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I heard on the news today that Eric Harris’ journal was finally released today. I also read an article at Yahoo that the plans for the Columbine massacre were made at least a year in advance. Let’s think about that for a second. A year in advance. The article also states sheriff’s investigators had drafted an affidavit to search Harris’ home a year before the attack but the search was never carried out. Let’s think about that again. A year before the attack. The article also states that the sheriff’s office had said that it was unclear if a search warrant would have turned up the shooting plans. Would it have hurt to try? So it seems that not only were his parents at fault for letting all this go under their noses but it seems the police dropped the ball as well.

Anyway, I’m getting off the subject. I went to the website that had the journal at It was unbelievable what this bastard wrote and no one ever noticed. On a page dated 4/26/98 he talks about what they plan on doing. At the end of that entry, he states that if they escape police they’ll hijack a plane and crash it into NYC. He also says that no one should be blamed for the shootings except for him and Klebold. He says not to blame his parents because they have no idea what was going on. Sorry, but if their parents were doing their job none of this would have happened. When I was a teen I used to hate it when my parents searched my room. But all they ever found was porn and cigarettes. Now that I’m a parent I see why they did what they did. I’m going to search my kids’ rooms every chance I get. I do not want to be that parent that ends up on the news trying to defend their child even though they killed scores of people.

The handwritten entries were the most disturbing. The hate must have just dripped from his pen. Talking about how he and Klebold were the only ones who knew everything and had the whole world figured out. He also talks about how he would have liked to lure a girl to his room, have sex with her, and then rip her throat out.

He did have at least one moment of lucidity. When he wrote about an anger management class that he had to take it seemed like progress was being made. It seemed like he was coming to terms with his anger. But as we all know it didn’t work. I wonder why it wasn’t followed up.

He actually wrote down that he and Klebold bought the shotguns and what hey bought. How in the world did they afford such an arsenal? Where did they get that kind of money for 2 shotguns, a rifle, 2 switchblades, and all that ammo? Parents perhaps? I know they had jobs but still…..

But nothing disturbed me more than this……


Just think. All of this could have been prevented.

352 thoughts on “The Eric Harris Journal

  1. Jennifer S. says:

    I am sure whatever Eric Harris wrote in his journal was good. very good. It is not fun to be picked on. So what He & Dylan did was get revenge.They did. The people who picked on Eric & Dylan got exactly what they deserved.Eric and Dylan knew what to do.So they stood up for themselves.& I am very happy for them. MORE POWER TO YOU ERIC & DYLAN.I BELEIVE IN YOU GUYS. YOU ARE AWSOME.


    1. XxgoldielocksxX says:

      So fkin true,bet them bullying twats thought O,fk shud ov treated them better….


      1. Except they weren’t bullied and you need to learn better grammar if you want people to take you seriously.


  2. Trench says:

    I debated about if I wanted to delete this comment or not. I decided to leave it up to show that there are actually people like Jennifer out there who worship those two scumbags Harris and Kliebold.

    Jennifer, I’m sorry your parents obviously don’t take enough interest in your life but get some help you sick twisted fool.


  3. nickolaus says:

    ::dumbfounded dipshit look on face:: I had dealt with a fucker that was scared of your site because she went to columbine and because of that she wanted nothing to do with either of our sites. So the comment by that first mutant does not suprise me. At least she was not trying to save your soul.





  5. Zack Farewell says:

    I think that what Eric and Dylan did was really cruel but I don’t think it was their fault really, they were driven to the precipice of insanity by stupid and conceited tormentors, it was bound to happen. I don’t believe anyone innocent deserves to be so gruesomely killed either, but I do believe in revenge and when someone humiliates you or deliberately singles you out to pick on, you automatically want to retaliate, it?s in our nature! Then they need to be taught a lesson, a lesson and experience that everyone can learn from that way people will think twice before acting a certain way and hopefully unfortunate events like April 20th can be avoided. My prayers are with those who were killed in the massacre but they are also with the two murderers who were obviously deeply wounded inside!


  6. rene says:

    The first entry was hte most ignorant thing I have ever heard, he didnt kill those who teased them he randomly killed people he never knew so those who teased him didnt get what they “deserved” the innocent ones got murdered.


  7. Cheryl says:

    Well done Eric and dylan. I am very proud of you both and I hope people will be proud of me soon. I am going to do exactly what you did only I am going to kill EVERYONE in my school. I will aim for the heads and the propane bomb that I have made will go off when it is supposed to. Watch the news on the 18th of February ‘cos it’s gone to be a blast – so to speak – when I get back at those little fucking bastards and I hope that I get the same respect as Eric and Dylan. RESPECT 2 YOU GUYS. Hope the school mourns forever.HAHA. Fuck UR wife.Fuck UR kids and FUCK EVERYONE.


  8. Brandi says:

    Cheryl I would suggest thinking twice about what you just said.. know that I will be doing everything in my power to find out who you are and reporting that statement you just made to your local PD. I hope you can get some help before its too late. I will NOT let your comments go unnoticed by blowing them off as some sick internet freak that just wants attention… maybe if people had taken Eric and Dylan seriously Rachel, Cassie, Isaiah, and many others would still be alive. You’ll be hearing from me soon.


  9. Cheryl says:

    Hi, Cherly again. So Brandi, how many people do you think there are in the world with the name “Cheryl” and how many people think I would be stupid enough to use my own name? How many countries do you think there are in the whole world? You go on about innocent people being killed but how many people in third world countries die of malnutricion? How many people do you think I would kill if I did blow up my whole school? How many families do you think I would feel sorry for? How many people would hate me for what I do? How many police officers would take any notice of what you had to say to them? How many people do you think would show remorse for me when I commit suicide?How many people in the world see Eric and Dylan as role models?How many psychiatrists do you think I have seen in my whole life?How many times do you think I have been sectioned? How do you think the 18th of February is significant to me? How many people in the world have been bullied daily and think constantly about blowing their whole school up? How many people take me seriously when I talk of murder?How many people care about me? How do you know I am not taking the piss? How often have you had a kicking for being individual? How many people in the world associate the word individual with “Goth”?How many times have I tried to commit suicide?How many people believe in God?How many times have I dreamed of shooting students at point blank range? How much pleasure do you think I would get from doing it? How many times do you think I have come across people like you who for some unknown reason think that I care about what you say about me? How many times do you think I will shoot the main bully in my school? How sorry do you think I feel that innocent people were killed? How often have you come across people like me who question everything? How many schizophrenics do you know? How many people can say they honestly feel sorry for the so-called victims? How many people turn a blind eye to kids being bullied every day? How much rage do you think there is in me along with the rest of the rest of the world? How many people want the president dead? How many people oppose war in Iraq? How many people feel sorry for the victins of 9/11? How many people care about people in third world contries? How many people do you think feel sorry for the fact that many people in the world don’t have access to clean water when it is free? How many people do you think are reading this comment? Why are you so stupid to think that you can track me down? Why do so many people believe in God when there is no evidence? How many people believe in aliens? THE ANSWER TO MOST OF THESE QUESTIONS IS THE SAME – YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Cheryl says:

    It’s starting to get light outside and I have nothing to do but annoy you! So Brandi, I am still waiting to hear from you. What would you do if I was to track you down? What would you do if I was to enter your house late at night and kill your whole family? What would you do if I was to leave you without a family, pressuming you have one, and laugh in your face before killing myself? How often do you think I try to stop my plans and tell myself I don’t need to do this? How many times do you think my plans have nearly been foiled? What makes you think I have the guts to go through with this? What makes you think I haven’t already went too far by persuading someone else to help me? What if now he is more up for doing it than I am? What if I do kill blow up the school and get caught by the cops? What if the students manage to escape and I can only kill a small number of them? What if I break down and cry before I kill anyone? What if I regret it afterwards? What if, when I die, people who associate with me get into trouble and get put in jail? Do you seriously think I haven’t considered all of this? Oh, don’t spend the whole of the 18th watching the news as I probably won’t go through with it! If I do then you will feel guilty that you didn’t find me in time. That would be a shame wouldn’t it Brandy. Who believes any of what I have written? Who thinks I am a joke? You’ll just have to wait until 2/18. I don’t think there is much of a point in you trying to find me unless of course thjere is a technological advancement where you can track me just on knowing a name which may not even be mine. How do you know I’m not an obsessed fan of Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Robert Steinhausser and a host of others who have gone beserk and shot people dead? How do you know that I am not sitting here with all my friends having a laugh at you right now? How do you know that I am not a 40 year-old with nothing better to do with my time? Where do you think I got my guns from? How many bullets do you think I have? Which country do you think I am in? How old do you think I am? How do you know that after I shoot up the school I won’t have a group of followers who see me as a role model and agree that I am dying for a good cause? How do you know the people shot in Columbine were as innocent as they were made out to be? How many people would agree that the press don’t say a bad thing about people who were shot whereas they totally bad-mouth Eric and Dylan when they were the real victims? How many students do you think there are in my school? How many people do you think like me in school? Hope to hear from you soon, or the cops if your clever enough to track me. Please post a comment on the site as I don’t believe in E-mails. Love and peace, Cheryl


  11. Cheryl says:

    It’s starting to get light outside and I have nothing to do but annoy you! So Brandi, I am still waiting to hear from you. What would you do if I was to track you down? What would you do if I was to enter your house late at night and kill your whole family? What would you do if I was to leave you without a family, pressuming you have one, and laugh in your face before killing myself? How often do you think I try to stop my plans and tell myself I don’t need to do this? How many times do you think my plans have nearly been foiled? What makes you think I have the guts to go through with this? What makes you think I haven’t already went too far by persuading someone else to help me? What if now he is more up for doing it than I am? What if I do kill blow up the school and get caught by the cops? What if the students manage to escape and I can only kill a small number of them? What if I break down and cry before I kill anyone? What if I regret it afterwards? What if, when I die, people who associate with me get into trouble and get put in jail? Do you seriously think I haven’t considered all of this? Oh, don’t spend the whole of the 18th watching the news as I probably won’t go through with it! If I do then you will feel guilty that you didn’t find me in time. That would be a shame wouldn’t it Brandy. Who believes any of what I have written? Who thinks I am a joke? You’ll just have to wait until 2/18. I don’t think there is much of a point in you trying to find me unless of course thjere is a technological advancement where you can track me just on knowing a name which may not even be mine. How do you know I’m not an obsessed fan of Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Robert Steinhausser and a host of others who have gone beserk and shot people dead? How do you know that I am not sitting here with all my friends having a laugh at you right now? How do you know that I am not a 40 year-old with nothing better to do with my time? Where do you think I got my guns from? How many bullets do you think I have? Which country do you think I am in? How old do you think I am? How do you know that after I shoot up the school I won’t have a group of followers who see me as a role model and agree that I am dying for a good cause? How do you know the people shot in Columbine were as innocent as they were made out to be? How many people would agree that the press don’t say a bad thing about people who were shot whereas they totally bad-mouth Eric and Dylan when they were the real victims? How many students do you think there are in my school? How many people do you think like me in school? Hope to hear from you soon, or the cops if your clever enough to track me. Please post a comment on the site as I don’t believe in E-mails. Love and peace, Cheryl


  12. cheryl says:

    Why, if this site is so good has nobody put a comment on this page over the weekend? Why do people go out of there way to piss me off? Why is it when you wait for a bus none come then after ten minutes three come at once? Answer me you fuckers? RU ready yet for the conquest when i digest you fucking idiots?


  13. taylor says:

    It’s weird thinking that I’m writing this to you late at night, especially since I’ve never met you, but I hope that you try to find some peace with yourself. I know what it’s like to be beaten up because you’re different than everyone else and to feel so alone and so angry that you don’t seem to have a place in this world. I’ve gone through that a lot. But I can honestly tell you that it doesn’t work. You never feel better by hurting the people who once hurt you. All it ever did for me wa s to help prove that I could be twenty times more evil than they were. And in the end I felt as alone as when I was the one who was abused. I didn’t kill anyone, but I hurt alot of people. THe sad part was the people I hurt the most were those I cared for the most.
    So, I guess all I can do is hope that you somehow decide that the world isa better place with you in it. I hope you can find peace within yourself, if not the rest of the people around you. I know that you think that Eric and Dylan were justified in what they did, but I believe that went way too far across the line.


  14. Cheryl says:

    Hi there! I hope I have given you some insight! This is the last comment I will send you so make the most! Did you like the fact that you can’t do anything about me? I could be anyone and you can do nothing – I have always found that to be one of the major curses of the internet. Does it upset you when I write messages like this? Does it piss you off that not everyone agrees with your views? As the majority of you people know – I’m a hoaxer! What you have to understand is that I might not have been!


  15. Dena says:

    I honestly don’t blame the parents of Dylan and Eric too much. Kids nowadays can be really close to their parents and have a great relationship but the parents still won’t have a clue as to what is going on with their children. It’s sad for both the boys also because they were tormented to the point that they thought killing was their only optioion. I’m not condoning what they did, I think its horrible that they brutally murdered people. They were in a way also victims. Its sad for everyone.


  16. Aenari says:

    Cheryl, I’ve got a question for you. Don’t you have anything better to do than post such things as that and make people angry and uncomfortable? What YOU have to understand is that whether you are or not, you’re still a moron.


  17. Logan says:

    Eric and Dylan, what you did was wrong and you both finally know it. The parents could have prevented all of this, but they obviously werent those parents who got into everything and everything with there kids. If they were those people this site wouldnt be here, 15 people would not be dead and that is definitley true. I know i said it wasnt the parents fault, but I guess alot of it was. Alot of it was, alot of it wasnt. I mean kids push away the parents more often as they grow older, Dylan and Eric were in High School they were pushing the parents away, and when you push parents away they sometimes take the hint. So NO I do not think that it was fully the parents fault, somewhat, but not fully. The people who bullied them now know that they have put such an impact on someone that they blew. I hope the bullies of these two feel bad, I hope they feel really bad, because they are also somewhat to blame for this. But this biggest people envolved are who to blame the most. Dylan and Eric, yes they were both mentally unstable, or at least getting there, obviously. But they I beleive are in heaven with the other 13 from the tradgedy and they also now know what they did was wrong. Dont just blame Dylan and Eric for this, they were pushed to this, they could have gotten help, so dont completley let them off the hook. But if you look at the whole scenario then you will notice there is more then two people who caused this, and there are many people who could have prevented it. Also I would like to see this on further sites if people see. I’m sick of seeing Columbine 13. 15 died at columbine not just 13.


  18. Logan says:

    Now that I think about it, this couldnt of been prevented, nothing were going to stop them from eventually doing something. They were destined to do this and they did, nothing could have stopped them. That’s my oppinion now.


  19. raven says:

    It’s so long ago, and it didn’t even happen where I live. Yet what happenend on Columbine that day is on my mind every day. Eric and Dylan touched me deep inside. I wonder what must have gone through their minds the 20th, and what they were thinking when they turned the guns on themselves. All I can do is relate. Relate to what they have gone through every day of their fuckig lives. Because of humans. Humans who place the blame entirly on them and their parents. Come one, wake up. Hate comes back to you. In my eyes, everybody got what they deserved. And Eric and Dylan died as symbols of wrath. They left this cruel world in victory…


  20. Anarchist Mafia 627 says:

    Eric and Dylan, although they were sick, were driven to the edge by society, so don’t fucking blame the parents. I hate all you fucks who blame everything on the parents, and the kids. Society is the sick bastard here, not Eric and Dylan.


  21. Anarchist Mafia 627 says:

    Eric and Dylan, although they were sick, were driven to the edge by society, so don’t fucking blame the parents. I hate all you fucks who blame everything on the parents, and the kids. Society is the sick bastard here, not Eric and Dylan.


  22. Dani says:

    I agree with Cheryl. Fukn good on ya kill them all. Dont even think that she isnt the only one who hasnt planned everything out. Eric and Dylan have put the idea into our heads and i dont think there isnt one person out there that hasnt fantasised about doing exactly what they did. I think about the Columbine Massacre every fukn day and worship them. Cheryl im with you. I know wat its like to have a fukn connection with them. They may be dead but i know eventually people like us will fukn join them and take every motherfucker with us that we can. Half the people in here dont know what they are going on about. Its not pain and depression that make us go like this, all human filth is like this but half of them are too fukn ignorant to realise. its hatred. hatred at fukn everything. and if you fukheads believe that our habitats made us like this then why dont you think that its human filth like you that made us like this. and thats all it is. HUMAN FILTH. all humans are disgusting. Im disgusted to think im one. fuk the entire world should fukn die. Cheryl i’ll be looking at for you on the 2/18 and you better fukn be waiting for me on the 11/9 (yeah pathetic? well its my bday its eric harris’s bday and its one of the greatest dates in this entire fukn worlds history).

    oh and that whole fukn, “oh im a hoax” thing cheryl, i dont believe that in the fukn least. your minds just fukn like mine. i know that was bullshit.


  23. Kim says:

    Could you imagine putting a gun barrel to your face and pulling a trigger on three? I couln’t do it. These boys were sad. I feel sorry for them.


  24. anon says:

    you ppl just blow my mind y dont u leave it alone? it happend so long ago


  25. witheld says:

    It may have happened a long time ago but people still feel the need to talk about it. Why? either they still hold the scars from that day and have not yet trully recovered or they can relate to Eric and Dylan and feel that the world hasn’t learned from its mistakes. This was a tragedy but could easily have been prevented if people listened and learned from others. All people have a breaking point, and Eric and Dylan found theirs. People brand and bully other people in all aspects of life, everyday. It is seen as a way to get rid of someone, and force them away. Bulling at school however totally misses this point. Kids have to continue to attend school, and instead of being pushed away their anger and hatred build up inside them and they see the world as a cruel place and their lives as worthless. Eric and Dylan had been bullied to the point of suicide. How fair is it that someone else should have the right to torment someone to death. It is not acceptable but neither is what Eric and Dylan did. Two wrongs dont make a right, but it does make it even. 15 people died that day, and they should all be remembered. Eric and Dylan were forced to kill themselves through bullying because they were different, and we are all in society, to blame for this.


  26. Trench says:

    Society is not to blame only Harris, Klebold and their parents are too blame. Kids everyday are bullied and they don’t go home and get guns. Harris and Klebold were two mentaly ill little fucks who would have shot the school up anyway they were just looking for an excuse. Harris and Klebold are the ultimate cowards.


  27. jackamalo says:

    It doesn’t matter how long ago anything happened. The fact is that it did, and rather than just give it up and forget about it, some people need to keep it fresh in their minds so as to remember the fragility of life. yeah that sounds really pathetic, i’m very aware of it, but it’s true. i dont believe there was one single event, person or thing in either of eric or dylan’s lives that prompted them to do what they did. The parents aren’t to blame completely, if a kid wants to do something behind their parent’s back, what can the parent do? i do feel, however, that there isnt any use in trying to figure out who is culpable anyway. instead of pointing fingers at the parents, marilyn manson and other performers, that blanket use of the word “society”, and other brash, cliched generalized words, but mainly the search (which is obviously in vain) for a scapegoat, why don’t these people stop talking so damn much and just observe and listen to the world and the people around them? Everyone has two ears and just one mouth and it’s so much easier to use them in proportion and that way everyone benefits. The teacher who thinks he/she knows it all, the asshole jock who thinks he’s the shit, the polititian whose own family is as fucked up as the next going on air blaming Korn for some homicide, etc. I’m not saying that observing and listening is the cure, of course it’s not and i doubt there will ever be such a thing. but it’s just a suggestion.. a thought. with tragedies like columbine, flint michigan, [insert your city here], it’s everyone’s fault.


  28. gemma says:

    i agree with cheryl then, but i dnt think i’ll b blowing ppls heads off, i believe in better non- violent ways to get back at ppl. but they did wat they feltt was right, its only a crime now, but thousands of years ago ppl had to kill to eat. ppl ate ppl, tht i more violent .those ppl were not innocent. no-one is innocent, u cant even say you were innocent. if they felt like bein such pricks they should get wat they deserve.


