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Florida man takes AK-47 to middle school

Christopher Freeman

I’m sure by now some of you have heard the tale of 27-year-old Christopher Freeman from West Palm Beach, Florida. Freeman is accused of allegedly entering his son’s middle school with a loaded AK-47 pistol Mini Draco in his waistband. In case you’re wondering, this is what an AK-47 pistol Mini Draco looks like.


And here is the gun in action…

How that is considered a pistol is beyond me. And while it’s not supposed to be fully automatic it’s obvious that a large amount of ammunition can be fired in a very short time. When the ‘pistol’ was discovered on Freeman it was said to be fully loaded, with a round in the chamber, and a 30-round magazine.

Freeman reportedly went to the school angry because his son claimed that a teacher had ‘slammed’ the child. When Freeman got to the school a not so very pleasant conversation took place between Freeman and school staff…

“I want to see the guy who slammed my son. I’ve got something for him,” Freeman reportedly said. “You’re going to need more than what you’ve got because of what I’ve got.”

A nearby police officer was said to have noticed the butt of the gun sticking out of Freeman’s pants. The school was placed on lockdown and Freeman was arrested. Freeman claims he forgot the gun was there. While Freeman is said to be limited to the use of a wheelchair, I seriously doubt that he forgot he had the rather large gun that’s supposedly a pistol on him.  That’s not even taking into account that Freeman’s threat seems to specify that he had some kind of weapon him.

How can we hope to have non-violent school children when we have reckless gun-toting parents like this?


Parkland shooter claims he heard 'demons'

Gone! Gone! O form of man…

Recently, prosecutors released body cam footage from the police who arrested Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz. In the footage, it’s been reported that Cruz claimed to have heard the voice of demons.

In the body camera video released Friday, the unidentified Coral Springs officer wearing it asks the then 19-year-old suspect casually, “What’s going on today, bro?”

Cruz replies, “Demons, man.”

“Demons?” the officer asks, playing with a piece of string in his hands.

“Voices,” Cruz replies.

Not just the voice of demons mind you, but it also seems Cruz acted like he had multiple personalities…

Cruz then says “Where are the noises?” and cranes his neck to look up at the circling helicopters. He begins cursing and asks where he is.

“What happened?” Cruz yells.

Inserting a profanity, Cruz says to himself, “What the…did you do?” Now out of view of the camera, Cruz sounds like he is sobbing and hyperventilating.

Cruz must have watched too much TV because it’s just a little too convenient for dissociative identity disorder to just turn off like that at the exact moment of his arrest. DID has been used as a criminal defense many times in the past but rarely is it ever successful.

For example, back in 2003, John Jason McLaughlin shot and killed two students at Rocori High School in Minnesota. McLaughlin claimed he heard voices and had visual hallucinations. In reality, McLaughlin was faking his condition and borrowed many of his ‘symptoms’ from TV and movies.

So much like McLaughlin, I’m pretty sure Cruz is faking mental illness, besides psychopathy that is. I wonder what stupid name he’s going to give to his ‘demon’.

Third suspect in Raul Brasil School shooting released

As I mentioned in my previous post about the Raul Brasil School shooting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, police believed there may have been a third suspect who allegedly helped plan the attack but did not actively take place in the shooting. The 17-year-old suspect was arrested but has since been released. Prosecutors in Sao Paulo say that the suspect could be arrested again if new evidence is found that implicates the suspect in the plotting of the attack where eight victims were brutally murdered.

There’s not much I can add to this story except to wonder what tipped off investigators to this potential third suspect in the first place.

Question-Watch 2019

Catwoman and The Question

As I’ve said before, my favorite comic book character is The Question. You can read about why he’s my favorite here. Since he’s not the most popular of DC’s cast of characters and hasn’t had his own book in over a decade, it’s always great to see the character being used in almost any capacity.

To summarize a little bit of The Question’s canon the original Question, Vic Sage, died of lung cancer and was replaced by former Gotham City police detective Renee Montoya. She made a great second generation Question but when the New 52 reboot event happened The Question was written as a magical entity as part of the Trinity of Sin along with Pandora and The Phantom Stranger, while his former alter-ego of Vic Sage was an entirely different person who was a government bureaucrat. I wasn’t thrilled with this interpretation of the character but I was willing to wait to see where DC Comics were going with him.

However, DC realized they really dropped the ball with the New 52 and tried another reboot with DC Rebirth. After the retcon of Rebirth, The Question has returned. The first instance I remember The Question being in was a recent issue of Action Comics where he was tearing up a Metropolis bar Rorschach style. (For those of you who may not know, Watchmen’s Rorschach was based on The Question.) What we can gather from that appearance in Action Comics is that The Question is male again but we don’t know for sure if he is Vic Sage.

His more recent appearance was in last week’s issue of Batman #66 as shown above. Unfortunately, even though it was a great issue, that’s not the real Question or even the real Catwoman for that matter, but rather their conversation is taking place all in Batman’s mind. Fear not though as the last issue of Action Comics, the issue number escapes me, teased a return of The Question. Since he’ll be appearing in one of DC’s flagship titles maybe we’ll see more of The Question in current DC continuity.

