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Kik couple shared pictures of child abuse with each other

Bennie Schuck II and Amber Talley, both of Indianapolis, have been arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. The pair are accused of allegedly sexually abusing a less than 12-year-old girl and sharing the images with each other on the mobile messaging app Kik. Schuck was said to be sharing the images with other Kik users as well. According to investigators, Schuck said that he ‘only’ abused the girl less than 20 times. Both Schuck and Talley are facing prison sentences of 30 years apiece.

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Sadly, stories like this no longer surprise me as Kik is a well-known haven for sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors. If you find the Kik app on any of your kids’ devices, I would recommend not only deleting the app but enabling parental controls so apps like Kik could not be downloaded.

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The Daily Threat for the week of 8/4/2019-8/10/2019

The school year has started back up in some parts of the country and with a new school year comes new threats.

In Mobile County, Alabama, a 17-year-old male student of Mary G. Montgomery High School was arrested after allegedly calling in both a bomb threat and a school shooting threat.

In Tulare, California, police there arrested a 15-year-old male after he posted a Snapchat of himself holding a gun while referencing the song ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ which is about a fictional school shooting.  The gun was found to be an airsoft gun.

A 13-year-old male student of Swift Creek Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida, was arrested after a conversation between him and another student on social media was discovered by police.

Police said the student had posted a picture of himself holding a bag roughly two months ago alongside the caption “Let’s see if I can shoot the pistol with my left hand.”

Two weeks ago, another person commented on the picture, stating: “Let’s see if we can shoot up the school with both.” The 13-year-old student allegedly then responded “I’m ready let’s goo.”

Not only are these kids putting other people in danger with their acts but they could be putting themselves in danger as well. With the way things are right now, the wrong kid is going to make one of these threats and end up sparking a dangerous confrontation with police where their own blood could be spilled.

AR-15 stolen from Tenn. School

This past week, an AR-15 was stolen from Red Boiling Springs School in Macon County, Tennessee. The gun was allegedly stolen by former students Adam Cisneros and Lee Clark. The pair were said to have broken into the school overnight and somehow breached a gun safe in the School Resource Officer’s office. Thankfully, the gun was recovered before any real harm could be done. The gun was found buried behind Clark’s home.

So I’m sure like me, you’re wondering why there was an AR-15 at the school. According to the Macon County Sheriff’s Department policy, SROs are allowed to bring personal guns on campus as well as their service weapon.

This is the main reason that for years I have said arming teachers is just asking for trouble. Even when I was against gun control I said that storing guns on campus has the potential for the guns to be used against the very students they’re said to be protecting.

Let’s also discuss the fact that an AR-15 was stored at the school. While the gun only fires one round with one pull of the trigger, the rounds the AR-15 uses are meant to leave gaping exit wounds in its target as shown by this clip from 60 Minutes.

While I have the utmost respect for police since they do a thankless job that is under constant scrutiny, this RSO sounds like the type who was hoping that a shooting would happen at his school. I bet he has a Punisher decal on at least one of his weapons. Not to be ‘that guy’ but maybe he was expecting 30-50 feral hogs to appear at the school.

In my opinion, no untrained civilian has any business brandishing such a destructive weapon and under no circumstances should such a gun be left in any school unguarded overnight.


Alabama man charged with illegally dealing arms on Armslist

Arkeuntrez Kenyez Lareco Washington of Alabama has been charged with illegally dealing firearms through Armslist. Washington allegedly purchased over 15 guns from Hoover Tactical Firearms and Academy Sports and Outdoors stores. He would then list the guns for sale on Armslist and allegedly ship them out of state, and in some cases, out of the country without performing any kind of background check. Washington is said to have told federal investigators that he used burner phones to conduct business on Armslist.

As I have mentioned before, Armslist falls under the gun show loophole which means that under current federal law,  private gun sellers are not required to conduct background checks. This has allowed an untold number of guns to end up in the hands of criminals.

Phoenix swim coach accused of Snapchatting teen victim

Isaak Corrales

Again, I have to ask what is it with teachers and coaches who keep creeping on their students through Snapchat?

Anyway, 23-year-old swim coach Isaak Corrales of Phoenix, Arizona, has been arrested for allegedly grooming an underage teenage girl through Snapchat. Not only is Corrales accused of sending explicit photos to the girl but also telling the girl how he wanted to be with her after she turned 18 and how he wanted her to have his children. Age of consent in Arizona is 18. But here we have yet another creeper who wants to impregnate a child he’s grooming. I guess creepers want to keep a string of newer models once their former victims age out.  Gross.