  29. LONNNIE says:



  30. Emma says:

    Eric and Dylan done it wrong……you dont randomly shoot… aim for the fuckers whop drove you too it….that said……they arent to blame…the school system is to blame….the adults who were meant to be protecting both the murderers and their victims are to blame.The parents,teachers…..Eric and Dylan are far from any blame if you can put yourself into their mindstate…….after suffering at the hands of mindless,selfish,selt centred conformists for so long …being teased and ridiculed for being ‘abnormal’ of course one day you will finally snap…and do any of you reading this actually think that when Dylan and Eric pulled the triggers they were thinking ‘Dont hurt innocent people….”…..Of course they werent!THEY were the innocents in the first place corrupted by society and driven to the massacre by the neglect of the school system and the cruelty of the other ‘normal’ students….So many of us every single day think of doing the same as Eric and Dylan did…..but we dont…..maybe we havnt yet reached that breaking point?Maybe we cant get the guns?How exactly DID they get those guns?I know how but HOW!How could that have been allowed to happen?HOW is it that the schools in America afterwards have (from what Ive heard) not taken the hint….and have (apparently….i live in europe so I cant say for sure…this is just what Ive read) cracked the whip down on kids they deem as being part of an alternative culture?Suppressing these kids(kids like me….kids like my friends….kids like Eric and Dylan) will only fuel their(our) hatred further.How many more Columbines will there be before people realise?How many more Dylan’s and Eric’s must emerge before society will accept that the freaks have feelings too?How many more people will die next time?Ill be bringing Columbine to the attention of the people running my school….but will they listen?No….theyl sit back and watch as the bullets fly and the bodies drop then after its all said and done…..theyl blame Marilyn Manson
    x X x


  31. ronald nicol says:

    cheryl you havent got the brains to carry out a school attack like your dreaming of, and brandi dont feel sorry for that sad bitch she is a hoaxer


  32. Emma says:

    Cheryl darling you misunderstood me … I think….Im not PLANNING another Columbine….just lying in wait for it to come ….as we all know it…inevitably will…..People never learn and history repeats itself time and time again…..I just hope to fuck its not anywhere near my school…..but hey…..I know all the freaks 🙂 Theyl give me warning….a chance to get out….and at the end of the next Columbine HOPEFULLY only people who DESERVE to die are dead……too many innocents last time
    Peace Love EMPATHY
    Emma xXx


  33. Whitney says:

    This sick fuck knew if anything happened to him that his journal would ‘immortalize’ him, or at least all the crazies would. I can’t believe it was planned a year ahead of time, and no one knew. I think there parents should be charged with Neglect (cause, obviously if they’d paid attention to their child they would have realized that they were sitting on a freaking arsenal) and unintentional aiding and abetting (b/c they failed to stop it when they could have by neglect). Not that I condone breathing down your child’s neck or anything, but if he’s having problems and has been sent to Anger management, uh yeah..I think I’d be a little cautious. Anyway, about the “moment of lucidity due to anger management”, Trench. I was reading about depression and suicide, and it said that the most dangerous time for a person to commit suicide is after they begin treatment for depression. Because while you’re depressed you’re generally listless and have no energy, so when you get a little energy and start to feel better and something upsets the newfound balance, a person is more likely to commit suicide. Now, whether or not this applies to mass-murder & suicide, I don’t know, but maybe that sheds some light on the subject.



  34. anon says:

    To Trench,
    Anyone who kills themselves is not a coward, it takes guts to do what they did. I admire them for taking a stand against the evils of American society, the only sad thing is that America has not learned from its mistakes and continues in its ways. never mind.


  35. mar says:

    I am thinking that they were very piss off about all the things society does, but that is not reason to plan a masacre and kill innocenses people i dont know what was on their mind that day but to have the courage to shoot somebody and no feel nothing… its a pretty darn sick. But why the parents didn’t do nothings the knew about their son problems (they knew)


  36. anonymous says:

    Killing yourself doesn’t take guts. It’s the coward’s way out. These boys were too chicken to face what they did because they knew they’d rot in prison, so they killed themselves. They are the ones to blame for what they did. They knew what they were doing and knew the consequences for their actions and they alone were to blame. It’s a shame that so many kids had to lose their lives just because these boys were so messed up.


  37. Ryan SHREEman OF COLUMBINE says:

    Today I witnessed a kids website that linked to this, what many of these kids say have points, they say that dylan and eric had a point, but there point shouldnt have been death. There are many diffrent ways in this world, and this was not a good one. I live right behind columbine, can u possibley say that u were there when your elemnery school was locked down, cops were running down halls, tv clips would reveal little info, and kids were crying. I knew columbine kids, some were like sisters and brotheres, but violence will never be an option. regardless to anyone who hates life, they shall never speak of more hate. hate spreads hate, and thats why this world is going to pot. I, currently attend columbine, and im a sophmore, i love columbine, and always will, but people show such disrespect. Please dont hate, it leads to more hate.


  38. Dude says:

    Oh yeah… they won alright… Killed themselves didn’t they? ended their own lives didn’t they? took the easy way out didn’t they!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Those fuckers couldn’t take the pressure. Should it be there no. Is it ? yes. I’m under the same fucking pressure… some group of kids is intimidating me in the dirt lot and then some Jock decides he want’s to pick a fight on the way out. So yeah they struck out, they struck out at other kids. I don’t care who you are in highschool your still just a kid who needs to learn. If violence is your answer to being afraid… if creating fear is your idea of making your own fears better than you’re no better then the damn popular kid that put you down. Think about it… they fear things… they have their little insecurities too. Life isn’t easy no matter who you are… and some of those kids choose to be asses to help cover up their fears. Well what the fuck are you if you take what shit they give to you and turn it around and give shit to another…? NO KILL ANOTHER!!!
    If you feel like it’s the whole fucking world against you you better wake up cause all you are is a sniveling, selfish, ignorant kid, and life will not just come down on you hard, but will never actually get going.
    Was it bad what was done to Dylan and Eric? yeah. Was it bad enough to kill? say yes… and you know nothing death or mysery or pain or grief or right or wrong… you are just a filthy, bloody, writhing, stupid ass, blind, Hypocrit. Before you complain about how horrible it is for you to get picked on today tell me what you did to keep that from happenign to someone else


  39. Dude says:

    No what… I’m not done here…
    Takes guts to commit suicide? they deserved it? you blaim this on society?
    What is Highschool but a bunch of fucking kids. NOBODY IS ANY MORE OR LESS THAN A DAMN PERSON. Some lady up a ways, mother of two, says that the people that say taht these guys were scum bags are…. some sort of fuckers and should be ware of God’s Judgement… Holy shit lady…
    I’m gonna spell it out for you real clear. I’m not a judgemental person… I know what these kids went through… it’s highschool I’m goin through it now. It sucks… nothings real in highschool…. I’m nobody… I feel unwanted unwelcome… I’m a unpopular kid who has never had a girlfriend and often prefers to listen to music in the back of the class then actually talk to people. Hell I even grew up in the same GT program that these kids started… I know what it’s fucking like.
    Wait for it…
    Wait for it…
    how are these kids who killed because they were picked on better then the kids who picked on because of peer pressure… You wanna talk about the faliar of society here it is: Nobody sees that death… murder… suicide…. these aren’t words in a newspaper… they are real… they end… there is nothing worse.
    You wanna fight back… fight back by not conforming… fight back by ignoring the fuckers… Fight back by getting over their stupid shit and realizing that it doesn’t matter…
    It hurts but it is not final… it is not death.
    And about God… I hope he has Mercy on these kids souls… What have they accomplished but ended their own lives and the lives of innocents and yes spread hate and evil throughout the community.
    It enables more people to stand up… to point fingers… to scapegoat…. to blame. It’s all bullshit and it’s gotta stop somewhere… first step is to admit there was wrongs done… there’ bullying and it needs to stop… but ohnestly, how long do you think it was before these kids had already given up and resigned to their fears and anger… If you’re feelin that way don’t go down that road… what the fuck? atleast preserve some life people. There are too sides here and refusing to see either one is gonna get somebody killed. …. I can’t put it more simply than that…


  40. steven says:

    I have respect to Eric and dylan for having the balls to show those little bastard who picked on them on how they dress and act and what kinda of music they listened to. Yea they should of gotten more of the people who picked on them but owell .


  41. KaTaNa says:

    I think that what eric harris put in his jounral was true. “kill mankind, no one should survive.” wtf is the point in livivng if we are all just going to pick on one another, thats why poeple get shot, bc people are sick of being picked on, i think what eric wrote in his journal should be published….so everyone knows what will happen if you pick on someone.


  42. Crash says:

    Are you kidding me? They had balls? They were little jerks that obviously went insane. What is wrong with someone that would joke and laugh about kiling other people? To imagine these two as heroes is crazier than they were. If these kids truly had balls, they wouldn’t have shot themselves. They would have stood up proud for what they thought they accomplished. They were cowards to begin with and they died as cowards. My only with is that they would’ve saved a lot of hurt and anger and simply did themselves in rather than killing and injuring so many others. Any family affected by this tragedy will never be the same.


  43. Lynn says:

    Why you may not care, here’s what I think. I wasn’t the most popular person in high school either, but what was done was wrong. I sympathise with Eric and Dylan, being picked on is tough, but my sympathy stops when they started shooting. It never had to come to that. I don’t think the parents are to blame, while they could’ve been more connected, they were 18 year old boys.. legal adults.. and kids at that age withdraw from their parents. I know because I did it. They had other ways out, options of other schools. Here it is four years later and I’m researching for a paper for a college course and these stories still bring me to tears. Harris was an attractive kid who could have made something of himself. I think if you really feel that your life has come to this, you need to be an adult and seek some help. For some reason, this story clings to me and it’s hard to forget.. and I’m clear on the east coast! It’s not cool, it’s not funny, it’s not brave, it’s stupid. You can make something of yourself whether you believe it or not. I hope that each of you posting these remarks about how great their acts were can find strength to help yourselves. I am not 2 years out of high school with my own daughter.. and I want you to think of this. How would you feel if someone went in and killed YOUR child? All these postings of support need to be revised.. one day you will have a child of your own and you remember that he or she will be growing up with monster who want to play copycat. You remember that one day you will be protecting your kids from people like yourself. With that, get help.


  44. Leanne Stewart says:

    I think it’s crazy the way some kids out there actually think by shooting up a school your making a point. Eric, and Dylan choose to end there lives in the most gruesome, sadistic way they could and for that I don’t feel sorry for them. I was fucking picked on in high school to but I didn’t decide to blow up the school. It doesn’t prove anything it didn’t make the jocks, and preppies stop picking on the outcasts. It did nothing and nobody learned there lesson from it. It just made kids become even more mean then they already were.

    People never understood me in high school either. They tried to label me as goth because I had black hair and I liked to listen to weird music. But you know what? I never let it get to me. Eric and Dylan were the biggest sheeps of them all because they obviously cared to much about what others thought of them. Otherwise they would have never done it and all those kids would still be alive today.

    On the outside they pretended to be tough. But deep down they were both two scared little boys afraid that they’d never be accepted. I understand that being picked on can hurt alot but NOBODY is justified in killing another. These two boys could have made so much more of themselves. They were attractice, they were said to be really smart so they could have been anyone they wanted but instead they took the so called easy way out.

    For that I have no respect for them.


  45. Mysterious says:

    No matter what we do, in this world bullying will never stop, human instinct will never stop, murder and rape and harassment will never stop. If we constantly go over events in our heads, trying so hard to think how we could have prevented these tragic events we will haunt our own self being and i will never stop!! It is tragic on both account of this high school shooting, even if the boys didn’t go through with it, each and everyday they would have had to live with the taunting which eventually would have killed them anyways, and with the victims, yes it is incrediably sad and horrific the way they died and this isn’t the way they should have died, but it shouldnt of been the way Dylan and Eric had to live their lives just because they were individualist compared to the rest of the so called ‘Normal’ students. It’s unfair on both accounts and it can’t be blamed on the all of the victims including Eric and Dylan. Relgion and god have nothing to do with this, and it annoys me, when people bring it in and it also annoys me how people can blame everyone and point the finger, when they themselves are the being the problem and not the solution. Wake Up Society and Wake up the World, what more must humans do to take on recongnition that we only keep hurting each other. Is this what you really want???


  46. Samantha says:

    I love Eric and Dylan. They were the best thing that ever happened in this fucking world


  47. Morgan says:

    I agree with Samantha I love them also on April 20th,1999 they broke a brand new ground for the world. I am in 8th grade now and I am home schooled now I was fucked with a whole lot in school. I was kicked pushed you name it they did it. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold put ther lives on the line. For all of us who have been teased and beat up on to show the world you can not do this anymore and if you look on the news they talk more about school kids getting beat up for no reason. I am sorry they had to shoot up there school I am sorry they had to kill themselfs but they did it for kids next to come behide them like me. I will be in 9th grade next year if they had not done what they did we would still have lots more shit. My mom saw there was a problem with me in school that I could not handle it any longer so she took me out and started to hiome school me. I am not into the whole Jesus and God thing but liek they say god will take care of it and he did he send Eric and Dylan they were to good for this world and they did something that kids like me should be thankful for.


  48. Katana says:

    Ok listen, i am the one Katana you are trashin for wearing a trench coat, i am not going to stop wearing something just b/c people are fucking morons. I am not going to give up on my self bc some fucking eigger has the balls to say something…..also you said you went to my site, when i made that i have a broken arm so dont trash my typin….thank you very much…but going back to the coat, i am not going to stop doing something or wearing something i like because some dumnbass person or some fucking wigger or hick said something, it is not how i am…i mean come on you wwouldnt stop writing bc someone said something would you? no its stupid to think what other people say, i dont let it bother me, i let it fuel me, people who say shit give me things to rant about and make my site more intersting, the people who say shit give me the fuel i need for the fire to burn. But seriously i didnt submit shit to be trashed i liek our wite nad i beleieve in whats on it, so please dont trash me. thx later


  49. GeOrDiE Uk GuRL says:

    Why do people continue to want to hurt other people. I have read Cassie Bernalls story and Rachel Joy Scotts story aswell and these girls and all the other victims of the Columbine massacre were targeted by 2 boys filled with hate and anger at the world and themselves. I too used to be full of hate and anger, but luckily I recieved help and support from people around me. People try to blame music, parents, themselves and other people. Eric and Dylan dont deserve recognition for their terrible actions. I am glad that I live in the UK we dont have the problems of teen violence that the US have but we have people who are just as angry and violent as Dylan and Eric. I look at the tragedy that happened in 99 and sometimes pity the killers sometimes i get angry because they killed innocent people, sometimes i get scared thinking it cud happen at my school, but sometimes i just think it happened and we have to deal with it. If it happens it happens and my point is that people like Eric and Dylan need help to prevent something like this ever happening again. I also have to give praise to the parents of Rachel Joy Scott and Cassie Bernall who told their daughters stories to an extent that it made me weep, these girls were talented and all the vivtims of the massacre were and there talents were wasted at the hands of there killers but at least we know they are in a better place…r.i.p all victims of the columbine massacre and i pray for their families and friends.


  50. Katana says:

    Ok, you know what, I dont worry about what other people think or say, they just piss me off, thats all, and if your spell check starts the go crazy, thats your problem, but dont trash me on shit you dont even know….Later


  51. jim says:

    Yeah Trench ! don’t trash Katana !!!

    Allow me 🙂

    Kat, your just a kid who has little to no idea about the world. I understand better than most people what its like to be picked on, and I fought back like anyone should. but for your information school bullying has not decreased since those two assclowns killed 13 people and then themselves. It is still rampant and growing ever worse.
    In my personal experiance… in elementary school I had to argue over kids pickin on me because my legs were in shit shape. By high school, I had fist fights over a yankees hat.
    you being home school retart proves that you have zero social skills and need to be home with mommy and Jesus. I know… I know… you got picked on and it hurt. Maybe even beat up a few times… and that sucks. sorry for you, but if you cant defend yourself without the need to take away another persons life your a weak piece of shit and you deserve a concrete marker placed 6 feet above your head. your epitat…
    here lyes another loser, moms a floozy dads a boozer, she killed her classmates so she’d be cool, hope hell is warm enough for this fucking fool.
    eric and dylan were losers then, and now they are burning in hell. All these fans of theirs will join them, do yourself a favor and stay away from this subject. its far from your reach and to sick for a child to dive into.


  52. Anna says:

    I simply don’t understand how anyone can justify these two dipshit’s actions. It’s almost 5 years later and Littleton, where I live, is still reeling from these effects. How two kids can be so angry that they were made fun of that they can go into a school and kill innocent people is way beyond me. Everyone gets made fun of. Get over it. At least they had the decency to kill themselves. They would have been lynched by this community. They had problems. Everyone has problems, but most normal people do not go into their schools and shoot people. They were sick, cold-hearted bastards who I hope are burning in Hell for what they did. They looked into the face of their peers and shot them while holding direct contact. Anyone who sympathizes with them has problems as well. They knew full and well what they were doing, and now they are suffering from their actions. It’s a cop-out to say that they were getting revenge or trying to stick up for themselves. They went on a rampage and killed whomever they saw. I’m sorry for my foul language and if I upset anyone, but those bastards certainly upset myself and my community. They deserve the torture of Hell I am sure they are going through now.


  53. Incinerator says:

    These pieces of dogsh!t should have killed themselves WAY long before they got the chance to shoot so many innocent people. Its beyond me how these assclowns could have done such a horrible thing, its like the arab suicide bombers killing Israelis, they dont have the balls to shoot it out with the army, they have to go after defenseless people that have no clue. Getting 3 shotguns and a tec-9 and shooting kids that have no weapons of any kind is beyond cowardly, its so pathetic that I have no word for it. If any mother f’ing b!tch like them ever decided to shoot up my school, i would go after them not caring what weapons they have and kill them. The hate goes both ways faggots, while I might be fervently against killing innocent people, I would have no problem natzifingly incinerate cocksuckers like Eric and Dylan. I hope you burn in hell you pieces of sh!t, you earned it.


  54. Anna says:

    Amen Incinerator!


  55. Uk GeOrDiE GuRl says:

    well im back and i just have to say every1 can be opineonated and that this sort of thing will always happen and you no ova in the uk ppl are jus the same, wot happened was shit and u no ppls opineons may hurt ova ppl but if there opineon ov the situation wot happened is bad ppl dont have to accept it just ignore it. on dis msg board there are a lot of hurt and angry ppl expressing there own personal opineons on the massacre and basically i feel very sorry for some of them. be back soon luv Uk GeOrDiE GuRl


  56. tom says:

    A lot of truth has been spokin here and a load of shit too.I know what its like to be bullied ive gone through it.Im sure they went through a hard time and everything but to kill someone is fucked up.what annoys me most is the fact that they killed themselves.what sort of men decided to do this and not deal with the consequences.pussys come to mind.They also hadnt the balls to keep living live.I kept living and am married with a great life to for the people that support these killings i dont know how you can see the killings of 25 people right.Im sure if someone killed your brother for bullying or taunting him you would be the first to slate them.think about on that perspective before you go supporting these cowards again.i thank you


  57. Kline says:

    the day of the coloumbine shootings, ive been thinking to myself, that same day I knew i was under the same sun as the victims and the shooters, looking at the same sky… everyone has problemes in their life… life is not about finding yourself, not about revenge, not about hate. Its about creating yourself, not everyone will like you, not everyone will love you… but everyone is under the same sky, the same sun, the same moon… just look above… and notice… at that exact time, somewhere, someplace, someone is looking at that exact moon, or sun, or sky… feeling the same thing you are.


  58. B Rabbit says:

    In War the art of murder is glorified, I am not an outcast, nor be bullied, but what IS going on in these schools could be considered WAR, so what is so different about killing in the name this war, as oppose to killing “for your country”,( not voicing an opinion, only a fact.) blood was shed in the name of a WAR. may be a different kind of WAR, yet still a WAR. So ask yourself this, What is the art of WAR? what is WAR? i consider the whole clishe, clique/bullyimg thing to be a form of war. think about 400 years ago , in roman empire days, how war amongst people was acted upon, I think Eric and Dylan retalliated in the same fashion , (not justifying only commending). These kids who think they are cool need to sit back and look at the fucking picture. what good is this bullying going to do them in the future? besides maybe getting there heads blown off for it now, there fucking up sum poor little fuckers life. Lets not forget how sick a fucked up these so-called “bullies” are. If not murder, then there should always be retaliation against a loud mouth bully. put them in there place. well there’s my thoughts. Peace


  59. Kyle says:

    They got the rifle and the shotguns from Robyn Anderson, not from their parents and Dylan got the TEC-9 from Mark Manes (sp?)


  60. James says:

    Message to TOM. I’ve done alot of research on this subject and Eric and dylan had decided that life was so bad they wanted to kill themselves, they decided that seeing as though they were going to do that then they would take out some school peers too, it’s not that they killed themselves because they were afraid of the consequences, it wasn’t even a case off lets teach them a lesson and kill some of them – but i can’t be arsed going to jail. It was a case of, i’m killing myself so i’ll take some of you with me. Let me just add that I in no way condone what they did, but I do sympathyse (sp), killing innocent people however was not what they should have done


  61. haunted says:

    I dont agree with half the crazy ideas i read on here,but i do believe in one.Columbine IS the culmination of a totally degrading,repulsive and conceited society on the face of the planet(middle east withstanding).America has been totally and completely brainwashed by the media.We are all freaks,just some more freaky(and brainwashed)than others.PERIOD


  62. Sarah says:

    OK,HERE IT IS,IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT READ IT. The whole jeffco school system is fucked up the Columbine teachers would watch Eric get beat up daily, watch eric get shoved into lockers daily and not do a thing about it cause he wasnt popular, and his parents didnt have conections The teachers at columbine still only stop about half of the fights that still happen at hour school, whereas if u even mention eric and dylan ur automatically suspended. before they reopened columbine they would give all the so-called “outcasts” an option of home school or back to columbine. they dont want any individuality in this school and its bull fucking shit. i dont condone killing the so-called “innocent by-standers” ( who,just for the record, were’nt innocent at all) they didnt got randomly shooting they got who they wanted. if u were there u would have know most of those killed did mess with Eric and Dylan on the regular basis. but i do believe a person can only be pushed so far there are 15 dead not 13 and there should be 15 crosses still on the hill…




    Location, Littleton,Co

    HS: Columbine

    University: Denver

    Acc. with eric and dylan: Classmate/Friend

    im sure thats all ud need to track me down right?

    Trench Note: I removed her last name since some people don’t have common sense.


