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RSO sentenced for trying to lure girl over Omegle

39-year-old Andrew Cunningham, formerly of Windsor, Connecticut, was recently sentenced to 18-years in prison for trying to lure a 13-year-old Tennessee girl to Connecticut. Cunningham met the girl through the random chat site Omegle. In case you’re unfamiliar with Omegle, it’s a website, not an app, that pairs strangers into a chat room. The chat can have video or just be a text chat.

At first, Cunningham told his victim that he was 17 then told her that he was 25. It must not have been a  video chat since there’s no way that this guy…


Andrew Cunningham

…could ever pass for 25 let alone 17. Not with that hairline anyway.

Not only did Cunningham try to get the girl to send explicit pictures of herself but also tried to get her to come to Connecticut by bus. It’s always by bus with these creeps. They’re either cheap or they think that somehow bus lines and stations are magically invisible to police.

Before being arrested for this incident in 2017, Cunningham was on the sex offender registry after being convicted of aggravated sexual abuse in 2015 for traveling to Illinois to have sex (child rape) with an underage girl. Just another reason to keep these predators behind bars for longer.

Omegle is not a site recommended for children but Omegle has no real age check to speak of and anybody can use it as long as they have an internet connected device. And since it’s not an app you would need to check your children’s browser history to see if they visited it. If your kids have a laptop with a webcam I would not recommend letting them use it unsupervised. Otherwise, it’s just like having a window into their room for strangers.

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Indicted Backpage founder wants to ditch ankle monitor for Hawaiian vacation

Backpage co-founder Michael Lacey is awaiting his trial on human trafficking and money laundering charges that is set to take place in 2020. Meanwhile, he’s free to go about his business while wearing an ankle monitor. I find that kind of ironic since I’m sure a number of Backpage’s victims probably had actual chains attached to their ankles, but I digress.

Lacey recently put in a request to the court for permission to have his ankle monitor removed so he can enjoy the beaches of Hawaii. Lacey claims the monitor should be removed for health reasons as he wishes to swim in Hawaii and the monitor would prevent that. Thankfully, the request was denied with a judge stating that Lacey can get all the exercise he wants by cycling, using a treadmill or other aerobic activities.

Backpage founders Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Backpage founders Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Do I think Lacey is a potential flight risk? Actually, no for a couple of reasons. For one, as the article linked above mentions, Lacey is not in the best of health and life abroad on the run would not be conducive to his well being. Second, and most importantly, I think both Lacey and Larkin have more than enough hubris to think that they can beat all the charges against them in court. While Backpage was at its height Larkin and Lacey continually beat their chests with the First Amendment while hiding behind the Communications Decency Act of 1996. It’s my opinion that they think since they’ve fought off charges like this before they can do it again. Rich white criminals have a tendency to think they can get away with anything.

Speaking of rich white criminals, do you think if someone who was poor or non-white had asked to have an ankle monitor removed that the thought would even be entertained by the court? They’d probably be lucky if they didn’t get locked up for contempt by wasting the court’s time. Meanwhile, this would be Lacey’s second trip to Hawaii in the past two months. I guess he’s free to move around the country unlike most of Backpage’s victims. Maybe Lacey should be compelled to travel by shipping container.

The Real Crime Podcast: Episode 1-It Was 20 Years Ago Today

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Columbine parent claims bullying caused Columbine

First off, screw you Westword. Your website is an atrocious abomination of ads and pop-ups that could kill any browser.

Now, on to the matter at hand.

A man by the name of Randy Brown, who claims to be a Columbine parent, wrote an op-ed piece for the Village Voice Media-owned Westword. In it, Brown claims that bullying was the cause of the tragedy at Columbine.

Many students stated that bullying went unchecked at Columbine. Parents reported bullying. Jewish children were bullied, and black children, too. The Regina Huerter report, ordered by Governor Bill Owens’s Columbine Review Commission confirmed it, as did so many of the survivors.

As did the killers.

If this is the Randy Brown I think it is, he’s the father of Brooks Brown who was an acquaintance of Eric Harris. Speaking of which, didn’t Eric Harris bully and harass your son endlessly? But I digress.