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Corrales was busted by the girl’s mom who found the inappropriate messages on the girl’s phone.

Trench’s suggestion for parents is still the same to check your kids’ phones often, don’t let them have any internet devices in their room after bedtime and have them identify everyone in their friends list for each of their apps. Remember, as a parent or guardian, you are the only line of defense between online predators and your kids.

Student with gun stopped outside of Indiana high school

You can tell that some kids are already back to school by reports like this one.

A 15-year-old student of Muncie Central High School in Muncie, Indiana, was stopped before entering the school with a loaded gun yesterday. The gun was said to be a small-caliber handgun. That may sound like it’s not as dangerous as other firearms, however, small caliber firearms can not only penetrate bulletproof vests but they can also ricochet around inside a victim’s body once the round enters the victim.

School resource officers were warned about the student and had dealt with him previously in the day over something minor.

The question remains though as to where a 15-year-old was able to get his hands on a loaded pistol. If I had to hazard a guess, I would probably say that it was due to more ‘responsible’ gun-owning parents who don’t store their guns properly. There needs to be more prosecution of these kinds of parents if their kids continue to find unsecured guns in the home.


Image via the New York Post

This is an article from Reuters that talks about a boycott against WalMart in the wake of the recent mass shootings. Many WalMarts sell guns and many consumer groups are calling on WalMart to abandon the firearms market. While ultimately I wish nobody sold guns, I’m more tolerant of WalMart since their gun safety policies are more restrictive than most other firearm retailers.

However, I’m not here to talk about WalMart. Today, I’m here to talk about an internet scourge that allows the illegal sale of firearms without background checks. It’s known as the ‘craigslist of guns’ but it’s better known as Armslist. Armslist is a website where you can place a gun for sale or purchase one from a private seller. Under current federal law, private sellers are not required to do any kind of background checks.  This is known as the gun show loophole.

In response to the current spate of mass shootings, this is what Armslist said to Reuters…

Armslist called the shootings “horrific” and said in a statement it is a service that does not directly sell guns, but carries ads and listing for private sales. The other companies did not respond to a request for comment.

If this sounds familiar it should because it’s the same argument Backpage used when it came to their obvious role in sex trafficking before they were seized by the feds.

So what is the problem with Armslist you may ask? Well, since private sellers are not required to perform background checks, Armslist has been the go-to for many criminals to buy guns. Armslist gun sales have led to the shootings of at least three policemen, one in Boston, one in Chicago, and one in Albuquerque.  The officers from Chicago and Albuquerque were both killed.

In another high-profile case, an ex-con who was forbidden from owning a firearm used a gun he bought on Armslist to kill his wife at her job in an act of domestic violence.  And these are only the crimes connected to Armslist that I’m aware of. There could be, and probably are, countless more.

Armslist, much like Backpage did, hides behind the antiquated Communications Decency Act of  1996. Again, that’s ancient in internet years. However, the CDA doesn’t need to be amended again to deal with Armslist. If legislators were actually serious in doing something about the ease in which criminals can obtain guns then they would close the gun show loophole.

Video games being made the scapegoat for violence again

For the past 25 years, politicians have been making video games the scapegoat for whatever ills are plaguing society at the time. It started with the arcade release of the original Mortal Kombat in 1994. Then Doom was being blamed for causing the Columbine massacre. Now, assclowns like Mitch McConnell and our tangerine-tinged racist sex pest of a President are blaming video games for the recent spate of mass shootings. To be fair though, this is not strictly a partisan tactic, as in the past Democrats such as Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton have also used video games as an excuse not to pass real legislation.

Why do politicians do this even though there has yet to be any scientific evidence linking video games to real-world violence?  It’s simple really. Video games are an easy thing to blame without losing voters. Back in the day, I used to call this ‘Soccer Mom’ rhetoric. For example, former North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper used to blame MySpace for all the sexual predators that used to infest the social network, you know, instead of telling parents that they need to watch their kids more closely to better protect them from predators. This way Cooper could appeal to his ignorant base without alienating any voters. Now, the assclowns currently in power are pointing the finger at video games as the cause of mass shootings. They can do this without pissing off the NRA or their gun-toting fanatics.  I guess today the blaming of video games could be considered a ‘Karen’ tactic.

While yes, the murderers who commit these mass shootings are ultimately responsible for their actions, they’re not committing mass homicide with game controllers and RGB lighting, they’re doing it with guns. If you take the guns out of their hands then the chances of a mass shooting are greatly diminished. It really is that simple.