  63. john says:

    its about time ye americans learned from us irish.granted bullying does happen at our schools but only in the younger years.once we enter secondary school(High school to ye) the bullying stops.i had 3 secondary schools so it isnt a biased decision and friends of mine tell me the same.not that people dont get along.if you have a problem with someone you sort it.normally means fighting but its mutual fighting.the “outcasts” are treated the same and if you didnt like em you ignored them simple as.but for some reason the thick americans cant seem to understand that.IF YOU DONT LIKE SOMEONE JUST FUCKING IGNORE THEM.instead ye turn to bullying this person.why?cause he/she is different.where else in the world have you heard of school shooting?cause we arent that fucking stupid and narrow minded.its time american people grew the fuck up and treated people right.and for the record i dont believe its eric and dylans parents faults i think its the kids, that drove them to this, parents up to them to teach there kids to treat each other can blame the government the schools the fucking man on te grassy knoll.fact of the matter is that its the parents duty to teach there kids the right things.


  64. TeeJay says:

    I think they had a right to do what they did. If people would have paid more attention and see whats right in front of there face then it could have been prevented. If they were to blind to see somthing like that and so mean as to treat people like that then they deserved it. They had it coming.


  65. JP says:

    Wake up…

    From studying every single website with information about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and the Columbine masacre, things

    are seeming to become clearer as to why they did what they did.

    For a moment we should all drop the ego serving bias thoughts of what we think of Eric and Dylan, now you will have to think

    around the thoughts that they may be ‘sick’ ‘twisted”freaks’, and step into the analytical more intelligent human form which

    I’d call reading between the lines, examining a story from every angle. Its easy to point fingers, call names, accept what

    the media and news coverage have offered as a reason/easy answer to a complex problem. When it comes down to it the flaw in

    society is the lack of intelligence amoungst people. The media forms and folds the thoughts of the viewers in the direction

    of entertainment making us all see what ‘they’, the media, want us to see. Another thanks to the capitalist society with

    morals even satan would blush at. This point of view I believe Harris and Klebold recognised and understood. One of the

    reasons given for the 20th April 1999 massacre was that they were being bullied by ‘Jocks’. Another was ‘blame it on the

    parents’. If they were bullied they would not have gone to the library to kill students, they would have gone to the training

    area/gym and found the bullies whom they would have killed. So logic rules bullying out of the question, though it isnt

    without saying that they like everybody else at school recieved their fair proportion of bullying. Not what I’d call a reason

    to shoot up the school.
    As for blame it on the parents, this has to be the lamest way out of dealing with what went on. I mean open your

    minds to this – how would their parents, or anyone else at all be able to stop something like this. It had been planned out

    for well over a year and they were obviously determined to execute this plan.

    Looking more closely to the facts, they went to the library and shot pupils of religious status! They asked victims “do they

    believe in God?” When the answer was yes they were shot. This seems to be a hatred of God by Harris and Klebold. Or does it.

    Dylan Klebold, Jewish background, rebelled against what he was being told to believe in. I’ll repeat that sentence: BEING

    *TOLD* WHAT TO BELIEVE IN. People are told from growing up what religious faith they fit into, when to pray, how to pray, how

    God wants you to live your life, and so on. And when these victims were being asked do you believe in God and they were

    answering yes, were they answering yes because they were told they believed in God all their lives by their peers and

    teachers, and to fit in with their segregated religious groups they had to believe in God?… OR spiritually did they feel a

    real connection with God? Did they understand the real question or did the answer YES appear to be the right answer for them

    socially? Eric and Dylan were acknowledged to have taken drugs recreationally, and those of you who have taken cannabis or

    what ever drug you set your own mind free with, may have experienced a unique spiritual moment, some describe as a moment of

    clarity or where God is showing you the path to enlightenment for a brief moment. It is possible that when they had done so

    they had experienced ‘God’ and could relate to believing in God in their own way rather than being told they did. Heres an

    extract of what Eric Harris wrote in his diary : “I hate this fucking world…You may be saying, ‘Well, what makes you so

    different?’ Because I have something only me and V(Vodka=Dylan Klebold) have, SELF AWARENESS…We know what we are to this

    world and what everyone else is…We know what you think and how you act…This isn’t a world any more, it’s H.O.E.” Hell on

    Earth.”. The self awareness comment is possibly the referece to being enlightened… and as for the hell on earth – its

    refering to how people act and live in a materialistic world like puppets on a string or cogs in the social machine.

    As the industrial revolution developed and technological advances came of age, so did the greed of capitalism, the decrease

    of community spirit and bonding, less and less family and social values, decline of self-respect, and the ever falling

    numbers of citizans who have moved away from spiritualism and connecting with God because capitalism and greed has made

    people lose sight of things like this. This in turn gives a society more of an ego – arrogance and material self worth,

    prejudice and false personalities. A great example of this would be from the film Phone Booth! Its a great message delivered

    through film to show how corrupt people become through ‘the root of all evil’ – MONEY! I believe Eric and Dylan saw this in

    people, through the system, they felt they were made to feel they needed to build a false persona to gain the ‘respect’ of

    others, and so this is how circles of friends worked. Even though this respect to be gained was very little because most of

    these false people had very little self-respect! They oozed contempt for authority figures which would possibly be understood

    as being sick and fed up of being repressed and controlled by authority figures.

    And this all stems back to the Western capitalist situation – telling people how to live, what to wear, what to listen to,

    how to be entertained (this is an awesome topic i could rip the system apart for). People are being told how to live by the

    system therefor they do not think for themselves anymore. Heres another point – after the Columbine incident, the found that

    the lads listened to Marylin Manson, and since this music opposes what the system is saying, and Marylin Manson being a

    ‘freak’ since he doesnt fit into the social bounds drawn by the system, he is targetted as being a cause of corruption,

    literally saying this music made Harris and Klebold kill the pupils at Columbine! Rediculous!

    So why launch the attack on the school? Well school is the foundations of teaching knowledge, morals and social standards to

    children growing up and fitting into a society. Destroying the school is ironically destroying the structure of the problem

    Harris and Klebold saw in the world, destroying the education system of arrogance and ignorance brainwashing pupils. They

    both had a plan that after the attack on the school, if they got away from the cops they would steal a plane and fly it into

    New York! The biggest complex of capitalism on the earth, and their statement to the world would be that this money and greed

    was corrupting the minds of everybody and MUST be stopped by what ever means necessary. And is it also not a little strange

    and coincidental that just over two years later planes were flown into New York – September 11th 2001. Does it supprise you

    that it seems that Harris and Klebold weren’t the only ones with the idea to find a solution to this planet corrupting

    problem? No matter how extreme. So were they ‘sick’ ‘freaks’ afterall? Or did they really have SELF AWARENESS? Did they

    really connect with God after all? Did they see through this that the world as we know it has turned to Hell on Earth

    (however you want to interperate that)? They were definately not the only ones in the world feeling this boiling inside, a

    feeling that something had to be done to combat the problem. According to a few statements made by pupils after the Columbine

    masacre there appeared to be more than Harris and Klebold involved… Could this have been the first steps towards a

    revolution? If you have seen the film Fight Club, this is an amazing example of the struggle of living in a capitalist

    society and the formation of an army to bring its downfall.

    This is my first attempt to try and explain the reasons why Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold might have had for what happened on

    20th April 1999. I do not agree with what they did was right, but they intended to leave an impression on the world, make a

    stance/statement to help people wake up and see whats going on around them – this I do admire. There is so much more

    information I wanted to add. This will continue, and more research into why the police investigators covered up information,

    appeared to have lost documents and evidence and why two detectives on the case now no longer work in law enforcement.


  66. john says:

    self awareness my arse.they wanted to fight against the system yes but why shoot up a high school.hows that gonna change anything?they had mental problems as it shows in certain documents(which jp im sure saw)basically eric had to see a therapist.he admitted to being depressed angry and unsociable.they killed to gain revenge on the school that caused them so much pain.on the parents subject it was not eric and dylans parents fault but pther parents who never taught their kids to treat other people right.they were insane cold hearted people thet deserved to die but id rather they were electrocuted instead of suicide


  67. JP says:

    Or self awareness of the system then? They didn’t want to live like that and knew others were suppressing their own personalities to be someone others would approve of. Everybody in America appears to be so caught up in their own little worlds figuring out how they should act to fit in and ‘survive’ as it were, that nobody has any time for anyone esle or discuss one anothers problems comfortably so that they can figure these problems out together. Can you blame this on everyone elses parents if this is the society even they were born into?

    John, you say ‘they’ had mental problems, but only Eric Harris was taking anti-depressants. Wouldn’t it be feasible to say that you take medication to cure a problem? So would it not sound fair to say he would interact just like everyone else while taking this Luvox? I think its unfair to dismiss someone as a mental case who is prescribed anti-depressants, these just give you a ‘pick-me-up’ happy boost to feel better throughout the day. You seem to have jumped to a quick solution as to how get rid of them as a problem rather than delving into analysing the more complex angle. Maybe this is rage and hate orientated judgement for which you might be upset but it portrays you to be inadequately thoughtful on the subject rather than constructive.

    Heres a idea to think about. What if God is an equation of ballance, an equillibrium of nature throughout the planet to sustain life in harmony? Like the phrases: ‘What comes around goes around’, ‘for every action has a reaction’, and ‘everything happens for a reason’. Apply this to the world at present: The corruption and supression of free will in life created in society builds up enough hatred at one end of the scale to extremes that to a point it explodes in the complete opposite direction to ballance out the problem. In the case of the American culture emerged the Columbine shootings. In the case that America are trying to dominate the East through moving in on their oil supplies we get the September 11th tragedy. An attack on the biggest focal point of money and capitalism – the twin towers.

    If we are to avoid further horrific incidents then the answer doesn’t lay anywhere else than within our own souls. And to develop this answer we should take moments within each day to step away from negativity and create an outgoing possitive mental attitude. So would it hurt to pay more people compliments? Why not spend a little more time listening to other people around you and making a step towards helping them with a problem. Would you not feel better knowing that you gave out as much help to other human beings as you recieve? How about keeping yourself smiling, showing people this and be true to yourself and others by refusing to be selfish. Be genuine. Kindness is not a weakness its an inner strength! We should all spend more time telling individuals in our own lives how special they are, a gift to one another to show gratitude for one anothers friendship. Pause next time before you walk past the homeless in a city, would it bankrupt you to give them a little lose change or even talk to them? Instead of the five minute phonecall with a relative, make the effort to go and see them, hold a family get together more
    often. Say hello to a passing stranger.

    Maybe, just maybe this may create peace on earth one day. Why wait, before dismissing the idea give it a little thought, try it once in a while and watch the possitive outcomes. Try to watch the film ‘Pay It Forward’ because this is a shining example of how one small idea can develop into an exceptional development. There are amazing messages within fictional films we all should look out for more often because reality is no example to live by at present.

    Peace and good will to all those who have read this far 🙂


  68. Das Hat Ein Verloren says:

    Ich habe Eric und Dylan gekannt und war nicht ins wenigste ge&#252berrascht, als es alle hinabgegangen sind.. Sie waren Feiglinge und das derjenig, die gestorben sind, waren nicht unschuldig nicht.. Sie haben diejenigen get&#246tet, die sie n&#246tigen Tod gef&#252hlt haben.. Diejenigen, die niemann sagen, k&#246nnen entscheiden, wer lebt, und k&#246nnen voll von Schei&#223e sterben ist. Irgendjemand kann entscheiden, wer leben wird, und wird sterben, alles, das sie machen m&#252ssen, ist folgt durch damit.. Eric und Dylan haben gemacht, was mu&#223te gemacht werden und wenn sie nicht gehabt haben, h&#228tte jemand anders.. Ich gebe keine Schei&#223e, wenn ich Sie beleidigt habe, oder wenn Sie mit mir &#252bereinstimmen, glaube ich blo&#223 was ich erkl&#228re und wie ich f&#252hle.. K&#246nnen Sie Dylan und ewig Eric werden erinnert an f&#252r ihre Ausf&#252hrungen! (and I agree with ya Sarah… There should be 15 crosses atop that hill… Who gives a shit if Danny Rohrbough and anyone else doesn’t want them up… They both deserve to be recognized just as much as the other 13 so called “victims”)


  69. Das Hat Ein Verloren says:

    And if my writings you cannot read, let it be know that Eric and Dylan did what needed to be done… They did it because they wanted to and not because the were influenced by media, games, music, or some other bullshit escuse that people seem to come up with…
    -Das Hat Ein Verloren


  70. Jessica says:

    I think it was their fault 4 killing all those people some they didnt even know so those people died 4 no reason beacause 2 sick kids who needed help.all the people that think like dylan and eric get some .all the familys frome the people who died may peace be with u and for eric and dylans parents sorry there not here cause they should suffer 4 what they did


  71. mac says:

    I think you guys got it backwards, these guys didn’t do what they did because they got picked on. They got picked on because they were the kind of pricks they were. If there is a hell, i’m sure they’ll be getting wedgies for eternity. Irregardless, i really doubt they even did what they did because of revenge, considering they only managed to shoot one person who was actually on their hit list. Th rest being innocent victims of the fact that Klebold and Harris were psychopaths with delusions of grandeur. I remember being sick at seeing Harris’ and Klebold’s pictures large and in color on the cover of time magazine while all the victims got little black and white pictures at the corner. That’s what these guys wanted, infamy. What they should have gotten were their bodies hung from light poles as a message to any other potential psychopaths and then thrown in a landfill somewhere, denied a proper burial or funeral. That’s what should be done with people like this. Don’t treat them like heroes or even as some sort of enigma to work out. They should be treated like the trash they are…best forgotten.


  72. mac says:

    And as for you little wannabes out there who are looking for a victim to make you feel more important, you can come look me up…..i’ll teach you all you need to know about being a victim….you’ll be an expert before i’m done


  73. Jewbert says:

    Yall are all Stupid…….well most of u………I was Picked on in school….why dont u cry about it? Jesus Christ…… If Yall are so strong of people… Yall wouldnt be saying ” it took a lot of guts to kill yourself”. Jumping out of a plane takes a lot of guts. Killing yourself… cowards way out of something……Eric and dylan were Just weird……. They got pleasure out of mutilating and killing….. and u have to understand something there stupid ass excuse of just killing the people that picked on them was a bunch of bullshit………. They put two propane tanks in the middle of a cafeteria and was going to set them when it was most occupied…. those two propane tanks would have killed everyone in that cafeteria….. so dont give me “they were tryin to kill just the people that tormented them……If yall believe that ,yall are stupid….So what ur sayin is that because your picked on you can walk around Vandalizing peoples houses THAT YOU DONT EVEN KNOW? Brooks Brown never messed with him…….Harris’ exact words ” I will pay someone to bring me his head…………..So dont be so ignorant and say ,”good for them”. The Only thing that could have helped eric and dylan is Psycological help


  74. enigma says:

    I find this article particulary enlightening for those who possess a misconceived notion about the Columbine massacre which, sadly, is almost everyone.

    The Depressive and the Psychopath


  75. Jessica says:

    I think Jennifer is right. I wouldn’t state it the exact way, but to be honest : I can’t really blame them for what they did. I wouldn’t do the same thing, but your damn right that I would beat someone up over it.


  76. mac says:

    the only thing that would have helped eric and dylan was a .45 caliber labotomy. That would have cured many problems. These were two little cowards who were too short sited to think they might not get away with it. They lived in a society too polite to put an end to them before they got where they were. It wasn’t that they were picked on too MUCH, it’s that they weren’t culled early enough.


  77. joey says:

    People =shit: what Eric and Dylan was 100% justifiable! They were picked on and belittled,ridiculed and made to feel minuscule.
    They needed a excuse to kill and they found it at the place they hated most their school.The people they killed were not inocent what animale is.They wanted to kill and the people who hurt them was a good place to start.
    If you dont agree with me you are wrong fucked and overrated you ignorrant worthless waste of skin.
    your time will come.


  78. joey says:

    hey mac suck my balls


  79. mac says:

    Didn’t know you had any.


  80. mac says:

    They didn’t hurt the people that belittled them. Even armed, they were too afraid of the “jocks” to go where they were in the school, so they shot a few innocent people who never harmed them. This wasn’t about revenge, it was about a couple of pathetic little vermin who wanted to feel power for once in their vile little lives. Explains why you admire them, joey.


  81. mac says:

    One last note. If my time ever “comes”, it won’t be at the hands of a pathetic little worm like you or eric and dylan. I’ve met guys like them, and they’re pathetic cowards who wouldn’t dare shoot at someone like me. Besides, I shoot back. Wannabe wolves better stick to trying to victimize sheep because i’m not sheep. The wolves just might find themselves on the menu. Taste like chicken.


  82. ~Hannah~ says:

    ok SHUT UP i knew Eric i met him in an airport until about year ago i didnt put two and two together when i foudn out it snapped and i have been trying to get closure ever sinse. HE WAS THE BEST he was a totally sweet guy i cant say the same for Dylan only because i never got the chance to know him, i am only 14 Eric was 7 years older than me. but he talked with me anyway i met him 6 years ago and have missed him ever since. HE WAS TRUELY A TEREFFIC HUMAN BEING. AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE FOR HIM IN MY HEART. Eric you did what u did for your own reasons, i wish i coulda had more time wiht you but i guess thats the way things go. Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris and Kevin who can forget Kevin i love you all so much. i think about him every day too so know that your not alone. you are both excelent parents and u never did anything wrong wiht raising him. ERIC I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN BECAUSE GOD EVEN THOUGH U DIDNT BELIEVE IN HIM THAT MUCH DID FORGIVE YOU SO I WILL SEE YA UP THERE GREAT BUDDY IM SURE WIHT DYLAN AND MIKE AS WELL. NOT SOON BUT I WILL BE WIHT YOU AGAIN SOONER THAN WE BOTH THINK. for those of u stuck up bitches who wont look at both views of the story know this. Eric Harris would take days offa work to stay home when his dog was sick because h would get ceisures, does that seem like a killer to you? i dont htink so well ERIC i will pray for you every night god bless love always your friend and confedant ~Hannah~


  83. Joey says:

    But Hannah Eric was a killer it dos’nt matter which way you look at it.


  84. mac says:

    Hmmm, lets see, plan the massacre of over a dozen innocent people just to get his jollies. Sounds like a great guy. Guess i’m the asshole for not seeing “both sides”. What a moron you are hannah.


  85. mac says:

    Hey kids, feel like shooting up your school because you’re an outcast. Been picked on, angry, confused. Skip the middle man and put the barrel in your mouth right now. Just squeeze the trigger, if life’s so bad. It’ll all be over but the smell of cordite.


  86. Joey says:

    mac your are a common simpleminded fool to ignorant to look at both sides of the story.


  87. Das Hat Ein Vorlerons Schwester says:

    i idalize then two boys–they have created the greatest school massacre in the century–they will never be forgotten–and yes, this is afucked up world–but smile and realize that there are fucked up people in it to!– if i had a chance i would go back–4/19/99–and i will tell VoDKa and Reb to check the bomb–they might not be on that hill to be remembered–but trust me–in me and my brothers eyes–they are the greatest two people that have ever walked this planet (except charles manson of course)..and being picked on and bullied was not the cause of this massacre–it was PLEASURE–pure fun–very enjoyable..and yet i wonder how eric was left handed and shot himself–*cough cough* KibbZ i wonder how that is possible?–im me– adustofdesire


  88. mac says:

    Which other “side”, moron. The only “other side” is the side of two pathetic little swine who killed 13 innocent people for kicks and grins. If that’s the side you want me to understand, you’re a twit. By the way, Das Hat, pleasure isn’t shooting innocent people. Pleasure is shooting swine like Eric and Dylan. That’s true big game hunting at it’s finest. Shooting sheep is easy (it doesn’t take skill.) Shooting those who fancy themselves killers and murderers, that’s where the talent comes in. The look on the face of a person who thinks he’s the hunter, when he realizes he’s about to be the victim, that’s priceless.


  89. Joey says:

    ahh mac what do you know about innocent victims


  90. Joey says:

    wow mac you got it all figured out.with out ever even meeting Eric and Dylan you have some how managed to judge them but who the hell are you to judge them.your nothing.but by you hateing them so much and you voiceing how much you despise them for who they were and what they did you allow them to lose.


  91. Joey says:

    hey mac I got secret for ya.Ya wanna know what it is?
    if your 555 than im 666.


  92. mac says:

    Win what? All they won was an early grave. I’m so envious. You really should join them, then i’ll envy you. And what’s your obsession with religious numerology. You sound like a little teenage who suddenly discovered that if he dresses in black and talks about the devil, he can piss off his dad. How juvenile.


  93. mac says:

    One final note. If an Eric or a Dylan ever killed my kid, they’d probably best be advised to kill themselves before I got to them. If not, we’d spend several hours together talking about their bullying “problems” with a blow torch and a pair of pliers. Kids like that should rip their own voice boxes apart screaming before their ALLOWED to die. Keep that in mind kid.


  94. Your Teacher says:

    I’m sorry that I didn’t give everything I had to make sure that you felt safe, secure, and like you belonged. I wish we knew how to not perpetuate the social violence inflicted on kids by other kids and those who care for them. I’m sorry. I thought I could help. I thought I could make a difference. And in the end, all I did was make you hate yourself … and me. I’m sorry.


  95. Joey says:

    But Mac Eric and Dylan did WIN they succeded in every thing they set out to do. they wanted to kill, they succeded, they wanted to carry out the most horrific,bloody,morbid school massacre in history, they succeded,they wanted to be famous and more talked about the “victims”, they succeded. they wanted to “feel power for once in their vile little lives” and they succeded and to the people they killed they were GOD.they wanted to die and leave this dejected world and to take as many “innocents” as they could they succeded.They succeded, what if anything will you be rememberd for?being sarcastic, coming up with clever word play and half wit euphemisms about two boys who are dead, or for hiding behind a computer screen, how pethettic yor are! so you can come up with clever ways for how they should have killed themselves and what you would have done to them “if you could have” but you wont change a keep that in mind kid.


