooting as accidental. The victim was said to have been shot by his 16-year-old friend accidentally when the 16-year-old shooter took the gun out of his waistband and pulled the trigger thinking. According to police, all evidence collected indicates that the suspect did not intend to kill Cortes and by all accounts, the pair were on friendly terms.  The suspect has been charged with manslaughter as a juvenile. The second teen was released without charges.

Many people in the Houston area have been wondering on social media why the suspect wasn’t charged with murder. The DA responded to news requests by saying that “the evidence shows that the suspect did not intentionally shoot the victim but it was reckless.”

The more important question should be where did the suspect obtain the gun? Then again this is Texas we’re talking about. It will be interesting to see if any charges are brought against whoever allowed the 16-year-old to have a gun in his possession.

The .32 caliber pistol has yet to be recovered.

The Ridgefield Press

Grandfather of Colegio Cervantes school shooter arrested on gun charges

In this past Friday’s school shooting at the Colegio Cervantes in Torreón, Mexico, 11-year-old José Ángel Ramos was said to be armed with two Glock handguns. It was suspected that these guns were obtained from his grandfather. That suspicion appears to be correct as Ramos’ grandfather has been arrested. Police in Torreón say that the guns belonged to the man only identified as 58-year-old José Ángel N. He has been charged with homicide by omission.

The Torreón Attorney General had this to say…

“We’re attributing the homicide of the teacher to this person . . .” for omissive conduct and negligence, Márquez said.

Not surprisingly, Ramos’ grandfather did not have permits to own the guns.

A lot of people in America look down their noses at Mexico but at least they’re arresting someone who allowed guns to fall into the hands of a school shooter.  He’s looking at a potential prison sentence of 35-years.

However, one thing bothers me about the investigation or at least the way the media is portraying it.

The investigation revealed an absence of values in the child’s home environment, which contained a number of items that encourage violence, Coahuila Attorney General Gerardo Márquez Guevara said, including several video games with violent content, as well as some war toys and air pistols.

Outside of the absence of values, none of these things makes a school shooter. But do you know what can stop a school shooter? Not leaving guns lying around the house.

Mexico News Daily
Daily Mail


Earlier today, there was a shooting at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas that left a 16-year-old student dead. There’s not a whole lot of information surrounding the shooting. All that I was able to ascertain is that the shooting happened at 4:15 pm local time but some reports say that this was during 7th period. I was also unable to find out if the shooting took place inside the school or on school grounds.

The suspect originally fled the scene but according to at least one report he has been apprehended. Neither the suspect nor the victim have been named. The victim was rushed to a local hospital where sadly he died from his injuries after being shot in the chest.  It’s unknown if the gunman was also a student of the school.

Rhonda Hart, who lost her daughter Kimberly Vaughan at the Santa Fe High School shooting had this to say on Twitter…

“Two (expletive) weeks into 2020 and we’ve succeeded in our first school shooting,” Hart tweeted. “Way to go, Texas.”

She’s not wrong.

I’ll post updates as time allows and as information becomes available.

LMT Online

School shooting in Mexico leaves teacher and 11-year-old shooter dead

This past Friday, there was a school shooting at the Colegio Cervantes in Torreón, Mexico which is in the state of Coahuila. The shooting was committed by an 11-year-old boy. Not a typo, eleven-years-old. Before it was all over, a teacher was killed, six others were wounded and the shooter had taken his own life.

The shooter,  José Ángel Ramos, was said to have brandished two Glock handguns and was wearing a shirt that said ‘Natural Selection.’ Now there’s been some speculation as to why the shooter wore this shirt. Some say that he was copying Eric Harris who wore a similar shirt during the Columbine shootings. Others say this was a reference to a video game called Natural Selection which the shooter played. As a famous advertising spokesperson once said, “¿Por qué no los dos?”

I’ve never played the Natural Selection video game and until this past weekend I never even heard of it. According to Wikipedia, it’s a mod of the first-person shooter game Half-Life. The object of the game is to basically shoot space aliens. Maybe the shooter identified with the Columbine cowards for whatever reason and was drawn to the game because of Eric Harris’ mantra of ‘Natural Selection.’ Not to mention that Harris and Klebold were fans of the first-person shooter Doom. Am I saying that video games caused this shooting? No, not in the least. In my opinion, video games only have a cursory connection to the shooting but were in no way an influence. If anything this shooting appears to me to be yet another Columbine copycat shooting. Ramos was almost dressed like Eric Harris to a T including black suspenders and pants.

The shooter was said to have told classmates that ‘today was the day’ before committing the shooting.  The boy’s grandfather is believed to have some connections to the guns used in the attack. The shooter lived with his grandparents after his mother passed away. The teacher who he killed was 60-year-old María Medina.

It also seems that a little bit of the US has infected that part of Mexico because we have another case of ‘it can’t happen here.’

She said she never imagined anything like it could happen at the school. “Colegio Cervantes has always distinguished itself as a very safe school of middle-class kids,” she said. “Where the parents are working, but we’re paying attention.”

Obviously, not paying attention close enough.

While school shootings are not unheard of in Mexico, they’re nowhere near as frequent as they are in the US. Considering how frequently Mexico has to deal with gun violence, this should show you how bad school shootings are in the US.

Thanks to Hiram for the tip.

Merco Press
Mexico News Daily
Daily Mail

Guy from Tik Tok shows up at 9-year-old's house

James Anthony Gonzales

36-year-old James Anthony Gonzales of Rolling Hills Estates, California was recently sentenced to almost 11 years behind bars for various child sex crimes. With a number of sex arrests already under his belt, it didn’t help when Gonzales showed up at the house of a 9-year-old girl. Gonzales tried to disguise himself as a food delivery driver. This led police to find out that Gonzales had been having explicit chats with the girl through Tik Tok.

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It turns out that this wasn’t Gonzales’ first rodeo. When he was apprehended he was found to have child porn on both his phone and computer.he had also messaged over 20 minors on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. What, no Kik?

while Tik Tok might be a fun app for kids, it is still wide open to the internet. Anyone can view your kids’ videos unless you change the privacy settings. Even then, no 9-year-old should ever be on any social media platform. Tik Tok’s terms of service state that a user has to be at least 13-years of age. Even then, if it was me, I wouldn’t let kids on the app until they were older.

Again, if you don’t monitor your kid’s activity on these apps then someone else like this creep will.


Hey kid, want to meet me down at the Dollar General for some Juuls?

46-year-old Michael O’Neal Fowler Jr. of Clay Township, Ohio was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting four middle school kids who he met at a New Year’s Eve party. As reprehensible as that may be that’s not why Fowler finds himself here on these pages today.  Instead, it’s from a previous arrest Fowler had back in May. At the time, strange things were afoot at the Circ…I mean Dollar General.

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Back then, Fowler was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 13-year-old girl through Snapchat. Using the screen name of ‘MofoMike’ Fowler allegedly promised the girl some Juuls if she met him in the Dollar General parking lot. He is also said to have told the girl that if her mother took her phone, he would provide her with another one.

Instead of meeting the girl, he was met by local police. They say that Fowler was in possession of

…38 zip ties, a pill bottle of Viagra, a sex toy, “a marijuana cigarette,” a bottle of CIROC red berry alcohol and a bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla.

Obviously, a hopeless romantic and totally not a sociopathic predator.

The point is if you’re not keeping an eye on your kid’s Snapchat activity, someone like this will.