I almost forgot to mention this. I had a really bad dream last night. I dreamt that there was another planned terrorist attack and I found out about it but couldn’t stop it in time. My wife says I have to stop carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I hope it’s not an omen of things to come like the dream I had in ’93.

Get A Grip

Ok people. We as a nation need to seriously calm down. I heard a report on NPR that hate crimes against Muslims living in America are up 40% since the attack on the WTC.

Get a grip, people.

I decided to do some research on Islam to see what its teachings were and I came across this great website which can be found here. And you know what the two were words I found the most were. Peace and Love. And I found something else interesting there. In a question asked about blood transfusions and was it ok to give or accept blood from non-Muslims this answer was given by a Muslim scholar.

“Islam teaches us to feed the hungry, to take care of the sick and to save human life. In these matters, Islam emphasizes taking care of all human life without any distinction of religion, race, gender, color or nationality. All human life should be respected and protected. “

Sounds like to me that true Muslims have respect for all life. The men who committed the attack on the WTC were zealots. Much along the lines of Christians who kill people by bombing abortion clinics only on a much larger scale.

Now I’m no tree hugging politically correct weenie by any sense of the word but not all Muslims are terrorists just like all Christians, like myself, do not believe in blowing up abortion clinics no matter how much we disagree with abortion.

Don’t get me wrong now. The people who committed this atrocity against the U.S. Must be punished swiftly and severely.

My day on 9/11

“These acts shattered steel but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve” —President George W. Bush

When I woke up on the day of September 11, 2001, it was just another day. I was actually in a pretty good mood for once. It was a clear sunny day here in North Carolina. The temperature was pretty nice too. Not too hot for once. Carolina summers are brutal in case you haven’t heard.

I wasn’t at work for even 30 minutes yet when a co-worker of mine told me a plane had struck the World Trade Center. At first, I thought she must be talking about a commuter plane or small private plane. By the time I got to the break room to see the news, the second plane had already struck the second tower. It was then that I knew this was some kind of attack.

I rushed back to my office and called my wife. I asked her if she had seen the news yet. She said she just heard the news on the radio. I rushed to the conference room where most of the office was gathered around the TV. By the time I got back there the first tower had already fallen. I thought maybe the news was shooting it from a different angle or it was hidden by the smoke. Then someone told me that the first tower had fallen. I refused to believe it. Then 20 minutes later I watched the second tower fall live on the news. It was like someone ripped my heart out with a pair of pliers, no incision, no anesthesia. Then word came that the Pentagon was attacked.

That’s when my heart really sank. I have a brother that works in D.C. I immediately called my parents to see if they had heard from him. My dad seemed more annoyed that I was calling than anything. But he said he hadn’t heard from him yet and that he’ll call me when he does. I called my wife but she wasn’t home. I panicked like an idiot. I mean it’s not like West Hicktown, N.C. would be a huge terrorist target but you never know. I must have called and left a dozen messages at home. Luckily she had only gone to the store but you see what a tragedy like this can do to you.

Back at work, I was glued to the net trying to scrimp every piece of news I could find. I was updating my site as much as I could throughout the day. Work was pretty much useless at this point. My dad called and said my brother was ok which was a relief but that due to his position at his job he had to stay at work. I was just replaying the tower falling over in my head. It was hard to believe that the World Trade Centers were gone. I mean I thought after the ’93 bombing that the towers were indestructible.

I had been to the WTC before when I was a kid. I didn’t go in but I stood in front of them craning my neck like a typical tourist kid. And in an instant, they just weren’t there anymore. I kept praying that the towers evacuated after the first plane hit but as we know now that was not the case, unfortunately.

Then the last plane crashed outside of Pittsburgh PA. One of my supervisors is from Pittsburgh I asked her if her family was ok and they were. I called a friend of mine from North Jersey. I asked her if she and her family was ok. She said yes and then told me how she used to work in the WTC she said she had heard from most of her friends but there was still some she had not heard from. I offered my condolences and told her that I hope everything turns out ok. Then I have/had another friend that lives in Brooklyn who worked near the WTC. I hadn’t heard from her in a while prior to this. The last time I tried to call her number was disconnected. It’s not like her to let her phone bill go unpaid so I was worried about her, to begin with. Now I’m even more worried. The last time we talked she said she was getting a job out of the city but I don’t know if she ever got that job. I’ve tried contacting her through various e-mail addresses I have but no response yet.