  96. Joey says:

    One last thing Mac if Eric and Dylan ever did get a hold of you I’d bet you would’nt be talking so tough,I’d bet you’d be crying for your mama’s tit.


  97. Joey says:

    this refers to ~Hannah~you said you met Eric 6 years ago,you said he was 14,the shooting happend in 1999,that would have made Eric 15 when he committed the shootings,but eric was 18 at the time of the shootings why did you feel you had to lie to everyone?dose it make you feel better to tell people that you met a mass murder?Do you crave attention so much as to tell a bold face lie. And you got caught because your to dumb to do a simple math equation,you need serious help Hannah.


  98. Joey says:

    my last commen is somewhat miscorret you see what I meant to say was,Hannah said she is 14,she said she met Eric 6 years ago she said he was 7 years older than her that would have made eric 16 at the time of the shootings but Eric was 18 at the time of the foolish mistake it wont happen again.


  99. Steve says:

    Anyone who says that the people that Harris and Klebold killed “got what they deserved” is someone who is either retarded, psychotic, headed for a life of crime themselves, or just doesn’t know the facts. The facts are that the people they killed not only never did anything to Harris and Klebold, but almost all of them had never even seen Harris and Klebold before, except Isiah Shoals, who knew them because they had been racially harassing him because he was black.


  100. Steve says:

    Let me say one other thing. There’s more evidence to suggest that Harris and Klebold were the ones who were bullying people, than there is to suggest that they were bullied. They bullied Isiah Shoals, Eric Harris bulled the Brown family by threatening to kill all of them, Harris and Klebold terrorized the neighborhood by going out at night and setting fired and Super Glue-ing people’s doors shut, Klebold used to tackle girls during phys-ed, Klebold used to knock people down in the hallways, etc.


  101. Steve says:

    You know, Harris and Klebold wanted to be famous. They said they watned Quinton Tarantino (or however his name is spelled) to produce a movie on their lives. Hopefully, that won’t happen.


  102. Steve says:

    One more note. If the two of them weren’t gay, then why did they walk down the hallways grabbing each other’s crotches?


  103. mac says:

    lmfao. Joey, you amuse me. First of all, i’ve never been afraid of pencil necked geeks like Dylan and Eric. It wouldn’t be me begging for my mommy. And they reason those two killed themselves was they realized they wouldn’t survive prison (and the repeated sodomy). Talk about bullying. And again, Steve is quite right. It wasn’t erica and dylane getting back at the bulliers. They were the bullys the whole time. The problem was, there were too many people that they couldn’t successfully bully (like the jocks). As i noted earlier, they didn’t directly go after the scary jocks even when they were armed. There were probably several of the jocks in the school who would have put their shotgun up their two asses and cleared their colons, and they knew it, so they stuck to weak kids and girls (like i’m sure they always did.) Finally, joey, if you want to make me cry for my mommy’s “tit”, let me know, i’ll give you my address.


  104. Joey says:

    mac it’s allways nice to hear from you,it’s nice to know I amuse you,you make me laugh too, mankind has been killing itself and each other for thousands of years,we execute prisoners “we judge guilty”, we commit genocid on our own race,color and people no different than us,but the bible says thou shall not kill and our government tells us we should’nt kill but their the ones who start the wars.we are told it’s moraly wrong to kill but we have been killing since the dawn of time can say what eric and dylan did was wrong but I got news for ya humanity is wrong our past history shows we are all violent bloodthirsty murders when pushed with the right kind of exasperating factors,malice or hatred. deep down were all killers some of us just never realize it,people die people get shot it’s called natural f**king selection . what ever happend to the good old days?, survival of the strongest, kill or be killed, respect through fear and so on .but now the world is full of a bunch of conformist bithes who do exactly as their told like a bunch of f**king keep that in mind mac, and if you think you man enough, go right ahead and post your number and address we’ll talk.


  105. KaTaNa says:

    Heyy joey-why dont u tke your head outta ur ass and stop quoting SlipKnoT and start thinking about what went on that day. think about how 13 innocent people died and if u were thier it coulda been you or someone you know. the teacher could have been one of your parents, you should stop quoting other people and start saying what you think.


  106. KaTaNa says:

    o and joey you think that if eric and dylan called you you would be talking as much shit as you do now? i think not i think you would be pissing yourself because ur a lil fucker with a big mouth.


  107. Joey says:

    whats wrong katana you dont like SlipKonT,well if you dont like those quotes heres 1 from me to you,and I quote “suck a fart out of my ass you stupid female”hows that one.If I ever did meet Eric and D ylan we probly would have smoked at fatty and discused whats wrong with the world,the I would have shown them how to make some real explosives and timers that work.and so what,waht if I was there when Eric and Dylan killed those people what if the teacher killed was my parent ya it would suck but death is inevitable it dos’nt matter how or where you die it happens sooner or later.oh and kitten if you think I talk a lot of shit well, your right about somthing,but I’m always ready to back it up or die trying.


  108. mac says:

    Joey, joey, stop the “I’m 15 and angry at my dad” blues, and pull your head out of your ass before you suffocate. If we were playing “survival of the fittest” you’d already have lost. You don’t want to live in a world like that, Joey, because it’s obvious that you’re a pussy. The way you talk tells me everything i need to know about you. All this talk about “getting back at bullys”, is just you getting revenge against your bullies vicariously through Erica and Dylane. What’s wrong with the world is people like you, Joey. It isn’t “Thou shall not kill” it’s actually translated “thou shall not murder”. There is a big difference between the two. For example, if I kill you to get my jollies, it’s murder. But if i catch you attempting to kill someone else and I give you a third eye, then that’s killing at it’s perfectly acceptable. What’s wrong with society is that we tolerate people like Erica, Dylane and you. Back in the old days, the bullies kept people like you in line, but now they make the schools protect pathetic little weasels like you. explosives and timers indeed. You do live a pathetic little fantasy life, don’t you. You’re just a little punk who likes to fanatasize about what you would be, if you weren’t so pathetic. By the way, I can tell chatting with you, you’re not a killer. You might be able to be a murderer, but you’re not a killer. Too whiney for a killer.


  109. KaTaNa says:

    thankx mac for saying what was on my mind. Joey you are immature. You are always in a “violent” mood. You have to think. And i do like SlipKnoT-they are wicked, but let them say their lyrics not some little boy who thinks he is bad because he can be pissed at the world. Well let me tell you, i used to be like you, then i turned 9. You cant always be pissed at the world because it is not the world that is fucked up, it is the people in it like you.


  110. KaTaNa says:

    O and Joey–you think that as smart as Eric was he would sit with you and get high??? the boys IQ was high and your is that of a packing peanut because u do shit like that. Eric Harris was a smart young man who made a bad mistake and i doubt he would hang out wiht you b/c in his jouranl it said something about people be fake, posers, and thats you because you pull this good charolette “i am young and hopeless and pissed at my parents” thing–grow up.


  111. Trench says:

    Joey, get it through your thick mutant head. You’re never going to post here. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:


  112. KaTaNa says:

    trench you are so right- he will not post here because he knows that what we are all saying is correct. i would feel bad for him but alas he was an ass and deserves what he gets from everyone here.


  113. Trench says:

    Plus he’s not posting here because he’s been banned. 😈


  114. Emily says:

    I never really understood the whole Columbine Shootings until today because I never had that much background on the whole situation. If anyone has pictures on this subject, email them to me. Thanks.:cool:


  115. KaTaNa says:

    Trench- you should not have ban him-it was fun to make fun of him and listen to him talk and think he knows everything–god i hate people like him-but i am glad u did ban him, he was an ass.


  116. KaTaNa says:

    emily- you can go on to and type in the columbine report and get the report and all the pictures that go along with it.


  117. KaTaNa says:

    I met this kid at my school who is as intrusted in the columbine massacre as i am, and now we are being the subject of investigation at my school, because we are picked on and we wear trenchcoats and now they think we will kill people. Aint that interesting. Some Schools are so weird. I take it the rest of this year will be a long one. 🙄


  118. Jema Vile says:

    Those two people you are calling ‘scum bags’ were actually part of the human race. What they did may have been wrong but everyone does wrong and it was wrong that people bullied Eric and Dylan…KLEBOLD spell it right. The parents were not to blame for what happened…it was the boys choice and they were old enough to make the decission themselves. Most parents do not feel the need to search their childs room for guns and pipe bombs. Its not a crime that they gave trust to their son, (Eric) it’s just a crime that people like you don’t understand that they were hurt to. Not only by the death of their son, but for the damage that they caused to other families. The parents of Dylan and Eric cannot be blamed for this crime. No one knew what was going on other than them. warning signs are only obviouse once it has happened and that just happenes to be the case. I no how it feels to be bullied by people that think their so much greater than you. I also know how it feels to want to show them all the pain youve kept inside for so long. Reb and voDKa RIP


  119. Jema Vile says:

    By the way…some dude at the top sed Eric was left handed….nope Dylan was the one that was a lefty.


  120. KaTaNa says:

    yeah dylan was left handed thats why his death was so skeptical.(cant spell)


  121. Jema vile says:

    i just think he had no right to call them scum bags. i tried to keep my faith alive, i cannot keep my hate inside….KMFDM. WHAT I DON’T WANT I WASTE. WAKE ME UP IN ANARCHY….any one like KMFDM? their just bits of songs…eric loved them.


  122. Jenna says:

    Yes, I like their music and Rammstein’s, too. Those bands are awesome but to get things straight – I don’t listen to them because Eric and Dylan liked did. I heard this kind of music way before I got to know about Columbine. Furthermore I think what Eric and Dylan did was wrong but I don’t hate them for it either. Life can be bitch and god knows that so many people are out there who think they own the world, which makes me mad as well….but killing them isn’t the right thing to do. I was never bullied …maybe a small tease here and there but that was rare actually and I think everone has to “endure” that. So I can call myself lucky at least in this case. Anyway…I still can imagine what Eric and Dylan have gone through and it was society which wronged them, not only the jocks at school. I understand that they wanted revenge for nor being accepted, for not being able to show their true capabilities, and for everthing else that just didn’t go as planned. But they had only a couple of weeks left before they would have graduated. They could have moved on. Another city. Different people. High School is one thing, college another. I may have a clue as to why they did it…but I don’t know why they just didn’t say: 3-4 more weeks and all you guys can just kiss our ass because we’re going to get a good job, since we have the brains and you can kick your football until you’re old.
    …Well, another thing is…since the ones who are to blame for this massacre in the first place are dead…people are searching for scapegoats and it’s not nice to put the burden onto Eric and Dylan’s parents. They suffered enough. They lost their kids, too and have to take the knowledge to their graves that THEIR sons killed 13 humans. I heard that they searched the rooms from time to time but Dylan and Eric were not stupid. They may have left everthing in plain view on 4/20 because it didn’t matter anymore whether their parents found bomb making material or ammo but the months before they tried everything to keep the stuff hidden. Eric was grounded several times because of the things he did, don’t know about Dylan. What were the parents supposed to do? Cage them? It’s easy to say that they should have seen what was going on and that there were so many warning signs. After something has happened everything seems so obvious. It’s always like that. But I don’t think that their parents would have guessed that the guys planned a massacre. Who could imagine their own flesh and blood to go out and shoot people? The Harris’ and the Klebold’s TRUSTED their sons.


  123. ross says:

    😆 I admire what Harris and Klebold did. As for killing innocent people, if the students who watched and did nothing to stop the harrassment of harris and klebold. The are just as guilty, as those who did the actual harrassing.

    In WWII, the german people did nothing to stop the killing of 6 million people, very few took up arms to eliminate the threat to humanity.

    So if they took up arms to kill the harrassers, well. Soldiers and those who think they are “Warriors” deserve what happens to them.


  124. suzy says:

    Lately it’s been dead hard for me to think straight because like some of you guys clearly state life is FUCKED UP. I think there are 2 sides – Eric and Dylan had the same problems as a lot of people and they weren’t perfect – like being self-centered bastards who basically said if you weren’t like them then you deserved to die. They had high standards, a lot of peole do. But to kill people? I mean okay it’s called revenge or whatever but were they trying to say, “check it out now look who’s the strongest”. I don’t think Eric was depressed, but from what I’ve read on other sites Dylan was. Dylan was a faggot at first doing everything Eric told him to.. then he became just like Eric I guess. They seemed pretty angry. Anger Management must have been a joke for Eric. So, that’s what happened when they got sick and tired of turning their aggression inwards right? They probably killed themselves so they could go down in history. Be respected. Be remembered. But looks like that wasn’t really the case. It was fucked up to do that though.


  125. Jema says:

    Marilyn Manson’s song the Nobodies was written about eric and dylan and if you listen to the lyrics, they make sense really well about how they were nobodies and they wanted to be somebodies. The bit that says When we’re dead they’ll no just who we are…i believe thats how they felt and they got what they wanted exept for the other 487 people they hoped to kill.


  126. Dale says:

    Who killed whom??
    It is a fact that over 900 rounds were fired at Columbine high school on April 20 1999.
    The record shows that Eric and Dylan fired around 177 rounds. So that means that Police and other law enforcement agencies fired the rest. What and who were the Police shooting at?
    The Police reports say Eric and Dylan killed themselves, so whom were the cops shooting at. How could highly trained SWAT team members and Police fire over 700 rounds at Eric and Dylan and not hit them once?
    Were innocent students killed by Police fire and the deaths blamed on Eric and Dylan?


  127. Dale says:

    After looking at the crime scene photos of Eric and Dylan dead . It seem to me that Dylan was shot by police, or shot himself, Eric then took Dylan’s head and placed it on his lap, blood stains on Eric’s pants show this, then Eric placed his shotgun into his mouth and killed himself. Eric’s legs are straight out in the photo, he had to place himself into this position before shooting himself. The Police said they pulled Dylan’s body off of Eric’s knee when they found them. I don’t think Eric shot Dylan, I think Eric loved Dylan and would not have shot him.


  128. Riley says:

    can you buy erics journal anywhere? Im really curiouse to know what went on in his wierd twisted mind. good movies to check out are bowling for columbine and elephant, i know the guy who plays eric in elephant, u really have to think about the conection between columbine and the movie to like and appreciate it..enjoy.:wink:


  129. Dale says:

    Have you read Brook Brown’s book ” No Easy Answers- The Truth Behind Death at columbine” Lantern Press ISBN 1-59056-031-0
    I think Brooks knew everything, Eric wanted to kill Brooks, as stated on Eric’s web page, but on 4/11/99 Eric told Brooks ” I like you now Get out of here, go home”
    Did Eric like Brooks now because Brooks helped plant bombs for him? Did Eric promise not to kill Brooks if he helped? Did Brooks know that Dylan was part of it?
    Brooks claims not, but, what if Eric promised Brooks that he would not involve or kill Dylan if Brooks helped?


  130. Dale says:

    Sorry for mistake in post #130… it shoud read 4/20/1999 NOT 4/11/1999


  131. RDK-MEH says:

    I think that what Eric and Dylan did wasn’t cruel at all.
    Have you seen Elephant? Can’t you feel what they could’ve felt?
    And if they were so cruel, how come they hated people who hurt animals?
    And did you read all the journals? Couldn’t you see how genius Eric and Dylan were? Sometimes everybody feels like killing…




  132. RDK-MEH says:

    dead people don’t argue


  133. rebel says:

    Trench says The lack of intelligence that emits from these mutants is mind boggling.

    So you think it’s pretty “cool” to talk shit like this, I see you’re a retarted old bitchin’ man without a social life and talking fucking stuff you can’t ever understand.
    Talking about intelligence can’t see any coming from you. Won’t even ask how low your IQ is, if you would have a intelligent mind you wouldn’t even start a site like this one. And no not because it fucking says shit like how cruel Eric and Dylan were, but because intelligent people don’t do sites like this. They would start a educational site. To show us your knowledge. This is bullshit man.
    Even my four year old little sister gets bored by shit like this, and knowing a 35 year old guy wrote it she wouldn’t stop laughin’. You’re a male-bitch being ignored by the world cause no one cares about your opinion. Your wife sleeps with your best friend and your boss just fired you, so you came home while fucking yourself starting a site like this…. You make me puke. You make feel pity for you…
    So you couldn’t understand how Eric and Dylan felt, at the time they did the Columbine thing you were having your midlife-crisis, and they were having teenage-problems. If you hate them so much why have you started a site about them anyway, guess you are pretty interested. Wasn’t smart to put your ass information (e-mail address and marital status) on the internet cause you bet your ass I’ll leave you a little suprise.

    You ugly assfuck…


  134. Lara says:

    Rebel huh? [Yeah something your ass won’t be able to call himself cause it’s to fucking girly to be.]
    How original. [DUH, when YOu can’t find something else rather than “trench” –> trenchcoat maffia” it doesn’t mean no one else is original! ]
    Youth really is wasted on the young isn’t it? [At least not as wasted and screwed as you probably]
    There’s these things that come with age called experience and wisdom. Both of which you are obviously severely lacking. [Please why are you so full of yourself, now let’s talk about how LOW your IQ really is] My favorite part of this comment is where the mutant [Mutant.. OH THTA’S something elvis said rrright?? Yeah you’re back from that time!! hahha sorry!!] says “intelligent people don’t do sites like this. They would start a educational site.’ A educational site? [Yeah you know, where people LEARN something about things] I don’t know. A lot of people tend to think my site is AN educational one. [oh you mean people like yourself, who HAVE NO IDEA what the real life is about and just start to fucking talk about shit things thy don’t even understand.. please just shut the fuck up…] They get taught that murderer worshipping mutants like you actually exist. [Worshipping and agreeing is something else] And of course they close it out with more vague anonymous threats. [DUH, we’re not as stupid as your ass to put our own name now are we.. *sigh* when you’re going to “suprise” someone, are you THAT stupid to put yah name already on it..? You probably are..] Yeah, I’ll be losing sleep over that. You shouldn’t pity me. I’ve got a pretty nice life.[ Welllll, if you’re happy with being a scumbag like you.. yeah than you could call it a “pretty nice life, but most of the people see it as a NERD] I’ve got a family who cares about me. [HAHAHAHAHAAAA, yeah your wife who pretends loving you, while she’s a bitch and sleeping with the guy next-door] Sounds like to me that you have neither of those. [Indeed, THANK GOD I’M NOT YOU!] It must really suck to be you. [Didn’t I already told you not to b so full of yourself!! It must really suck to be YOU..]


  135. KAT says:

    I love eric harris. he did the right thing. they all had what was coming to them, All of them!:twisted: I LOVE ERIC HARRIS!


  136. Trench says:

    What can I say that I already haven’t said? Seek professional help.


  137. stef says:

    😐 wow. I think the whole thing could have EASILY been prevented. They could have seeked help. Talked stuff out, got god. I mean seriously! People deal with hard stuff day to day but killing innocent people is not right. We all make mistakes but forgiveness is hard when it becomes so extreme. I pray that the familys and these 2 boys get the help they need to find peace in their lives.



  138. Brit16 says:

    they didnt care. they never did. why is everyone refusing to admit this? it had nothing to do with anything, everyone is pist when they get picked on. eric and dylan had fun doing what they did! they knew that it’d be all over the news, they knew they’d be hated, but did they care? no. they knew they’d be worshiped, and yeah i guess they cared about that because they also happened to know that they’d go down in history. In what way, they obviously did not care. . just guns and evil. they loved it. they had a blast, and saved a couple blasts for themselves too. So there they laid…in the library after couting 1. 2.3..who knows the last thoughts streaming through their minds before the bullet took their lives. Perhaps it was, ‘i wonder where to now…fuck it’ BAM. over like that. they probably like saw eachother after too…and were like levatating over everything being like..”yoh dude we did it, its done…its over…”. Anyways, its been five years and look it, were still talking about who they were, correction, who we THOUGHT they were. no one will ever fucking now so lets face it, all the entries, all the websites alll the pictures and the gore, all lead up to the fact that Columbine [erics and dylans massacre playground] is simply a FASCINATION. an OBSESSION. thats what it is..thats what it will always be. If you havent seen the suicide pics yet, you can find them at Orgish. eww kind of a nasty site. good luck finding the pictures. you know before i saw them, i was like picturing in my mind where in the library it happen, or like…how close they were to eachother when they died…well hah, i saw. and it made me teary eyed..but i couldnt stop looking at it. it was just like…dead. you know? all over. gone. nothing left but memories..not so good memories. but then again who knows, they DID get the last laugh. they DID become God, even if it was just for an hour or so. I dont look up to them, i dont look down on them. I was in the sixth grade at the time that this shooting happened, and oh my god im practicially in shock i do not remmeber this at all. it was quite a long time ago, im going into grade 11 now…why am i just finding this out now? and how come i cant stop thinking about it. Im not like twisted in least i dont think i am. i think rather im just bewildered by the whole crime in the first place. im fascinated! and like most of you, OBSESSED with the fact that this could happen to your skool anytime!!! anytime this could happen and before you know it, they”ll be a website like this and sooo many postings with YOUR name in it. and people will ask questions and make harsh accusations to what exactly happened. Hey, i guess maybe all this thinking ive been doing is surrounded around one thing. IF, i were to ever ever ever consider doing this….i feel as if though im so unprepared (mentally, and physically). This fuckin shit takes time, PLANNING. How could i ever even want to think about sumthing like this. Im generally accepted, revenge isnt the first thing on my list. But why, why do I feel as if i could somehow pull it off, and then die. leave everything thats important to me behind. including my name, it would be the one thing for the world to keep. i would be famous….why would i want to be famous for doing sumthing like that? well….why did they? maybe cuz after its all said and done, nothing matters when you’re gone. Might as well have fun doing everything you’ve ever wanted to do, and be remembered for it. i guess thats one thing we all had in common…self awareness.



