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Florida Snapchat sleaze caught in car with teen

Michael McDole

If you were wondering how long it would take for a creeper to break quarantine, the answer is this past Sunday.

That’s when 22-year-old Michael McDole was allegedly found in his car in Winter Haven, Florida with a 15-year-old girl. McDole was said to have met the girl on Snapchat. Police evidence seems to indicate that McDole was well aware of the girl’s age.

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Police were able to find McDole because they received reports of a suspicious car. You know, because nobody in their right mind is out gallivanting around during a global freakin’ pandemic.

McDole has been charged with lewd battery on a minor older than 12, but younger than 16, traveling to meet a minor to seduce/lure and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Again, if you’re not keeping track of who your kids are interacting with on social media, you’re just leaving a door open to their life that any predator could take advantage of. Even during a pandemic.

The Ledger

Violent RSO charged with sharing child porn on Kik

Randall Eugene Bateman

Do you know how I’m always saying that mobile messaging app Kik is full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors? Well, today’s subject is all three wrapped into one. You could say he’s the ultimate Kik kreeper.

37-year-old Randall Eugene Bateman is considered to be a violent sex offender by the state of Tennessee. He’s accused of allegedly sharing on Kik multiple videos of children being sexually abused. Some of the children in the videos are believed to be as young as four-years-old. Bateman is said to have admitted to police that he shared the videos on Kik.

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So why was Bateman on the sex offender registry you might ask? It’s funny that you ask that because I originally posted about Bateman back in 2006. Back then, Bateman was arrested for the statutory rape of a minor and taking explicit videos and pictures of his victim who he met on MySpace.

After his 2006 arrest, I never heard what kind of sentence Bateman received. As far as I can tell, he only received probation if I’m reading the Tennesee DOC website correctly.


If he is considered a violent offender by the state, why wasn’t he kept on a tighter leash, you know, like real prison time?

And as for Kik, are they doing anything to try to keep violent sex offenders like this from trading child pon on their platform? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Was a Florida child porn suspect planning a school shooting?

Vinh S. Nguyen

21-year-old Vinh S. Nguyen was arrested back in September by police in Plantation, Florida. Nguyen was allegedly using his phone to record a woman in a mall dressing room. When police went through his phone on the voyeurism investigation, they allegedly found several images of child porn on Nguyen’s phone along with instructions on how to “frighten young female victims online.”

If that wasn’t enough, investigators also found that Nguyen was reportedly searching for crime scene photos of the school shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He is also said to have searched for local gun ranges and directions to a Fort Lauderdale elementary school that he has no connection to.

While Nguyen has not been charged over anything related to the school, did Florida police just prevent another Sandy Hook? If you’ll recall, Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza is said to have held pro-pedophile views.

Nguyen is currently in federal custody on the child porn charges and could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

I’ll try to keep an eye on this story for further developments.

Kik kreeper with 'diaper fetish' sent to prison

Not the actual guy but I thought it was apropos for today’s climate.

I’ve posted about guys with diaper fetishes before.  These were guys who pretended to be disabled so they could get care workers to change their adult diapers. This post is about someone diaper fetish was even more disturbing than that since no adults were involved.

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29-year-old Ryan Antrim of Salisbury Township, Pennsylvania was recently sentenced to 20 years in federal prison on child porn charges. He was found to have almost 200 images and videos of child porn on his phone. As you might expect, Antrim used the mobile messaging app Kik. In case you haven’t heard by now, Kik is chock full of sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

As you can probably imagine, Antrim’s diaper fetish really had little to do with consenting adults. An Assistant U.S. Attorney had this to say about Antrim

“Antrim specifically has a fetish with diapers,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sherri Stephan wrote. “This includes wearing diapers and diapers being depicted in his sexual abuse images. His collection is nothing short of horrifying, containing young babies and toddlers being sexually abused.”

Sadly, this a common occurrence on Kik. There are countless chat rooms on Kik that are dedicated to child porn that aren’t hurting for users. Yet Kik seems to be unwilling to take any action about the amount of child porn that is being traded through their platform. It reminds me of the Yahoo Messenger of old that finally had to do away with chat rooms altogether in order to get a handle on all the predators and child porn.

Back in the heyday of MySpace, lawmakers were laser-focused on the predators that were on MySpace because MySpace was the be-all and end-all of social media at the time. Now that there are more social platforms than you can shake a stick at they’ve all seem to have forgotten about online predators. They didn’t just go away because MySpace fell out of favor. They’ve just found new dark corners of the internet to infest and Kik is the darkest of those corners.


Snapchat sleaze accused of offering vape pods to minors for sex

Seth Nieters

To be honest, when I first read this story I thought it was a repeat. It turns out that it isn’t.