In Charlotte, NC itself they had evacuated the downtown area as a precaution. We have several large banking buildings that are 80 stories or more. My wife took the kids out of school. Finally 5 o’clock came and I left work.

On the way home I turned on a local sports radio talk show. The host was taking phone calls from people to talk about what had happened. Then they played the Star Spangled Banner. It was at that time I lost it. I broke down into tears over what had happened. I didn’t know anyone directly involved in the tragedy but couldn’t help feeling an immense sadness over this tragic loss of life.

When I got home I hugged my step kids which is not something I normally do. I’m just not a big hugger. Then I hugged my wife just being thankful that we were all ok. I mean my life has its ups and downs but I could never imagine having to deal with someone like this.

Then after dinner, I just laid in bed transfixed to Fox News and saw for the first time the second plane hitting the tower. I was horrified at the explosion and the sheer senselessness of it all. I slept horribly that night as you can well imagine. It was hard to go the work the next day but as Americans, it’s something we all must do. If we shut the country down then they’ve won. And it’s funny how we take for granted some things. I mean just last night my wife was telling me how strange it was to actually see a plane in the sky.

With this post, I am offering no opinion. Just relating the story of the events in one mans life on a day that none of us will ever forget.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. To the New York Police and Firemen. The rescue workers. And anyone who was affected by this tragedy in any way, shape, or form. God bless.

More Thoughts on 9/11

Ok, now that I’m through the hysteria I have a few things to say.

Let’s keep our heads on straight people. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Let’s not start harassing those living peacefully in our country.

Every time a great tragedy like this occurs Nostradamus starts making the rounds. Which is pretty good considering he’s been dead for about 500 years. But don’t put too much stock in Nostradamus. He wrote in very symbolical language. Anyone of his so-called prophecies could be twisted in any number of ways. He wasn’t all that. He was the Madam Cleo of his time.

After watching all the news coverage what’s up with all the split screen crap? Watching 3 screens on FoxNews gave me a headache. I think BBC America had the best news coverage. Objective reporting without the sensationalism. It was also nice to get a non-American perspective of these events.


I’ve been watching Fox News since I got home. They showed photographs that a photographer took of falling bodies. I just kept thinking to myself that that’s someone’s brother/father/son/whatever.

I did finally break down on the drive home from work.

My wife noted that how eerie it is not to see any planes in the sky from our porch.


Just some questions.

What if this was only the first phase? Could it be possible the terrorists were domestic terrorists? How were the planes hijacked? What was in the part of the Pentagon that was attacked? How will this affect the economy?

I guess the terrorists or whoever got what they want. The country has come to a grinding halt.


I just heard a report on NPR from one of the triage sites in NY that the walking wounded are being ignored and those that are close to death. That’s horrible but I imagine they have to with as many wounded they must have and the limited resources they’re working with. I also heard that some territories in the Middle East or having celebrations. Will this plunge the world into war again like Pearl Harbor? I couldn’t imagine having to go through something like this and I hope I never have to.


I was able to get a hold of a friend of mine from North Jersey. She and her family are fine but she used to work in the World Trade Center. She told me that she doesn’t know if all the people she used to work with got out. She said she had spoken to some but not all. For her sake, I hope they did. My God, I just feel like crying. The World freakin’ Trade center isn’t there anymore. It just isn’t there. After the first bombing back in ’93 I thought it was indestructible.

Back in ’93, I had strep throat and a really bad fever. The fever was around 102. I had these really bad dreams. In one of them, a large structure had exploded. The next day I was in my doctor’s office and they announced over the radio that the World Trade Center had been bombed. I was so delirious with a fever I thought I was responsible.

No dream last night. Just a nightmare this morning.


I just had a sick feeling come over me. I have a friend who I love a lot that lives in New York City. She kind of disappeared a few weeks ago. When I say disappeared I mean I tried to call her and her number was disconnected and I haven’t gotten an e-mail from her in a while. If my memory serves me correctly she worked somewhere near the World Trade Centers. But the last we talked she was getting a job out of the city. I e-mailed her at the last address I had for her but haven’t heard anything back yet. I pray to God she’s ok.