  139. Jema says:

    I am facinated by Eric and Dylan…it just amazes me how people can despise them so much…ever think about how many bombs are droped on countries full of innocent people but thats suposedly is what has to be done…why? eric and dylan were also doing what had to be done to all those people that put them through hell for all that time…what would you have done in there situation…people smashin you into lockers and constantly being di*ks to you…..revenge is everywhere…war is revenge, war is power, eric and dylan were revenge and for once they had the power.


  140. Queen Marilyn says:

    Hi i hope you don’t mind if i had my say when i was in high school i was picked on so badly. I was so angry and upset i ran away from home a few times and i was thinking about suicidal at the time. I know what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are comming from i’ve been thru to much the same situation that Eric and Dylan been thru


  141. hey says:

    I dont think what they did is the right thing to do. HOWEVER it was a very good wake up call to everyone. At schools the punishments are 10 times worse to kids who are bullying OR starting to show signs of retaliation. There is zero tolerance for things like that, now. At my school you can be suspended for saying “i’m going to kill you” to a friend in a jokingly way. They also have brought in several programs to solve problems in a non violent way and stop bullying. I just think it is sad that it took 15 deaths before schools started acctually doing things to prevent violence. Also: I think the bullying was a major cause, not the parents(if i dont want my mom to find something she WONT find it, because if i thought she’d check my room I wouldnt leave it in my room.) and I think the schools and bullies are to partly to blame.


  142. Sarah says:

    queen marilyn,
    although I pity your previous situation, I’d like to point out that even though you were picked on, you didn’t get a gun and start killing innocent people. eric and dylan were just two sick fucks who felt it neccesary to kill innocent people to make a point. (or at least try to make a point) millions of people, even adults, are bullied every day, but they dont just take out a gun and start killing people, some of them may feel that way, but none are sick enough to really pull through and do it. eric and dylan were a sad, disgusting example of this. It sickens me to think of people like that. (oh, by the way, cheryl your a fucking dumbass. you should even joke about killing people.)


  143. Cyrus says:

    😈 Who ever said these people were inocent. I think they deserved what was coming to them. You should have listened. Opened your mind and actually take in what they felt. But as you can see you have not learned your lesson.
    you think they were crazy, maybe they were. Or maybe you created what you saw that day. You should think before you do or say because it might affect someone in a way you may regret.


  144. Cyrus says:

    😦 If I have effected anyone out there I’m sorry.
    tears start a river that follows with blood. You started it all watch out for your fate.:lol::lol::lol:


  145. Cyrus says:

    queen marliyn, your the sick fuck mother fucker. your probably just writing that to get rid of the images that are stored in your head. you know you want to blow them away.


  146. Cheryl says:

    No one in the world has the right to kill.


  147. Aine says:

    They weren’t cowards, not by along way. They shot a bunch of people and then themselves. Seen the suicide pictures? They ain’t pretty. To the person who said that they never let the bulling get to them. You probably had friends the same as you. Eric and Dylan had barely any friends. They weren’t even in the trenchcoat mafia.They were outcasts among the outkasts.
    I respect them for going through with it. I’ve thought about it a lot but obviously never did it.
    Yeah, people got killed, but it couldn’t be helped. If Dylan and Eric hadn’t done it, someone would have. And some people copied them.

    They weren’t sick fucks. They just couldn’t go on with their shit life and wanted revenge.

    RIP Harris and Klebold.


  148. Dale says:

    Official Eric Harris Manifesto

    By now it’s over. If you are reading this my mission is complete. I have finished revolutionizing the neoeuphoric infliction of my internal terror. Your children who have ridaculed me, who have chosen not to accept me, who have treated me like I am not worth their time are dead. THEY ARE FUCKING DEAD. Surely you will try to blame it on the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, or the way I choose to present myself- but no. Do not hide behind my choices. You need to face the fact that this comes as a result of YOUR CHOICES. Parents and Teachers, YOU FUCKED UP. You have taught these kids to be gears and sheep. To think and act like those who came before them, to not accept what is different. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG. I may have taken their lives and my own- but it was your doing. Teachers, Parents, LET THIS MASSACARE BE ON YOUR SHOULDERS UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE. Am I insane? Maybe. Is it my fault? No. I did not choose this life, but I have indeed chosen to exit it. You may think the horror ends with the bullet in my head- but you wouldn’t be so lucky. All that I can leave you with to decipher what more extensive death is to come is “12Skizto”. Goodbye.

    –Eric Harris, April 19th


  149. Dale says:


    Who killed whom??
    It is a fact that over 900 rounds were fired at Columbine high school on April 20 1999.
    The record shows that Eric and Dylan fired around 177 rounds. So that means that Police and other law enforcement agencies fired the rest. What and who were the Police shooting at?
    The Police reports say Eric and Dylan killed themselves, so whom were the cops shooting at. How could highly trained SWAT team members and Police fire over 700 rounds at Eric and Dylan and not hit them once?
    Were innocent students killed by Police fire and the deaths blamed on Eric and Dylan?


  150. Trench says:

    Dale, you already said that in comment #127. My answer is here.
    Plus you’re now banned for the fact that you’re a double posting idiot. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:


  151. Jayalynn says:

    hi my name is Jayalynn and I am 18 years old. I saw the documentary movie “Bowling for Columbine” just last friday and it made me very interested in the topic of what went on, and why it happened? Not only did i fi nd that some ppl bullied the two boys and that is why they did it but i also read in a nother site that they were not bullied. I will be investigating this, if you have any futher information can you ppl please email me and tell me what you know about this. I want to find an answer.My theory so far is that they saw themselves as god and they both thought that they had the right to kill the others, they felt they were incharge and maybe they also just wanted to kill those students for the Hell of it, just to go down in history.


  152. monica says:

    hey, um, i’ve attended public and private schools in australia, and i’ve studied a lot on Columbine.
    Rachel and cassie, among others i’m sure, are real inspirations to me. Being a Christian it awful to see such an act, but i’m reminded it’s all for the glory of God…
    I’m not supporting what they did. i think they needed help….but maybe we do too. So much bullying takes place. It’s up to us to stop it.


  153. Vodka says:

    👿 I think all of those students deserved what they got.
    Every day that you say something mean you should remember
    this ” Are you willing to die for your beliefs”


  154. Vodka says:


    I know some information on them, well actually I know a lot. Eric and Dylan had good grades they pretty much got along with everyone. But they weren’t always picked on. If you want to know what eric thought about things than you should look into his poem.”What I don’t see I don’t know.”


  155. Jayalynn says:

    hey where can I find his poem? I would really like to read it. And how do you know a lot about them ? Thankx for some of the info. 🙂


  156. Jayalynn says:

    well I have not done any research on the topic in a bout two days. . . does anyone know what are good webs its that I can find out more info ?????


  157. Jayalynn says:

    hello !!!!!!?????????


  158. Jayalynn says:

    thankx for the website, if anyone has more please send them to me, my email is or you can im me on jerksruletheland, bye 😛


  159. xxmatrixevolvexx says:

    whats good with all this eric harris worshiping? what is so appealing about a killer…please explain i really don’t understand. KILLERS ARE NOT KOOL!!!!!! please seek professional help if you think that killers are kool. he and dylan hurt and killed alot of people…and that was wrong for them to do! u may think that i’m a fool for speaking my mind but you eric and dylan worshipping scum bags are the real fools. get help u freaks! :evil::evil::!:


  160. Alex says:

    Wow. How can people say some of this stuff… its amazing how messed up some people are. Let me reply…

    To the people planning attacks, to the people who think Eric and Klebold were cool, amazing, revolutionaries or admirable people:

    THINK FOR A GOD DAMN SECOND. THEY KILLED 15 PEOPLE. How can you say they were just in doing this?

    You might be bullied, teased, whatever. We all have at one point or another. But only those in touch with any reality can separate fantasy from real life and make the distinction that this was wrong and should NEVER EVER be done again…

    Guess what? If you’re being teased, or bullied, odds are it’s your fault. Why try to look gothic? Is it that hard to look respectable? 99% of you retard goths change your styles within ten years, shape up, look back and say “wow, I looked retarded. i wish I wore a collared shirt once in a while.” People make fun of you because you are a detriment to the school as a whole in your attitudes, activities and dress. The whole “I dont care blah blah death death death” thing gets old fast.


    – look nice (get some decent clothes, dont dye your hair or get gay haircuts)
    – be nice (give compliments, smile)

    if you do these two things, you will not suffer, people will like you and you will have friends.

    To all those who are planning attacks:

    you are a faggot. And then for the rest of your life if you do do it, everyone will hate you, you will shame your family, school and everyone around you.


    get the hell out then. Leave. We don’t want you. Complainers need to shut the hell up and stop their shit, since almost nothing is what you people blow it up to be. all this crap about “nation controlled by the media” is junk, not true, shut up.


    R.I.P. to all those killed in the incident.

    Harris and Klebold were douchebags. Anyone who says their killings were cool or justifiable is either retarded or insane.

    Good day.


  161. Trench says:

    Tune in to the main page on Sunday 1/9/05 for my response to comment 162. You may be surprised.


  162. Julian says:

    I don’t think Eric and Dylan did the right thing necessarily but I think they did what they felt they had to. Whenever you’re being harassed all the time by people at some point you are going to lash out. I think they could have found a better solution but I think they also showed kids who were being harassed one solution to the serious problem of being bullied.

    And for all you psychopaths (like mac and trench) who go ON and ON and ON about eric and dylan being “scum bags”, “pieces of trash,” and “burning in hell” you are just as hateful as the people you claim to hate. Just listen to yourselves talk about 2 kids and if this world were a perfect one you guys would be in jail or a mental institution because you’re crazy.

    People need to learn empathy. You guys need to try to see it from Eric and Dylan’s point of view. Maybe they were driven to the point of insanity by all the bullying and being kids didn’t know a better way of solving the problem. Whatever you do, don’t act like an idiot and start ranting about the kids being sick and so and so.

    People don’t just do those things for no reason, there’s always a reason. The reason why we’re (the USA) trillions of dollars in debt and supporting a president who’s ruining the country and at the same time angering the rest of the world while completely failing to control Iraq is the same reason why people like Eric and Dylan do what they do. For years we bullied the Middle East and stole oil and other things and Sept 11 was the result.

    You people just don’t understand that you have to respect other people and you have to show love/empathy for other people and try to prevent other Columbines by protecting kids from bullies and trying to set up a culture of respect on schools. Schools that don’t tolerate violence or hatred are much less likely to have Columbines then schools where people like Mac have a survival of the fittest fuck kids who get bullied attitude.

    And if you guys don’t learn to put aside your hate and look at the real reason why Eric and Dylan did what they did, then I guarantee you you’ll never accomplish anything and in a few years we’ll hear about David and Julian or Eric and Randy or someone killing 200 kids with a pipe bomb or some kid blowing himself up in a crowded mall or something.

    And for anyone here who wants to rant about Eric and Dylan going to hell or anything else you sound like demons and will find yourself going to the same hell. 🙂


  163. xxmatrixevolvexx says:

    what up? sorry if i affended the people who feel bad for eric and dylan. i just don’t really understand why someone would want to kill people. and in a way, i do agree w/ u, alex. its their fault that they tried so hard to be outcasts. i mean just try to be normal and then u won’t really have to worry about evryone hating u. and julian, why do u think that eric and dylan were protecting columbine (they shot people who DID NOT deserve to die). where’s your empathy? Peace.:sad:


  164. Julian says:

    what do you mean where’s my empathy? of course i understand that eric/dylan were wrong and that the families are going through hell:sad:

    but im saying look at the bigger picture! your own argument about just “trying to be normal” is completely flawed. People should not be forced to conform to one group’s idea of things. People have the right to be different and not suffer for it as long as being different doesn’t hurt other people. If we believed that people should just try to be “normal” then we would still be living in the Dark Ages when a “normal” person was an ignorant religious fanatic who believed the pope was god and the earth was flat.

    And besides matrix what happens when being normal is something you can’t help. What if you’re disabled or a minority? How can you be “normal” then. You see what I mean?

    What Eric/Dylan did was wrong I think and I don’t know if they did it out of malice or insanity. But they are dead and so are their victums. I feel that if you want to ever try to prevent another attack like that or do anything to prevent any other bad thing that has happened in this country (like Oklahoma City) try to look at what or who might have caused it, eliminate it, and then perhaps not only will we never see another massacre like Columbine but kids will be a lot happier and able to function more effectively.

    It’s probably foolish to go on and on about Dylan/Eric being good or bad but rather discuss how they got the way they did….whether it was their own fault and just a corrupted character or some kind of insanity or hate brought on by cruel treatment from people in the school.

    After all, school CAN be very bad sometimes. And in response to trench’s self-righteous tirade about being bullied in school and not taking it out on people I have several questions: How do you know that Eric/Dylan weren’t bullied far more horribily than you? Maybe you had someone restraining those bullies. People are different. Some respond to bullying by trying to fit in, many others through drug and crime and some by being bullies themselves. Others just bear it and take teh abuse until they can escape, and some commit suicide. Eric/Dylan simply chose the very direct route of violence:!:

    And another thing remember that the United States has more crime than any of the other wealthy industrialized nations. When you look at all the serial rapists, killers, child murderers, gangbangers, drug dealers, robbers, weak legal system and generally rude atmosphere that make this country a difficult place to live in do you guys even think for one second that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold could just be one small part of a much larger problem:?:

    Ok I’ve had my say so I’ll wait a few days for people to respond. Please read my previous entry if you haven’t yet and hopefully this will shine a light for some people. :roll::idea::idea::idea::roll:


  165. Katie says:

    I know this reply is very very late, but i would not say that the people that died got what tehy deserved, but i do think that you know Eric and Dylan did get picked on a lot and i know from experience that it is not fun, not only do you wnat to kill others you want to kill yourself, when you get that low you feel like there is no way out, i swallowed all my anger and now i am in therapy for self-mutilation, and i have attacked people at school, i choked two girls and threw one accross the cafeteria, and there is another kid at my school, who threw three kids across a teachers room and chocked one, and then there is another kid at my school who gets picked ona lot and he tried to seriously hurt a class mate by flipping over a table he was standing on (it is a long story as to why he was standing on the table), but i think that everyone needs to notice the fact that they killed themselves after killing others, no one pays attention to that lose, everyone thinks that because they killed people they are evil, well fuck that idea. evil is made not born, after years of emotional, physical and mental abuse form not your parents but your peers, the ones who are supposed to except you for who you are, you get to a point where you don’t need it, you know i mean no one ever thinks about the fact that maybe Eric and Dylan were trying to stop the treatment that they got from happening to anyone else. think about it from their point of view before you judge, i mean we are killing people in Iraq does that make us horrible people because we are killing people to protect ourselves and others from getting the treatment we got. Think about that and then when you can justify why we are in Iraq, and think you know why those boys should not have ended the lives of other as well as THEIR OWN!!! you can ge bakc to me my email is, oh and this is comming form a 17 year old girl, who also had a cousin who went to Colubine during the shooting, but she was safe, so don’t sit there and tell me i have no idea how the family of teh teens who were there feels.


  166. xxmatrixevolvexx says:

    yah. i guess u r right Julian. Maybe we should stop judging and start trying to prevent this kind of stuff. and i don’t think that there is anything wrong w/ people who are different. Hell i’m different from alot of people.:???:


  167. viktora says:

    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are the most brilliant people that i have ever known of in my life, they did what we all want to do, Harris and Klebold were not racist and did not target just athletesthey targeted everyone, if i had courage like they did i wud do the same thing, thank u REB and VoDkA for that amazing massacre and to all the assholes who are against them u can go eat shit and i hope u get SHOT!


  168. Amber says:

    Ok you people can hate me for what i write but im gonna write it.I think Eric Harris did what he needed to dont understand how they got picked on.He was just standing up for himself.And I ADMIRE THAT!i dont care what u people think but ERIC HARRIS AND DYLAN ARE AWSOME!:twisted:


  169. watching you says:

    Cheryl et al, you are very wrong if you think you cannot be tracked on internet. There most certainly is technology that can absolutely track you down no matter whether you give correct info or not. Watch yourselves! You are not as anonymous as you may think!


  170. Julian says:

    stop trying to scare people watching, you can be tracked too…u inet noob


  171. vodka says:

    eric and dylan did something rare that doesn’t happen often

    (i don’t live in america so give me a break if im wrong) they went to the extreme to take revenge, which I’ve been tempoted to do on many occasions…when you are bullied, made out to be a lot of things, and driven to suicide, having my stomach pumped made me realise how much i hated bullying, and as for columbine, i understand how the killers felt and sympathise.




  172. JAGG says:

    ah man…excuse my friend vodkka peple it seems impossible for poor vodd to stop fantasing about dylan, so, apologies to u guys, jagg x x x x x x


  173. PEACE says:

    striving for peace with criminal acts. People who “worship” and look up to dylan and eric are pretty ignorant. looking up to murderers. They were laughing as they’re were shooting those guns. Revenge leads to nothing and hatred is for cowards! we need to unite and fight for what is right. DArren and Erik were obviously troubled and racist, discrimination christians and putting zine symbols everywhere…. but being picked on takes a toll on people. that’s why we should help stop bullying. The numbers of teen suicides are increasing! people take a stand! quit being ignorant! people like “jennifer”(she wrote a comment) are idiots, yes idiots. Alot of people get picked on at school. and we have the power to do sumthing about it. I’m only 15… and I am goth… and I get picked on. but like i said people who tease are just cowards! what eric and dylan did is wrong. but we should forgive them. R.I.P. to the vicims of the shooting.


  174. kate says:

    i wonder why they didn’t kill more people in the library, seeing they wanted to kill as many people as possible?


  175. little one says:

    wow:!: some of you people are really messed up in the head like eric and dylan and if anyone is readin this then i hopr you agree with me i dont agree with what they did by shooting everyone but as far a bullying goes i dont do it and i dont think anyone on this sight does all my friends are nice and dont mess with anyone what their problem was that they hung out with the wrong kids
    and why didnt they just drog out of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUH GET AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WERE BOTHERING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED…………………..for now


  176. unknown says:

    i believe what they did was magnificent! To pay back the world for all the injustices you went through your entire life, it would be a rewarding experience to lash out like Eric and Dylan did. I admire them for doing something i could never do. But the only mistake they made was killing themselves, now they dont get to see the impact that they made on the world.


  177. Janelle says:

    Someone find that Cheryl bitch and arrest her with all the other psycho’s that praise Eric and Dylan. This is completely insane to ignore these comments, havent we learned enough already? Is it possible to help them? With comments like these it seems a bit too late, but surely teasing and taunting cant make you want to KILL and DESTROY? What lame kind of excuse is that, EVERYONE in life suffers, deal with it, and if you can’t seek HELP, DO NOT KILL OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  178. FUX says:

    oh sigh. I agree with Janelle. Grow up ignorant fucks. Cuz u get bullied u go out and kill. eric harris was a fucking coward and so was his ass wip dylan. They’ weren’t couragous enough to just take a stand against something. Stupid fucking nazi’s. They killed people cuz they got picked on. what the fuck?… I’m glad they shot themselves in the head.


  179. unknown says:

    Ok Ok you guys are right evryone gets teased in their life. Ive seen it happen to everyone i know. But u have 2 admit that some are more BULLIED than others. If your gonna balme anyone BLAME THE MOTHER FUCKIN bullies. Look at it this way when i used 2 go 2 school people would call me all the names in the book and on top of that they would beat the shit outta me everytime I went to the fucking bathroom.And why did they do it?!?!? First off it was just because i was a so called “weirdo”. and secondly because the fuckin teachers wouldnt stop the god damn mistreatment. Anyone who blames eric and dylan for what they did should also blame the people who drove them off the edge. Because lets face it the teens dont go 2 high school 2 learn, they go to meet with their friends, get their drugs, AND 2 PICK ON THE ONES THAT CAN NOT DEFEND THEMSELVES. So what alot of these comments are saying is right. It was eric and dylans fault and it was a very bad thing that they did, but whoever says that oh everyone gets picked on in life obviousley NEVER GOT PICKED ON IN THEIR FUCKING LIFE . If anything you mother fuckers are the ones who are picking on someone on a daily fucking basis. The long and short of it is is that the school system is a complete fucking failure. Parents should teach their kids PARENTS not the fucking school.


  180. Ed says:

    let me tell you a little bit about bullies they are kids who either come from abusive families, got picked on in the past, or just have a tough time making friends all-around. They channel their anger in the form of a desire for power and intimidation. When you think about it, its kind of sad. But do you even sympathize with bullies? Usually No. Why? only because of the wrongful actions they take.

    Now put that into perspective with Eric and Dylan. They sort of became bullies themselves, only on a more extreme level they took pride in killing unarmed people, including those who had nothing to do with their madness. Thats pretty darn ‘low’ if you ask me. Kind of like a bully who picks on a mentally retarded/wheelchair-confined kid half his size, if you understand my analogy.

    One other thing: although they WERE picked on, from what I understand, it mostly came from the seniors of the Class of 98 the previous year. In fact, in one instance throughout the shooting I believe Eric Harris actually told one of the students that he was doing this ‘because kids disrespected me last year’. Plus take into account that their attack plan went on for about a year before they executed it.