Anyway, 20-year-old Seth Nieters of st. Charles, Missouri has been charged with first-degree sodomy/attempted sodomy, child molestation, rape/attempted rape and attempted sodomy. Nieters allegedly promised vape pods to two underage girls in exchange for sex. According to one of the victims, Nieters was well known at their middle school for selling vape pods to kids or offering them in exchange for sex.

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Nieters is said to have posed as a 16-year-old on Snapchat where he offered to sell the vape pods. This is in addition to previous charges where Nieters is accused of allegedly ‘having sex” (child rape) with two 13-year-old girls. He’s also accused of sending a picture of a gun to one of his victims on Snapchat saying that he would kill himself if she did not have sex with him.

Nieters’ defense is that he ‘accidentally’ sent explicit photos of himself to his victims and that asking for sex in exchange for vape pods were just a joke.

While the article doesn’t state it, I wonder if Nieters was selling black-market THC vape pods. Maybe it was just the time I grew up in when cigarettes were readily available but I just don’t see kids giving it up for plain old Juul pods.

Regardless, if you’re a parent of a teen, you should absolutely be keeping an eye on who your kids are chatting with online. It’s not a matter of trust but one of safety.

10-year-old girl asked to be a 'sugar baby' on TikTok

I haven’t posted a lot of stories about TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it allows its users to record and share short videos. I like to call it the heir apparent to Vine. While I haven’t seen a lot of stories in the news about predators on TikTok that doesn’t mean they’re not there. I’ve been told by some in the security field that there are just as many predators on TikTok as there are on any other platform. So, just because it may not be reported in the news doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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Now, while this story isn’t about a predator per se, it does show how easily criminals can target your children through TikTok.

In Kuna, Idaho a 10-year-old girl was messaged by someone on TikTok who said they were looking for a sugar baby that they could shower with gifts. While that sounds a lot like an online predator, this person was after something else. In order to ‘spoil’ the girl, the person asked the girl for her parents’ bank card information and PIN. Thankfully, the girl was smart enough to tell her folks who called police.

Even though the girl was only targeted in a credit card fraud scheme she could have just as easily been targeted by a sexual predator. TikTok and most other social platforms state that the minimum age of users should be no lower than 13. Even then, parents should never let their kid be on any social platform unattended. Since TikTok is so popular with kids I would imagine that predators are lurking there as well. You wouldn’t let your kids roam around alone in the middle of an unfamiliar neighborhood alone, so why would you let them do so online?

Santa Fe High School shooter to remain in psych facility

Dimitrios Pagourtzis was 17 when he committed a school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas back in May of 2018. Before it was all over, ten students lay dead. Pagourtzis was known to have a Columbine obsession as he would continually wear a trench coat along with a shirt that said ‘Born to Kill’. Pagourtzis is said to have committed the mass murder using the shotgun and .38 pistol owned by his father.

In November of last year, it was ruled that Pagourtzis was incompetent to stand trial. He was ordered to be held in a psychiatric facility until such time he could face the charges against him. Yesterday, experts at the psychiatric facility where Pagourtzis is being held have said that he is unlikely to be competent within the next 90 days and should be held for at least another year. Both the defense and the prosecution have agreed to these terms.

Undoubtedly, this must come as yet another blow to the families of the victims. Once again, they are probably seeing justice denied again. However, this doesn’t mean that Pagourtzis will never face trial. A number of school shooters in the past have been ruled incompetent to stand trial only to be tried and convicted after treatment.

Speaking of the victims’ families, some of them have filed a lawsuit against the online retailer that sold Pagourtzis the ammunition he used to kill ten people at Santa Fe High school. Pagourtzis was 17 at the time of the purchase and federal law dictates that long gun ammunition cannot be sold to minors and handgun ammunition cannot be sold to anyone under 21. So what age verification measures did the retailer have in place? All Pagourtzis had to do was check a box that said he was 21. That’s it. We’re not talking about liquor or vaping here. We’re talking about bullets that are only used for the purpose of killing. I used to be against lawsuits like this, but this is an egregious case of negligence in my opinion and shows just one of the many flaws in how dangerous firearms are sold across the country.

With this being Texas and all, the Santa Fe school district has said they will allow certain teachers to carry guns on them at school. According to Texas law, the school boards get to decide what is adequate training for employees who carry a firearm. These employees are only required to undergo 15 to 20 hours of training. That can be done on a weekend. Meanwhile, police undergo over 800 hours of training before they’re allowed out on the street.

The odds of another school shooting happening at a school where one has already happened are incredibly slim. And like I’ve said before, by having guns in school, you’re just putting them closer to the hands of the next school shooter. I’ll say it again, trying to stop gun violence with more guns is like trying to cure cancer with more cancer.