The Dayton shooting was not politically motivated

As I’m sure you’re all aware of, there were two massive shooting tragedies that happened over the weekend within 24 hours of each other. The first was the shooting in El Paso, Texas that left 20 people dead. Then there was the shooting at a bar in Dayton, Ohio that left 9 dead. Both atrocities were committed by young angry white men. The two shooters had diametrically opposed political ideals. However, one of the shootings was politically motivated and the other was not.

The El Paso gunman was said to have written a very anti-Hispanic manifesto although that has yet to verified as far as I know. He drove anywhere from 9-12 hours from Allen, Texas to El Paso. El Paso is a border city just across the border from Juarez. Many Mexican residents of both cities often travel across the border to visit family or go shopping. If my geographical recollection serves me correctly, El Paso is the largest Texas city that’s on the border.

it’s been reported that the Dayton shooter was a leftist extremist. He is said to have loathed Donald Trump and the late John McCain and identified as a satanic socialist. Of course, the right-wing media is trying to spin the Dayton shooting as some kind of left-wing terrorist attack.

What the right-wing media is leaving out is that the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, has a history of violent behavior dating back to when he was in high school. Betts was kicked out of school for having not only a hitlist of students he allegedly wanted to kill but also a so-called ‘rape list’ of female students he wanted to assault. To put it succinctly, Betts was a school shooter waiting to happen. He also sounds like a major incel, but I digress.

If I were to assume any kind of motive for the Dayton shooting at the Ned Peppers bar I would imagine it would be a school shooting delayed. Considering that Betts, his sister, and a friend all showed up at the bar together it’s not unlikely that the bar could be a local hangout for people Betts went to school with.

Nothing can ever excuse either of these two shootings, but when one side of the political aisle tries to point fingers by saying “See, liberals commit mass shootings too.” it’s nothing more than a diversionary tactic to try to steer the conversation away from gun control.

This is not unlike the shooting at STEM School Highland Ranch when the right-wing media once again tried blaming the shooting on the suspects being leftists, neglecting that both suspects also had previous histories of threatening behavior.

Make no mistake, in recent history, the overwhelming majority of politically motivated mass shooters have been MAGA hat-wearing members of the alt-right. Again, I can name such alt-right cowards as Nikolas Cruz of the Parkland school shooting, William Atchison of the Aztec High School shooting, Incel Prime Elliot Rodger of the Isla Vista shooting, Dylann Roof, Chris Harper-Mercer of the Umpqua Community College shooting, and the list goes on and on.

Don’t hijack the narrative just because your political party is in the pocket of the NRA. To ignore the fact that these shootings were not only motivated by hate but were allowed to happen due to the lack of real federal gun control is to ignore reality at its most fundamental level.

Erica Parsons' adoptive mother pleads guilty, gets life

Casey Parsons

Erica Parsons was 13 in 2011 when she went missing from her home in Salisbury, North Carolina. She wasn’t reported missing until 2013. Her adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, continued to collect Erica’s government benefits while she was missing. Casey Parsons claimed Erica went to live with her biological grandmother ‘Nan’ who didn’t actually exist. The couple was eventually sent to prison for fraud but in 2016, Sandy Parsons led authorities to Erica’s remains. Both Casey and Sandy Parsons had been charged with Erica’s murder. In April of last year, prosecutors stated that they will seek the death penalty against Sandy Parsons, Erica’s adopted father. The last we had heard both ‘parents’ were set to be tried separately.

Yesterday, Erica’s adoptive mother Casey Parsons pleaded guilty to murder and child abuse charges in Erica’s death. Previously, prosecutors were seeking the death penalty against Casey but by entering a guilty plea Casey Parsons was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole along with consecutive sentences of 23 years for abuse and obstruction of justice charges. She’ll serve these sentences once her federal sentence for fraud has been served.


Erica Parsons in 2010

Now, the waiting game begins to see what Sandy Parsons will do. As I previously mentioned, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against him. I would imagine that it’s almost a guarantee that Sandy Parsons will plead guilty since his wife has admitted to taking part in Erica’s murder.  The only problem with that is that coroners couldn’t determine a cause of death for Erica since her remains were in such a deteriorated state. The cause of death was only listed as “homicidal violence of undetermined means.” Potentially, we could see some chicanery on the part of Sandy Parsons’ defense attorney when it comes to negotiating a plea.