    Point is: the shooting was obviously done in a premeditated and cold-blooded fashion, not just impulsive behavior.


  181. unknown says:

    Hey Im just pointing out reality. Most of the dumb fucks in this world always just want to hope and dream and live and let live. Well i got news for ya, thats just plain stupid. Its ok to be that way when your a kid but not as an adult. Its idiotic to walk through life thinking, “Hey im just gonna go through life and do good deeds for my fellow man and if i work hard enough then everything will go my way”. BULL SHIT! Because no matter what you do, no matter how good of a person you are, something out of your control will come along and fuck everything up even if u dont deserve it. Do i wish things were different in our fucked up little world? Sure, i wish we could live and let live, i wish we could be peaceful and end all hatred once and for all, and most of all i wish everyone could accept one another. BUT I DONT HOPE AND I DONT DREAM. I do whatever i need do to do to serve my purpose, WHY? Because thats the TRUE nature of human beings, SELFISH AND DESTRUCTIVE. Now you fucks on this site think you can hold your heads up all high and mighty and say well eric and dylan were crazy and they got what they derserved, death. Well guess what, that makes you no better than them when you say something like that. So isnt just as plausible to say that maybe you deserve death for being happy that others are dead. I THINK SOOOOO. In closing human beings are shit and all of them deserve death and despite how many of us there are the world will end eventually and everyone will die. What the fuck are you gonna say then, huh?


  182. Ed says:

    Unknown, while I’m sorry to hear that your bad experiences have caused you to look at the world as a whole so negatively, I DO agree with your comment about people who are like “Eric and Dylan should burn in hell!”

    Isn’t that a similar form of hatred that those kids experienced? You’re just as bad as the “Eric and Dylan are heroes!” people. The only purpose hatred serves is to fight fire WITH fire.


  183. unknown says:

    Ed your obviousley one of the fucks out there that i was talking about the other day. YOUR JUST PLAIN STUPID. Dont you fucking get it yet?!?! The world IS negative. Its common knowledge. Everybody knows that the world mostly consists of negativity. Just face it you fuck, the world is a shitty place and your saying it isnt because your under the illusion that if you keep saying it then its true. Please dont leave another comment ED because im afriad that the comment will be so stupid that me reading it will actually lower my IQ just because you had to state your idiotic opinion…..CHRIST you really are a dumb fuck.


  184. Ed says:

    I’m perfectly aware that the world is a fucked up place sometimes. No matter what anyone does, fucked up things will still occur (like the shooting in Red Lake Minnesota just recently). Why? Because the human race isn’t perfect.

    But nomatter how poor the quality of the human race is, you can still lead a happy or tolerable life IF-YOU-WANT. Do you have to work hard for it sometimes? YES. But it sounds to me like you’re some middle school goth kid who doesn’t accept input from anyone else and who hates the world. It also sounds to me like you take pride in your hatred. So forget I said anything and continue preaching pain and suffering to yourself


  185. erik says:

    What I find so humorous about the events that transpired that very day is the perpetual foolishness of the media to hail these kids as genius’. It is apparent from their lack of planning and their butchered English that they posses no intelligence whatsoever. And what I find more repugnant is that people like to place the manifestation of blame onto those that teased these kids. You need to grow up and learn a little thing about life before you make these allegations against someone els again. What drives a man to murder is not another man. Provoking a person is not what drives him to homicide. It is that mans emotional stability and conscious awareness. You really cant claim to assume these kids wallowed in negative thoughts for an eternity meanwhile their plans for immortilization mobilized their motives to commit murder and than suicide. I find pity for any person on earth to be an irrational response of a weak-minded fool. Though I CANT disagree more with these two idiots actions I also cant sit by and not voice my opinions on the redundancy of such moronic simpletons sticking the consequences to those whom teased these kids. You dont see every damn kid going out, picking up a USP .45 and blasting kids in school do you? No. And just about every kid, popular or not, has endured some kind of societal humiliation in one way or another.
    What is most troublesome about the aftershocks, is that people dont realize the display of pure idiocy that is being exhibited to the world with each god damn outcry over the controversy of video games, movies, and fucking band music being the provoking factor in homicidal adolescent.
    I cant harbor more disgust for the lack of intellect that Eric and Dylan demonstrated for the world on April 20, 1999.


  186. Erik says:

    Oh, and alittle FYI, anybody who promotes these kids actions should be hanged. If you honestly idolize two pussies like them as killers than youre nothing more than a virgin pussy yourself, rip for the cherry pop.


  187. unknown says:

    Fuck you ed im out of school i graduated and everything. Dont go passing judgement at me or anyone else. One day your gonna judge the wrong fuckin person and they are gonna blow your fuckin head off. I wish i could be there when it happens cuz id laugh at your faggot ass and then kick you in the fuckin head when you are dead.


  188. Ed says:

    …You’re still obviously a 14 year old trapped in the body of an adult. Assuming that you aren’t feeding me a line there, I can tell you that much with confidence


  189. Erik says:

    Yeah, and maybe if you got a life outside of the internet, unknown, you would develop more than just an annoying personality.
    Sure, thats fine if you want to voise your opinion about something, but do it in a more mature way than spazzing out about something you dont like to hear. People are right to be an asshole to you because your a little geek. A persons clothes and the way a person thinks doesnt make him a nerd its the way he acts, and by the way youre acting at this very moment I can already speculate youre one of the biggest nerds in your school.
    Kids that dress in gothic-wear are most of the time wearing their scars on the outside. Their social ineptitude compells them to such drastic outlooks. Thats cool if you want to look like the devil but you dont need to come off as an insane faggot.
    Maybe if you shaved the hair on your upper lip, people wouldnt assume you had spent one to many nights with youre head in a guys ass?


  190. Me says:

    I thinkk that Eric and Dylan were some twisted fucks who have no life and b/c of that they wanted to drag everyone down with them they are just a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do. Who gives a fuck its the past and they are dead oh well. and just b/c people pick on u doesnt mean that u have to kill them hell if u dont like life as one of the boys said b/4 turning their video camera off then fucking kill urslef leave everyone else the hell alone there was a girl @ my school not to long ago that was picked on by everyone and she just left school one day and went home and killed herself why not just leave everyone wondering why you took ur own life trust me after my friends death in feb. i felt like shit and i still to this day ask her why she killed herself . The boys at columbine were CRAZY they needed help and they didnt get it so this was the out come and they did it b/c someone picked on them hell i get picked on everyday but i really dont give a shit what people say to me or about me i could care fucking less i love my life and what people say has no fucking impact on anything i do or the way i act the boys were just MENTAL and they had no life the fucking end.


  191. Erik says:

    You see people, its morons like the author “me” that pollute this world with ignorance and lack of any intellectual stimuli. Me, not only are you one of the most retarded people I have ever encountered but you take on the persona of a nerd at best. Maybe if you got a life outside the internet, you would develop more than just an annoying personality.


  192. me says:

    :mrgreen: erik im sorry u have no life…it will be ok promise and just b/c someone isnt the most intelligent that doesnt mean they go to hell but the ones like u that make fun of NORMAL people have no lives. Im sorry i have a 4.5 GPA but if u want u can sit here and type some mean shit to me…but the fact is ur the kind of low life people that make eric and dylan do the things they do….not that its right but just think about what u say to people…but u mean absoultely nothing to me u are probably some 13 yr old girl looking in the ONLINE dictionary to find some cool vocab words and ur prolly not a reporter so stop the fucking lying…peace bitch!

    oh and a happy easter low life.



  193. me says:

    oh my bad author see i done forgot what u did for a living if u can get by being a cheap ass low life “author” –thats so cute how its in ” parenthesis” how fuckin gay. pe@ce.


  194. FUX says:

    quit arguing… your all intitled to your own fucking opinions . getting bullied doesn’t justifie anything eric and dylan did. They were cowards.


  195. erik says:

    Yeah, right on, “me” Not only have you validated your stupidity to the people on this site but it was justified with your butchered english and lack of punctuation… Some GPA avg you have, geek. It really doesnt do shit for you when it comes to writing.
    Eric and Dylan are little pussies. Though I respect the purity in Harris’ psychosis, he was an idiot in the real world.
    Oh and yes, blame me because its people like me that conform ones personality to the extent of mass homicide tracing that to a severe case of deviation from societal mores. Youre a true geek, kid.
    In this world, the only purpose for mankind is procreation. Were born and than we die, leaving way to our generations as it has been since our infancy. The real law of life is Natural Selection, where the strong live and the weak die. Your lack of intellect proves to me your full of shit. You dont have a 4.5 GPA. Your just another fucking nerd that should end the miserable life that was wasted on you. Grow up. Learn a thing about the real world, than talk to me about it.


  196. michelle says:

    I don’t judge anyone, and i’ve never taken pleasure in making people feel bad about themselves. But i can never agree with what kevin and eric did. I grew up around kids that where abused in so many ways and they didn’t turn into killers. there poor lives where hell and they didn’t feel the need to hurt others to make them feel better about themselves. I just think that they where very disturbed boys who should have gotten help and no one got it for them. It’s very sad and i hope all that feel the way they did realize that there people out there that do want to help and not judge.
    hoping for peace


  197. FUX says:

    eric haris and dylan. are cowards. and to deny that..and to justify there killing is fucking ridiculous.


  198. B-Rodd says:

    i came across this website while researching a thesis on school violence. after reading some of the entries i am hopefull for the youth of america because there are some of you out there who are truely sypathetic to the victims of the columbine high school tradgedy. However i am also astounded that there are people out there that not only relate to eric harris and the other maniac dylan, but some of you look up to them as if they have done something great. let me tell you what they have done, they have shown the american people that nomatter how law-obiding and decent we are there will always be some lunatic at the other end of the spectrum that intends to derail a normal way of life for our nation. so basically what i am trying to say is that if you in any way shape or form support that occurance of April 20, 1999 keep it to youself because you make me sick.


  199. Beachbaron58 says:

    I cannot believe the interest and emotion that has gone out here
    because of Eric Harris and Dylon Klebold. I am not crazy but I am dangerous I guess. I have guns but I don’t want to hurt people with them. I have imagined the damage I could do with a 44 magnum straped to my side, a mossburg persuader slung over my shoulder and a AK47 held in my hands. I call it my triple threat and you know what, I would only do it in self defense and I pray that I never have to. I would not hesitate to take
    my triple threat into a situation like Columbine and try to stop it!! What is wrong with this crazy world? I am 46 yrs. old, served in the Navy seabee’s for 9 years. There is no one going to convince me society and life in general is as pleasant today as it was when I was growing up. Yeah I know, listen to the old man whine and think he knows everything!! I do know one thing for sure, our surroundings are getting more dangerous by the minute and I pray I am young enough and strong enough to do something about it if something comes my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  200. Christina says:

    to FUX:

    you must be a fucking idiot. they were not cowards in any way. a coward is someone who shows fear when they are faced with difficult or painful situations. for one thing they took that difficult situation of being bullied every minute in school, and did something about it. for another thing, they had the fucking guts to actually kill themselves.

    suicide is not something that is an “easy way out”. how fucking easy is it to kill yourself? have you tried it? no? maybe your the coward to never go or do anything that might cause you pain.

    eric harris and dylan kelbold were now cowards, they were revolutionaries trying to stand up for themselves. i’m not saying i know what they really were, or why they did it. anyone who thinks they know why they did it is just assuming, steriotyping, and being ignorant. what i think they were doing is they were trying to make a stand against everything in their school. i think that since they were shown no compassion by anyone, that they were retaliating, and that they had every right to do so.


  201. Beachbaron58 says:

    I have to respond to the word “coward” since it is used so many times here.
    Anyone who can do what Klebold and Harris did then pull the trigger with a
    shotgun in your mouth is no coward to me. They shot and killed other kids
    at close range not once but many times without batting an eye! These two
    gave the word “hate” a whole new meaning. I asked myself why I had an interest
    in the Columbine story and made prints of so much material? Same as everyone
    else five years later, the story is fascinating sad to say and we all know
    Columbine was just the begining but no way the end of such things. Other
    people will try to do better than Klebold and Harris, that is just the way
    things are.


  202. inpsychotive says:

    💡 hehe, i like that emoticon.
    anyways, now let’s see here. “my name is sad little high school kid,
    (eric or dylan) i hate my life, &amp i don’t care about my life, so it doesn’e
    matter to me if other people die either”
    there are two types of people in this world. people who take bad times
    and never get over them. and those who move on and learn. the first one
    is a description of a victim. i hate victims. let go of your safety blanket,
    get over the grudge, and MOVE THE FUCK ON!
    these little babies need to stop whining. NO SYMPATHY.
    i have been insulted, i give a little shit back, i dont shoot everyone
    except the people i hate. low intellect, little smarts &amp no insight!
    all of you people who get in fights because someone says something about
    you, or your girl, or your guy or even your family. fuck, grow up and
    get out of the stone age.


  203. HellSpawn says:

    I’ve noticed an amusing trend in today’s society. Those that commit horrendous atrocities give the weak minded a chance to be “different”(just like everyone else). All you have to do to appeaer as a non-conformist is claim fealty to some depraved fuck.

    Okay. You’re different. We get it. Calm down.


  204. Chris says:

    The following was taken from Eric Harris’ webpage

    Helllloooooo everyone. These are the words of wisdom from REB.

    This page expalins the various things in this world that annoy the SHIT out of me. God I just LOVE freedom of speech. Keep in mind that these are just my points of view, and may or may not reflect on anyone else. I do swear a lot in this page, so fuck off if your a pussy who can’t handle a little god damn bad language, heeeheee. And now to get started:


    …When I’m walking around in a mall and there is this SLOW AS SHIT person walking in front of me! Goddamn I am trying
    to get somewhere here! So move it or lose it BITCHES!


    …When people don’t watch where THEY ARE FUCKING GOING! Then they plow into me and say “oops, sorry”, or “watch it” NNNYAAAA!! Next time that happens I will rip out 2 of your damn ribs and show em to your fuckin eye balls!!


    …When some rich ass piece of stuck up shit white trash person gets in a car wreck with their brand new car!


    …When some stupid ass kid blows his fucking head off because he couldn’t figure out that a lit fuse means that the firecraker is going to go off soon. HAHAHA! DUMBASS!


    ….OOOOOOOOJAAAAAAAAAAAAY MY GOD I FUCKING HATE THAT WORTHLESS TRIAL!! Who in their right freeeeeGIN would care about that trial! It’s not any different from any other murder trial! Tell those fucking reporters to get a life! And what the fuck do we have to gain by watching that stupid trail anyway!!? It’s not news! It’s a trial! not news! NOT news!

    …JonBenet how ever the fuck you spell her spoiled ass name Ramsay!! We don’t care! Good fucking ridance!! What the fuck do you expect if put your fucking kid in a beauty pagent when she’s 4 years old ! BLLUAAAAAAAA!!!! I bet her own Dad did it. Fucking perrrrvvv.


    …STUPID PEOPLE!!! Why must so many people be so stupid!!?


    …Making fun of stupid people doing stupid things! Like one day when I was watching this freshman try to get in a computer that needed a password…he typed in the password…and waited. The retard didn’t even press enter or anything. He just waited. Then he started cussing at the computer and saying it was all screwed up. Then the freshman went and got a teacher and the fucking teacher couldn’t work out why it wasn’t going anywhere!! JEES! Personally I think they should be shot.


    …Natural SELECTION!! God damn it’s the best thing that ever happened to the earth. Getting rid of all the stupid and weak organisms…but it’s all.

    naturally YES!! I wish the government would just take off every warning label. So then all the dumbasses would either severely hurt themselves or DIE! And boom no more dumbasses, heh.


    …ASSHOLES THAT CUT IN! Why the fuck can’t you wait like every other human on earth does. If you cut you are the following: Stuck up, self centred, lazy, impatient, rude, and…. damn I ran out anyway. Every fucking time I get into line I end up having to wait a fucking hour when there WAS only me and one other person in the line! Then the queer fucking asshole lets in his/her so called friends out in behind em! If that happens 1 more time I will have to start referring to the Anarchists cookbook (bomb section).


    …LIARS!! OH GAWWWWWD I HATE LIARS. And living in this fucking neighbourhood there is thousands of them! Why the fuck must people lie so damn much! Especially about little things! Like “yeah I just bought 5 cases of M-80’s in Oklahoma for about $5. And they are legal more and everything. Yeah my parents buy most of my guns, every once in a while I’ll use my 4,000 dollar paycheck and buy a shotgun or 2. And my brand new hummer just broke down on the highway when I was going 250mph. Stupid cars.” like that. Now, what fucking part if any would a normal human being beleive? And that’s just one person! Another big example is Brooks Brown! 303-972-0802. Now, according to him, he has a 208 IQ, 6 other homes (2 in alaska, 3 in Florida) 96mph fast ball (he is only 16), runs a mile in about 5 minutes, has an uncle that’s the former head of all the armed forces and has access to…..Theee Button…. his other uncle is a multimillionaire that lives in downtown detroit. and his neighbours are the chick that sang “r.e.s.p.e.c.t” and the lead singer of Aerosmith. And that same uncle owns 30% of the stock of that tylenol company. And his grandparents give, GIVE… him about 1000 dollars each month and his other Grandpa can blow up every house in America because all the houses have C-4 in the foundations. Again according to Brooks Brown. OK, when people lie like that, its not impressive, noone believes it, it sounds just plain stupid, and it’s a fucking waste of my time.


    …R rated movies on CABLE. My DOG can do a better damn editing job than those dumbshits!! For the sake of salvation they can at least try to make it sound like the actual words the person would say! If you have ever seen Aliens or Predator you’ll know what I’m talking about.


    …Windows Keys!!


    …WAREZ!! Why pay when it’s free?


    …People who think they can forecast the weather!! They think that everyone else will think that they are cool just because you said that we are gonna have a 4 foot blizzard starting today! Like the other day, this punk I know was saying. “Yeah tomorrow we are gonna get like 2 feet of snow in just a few hours. They were saying it’s gonna be the biggest snow in ten years. Yeah, it’ll be about -40 outside too.” And that day we got an inch of snow and it’s 26 out. I fell like getting a baseball bat, breaking it over his head, and then STABBING him with the broken end!!!


    …Country Music!!!


    …Zippo Lighters


    …People who say that wrestling is real! now. I’m talking about the machoman the hulk hogan or the undertaker. If you think that these matches aren’t faked and that these guys are REALLY punching and breaking arms, then please meet me. I would love to know where you live so I can BOMB your fucking house and ACTUALLY BREAK YOUR ARMS!


    …YOUNG SMOKERS!! They think they are so God damn cool with their big bad cigarettes and their “sooo cool” attitude. I can’t wait until they are about 25 and have to breathe through their fucking necks and talk with a computer hooked up to their X-vocal cords.






    …Freedom of the press. I hate that part of the Bill of Rights.


    …People who are against the death penalty!!! I think the courts should fuckin fry convicts even if all they did was unarmed robbery!






    …COMMERCIALS!! OH GAWWD I HATE COMMERCIALS!! The only ones I MIGHT like are previews and some other commercials. But jesus christ, all these Lotion, PERFUME, Makeup, JOPENNYS, Josine, food, coffee or advertisement commercials! Please! Destroy them all never record another! They suck! They are only funny the first time! Think up other stuff! They suck! They are stupid! We get sick of them VERY FAST! VERY! VERY FAST!


    People who don’t believe in personal hygiene. For the love of God, and for the sake of God, CLEAN UP! Fucking people with 2 inch fingernails and a whole fuckin pot full of dirt under them and raggy hats or shirts stained to hell. Or people that just plain stink, and they don’t do anything about it. Now, I’m not making fun of people if they can’t help it, or afford it or anything like that, that’s not their fault but if you’re some kid drivin a ford explorer and have yellow teeth, then that’s just plain unhuman.


    …People who use the same word over and over plain! Like “actually”, or “fuck you” or “bitch”. Read a fuckin book or two, increase your vo-cab-u-lary ya fucking idiots.


    …People who try to impress me by TRYING to brag about the militaries weapons! Now to some of you this might seem weird, but it’s happened. Like this, “dude, they just came out with this new chemical that can destroy Denver only using a cubic inch of it. The military is keeping it all locked up because if it gets too close to water it explodes, and the foam would create a cresent earth, maan.” Yeah, right, bullshit, or something like this. “Dude the air-force has tracked santa clause for like 10 years now, he is real man. It is all a cover up.” or “The air-force just made a plane that can bend light man, it’s completely invisible” now, this is just some of the shit I’ve heard. It makes me SICK. And they weren’t even in the fucking military nor do they know anyone that is!


    …People who think they are martial arts experts! They are all cocky and thinkin that they are all big and bad, saying bullshit like, “yeah if you snap your fingers right here, the sound waves will melt the brain and you’ll die from your own brain pouring out your ears.” or “if you knock someone right here their arteries will burst and they will drown in their own blood.” Fuckin hate it when they keep sayin “your own”, like it would be someone elses?!? then when these shitheads get in real fights they get their fuckin asses wooped all over the place by some little girl.




    …RACISM!! Anyone who beleives that blacks, asians, mexicans, or people from any other country or race besides white-america…people who think that should be drug out into the sreet, have their arms ripped off, be burnt at the stumps, then have every person of the race YOU hate come and beat the shit out of you, and if you are a female, then you should be raped by a male from the race that you hate and be forced to raise the child! You people are the scum of society and aren’t worth a damn piece of wormshit. You are trash. And don’t let me catch you making fun of someone just becasue they are a different color because I will come and break your fucking legs with a plastic spoon. I don’t care how long it takes! and that’s both legs mind you.