Snapchat sleaze kept baggies of victim's hair

John DiGeronimo

Get your puke buckets, mind bleach, and chemical showers handy, we’re in for a rough one.

59-year-old John DiGeronimo of Alexandria, Virginia, is accused of leaving sexually explicit photos of a 16-year-old girl at the girl’s home, the girl’s boyfriend’s home, and in front of the girl’s high school. Why would he do this? It seems that DiGeronimo was in a ‘sexual relationship’, or what I call child rape, with the girl who he met on Snapchat and began having a sexual ‘relationship’ with her in 2018. So at ‘best’, the victim was 14 when the ‘relationship’ started and at worst was 15. Age of consent in the victim’s state is 16 but we’ll get into that in a little bit. The victim reportedly dumped DiGeronimo this past January and this was his revenge. Creepy AF as the kids say but the creep factor only gets worse from here.

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The victim lives in York County, South Carolina. That’s a 400+ mile trip that can take over six hours by the way. DiGeronimo would make this trip to the girl’s home to have their ‘relationship’ in a tent. While they were having their ‘relationship’, DiGeronimo would record the activities to his phone. He is also said to have bought the victim gifts of jewelry and sex toys.

While police were investigating it was discovered that someone had broken into the victim’s home recently and took all the gifts that DiGeronimo had given the victim.  Investigators were able to track DiGeronimo’s IP address from Snapchat to his home in Virginia. Investigators there found…You know what? I’ll just quote the Alexandria news report about what they found…

A search of DiGeronimo’s apartment yielded a bag with sex items, ziplock baggies with hair labeled in the name of the victim, letters and cards, journal entries, photos and notes.

Baggies of hair? What the actual fuck? This is serial killer levels of abnormality. The victim is lucky that she wasn’t found in a shallow grave somewhere.

Parents, I beg of you, have that talk with your kids about predators on the internet. You may trust your kid but these predators have tricks on tricks on tricks to get your kid to betray that trust. Check their devices. Question who their friends are. It’s not about trust but about the safety of your kids. It’s more beneficial for everyone involved for you to be the safe parent rather than the ‘cool’ parent.

Rock Hill Herald

Alleged rapist called in school shooting threat to try to frame his victim

Jason Salinas

This is possibly one of the most convoluted cases of witness intimidation I’ve ever posted about.

Andre the Giant’s turd up there is 20-year-old Jason Salinas of Takoma Park, Maryland. He’s accused of allegedly calling multiple threats to his former high school of John F. Kennedy High School.

Salinas is said to have used VOIP calling to try to obfuscate the origin of the calls. In one call he said that he was inside the school walking towards the assistant principal’s office where he was going to shoot her and security staff. The second threat said that he was across the street from the school at a bus stop and was about to start shooting.

Here’s the thing. Salinas reportedly wasn’t planning any actual shooting. Instead, on the calls, he was posing as an autistic woman who he’s accused of sexually assaulting in 2017 and 2018. Police were able to rule the woman out as a suspect and were able to use Salinas’ IP address to track him down. He already had warrants out for his arrest on the rape charges.

I can only assume that this was some feeble attempt to frame his victim for a school shooting threat thinking he could avoid the rape charges if his victim was in jail. In reality, he’s just another idiot who thinks he’s smarter than the cops.

CBS Baltimore
Bethesda Magazine

NJ Facebook vigilante told to stop

In Ocean County, New Jersey a man recently confronted a suspected online predator at a Toms River strip mall. Of course, the incident was being live-streamed on Facebook Live at the time. The man conducting the amateur sting is also said to have a YouTube channel as well. However, for once, police were called to the scene by workers at the strip mall. While an investigation is ongoing, no charges have been filed against either man.

This wasn’t the man’s first foray into vigilante videos as a previous live-streamed confrontation garnered over 200,000 views. That’s what this is really all about, isn’t it? In my opinion, these Facebook vigilantes aren’t about getting justice, they’re more about getting likes, views, and followers. These confrontations are more of a social media stunt than an actual investigation.

Let’s not also forget that they’re probably doing more harm than good when it comes to actual prosecutions of the predators. Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer, who asked the man to desist in his dubious crime-fighting efforts, said as much…

Text exchanges leading up to the meet-up may not be admissible in court if a defense lawyer successfully argues entrapment – when a law enforcement agent induced a person to commit the crime. Professionals are trained to avoid that, Billhimer said.

Again, while I’m no fan of any kind of sexual predator, let the police do their job before they arrest you for interfering in police business, or you run into a predator who’s got nothing left to lose.