The Bullying Myth hits Brazil

A notebook found in the shooters’ car

Before we get to the heart of the matter the victims in the Raul Brasil School shooting have been identified. These are the names that should be remembered,

The victims were named as students Kaio Limeira and Caio Oliveira, both 15; Samuel Oliveira and Douglas Celestino, 16; Cleiton Ribeiro, 17; school staff members Marilena Umezo, 59, and Eliana Xavier, 38, and the suspected shooter’s uncle Jorge Moraes, 51.

Now on to the real reason we’re here. It only took a day before someone tried to blame the shooting on bullying. The mother of 17-year-old assailant Guilherme Taucci Monteiro said that her son had been bullied in the school.

“Bullying, they call it. … He stopped going to school … because of this,” she said.

So why may have her son been bullied? If he was even bullied it may have had something to do with his hobby-like obsession with Columbine. Either way, they’re just perpetuating the myth that the Columbine cowards were bullied while the evidence points to the fact that Harris and Klebold were actually quite popular.

Friends and former classmates told investigators that 17-year-old Guilherme Taucci Monteiro and 25-year-old Henrique de Castro were obsessed with the attack on Columbine High School, Sao Paulo civil police director Ruy Ferraz told a news conference.

As I’ve posited in the past, which came first, the supposed bullying or his obsession with Columbine? Because I can see how the former could lead to the latter and he’d have no one to blame but himself. And what about his cohort, 25-year-old Luiz Henrique de Castro? In theory, Castro must have been out of school for at least 7 years. If you’re still holding a grudge against your school seven years later then you need serious help. That is if anything even happened at the school to Castro as he could have been just another Columbiner with a sick obsession that he repulsively carried with him into supposed adulthood.

In other news about the shooting, Sao Paulo police are expected to arrest a third suspect. This unnamed suspect did not take part in the shooting but is believed to have helped plan the attack.

Lastly, once again, we had a number of people who may have known about the attack plot but didn’t say anything about it.

Ferraz said the acquaintances said they didn’t believe the attack would actually happen, or feared that telling anyone would make them targets.

You would think that after 20 years of an overabundance of school shootings, people would finally learn to speak up.

Those who cannot remember the past truly are doomed to repeat it.

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Eight victims killed during Columbine copycat school shooting in Brazil

Raul Brasil School

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that five students and two school officials were shot and killed during a school shooting in Sao Paulo, Brazil earlier today. The assailants, Guilherme Taucci Monteiro, 17, and Luiz Henrique de Castro, 25, also killed Monteiro’s uncle because he owned a rental car agency and they needed a car for their attack. The two assailants were said to be former students of Raul Brasil School and as should be expected, they took the coward’s way out by taking their own lives. Specifically, it’s believed that Monteiro killed Castro before taking his own life.  The attack itself was particularly violent as Monteiro entered the school firing a .38 revolver while Castro followed up with a hatchet hacking at bodies that were on the ground.

Local authorities are saying that the motive behind the attack is unknown so far, but then they state that the pair planned the attack at least a year in advance and they hoped their attack would “draw more attention than the Columbine massacre.” Stop the presses, that’s the motive. This isn’t even an original action in Brazil as in 2011 a former student of Tasso da Silveira School killed 12 in a school shooting at the Rio de Janeiro school. That gunman even paid tribute to Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung Hui, who previously referred to the Columbine cowards of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as martyrs.

In my opinion, just about every school shooting that has happened since Columbine are nothing more than copycat killings. So no, you will not draw more attention than Columbine. I can count on one hand the school shootings that had as much impact as Columbine while most have gone forgotten outside their local communities. So, if you think you’re going to make history by being an unoriginal loser, you’re not. You’ll more than likely be forgotten with your names scattered among the ashes of history. So if you think you’re gonna be some badass whose name will forever be etched in stone it’s more likely you won’t even have your own name etched on your gravestone. So instead of doing something that makes you a forgotten loser why not do something respectable to help make the world a better place instead of bringing more cowardice and senseless violence.

The Daily Threat: 4/11/2018


Social media threat prompts lockdown at two Cherry Creek District schools, three juveniles detained

Police investigate threat against Basha High School in Chandler



Instagram post stokes school shooting fears at Bay Academy

Police investigate threatening Snapchat posted by Forest Hills student

Wright Middle student charged with felony after allegedly threatening to shoot up school on Instagram


“I think it’s hard to overreact because we have seen time and time again that has cost teachers and students their lives when we don’t react,” Bowen said.


Police: Teen’s nicotine withdrawal leads to threatening social media post

The post with a picture of a math test read, “I promise if I can’t hit a juul or something today Im shooting up this school (sic).”

(Can’t make this stuff up, folks.)

Teenager arrested for school shooting plan, had ‘guns and knives’

Brownsville police investigate shooting threat at Haywood Middle and High schools

Suspect Calls Saints Peter and Paul High School Threat “Joke”

The threat was posted online with references to Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland, Florida shooter, plus AR-15 references.

(Yeah, real funny.)