    …THOSE FUCKIN ADVERTISING OR CHARITY CALLS!! People saying “Hi, I’m not selling anything but” good, now shut the fuck up and go get a real job! “well you are so rude!” damn straight bitch and if you don’t get off my line I’ll come down to your building and shove that phone set up your ass and take the phone and shove it up your bosses ass! “click” happiness, I love that.


    …When people mispronounce words! and they don’t even know it too. like ofTen, or accrosT, or eXpresso, pacific (spacific), or 2 pAck, learn to speak correctly you morons.

    That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed! If I think up any more things,I’ll put them on here! And sorry if I offended you, but, if I did, that means you are one of the people that I mentioned I hate, so I guess I’m not sorry, you asshole.


  205. inpsychotive says:

    its specific


  206. inpsychotive says:

    racism can’t exist, we are all the same race.
    human race, Homo Sapian, its a species.
    therefore, racism = stupidity


  207. david says:

    hey there will be tones more of what happened with eric and the other dude i wish there wouldnt be there will never be peace cause someone will aleays wanna make someone feel bad cause ther not sure of thereself…im not a person that been nullied so i dont know im a jock but im not one who goes around picking on peopled cause there know better then me….umm if u read that diary thing he done some of the things he hates,,,,did he hate his self?


  208. david says:

    bah i spelled alot of that crap wrong…tones=tons…aleays=always…nullied=bullied….and another note people no matter how much u been picked on just suck it up and go to someone call a suicide help line dont go crazy and try to kill people or even urself


  209. FUX says:

    to christina:

    your a fucking cunt.
    now munch my ass bitch.


  210. christina says:

    To FUX:

    if you think so strongly about that then why dont you fucking back up your theory of them being cowards? it takes balls to do something like that (not that you would know what it’s like to have balls or guts of any type). Even if you dont like what they did they are still revolutionaries, infamous ones, but revolutionaries none the less.


  211. FUX says:

    To Christina:
    killing someone is the easy way out. it takes more “balls”” to stand up to a bullie than to put a gun to their head.
    There is no justifiing they’re actions or the inncocent lives they’ve taken away. Ive heard it all “its not there fault they
    were bullied” man c’mon. i dont buy that for a second.Now plz tell me in what way murder is courageous. So what if they were
    on CNN.. does that make them cool. It take alot of balls to highjack a planeand people do it anyways is that
    couragous? Revenge is for cowards.

    “it takes balls to do something like that (not that you would know what it’s like to have balls or guts of any type).”
    haha grow up man.


  212. christina says:

    to FUX:

    Please tell me where i said they were couragous. I never said they were couragous, i said they were revolutionatires. and if you think that killing yourself or killing someone is easy, then you’re obviously a fucking idiot. it isnt easy, but people to come to those conclusions. I wouldnt kill anyone, though i have been accused of it, an di wouldnt cause i dont think i could do it. And killing yourself isnt any easier.

    you may have been made fun of and bullied, but you never had the balls to even try and kill youself did you? people just say that suicide’s a cowardly thing to do because no one wants anyone else to do it.

    also, i never called them “cool” i said they were revolutionaries. a revolutionary doesnt have to be someone who did good things, Hitler was a revolutionary and he was the biggest ass in the world.

    even if you dont like them, they were revolutionaries.


  213. HellHathNoFury says:

    I just watched “Elephant” for the first time w/out knowing what it was about (i know! where have i been?) But it really made me curious to understand how these 2 kids could do what they did.

    There seems to be a lot of people out there who actually idolize or sympathize with Eric and Dylan. These people see them as the avengers for all the “outcasts” of society. Well, did you read Eric’s hate-filled rant about all the things he hates? This kid was the biggest bully of them all. And actually, even that is too simplistic. Eric was an ego-maniac looking for an audience. He hates “slow” people and people who mis-pronounce words. That doesn’t sound like someone who has been battered and broken down by others – it sounds like someone who has a very elevated opinion of himself. As for Dylan… I can’t really say. Maybe,he was just an angry “follower,” like some of these angry kids who post on here.

    In my opinion, if Eric hadn’t executed the Columbine massacre, he would have gone on to do something just as sick and senseless later on. Not for revenge, but for the sheer joy of it. You could tell he was a brilliant kid and was described as being “nice”… i think that’s part of the profile of a sociopath (Jeffrey Dahmer, anyone?) So all you misfits need to find another “hero” to worship… Like Napoleon Dynamite or maybe Howard Dean.


  214. Chester says:

    I hear some saying “they were driven to the edge by society.” Why doesn’t everyone react the way Eric and Dylan did? if that were the case everyone would be shooting up schools. Obviously, these two were extremely weak individuals. They used the fact that they were different as an excuse for violence.You say you are going to shoot up schools “Cheryl”. I can’t stop you. But, you will face the consequences when you meet your maker. Not me. Continue to talk a big game on the internet, but then return to obscurity in the real world. Get off your ass and make something of youself. Don’t give up like those two from Littleton.


  215. Eragon says:

    Well just in case any of you didn’t know THIS WORLD IS CURSED. The reason why you have such a long history of human misery, genocide, and social decay is because of the Fall, dating back to the Garden of Eden. I know what some of you are gonna say…”Bullshit!” But no, it’s obvious. Just look at this present society. Global warming, peak oil, and many of America’s numerous social problems are leading the US to collapse. With Israel back and the Sanhedrin now restored the period is ripe when this evil world will finally transition itself into a better world. I believe that the European Union is going to become the USA of the 21st century. It will become the next superpower after the US is demolished by its own myriad problems.

    People like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are nothing more then SYMPTOMS of a nation in the midst of social decay. School shootings, inner city violence, breakdown of the family…these are nothing more then the symptoms of a dying nation that is losing it’s power. Also look at the fact that the US produces a lot less and is being bought up by foreigners. Most of what we get is from foreigners. The quality of AMerican goods is FAR inferior to Europe or Asia….face it all of you, stop obsessing over Columbine and the other symptoms of social decay and either take an active stand to slow down America’s decay (start by not voting Republican) or flee to a tolereant European country before this country collapses.

    As for me I’m taking the second option.


  216. Trench says:

    Global warming and peak oil? What size tin foil hat do you wear?


  217. FUX says:

    To christina:



  218. FUX says:

    to christina:
    we’re not getting anywhere. your intitled to your opinion .


  219. christina says:

    to FUX:

    well at least we agree on something


  220. RaTeD R says:

    Hay There Folks, I have very strong opinions on the whole bully thing. Although I was a loner and an out-cast I was never afraid to just fight it out at the moment. So When I was picked on by anyone I simply threatened to act out violently right then and there. I would make a huge production out of it to bring attention to what was happening to me. Now, mind you, I NEVER got any support and it didn’t stop them from picking on other kids, but it did call attention to those who picked on me. And the last thing bullies want is for there GOOD image to be hurt. I mean really, who actually wants to be called a bully. Given that most bullies are athletes, A direct threat to there playing status can quickly silence a punk. So if you raise up enough ruckus to get people looking and voices heard then lots of things could happen.
    Its like this, if some jerk wants to sit there and pick on you and push you around, end it the first time. STAND UP FOR YOUR SELF. I was a short fat kid and I was chased regularly, I was beaten several times, I had things taken from me, and I was hated by everyone in my neighbor hood. Well At least it seemed like it at the time. BUT!!! All those things only happened one time each. Because even with out friends or support I would just deal with it at that moment. You cant imagine how many ASS woopins I had to take. It was HELL. I actuality believe that being bullied made me tougher than anyone around me. I am now WAY high up in the corporate world. And this is a FACT. When I walk into a room full of “SUITS” I own the room. Simply because its full of all those punk ass bullies I grew up dealing with. And now there’s nothing they can do to scare me. EH EH EH, I step right up to them and say “I bet you where a bully in school” that’s usually followed by “I used to fuck dudes like you up for that shit”. Believe me. I am HIGHLY respected now and those bullies are the dicks that get MY work done on time. I’ll tell all you loners, geeks, nerds, and anyone else who is just not cool enough to be cool, Don’t let them push you anymore. Not one more day, not one more time. Tell everyone you know, tell ever one you see. THAT PERSON IS A BULLY!!! make sure everyone can hear you. Point at them, make them LOOK like a bully. If people laugh. Remind them of Columbine. Tell teachers and security. Tell EVERYONE. And always be ready to stand up a take a beating. Its not fun for a bully when you help him kick your ass. If they want to push you, fall before there hands touch you. they’ll fall right down with you and you don’t even have to touch them. And if you said something out load. Then what people will see is a big dumbass picking himself up. Its ALL on you, the victim. You need to single out the head of the snake and show it to the world. Those two boys who I don’t have enough respect for to utter there names, did what they did because they never had the balls to fight. During there entire siege, there never stopped looked at a camera and said I just shot this guy because he kicked my ass last weak in shop class. They missed there own point. People want to put blame on them, the bullies, the parents, the school I want to blame the make up of this fucked up society we live in. People are so afraid of offending someone that they never say what they feel. They wont dare tell a neighbor that there kid is an asshole. WHY NOT! What are they gunna do, bully you? And why would you be offended by someone telling you your kid is an asshole. If its true well now you know don’t you. And its on you to work on with your asshole kid. But wait, we must remember that we are in America. And here most folks will just follow the first freekin lemming right off the cliff. Its sad but not entirely dismal. after all 50% of us actually voted against Bush. Nuff said.
    P.S. Bruises heal, scares tell stories, and pain goes away. DONT LET FEAR RUN YOUR LIFE. Courage is inside all of us. Even if you have to pretend it.
    PEACE. RaTeD


  221. lerain says:

    I think eric harris and daylan kelblod rock!!! and anyone who thinks diffrent is a
    fucking retard who needs to fuck them self


  222. lerain says:

    kelbold opps how could i spell his name wrong…


  223. sara says:

    hey ppl,im sara nicole arbogast i knew eric harris “really well”. I had classes with him (bowling) and we often spoke behind balckjack pizza where he worked and we bowled at rock N bowl. Eric was really nice to me. I worked at black jack( iwas co-worked) he was just a cool guy.We used to make dry-ice balls behind the store. I really liked him. sara


  224. FUX says:

    pffffffff yah right sara


  225. FUX says:

    and lerain ur an idiot


  226. Semper Fide says:

    These kids were anything but cowards. Had they been the poor nerds lashing out at their tormentors then they could probably be considered cowards, but there were no tears from Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold and they simply wanted to do there part in the extermination of the human race (the shittiest animal of the bunch) and they wanted to have fun doing it.

    Semper Fidelis


  227. canuck says:

    sup yall a bunch of fools if u think eric harris an dylan klebold are heroes Theyre fuckin mass murderers


  228. lucie says:

    I LOVE ERIC HARRIS!!!!!!!! omg…….He’s so cute!!!!!!!!:twisted:


  229. lerain says:

    FUX im not ain idiot i like to read all the stupid shit ppl write and say they are cool to piss some ppl of but w/e u dont no me


  230. Trench says:

    Maybe if you learned to write properly people wouldn’t think you’re an idiot.


  231. Chris says:

    I am not surprised at the amount of sympathy generated towards Eric and Dylan, considering how badly the victims of bullying are treated by society. There is hardly any justice or understanding shown towards these victims. Please don’t be angry at the people on this page who sympathise with Eric and Dylan I don’t think they really mean what they are saying. I know they may seem like bad people to you but what you’ve got to understand is that they are just victims of a terrible act, with nowhere to turn to for help.

    Before I start, I just want to clarify that in no way am I trying to justify what Eric and Dylan did. All I am trying to say is that there needs to be more understanding and justice for the victims of bullying.

    Also, I want to ensure that the people reading this understand what bullying is because there seems to be a lot of people on this page saying things along the lines of “everybody gets bullied sometime in their lives so you just have to deal with it”. This is partly what I mean by injustice and lack of understanding. True, everybody gets bullied sometime in their lives but what you’ve got to recognise is that some people get bullied a hell of a lot more than others. Bullying can range from the occasional verbal abuse, to a large group of people bullying one person both verbally and physically on a daily basis for years. And yes, there have been many cases like this in real life. This is why it is unfair for a person who has been teased a few times in their life to tell a person who has been bullied non-stop for years that bullying is just a part of life and that they just have to deal with it. It is unfair for someone to generalise what bullying is based on their experiences because not everybody experiences the same amount of bullying. Also I don’t think that someone who has only been bullied a little bit would sympathise with Eric and Dylan.

    To really understand how poorly society treats the victims of serious bullying, you have to look at it from their point of view. These people get abused on a daily basis by a large group of people. They get verbally abused and beaten to a pulp for absolutely no reason and cannot do anything about it. They cannot rely on themselves to fix the problem because the bullies are cowards and pick on them in large groups, they can’t rely on their friends either because they don’t have any or any that are willing to stand up for them, they can’t rely on the teachers because all they can do is tell the bullies off and then they just do it worse when the teacher isn’t looking and they can’t rely on their parents either because all they can do is tell the teachers. Basically, they have nowhere to turn. Each morning they wake up knowing that they are going to be tormented all day and that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it and this makes their life a living hell.

    Despite all this, society treats them in the uttermost cold and insensitive way you can treat a victim. They get absolutely no help from anyone, as mentioned above they cannot rely on themselves, their friends, teachers or even their own parents to solve the problem. Absolutely nothing is done to fix their problem and the bullies are rarely brought to justice. I remember a case at one school where a large group of people attacked one person a beat the hell out of him and even filmed the whole thing on mobile phone. And these people were bullying him everyday all because he had speech problems. And what did the school do in response to this? They punished the victim. Yes they literally punished the victim. Sure, they gave the bullies a 2 week suspension (as if they would care) but what made me really mad is that they even gave the victim a 1 week suspension just for fighting back while they were beating the hell out of him. Yes, you heard me they suspended him for fighting back. I mean, what did they expect him to do? Is this really the sort of message that we want to give to the victims? That they shouldn’t fight back? That they shouldn’t stand up for themselves? They already have enough trouble fighting back and then when they finally get the courage to we punish them. OK, since we don’t want them to deal with the problem themselves, are we as a society actually providing them with any solutions? No. All I hear is people telling them to see a counsellor. That’s a load of crap. How is telling the victim that they are mentally ill and sending them to a counsellor without even punishing the bullies or making an effort to stop the bullying going to solve the problem? The bullies are the ones who need counselling, not the victims. All that does is give the victim the impression that the bully has won because the bully has effectively made them mentally ill and has escaped punishment. So what do we expect them to do then since they are not allowed to fight back and nobody is willing to help them? Sit there and put up with the bullshit and let a bunch of arseholes make their life hell and cause them permanent psychological problems? Well, that’s how it seems. And on top of that we have all these self-righteous arseholes who have hardly been bullied in their life telling them that everybody gets bullied and that they should just learn to live with it. All this does is further reinforce their idea that nobody cares.

    Basically that’s how society treats the victims of severe bullying. They get verbally abused and beaten everyday they get no help from anyone they get punished when they try to fight back they are offered no solutions they are treated like it’s their fault they are told that they are the ones with the problem they are told that it’s no big deal and that they should get over it by people who clearly don’t understand they get driven to the point that they sympathise with killers and then when they express this we call them psychopaths and make fun of them.

    Now if nobody can see the injustice in this then I have lost faith in society. Sure, what Eric and Dylan did was not justified, but neither is the way that we treat the victims of bullying. If we continue to offer no help and no solutions to them and then punish them when they try to solve the problem themselves, then how can we expect them not to sympathise with people like Eric and Dylan? In reality, these people see what Eric and Dylan did as the only solution to their problem and this is because they are offered no solutions and are punished when they try to solve it themselves. And yes, I know this because I was bullied like that too and there was a point in my life where I felt that doing what Eric and Dylan did would be the only solution because there were simply no other solutions. Yeah, call me what you want. I don’t care. It’s not good enough just to say that people should just have to put up with being abused every day and just live with it. Nobody should have to put up with that and nobody should be made to feel that doing something like what Eric and Dylan did or committing suicide is the only solution.


  232. Trench says:

    That’s all well and good but Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied. Way to buy in to the myth.


  233. lucie says:

    I LOVE ERIC HARRIS:twisted:


  234. Melanie says:

    To All You Guys-
    Columbine is not something to joke about. What happen
    to those kids wasn’t fair. If you’re a person
    who’s thinking about errupting in gunfire at your
    school, I hope you read this… and think about what
    you’re doing. The children at Columbine weren’t
    supposed to die that way. Not that soon, not that
    day. Eric and Dylan interfeared with destiny. The
    dead need to be respected. Don’t leave sarcastic
    or cruel comments reguarding Columbine.
    Or the people who died there.

    Eric and Dyaln
    How Can We Ever Forgive You…..
    -Melanie 😥


  235. Melanie says:

    To All You Guys-

    Here’s a Poem I found About Columbine:

    …..Last Comment

    Mommy… Johnny brought a gun to school,
    He told his friends that it was cool,
    And when he pulled the trigger back,
    It shot with a great crack.
    Mommy, I was a good girl, I did what I was told,
    I went to school, I got straight A’s, I even got the gold!
    But Mommy, when I went school that day,
    I never said good-bye,
    I’m sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don’t cry. When Johnny shot
    the gun, He hit me and another,
    And all because Johnny, Got the gun from his older brother.
    Mommy, please tell Daddy That I love him very much,
    And please tell Chris my boyfriend That it wasn’t just a crush.
    And tell my little sister That she is the only one now,
    And tell my dear sweet grandmother I’ll be waiting for her now, And tell my
    wonderful friends That they always were the best Mommy, I’m not the first,
    I’m no better than the rest.
    Mommy, tell my teachers I won’t show up for class,
    And never to forget this, And please don’t let this pass.
    Mommy, why’d it have to be me? No one deserves this,
    Mommy, warn the others, Mommy I left without a kiss.
    And Mommy tell the doctors I know they really did try,
    I think I even saw a doctor, Trying not to cry.
    Mommy, I’m slowly dying, With a bullet in my chest,
    But Mommy please remember, I’m in heaven with the rest. Mommy I ran as fast
    as I could,
    When I heard that crack, Mommy, listen to me if you would,
    I wanted to go to college I wanted to try things that were new,
    I! guess I’m not going with Daddy, On that trip to the new zoo.
    I wanted to get married, I wanted to have a kid,
    I wanted to be an actress, Mommy, I wanted to live.
    But Mommy I must go now, The time is getting late,
    Mommy, tell my Chris, I’m sorry but I had to cancel the date.
    I love you Mommy, I always have, I know you know it’s true, And Mommy all
    I wanted to say is, “Mommy, I love you.”
    ****In Memory of The Columbine Students Who Were Lost****
    Please if you would,
    Pass this around,
    I’d be happy if you could,
    Don’t smash this on the ground.
    If you pass this on,
    Maybe people will cry,
    Just keep this in your heart,
    For the people who didn’t get to say “Good-bye.”


  236. Rei says:

    I am amazed even to today the effect that the Columbine School shooting has had on my life. i was one of the many “suffering” teens of this world. My real question to most of you who are suffering is this: What steps have you taken to no longer suffer? The killing of others will only bring more suffering to your life. I was arrested for plotting to shoot up my middle school about 7 years ago and now it has ruined everything in my life. I had plans of joining the military, but now I am unable to do that. I have to check that stupid FELONY box on applications for jobs, and I regret everything that I did. If I had went through with my plans many people would have been hurt and/or killed. Now that I am older, and more experienced, I see that I was just really wanting revenge on those who made fun of me and beat me up. Killing them “could” have been a good idea, but it wasn’t.

    Those of you who idolize Dylan and Eric, I am sorry that you haven’t been able to find another to look up to. I used to look up to Eminem and Marilyn Manson. Now I look up to my mother and father. They are probably the only people who fully care about me (other than my wonderful fiance) no matter what. I understand that some of you may or may not have parents that care. I understand that some people can’t care about anyone but themselves, but those of you with selfish parents, stop and think for a second. You don’t like the fact that they are selfish, so why would you be the same way and take other’s lives? Seems as though you want to take up arms with that which you hate. Some people don’t benefit from therapy or counseling, so I don’t expect people to take that route. Humans are amazing creatures. We have managed to overcome almost all natural endeavors that have come along, and I know that humans can conquer themselves and control what they do and say. For those of you who think that Klebold and Harris are the ones with the answer, then go ahead and ask them for the answer to life. Are you asking? Maybe you are, but I can assure you that you are not getting an answer. They are gone. If that is what you wish for yourself, which I can only hope that it is not, then stop to think about everything that you are taking with you. You will cause your family to grieve forever, you could cause everything in your friends’ lives to change, and quite possibly there is someone out there who unconditionally wants to be your friend or even LOVE you, but you will never know. You wanted to kill yourself. Happiness is somewhere for everyone. Just wait around for it or, even better, go out and look for it yourself.