Back to the matter at hand. For 20 years that narrative has been pushed by those who want to make the Columbine cowards of Harris and Klebold look like sympathetic figures. For 20 years I’ve been looking for the same information that no one has been able to provide for me.


Give me a name of any one of the supposed bullies who bullied Harris and Klebold. Don’t give me the name of some jock who didn’t even know them. Don’t give me some nebulous story that can’t be verified. Give me documented proof that either one of those spoiled and entitled invertebrates were bullied. There’s documented evidence of Harris’ and Klebold’s mistreatment of other people prior to the shooting so why is there no evidence of their supposed mistreatment? Because it didn’t happen.

I’ll wait another 20 years for someone to give me a name and I bet I still won’t have one.

Some people just can’t grasp that horrific things are done in this world purely for the sake of sadism. Sometimes malice is the only reason.

Accused Va. predator targeted 10 to 13-year-olds on social media

Schuyler Stuart Corado Corado

That smug looking assclown up there is 33-year-old Schuyler Stuart Corado Corado from Manassas, Virginia. He’s accused of using a gamut of social media platforms to allegedly solicit explicit pictures from 10 to 13-year-olds. Corado Corado is said to have used Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,, and TikTok to groom his victims. What, no Kik?

Corado Corado is believed to have used a number of usernames on these platforms…

So far, investigators have identified his use of the screen names “kristianna1758,” “Tony10256,” “Wintergreen109,” “Addiction.slime,” “tony2590,” and “anniefanclub075.” Police say he also goes by the name Tony Corado on social media.

Investigators are also looking to identify other possible victims in the US and Canada.

Anyone with information about Corado Corado or his victims is asked to call Virginia State Police Special Agent Bullock at 571-581-4420 or email him at

Even though Corado Corado is a scumbag scumbag and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, no 10 to 12-year-old needs to be on any of these apps. While the platforms’ terms of service allow for 13-year-olds to use them even then I would be very cautious about letting underage kids use these apps since so many of them are teeming with predators.

Leaving kids with internet-enabled devices unattended is akin to leaving their bedroom windows open with a neon sign pointing to them saying “Child Molesters Welcome Here”.

Did the Klebolds really struggle with guilt over Columbine?

At this link, there is a video from Inside Edition that’s entitled “Parents of Columbine Shooter Dylan Klebold Struggled With Guilt After Attack.” Here’s a blurb from the Inside Edition page…

In the aftermath of the tragedy, friends of the Klebold family spoke to Inside Edition about burying their son, Dylan, as well as the guilt they felt that he was behind the worst school shooting in America at that time.

I didn’t watch the video because I don’t want to put my fist through my laptop and I’ve heard enough from Sue Klebold over the years that makes me not want to watch it.

As far as struggling with guilt goes, I’ll leave you with this Sue Klebold quote from 2004.

“I haven’t done anything for which I need forgiveness.”

That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Female Kik kreeper was one of the most active members of child porn group

Ashley Iverson

Female child porn traders are not unheard of, however, they are still quite rare. In my experience, when a woman trades or produces child porn it’s usually for a boyfriend they’re trying to hold on to. That doesn’t appear to be the case for 33-year-old Ashley Iverson of Page, Arizona.

Click here for more stories about Kik

Iverson has been arrested for allegedly being part of a massive child porn trading group on the mobile messaging app Kik. An FBI investigation even said that Iverson was one of the most active members of the 54 member group.

Sadly, there may be local victims involved as one resident of Page told local media…

“I have heard of her saying to people, ‘Yeah bring your kids over if you need a break.’ So she was also asking for small children. And that is scary in and of itself because these children can’t defend themselves, they can’t speak,” said the woman.

As I have said multiple times in the past, and I bring up in every post about Kik, Kik is full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. Is Kik really doing anything to discourage this type of behavior or are they the type who don’t really care as long as users are engaged on their platform?

The Daily Threat for the week of 4/14/2019-4/20/2019


Middle school ‘kill list’ leaves parents in Kearney on edge

“[The student who made the list] threatened to kill me and everyone at KMS. He told me that he wanted to be a serial killer and kill me first. He always told me that he didn’t like me and that he was going to kill me one day.”