No weapons found after Dillard High School and Dillard Elementary on lockdown

Police Investigate Social Media Rumor of Possible Threat to Delmar Middle-Sr. High

Nev. school employee offered teen $50 for sex and nude pics over Snapchat

Danny Lisk

Here’s something we haven’t talked about in a while, school employees getting into trouble with underage students on Snapchat. For some reason, Snapchat seems to be the go-to social media platform that school employees use to try to get into the pants of their students for lack of a better term.

One such school employee is 27-year-old Danny Lisk of Nye County, Nevada where Lisk worked at a local high school. Lisk is said to have allegedly friended a 15-year-old female student of the school on Snapchat before offering the girl $50 for sex and repeatedly requested nude pics from the girl. After Fisk was reported another underage student came forward saying Lisk allegedly tried the same thing with her. To top it all off, when police went through Lisk’s Snapchat account they found pictures of underage girls taken without their permission that focused on their posteriors if you will. Lisk was caught in Laredo, Texas trying to cross the border into Mexico.

When it comes to schools and social media I’m of the opinion that students should not be friends with their teachers or other faculty members. The only time students and faculty should communicate on social media is through official school channels. I don’t care if someone is the ‘cool teacher’, it’s inappropriate for teachers and underage students to be friends on social media.

“He doesn’t have a gold tooth, he’s not pimping it out.”

Joseph Hazley

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Desiree Robinson she was the 16-year-old girl who was murdered outside of Chicago after being prostituted in Backpage. On Christmas Eve of 2016, after 32-year-old Antonio Rosales couldn’t pay Desiree at a party in Markham, Illinois he allegedly brutally murdered her instead. Rosales was said to have beat her and slit her throat. Rosales is currently awaiting trial but he isn’t the only one being held responsible for Desiree’s plight.

Joseph Hazley was Desiree’s pimp at the time of her murder. He had previously ‘bought’ Desiree from another pimp for a promise of  $250.  When Hazley found out that Desiree had been murdered, he tried to get another woman to work for him because in Hazley’s words, “Now that she’s gone, I got no money coming in.” Hazley was arrested back in June of 2017 and was held without bond.


Desiree Robinson

This past week, Hazley was convicted by a federal jury of on charges of sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking a minor and transporting victims of sex trafficking across state lines.  The jury only took four hours to deliberate. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since his defense seemed to consist of his attorney saying “He doesn’t have a gold tooth, he’s not pimping it out.” I guess we’re supposed to only recognize pimps by their wide-brimmed hats, gold teeth, and ornate canes.

As I said in a previous post, there’s a whole lot of ‘not caring’ in this tragic story. Rosales obviously didn’t care about the life of Desiree Robinson. Neither did Hazley except when it came to making money. Most importantly Backpage didn’t care that 16-year-old girls were being peddled on their website as long as the pimps continued to pay for the ads. Desiree did have a family that cared for her and they still do. They’re currently suing Backpage for allowing Desiree to be prostituted and murdered. With former Backpage CEO pleading guilty to charges of money laundering and conspiracy to facilitate prostitution, their lawsuit may be successful.

Hazley is facing a lifetime behind bars at sentencing.

Legalizing prostitution would just legitimize the pimps and girls like Desiree Robinson would be treated even more brutally than they are now.

Craigslist has not cleaned up

For years, craigslist was the online destination for sex trafficking and prostitution., It was also the destination for online predators looking for underage victims. Due to the pressure from legislators, media, and anti-human trafficking advocacy groups, craigslist closed its adult/erotic services section nationwide in 2010. This didn’t stop traffickers or predators as they just moved to craigslist’s personals and casual encounters sections while the majority of traffickers and pimps went to Backpage.

After the passage of FOSTA in 2018, craigslist not only removed their personals section but they removed casual encounters as well. This was basically craigslist’s admission that the personals and casual encounters were being used for predatory purposes. What remained was craigslist’s Missed Connections section. This is where lonely craigslist users post very stalker-like messages about someone they saw in their daily lives but didn’t have the guts to approach them.

People like familiarity, that includes sexual predators. So instead of using the personals or casual encounters sections, they’ve just moved over to the Missed Connections section. For example, take 51-year-old Donald Burnside of Upshur County, West Virginia. He was arrested after allegedly posting an ad on the Missed Connections section of craigslist that said: “Why can’t a guy get a single or married woman to have fun with?” Well, if you’re trolling craigslist for tail that may be part of your problem. Anyway, a 15-year-old girl responded to his ad. When he went to pick the girl up at a local high school West Virginia State Troopers were there waiting to take Burnside into custody.


Louis Saldana

If that’s not enough for you how about 69-year-old Louis Saldana from Austin, Texas? He was arrested after allegedly responding to a craigslist ad placed by undercover investigators. That ad was looking for responses to “an adult female with an 8th-grade minor child wanting to engage in anatomy tutoring involving sex with the minor.” Saldana is said to have responded in a more than graphic manner. Saldana was also arrested when he arrived at a prearranged meeting place.

Craigslist could correct these situations at any time by either monitoring the Missed Connections section or shutting the section down completely. I guess we’ll have for another federal law to be passed before craigslist ultimately cleans up its act.