Ok now here’s where I drag the party down. Recently I saw an advertisement on TV for NARAL. They are a Pro-Choice organization. The ad consists of several children playing in a yard, mostly focusing on the girls but there are some boys. The voice over is a woman speaking about “What do we tell our children if our right to choose is taken away?” Which should be read “What do we tell our children when abortions are made illegal?” The logic behind this ad perplexes me. To me the ad should say if we keep on having abortions we won’t have to tell our children anything because there won’t be anymore children. If you’re a pro-choice organization don’t use kids in your ads it will only backfire. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those bible beating, hypocritical, pro-lifers either. They also annoy the hell out of me. Anyone who says that abortion is murder then kills people for their cause deserve a special place in hell. What I am cannot be labeled. My views on abortion are this. Abortion should only be used in the cases of incest, rape, and endangerment to the mother. I wish that didn’t have to be but this a cruel world we live in. But if the sex is consensual, then abortion is not only wrong, it’s an act of cowardice. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. This goes back to my saying that people, both men and women, need to take more responsibility. Men if you’re not responsible enough not to take precautions then you need to step up and be responsible enough to be a father. Women, this isn’t about your right to choose what you can do to your body. It’s about denying someone the right to live. Now don’t give me all that crap about I’m not a woman and I would never know. Well let me tell you a story. About 6 years ago I was dating this girl and we split up. I found out later that she was pregnant with my child. I also found out that she went and got an abortion behind my back. Where was my right to choose whether or not I wanted to raise that child? Not only that, I’m adopted. If abortion was legal in 1968, I might not be typing this right now. So many couples who are unable to conceive would do anything to have those children yet so many are terminated needlessly.

More Al Gore Hypocrisy

Recently the Federal Trade Commission released a report saying that the film, music, television, and video game industries have been marketing adult-oriented material towards children. Let me add to this by saying “Duh!”. This has been going on for years. When I was 11 a movie came out called “Friday the 13th”. It was rated R and I was much too young at the time. Did that stop me from wanting to go see it? Um…..NO!!!!! What did stop me was a responsible mother who realized I was too young to witness such violence. Not to mention the fact looking back I really didn’t miss much outside of seeing Kevin Bacon get slaughtered but I digress. I found an article (dead link) on MSNBC.com that had Al Gore’s reaction to the FTC findings…

Gore said Monday if the entertainment industry did not halt such practices, he would support unspecified measures to hold it accountable. “A lot of it has to be done privately,” Gore said in an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey television talk show. “It’s not about censorship; it’s about citizenship, including corporate citizenship.” Referring to his wife’s involvement in the 1980s in a campaign to urge the recording industry to voluntarily label obscene and violent lyrics, Gore said, “Tipper started 20 years ago educating me about why parents need more help, and she was successful in convincing the recording industry to give warnings to parents when material is inappropriate,” Gore said. “Now Joe Lieberman and I are following up on that to try to persuade all the companies in that industry to abide by what they said they would do.”

Ok, let’s break this down, shall we…
1. He’s on Oprah. We know how great a fair and even-handed political forum the Oprah Show is.
2. This is coming from the man who has accepted more campaign funds from the Hollywood industry than any presidential candidate ever.
3. He dug up the ghosts of the PMRC. The ill-fated pet project of Tipper Gore. She cried for ratings, she got a sticker.
4. So either this man is dead serious about censorship or he’s a hypocrite. Either way that makes him dangerous.

Bottom line: All corporations are soulless money-making machines out for a fast buck. Of course, they are marketing towards your children. Children want most what they can’t have. It’s yours and my job as parents and step-parents to protect our children, not the government. And if you feel it is the government’s job to help raise your children than you shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.