Town of Tonawanda Police quell rumors of potential school shooting


Police: 16-year-old had 2 guns on Catholic school campus

Conner, who was wearing a black jacket and had a ski mask with him, did not tell detectives why he was here, what he was planning to do or why he had the guns on him.

Rohnert Park teen arrested after allegedly making school shooting threat on Snapchat

Northwestern High dealing with unconfirmed threat

In an email on Friday, Hansen criticized social media users, who he wrote “are spreading unverified and incomplete information.” He also wrote that legal requirements restrict what he can disclose, including “the impact of this investigation on any given students.”


Tuttle police investigating threats made against high school

3 Students Arrested For Threats Against Glendora School


Clawson student in custody for making threat against school


Teenager arrested for alleged Snapchat threat

Teens charged with threatening shooting at Mehlville High School

Charging documents said Scheipeter and Hulsey made a social media post saying “all u [expletive ] gon drop dead when this colt 45 blast u by the lockers.”


Student arrested for bringing handgun to school

(Trench’s note: This week’s number of threats is surprisingly low considering what today is.)

Teen accused of killing grandparents also wanted to commit school shooting

17-year-old Alexander M. Kraus of Grand Chute, Wisconsin has allegedly confessed to the murder of his grandparents. Kraus is said to have fatally shot his grandparents 74-year-old Dennis Kraus and 73-year-old Letha Kraus and had planned the double murder for some time.

Kraus reportedly called 911 after shooting both his grandparents in the head with a shotgun. Police found a folder that contained writings about how Kraus would go about killing his grandparents. So far, no motive has been given for the murders. However, that’s not the only thing about Kraus.


Alexander M. Kraus

Kraus is said to have told police that he also wanted to commit a school shooting at his own high school.

Not only that, but the shotgun he used to kill his grandparents had a knife taped to the end of it. That sounds a lot like someone who either plays too many video games or watches too many zombie movies. While I don’t think that either of those things caused Krauss to kill it does seem he’s one of those people who think that things crafted in fiction work in real life.

It’s also not unusual for school shooters to kill their family members as Kip Kinkel killed both of his parents, Jeff Weise killed his grandfather, and Adam Lanza killed his mother. I think for whatever reason after he killed his grandparents he may have felt remorse after he realized what he did. For all we know, the school attack could have been planned for after the murder.

Kraus has been charged as an adult and is facing two possible life sentences.

Half of Americans are idiots, believe bullying causes school shootings

According to a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, half of all Americans believe that school shootings are caused by bullying. These people are what I like to call misinformed, and also idiots. In case you’re sick of me talking about what I call the Columbine bullying myth too bad because I’m going to talk about it again.

The bullying myth started at Columbine when it was incorrectly reported that the shooting happened because the shooters were bullied. The reality was the complete opposite.  Don’t believe me? Here’s a recent article from Inside Edition debunking all the Columbine myths.

Originally it was thought that the violence was because of bullying the two men faced by their classmates, but investigators later determined that wasn’t the case. It was just one of the many myths surrounding the shooting that would later be debunked.

But yeah, let’s keep beating that dead horse. Not to mention that the Columbine cowards were bullied themselves with Eric Harris harassing someone he considered a friend and Dylan Klebold picked on a disabled kid but why let facts get in the way of misguided belief.

Another thing that annoyed me about the results of this poll is that parents apparently haven’t changed their entitled attitudes in 20 years.

And parents of school-age children are especially likely to blame shootings on schools themselves, compared with other adults, 49% to 36%.

Because it couldn’t be because of your spoiled and coddled hellspawn that vomited forth from your genitals.  No, it has to be because of the schools.

However, before you lose your last shred of faith in humanity there is a bright spot among the darkness.

Nearly half of Americans strongly blame shootings on the availability of guns, and a majority, 67%, want to see the nation’s gun laws made stricter.

To say that the ease of access to firearms isn’t a major contributing factor to school shootings is fooling themselves. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take another 20 years before something is done about it.