    If any of you are wondering, I am a caucasian male, democrat, hindu, nerd, lower middle-class teen who has made some bad choices, tried to kill himself, still suffers from depression, and has had to witness his own girlfriend (in 7th grade by the way) kill herself. When you have to clean that mess up and call the police crying on the phone while looking into her wide open eyes and realize that perhaps the most beautiful thing in your life has just gone and can no longer sleep well at night (which I don’t), then you can tell me, and I will sympathize with you. I understand what it is like to not be the one whom everyone likes. I have been through a lot more than most people, but I learn from it instead of dwell on it. I have faith in people. I have faith that those of you who agree with the choices of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris will find that you can learn something from them. If there are any of you on this forum that really just need someone to talk to, someone to sympathize with, or even someone to be friends with you, I am here. I am willing to put any differences that we may have aside. I will not insult you or try to condescend your comments. I only offer my advice and my hand in friendship. I feel for all of you who truly suffer and those of you who, to this day, grieve over the 15 losses of Columbine. I extend my heart and my feelings to all of you. I love you all.


  237. happyk says:

    ok for the people out there that thinks its cool to go and threating to shoot people that you don’t know then your retarted, how would you like it if someone you didn’te eve know came up to you and held a gun to your head i’m pritty sure you wouldn’t i don’t see why your letting people like that bother you, there the ones making an ass out of them selfs not you it may feel like it to you but turst me people who pick on other people are stupid, why do you let that bother you? if you think our all tuff to say your going to blow up your school then why cant you be tuff and egnore what peoiple are doing to you and some of you guys just want to blow up your school because you think it would be cool to watch!!! what if your mom came to school that day to talk to you about something and she just happned to be where the bomb went off what would you do then how would you be able to live with yourselfs? if you think it’s going in to history sorry to tell you it’s not going to be because there has been so much shit in thsi world that has happned that your’ll bee on the news for one day and your five mins. of fame is gone! i don’t understand this what has went wrong with our world god didn’t give you a life so you could go waste it by blowing your brains our did he no i don’t think so how many of you guys really got bullied in your life really how many? and how many of you guys are just say you got bullied for a reason to hate the world? and how many of you guys have bullied someone? if anyone says that they ahve never bullied anyone that is a lie it self! if you don’t life getting bullied then why the hell would you go shoot someone! that is being a bully don’tcha think its not rocket science here people i’m sorry if you do get pushed around or called anmes but don’t go blow someone’s brains out! just think the people that are doing this obviously don’t ahve anything better to do in there life then to pick on other people to be cool! its dumb your way better then the people like that! you don’t want to get to there level stay at your level go out and do something with your life finish highschool go to college and show those stupid dickheads up show them that your better then them just the same sas them. thats just something to think about before you do something stupid in your life! and i have got a ? why is Eric mostyly the one being blamed for everything i thought that they both where in it together? makes now since and the person who thinks that he’s hott really needs to go to the eye doctor!


  238. Christina says:

    Dear happyk,

    I may be able to respect what you are saying if it wasn’t for the fact it is coming from an ignorant place where apparently spelling doesn’t matter. While I admire them for their efforts, I in no way idolize them. They did something that you may not have the courage to do. Sure they transformed their hate and aggression into physical violence, but they did do something that most people are scared to do. If they didn’t do it, than they wouldn’t have been remembered this way by such a large group of people. They would have probably just killed themselves, and where’s the fun in dying if you don’t go out in with a bang?

    You aren’t giving actual help or guidance to people you believe to be “afflicted” with admiring Eric and Dylan. They did what they wanted and died on their own terms, now how many people can say that they accomplished that before high school ended?

    While I don’t condone the violence they used, you can’t say that those people that bullied them aren’t going to think twice before bullying someone else.

    Sincerely yours,


  239. Trench says:

    How many times do we have to go through this? Harris and Klebold were not bullied. That is a myth.


  240. happyk says:

    Dear Christina..
    Ok frist off are you and English teacher or what I’m guessing spelling really doesn’t need to matter at this time! Maybe to you it does but whatever that’s beside the point!
    You said “that if the wouldn’t have done it they wouldn’t have been admired this way” why in the world would you want to be admired as a firkin KILLER!!!!!!!! Yeah that is how I want to be remembered my life to! F—that noise!!!! I understand that they wanted to be known this world that’s a giving! But I don’t understand as a killer! WHY!!!! I think more people hate them then they do like them and I’m guessing that they don’t care if they life them or not but still… if you wanted to be noticed then why not stick around to find out what was going on!!!! They hurt a lot of people in the process and its just dumb! Please tell me what the hell you would do if someone you didn’t even know came up and put a FRICKIN GUN TO YOUR HEAD!!! I’m sure you would crap your pants! I’m sure I would too if someone did that to me!!! A lot of people took what happened to heart and I bet a lot of them are scared every day to go to school and the parents to send there kids to school! I mean I’m sure a lot of parents thought that school was spouse to be a safe place! And now there’s shootings occurring left and right! WHAT THE TRUCK!!!! Yeah we just had a shooting occur in a town close to mine because this kid wouldn’t give this guy his bike!!!! What is that I mean there’s little fourth graders coming to school with knives and threaten to stab some little kid because he wouldn’t let him play on the merry-go-round! I mean yeah these kids were not around when the shooting went on but still there are older kids that are still talking about it I mean LOOK AT US!!!! I guess I don’t understand why people have to be stupid like that in there life and come on are you sticking up for them! Your with them to go shoot people that they didn’t even know and a girl because SHE BELIEVED IN GOD!!! That would take out half of your population if you shot every christen on earth! Ok they didn’t get bullied if you look on the internet it says it! I am/was doing a school project on it and how do you think I came across this sight!!! It says that they did some bulling and maybe got teased a little back but not pushed around shoved in lockers paint balled or anything like that FRICKIN NAME CALLING!! If I went out and shot everyone that called me a name then there are a lot of people dead! I don’t know what you’re trying to say to me about this but maybe you could break it down! I don’t care if you call me stupid I don’t care if you say I’m immature I don’t care about anything I just like to hear what people think about this situation and if you think its cool that they started a trend of school shootings then maybe you should get some HELP!


  241. Christina says:


    First of all, try typing in word and fixing your mistakes because it’s hard to discern what the fuck you’re saying.

    Second, brush up on how to read because I never said that I thought it was cool that that started a trend of school shootings. I said that I in no way idolized them. The only thing they really did correctly was that they wanted to start a revolution and they did.

    I’m saying that you are coming off as ignorant and uninformed and need to at least TRY to look and the other side, and more than try to work on your spelling cause no offense, I can hardly understand whatever the fuck you’re trying to say.

    Maybe that’s the problem maybe we need to try to make ourselves clearer in order for us to at least agree to disagree.

    Sincerely yours,


  242. Christina says:

    p.s. by “word” i ment Microsoft Word


  243. Trench says:

    Revolution? What the hell were they possibly revolting against?


  244. amour says:

    this website has an article that claims there was no revenge or least on eric’s side..

    very interesting, check it out


  245. AC Or Al says:

    hey im a foreign guy. actually im from chile.i’m 18 years old and I ‘used’ to love eric and dylan, i thought they were the best and i think my opinion has changed so much. my point is that society is to blame, not the parents. Look, I was an outcast in high school and i was always alone and i’m still a lone wolf, but in chile, people dont use to bully others so much.
    and you know what? i was planning to do the same thing on my high school. here in chile we don’t say ‘high school¡, we use the term ‘school’. back to that, i was planning to do it because i hated my classmates so much or at least i thought that they wanted to hurt my feelings, but you know what? i couldnt make it work. and you know why? because i couldnt have access to guns. and thats the way the state should protect citizens, banning the owning of guns. i think that’s the solution, i think that’s the only thing to blame.
    and you know what? I GOT CAUGHT. i wasn’t intelligent at all. the school principal talked to me and i said ‘yeah, it’s just a joke’ but no, it wasn’t a joke, i wanted to kill people, i wanted to hurt people. i wanted to make what they all made me these ‘last yeards of shit’. i wanted they to feel as humilliated as i felt at times, dead and corrupt. but when they all knew aboyt my plan they felt so much fear for their own lives that they started telling the principal, that’s why he started talking to me. then they took me to the school’s psychologist -which i was seeing a days before- and the psychologist said i needed psychiatric help, and you know why? because of my emotions, i had a huge anxiety disorder, the same eric harris had, the obsessive-compulsive disorder. You know, i had great problems controlling my emotions and i think that help was what i needed. i was anxious about getting guns and ammo for ZERO DAY on my school, but as i said before, i couldnt manage to get guns. it’s like impossible that a guy here having a gun, except for people with traffic contacts or whatever like that, but normally here u dont and you ACTUALLY CAN’T GO TO A SUPERMARKET AND GET A GUN, THEY DON’T SELL GUNS IN SUPERMARKETS HERE and i’ve seen that you people from the north american side really do. I think guns are the ones to blame, not people. that’s the point. and i gotta say, i would have done the massacre in my school but i didnt have the guns. i mean, i don’t know how easy is to get a gun there, but people from usa on aim tell me that it’s really easy to get a gun there. LOOK, HERE YOU GOTTA DO A PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST, THAT’S HOW THEY MAKE SURE THAT YOU’RE NOT CRAZY, and obvioulsy ERIC HARRIS AND DYLAN KLEBOLD HAD MENTAL DISORDERS, THE SAME WAY I DID. my rehabilitation has been pretty good and i feel my emotions are much more stable now. but i still need help. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I THINK I HAD AN AUTODIDACT REHABILITATION, MEANING I CURED MYSELF, YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE I WANNA LIVE, I WANNA ENJOY LIFE, I LEARNED THAT LIFE WAS AWESOME, and it obviously had its ups and downs, and i just wanna enjoy life again.
    another point: i think that eric and dylan changed my life, i started thinking about killing people when i knew about them, and i started listening to marilyn manson and kmfdm and rammstein just because they liked that music. but in fact, i like that music, it’s not that i’m following their music taste, it’s just a coincidence that we like the same music.
    i’ve been taking a luvox-like med and it’s been working pretty well, i think i’m recovering.
    i wanna live, i wanna accept life with its ups and downs, but i still feel the need to kill. i dont know why, but im soon recovering.

    yeah, im not crazy, crazy is just a word to me it has no meaning.

    please people let me know what you think about what i posted, about the guns controld, how the goverment should ban SOMETHINGS -but actually i dont like feeling banned off a place lol-.

    i think you fellows from the north american side have a great life, your standars are much higher than ours. so why do u keep thinking abouyt suicide?

    take a deep thought on this: have u thought the difference between our lifestyles and yours?
    just think about it, we are not industrialized, BUT WE STILL MANAGE TO LIVE LIFE.

    even considering chile as a rising economy, actually it’s one of the leading countries about economic growth.

    so people let me know what u think. and oh would u please contact me on aim to chat long time about our differences? or if u wanna know more about me or my country, just feel free to contact me on aim, my screen name is: alchileangoth

    take care, peace y’all

    please contact me, i’m very interested about columbine and all about it or other stuff. i’m about to be a translator and i wanna know more about your culture.



  246. Trench says:

    Um….yeah. Thanks for playing but society isn’t to blame. Everey individual is responsible for his or her own actions. And you can’t buy guns in the supermarkets here either. Don’t beleive everything you hear.


  247. Chris says:

    Trench: “That’s all well and good but Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied. Way to buy in to the myth.”

    I never said that they were bullied. All I said is that there are a lot of victims of bullying who see what Eric and Dylan did as the “only solution to THEIR problem”. And by THEIR I mean the victims of bullying. It doesn’t matter what motives Eric and Dylan had for doing what they did, the point is that their actions give people ideas and unfortunately some people see these sort of actions as a solution to their problems. I can’t say whether or not Eric or Dylan were bullied because I didn’t go to their school, all I am saying is that there are a lot of victims of bullying who do believe that (whether it is a myth or not I don’t know).

    Anyway, aside from that I just wanna say that (yeah i know i’ve probably said it before) sending someone to a psychiatrist and drugging them up so they can cope with being bullied everyday is not the solution. Drugs only help with the symptoms of the problem, they do not actually solve the problem so why take them when there are better solutions? Drugs have many side effects and it is extremely unfair to put someone through that just so they can deal with someone else’s wrongdoing. People shouldn’t have to change their personality, the way they dress, the way they act or take drugs because someone else is abusing them. The only solution is to fix the root of the problem, and that involves punishing the bullies, not appeasing them. The bullies are the ones who are doing the wrong thing. Their the ones who should be put on drugs not the victims. People shouldn’t have to adjust aspects of their lives or their personality just to appease someone who is doing the wrong thing. It’s like letting a rapist free without serving a sentence, telling the victim that it was her fault for dressing revealingly and telling her to get counselling when she asks for the rapist to be locked up. Would that happen to a rape victim in real life? I highly doubt it. But unfortunately this is the sort of injustice shown towards the victims of serious bullying. And as long as this injustice remains, there will be people who see Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s actions as a solution to their problem. And while the great majority of them will not actually commit these actions, no one should be driven to the point that they sympathise with mass murderers.

    And yeah sorry making suck large posts, I just feel very strongly about this issue.


  248. luccasz says:

    hey, i’m also a foreign guy,but tragedy in littleton touched every one in my country(poland). i just wanna say a word to people who support klebold and harris- you’re(i don’t know exactly how you call stupid and fucked up people, let say..) pussies as they were. death is not a solution and if you can’t face your problems you you shouldn’t go to school and shoot others.

    i’m sorry for my english, next time i’ll try to make it better:)


  249. brittney grisolia says:

    um, first of all its not his parents fault, and you should not judge eric harris or dylan klebold. Nobody should. You don’t know what they went through, you don’t know thier mental stability, and you obviously don’t know them. Its close-minded fucking people who push others to want to kill somebody. Thats all i have to say on this subject


  250. Mary says:

    i say that eric was hottttt and he knew what he was doing that day and he shouldnt get teased for being different and i believe in thoes guys go them!!!!! yay:mrgreen:


  251. chelsea says:


    I think it was aweful the way those boys were treated, even if they are sick!!!
    They had every right to be angry with them!!! But they shouldn’t have done what they did!
    Inecent people died, all those people were not bad!! chels


  252. rebandvodka says:



  253. zach rewald says:

    i do not entirely believe what they did was right, but there were certain parts that i agree with. if they were being picked on long enough, they’re gonna do something about it. hell, they were at least nice enough to let a couple people live, and the ones that died probably were the ones that were saying stupid shit to them. those fuckers deserve to die. i also heard that they killed a girl because she was a christian, and that they were nazis and racists. that part i definately dont agree with. but everything else, i think they had the right idea. i’m kind of glad that they did what they did if they targeted bullies. they’re probably chillin with jeffy dahmer right now. RIP


  254. Trench says:

    Zach, you’re new here so I’ll spell it out for you. Harris and Klebold weren’t bullied rather they were bullies themselves. And I checked out your MySpace. Do your parents know what you do or do they just not care? BTW, only sheep have MySpaces.


  255. James says:

    OK no one on here has wrote a comment for a while. I have only read
    the first forty or so messages I live in the UK and still have nightmares
    of being the one who looses a child or having to defend a child. But it must be remembered
    that theese were children and from the messages i have read all i can feel is hatred
    which is understandable but having grown up through my teen years with this happening
    I belieev Harris and Dylan were also victims of this tragedy along with the others.
    Maybe we will now think twice about what we say to others and how it affects them


  256. Anonymous caller. says:

    I am sure whatever Eric Harris wrote in his journal was good. very good. It is not fun to be picked on. So what He &amp Dylan did was get revenge.They did. The people who picked on Eric &amp Dylan got exactly what they deserved.Eric and Dylan knew what to do.So they stood up for themselves.&amp I am very happy for them. MORE POWER TO YOU ERIC &amp DYLAN.I BELEIVE IN YOU GUYS. YOU ARE AWSOME.

    ..You idiot. They didn’t go around killing everyone just because they were picking on them. You dumb son of a bitch, they went around murdering anyone and everyone they could find. Their plan was to kill as many people, ‘eclipsing’ all the other mass murderer’s in history. When you open your mouth, make sure you know what you’re talking about.


  257. well trench, personally, i dont give a fuck what you say about my myspace profile. it’s none of your business what i do. maybe instead of the school, klebold and harris should have gotten you… is it just me, or is the an incredibly vulgar page? dont answer, i dont care. trench should seriously learnn how to shut his fucking mouth. i’m betting a good deal of people just come on here to learn some stuff and to say what they know. peace, trench can suck my dick.

    make your own myspace profile here!! dont let trench lie to you!!!

    luv zach


  258. Trench says:

    I noticed you ignored my question Zack. Do your parents not know about your myspace or do they just not care?


  259. before i answer. i would like to know what you think was so bad about it. i’ll gladly answer once i know.


  260. btw trench. i didn’t mean what i said about that klebold and harris getting you thing. just angry. peace. 🙂


  261. chelsea says:

    I think it just makes me sick the way people idolize these jerks!! If you think what eric and dylan did was right or awesome you need to get some serious help!! most of those people that were killed were innocent. The boys didn’t know all of the people injured or killed, they just wanted to kill everything in sight. They were disturbed!!!!


  262. chelsea says:

    Dylan and eric were picked on, but they bullied other kids themselves. they were making racial remarks to Isaah shoels everyday down the hall, so I don’t feel real bad for them. I only feel bad because they were disturbed and I feel bad for you, Zack. Your a sick person!:mad:


  263. chelsea says:

    By the way eric was really cute!!




  265. by the way, i dont support eric and dylan’s racist comments. they make me mad. grrrr:mad: see? mad!


  266. Trench says:

    before i answer. i would like to know what you think was so bad about it. i’ll gladly answer once i know.

    You mean besides the fact that it plays crappy music, the background makes it totally unreadable, and has way too many pics on it, making it look like every other MySpace?


  267. Whatever!!!!! says:

    Hello there over there!!!!Lets make love baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  268. the pics, well, i honestly cant give you a reason. the music, if i like it, i play it. and the background, i totally agree with you, i’m THINKING about changing it. btw, i’d appreaciate you leaving my myspace profile out of the conversation from now on. if you have a problem with my page, you can find a differant way to complain to me about it.


  269. dio nero says:

    la trincea è fag. succhi il penis voi bastardi.


  270. Trench says:

    Did they teach you that at St. Peter Public School?


  271. mark says:

    hi!!pardon me if my grammar is wrong…im mark from Philippines cotabato, my place is more like columbine where the extremists lives. when i was elementary i was being bullied by my classmates…so my dad taught me how to use guns, and basic combat self defense. but of course I do not apply this to my classmates. my high school life is getting even more worst, so my dad taught me how to use combat knife and armalite for self defense. I started to understand that the world is getting cruel, everyday I recieve a death threat notes from someone I don’t know. they hated me for nothing that day on my way home 5 people blocked my way in a small alley. they start stabbing me 6 times. I thank God I still survive on that tragedy. I transfer to other school, till I graduated from high school. In my college years Student threat other student with .45 and if some student failed in their subject they threat their teacher with .45 and it is no joke. my dad taught me how to assemble and disassemble m-16,start using combat knife for self defense. my dad trained me well.1 thing I always remember “use extreme self defense only if you are cornered don’t know where to go, be ready for any kind of situation if you are in death threat, never ever point a gun to other people you are in great danger”. one day my dad was killed on his way home he was ambushed by some extremist. during my college year I killed 20 people, I was defending myself. I was shot 6x and survived during my college years.i transfer schools many many times. I thank God for my life. you guys come over here so you know how it feels like to live in fear, everyday ,every millisecond of time.I don’t even know if I will live tomorrow or next year. but there is only 1 thing I have to tell you guys. Your place is better than my place, being bullied is not forever, don’t make things worst there are lots of people who will help you, like teachers, parents, and government….. I am deeply sorry for these people who wants to kill me for nothing. it is not supposed to be like that. I thank for my dad that during he lives here cuz he taught me well about how to appreciate guns, life, enemy and people. Maybe I will live no longer if he didn’t teach me. Life is only once in a life time, appreciate life.i condemn harris and dylan for killing the innoccent just for fun.


  272. Susie says:

    If Eric and Dylan really did kill and injure all those people just because they were given a hard time at school, then they are completely PATHETIC!

    They were both immature, whiney, bastards! High School is only a few years out of their lives, and yeah, it might of been shitty for them, but a few bad years isn’t worth killing people over.

    I don’t think those two little boys with their little guns really did much to make themselves respected or whatever, because guess what? EVERY ONE STILL HATES THEM, AND THEY’RE STILL FUCKING LOSERS… 😡

    Anybody who idolizes those dead dickheads needs a reality check.

    ….AND, if Eric and Dylan weren’t actually bullied, then, um… whoops, were those guys screwed up.


  273. dio nero says:

    no, non. non è comunque il vostro commercio. vada succhiano una trincea del dick! avete ritardato il faggot. i harris ed il klebold erano stupid per essere razzisti, ma il vostro stupid giusto.


  274. dio nero says:

    I debated about if I wanted to delete this comment or not. I decided to leave it up to show that there are actually people like Jennifer out there who worship those two scumbags Harris and Kliebold.

    Jennifer, I’m sorry your parents obviously don’t take enough interest in your life but get some help you sick twisted fool.

    your a faggot trench!! go fuck yourself. this went from a conversation about the harris journal, to you spitting one sided insults to people that are saying what they think. the truth is, your the sick twisted fool, and you dont know shit about what your saying.


  275. dio nero says:

    June 23rd, 2003 at 11:25 pm

    you three can suck dick!!


  276. dio nero says:

    Susie Says:
    March 15th, 2006 at 1:11 am
    If Eric and Dylan really did kill and injure all those people just because they were given a hard time at school, then they are completely PATHETIC!

    They were both immature, whiney, bastards! High School is only a few years out of their lives, and yeah, it might of been shitty for them, but a few bad years isn’t worth killing people over.

    I don’t think those two little boys with their little guns really did much to make themselves respected or whatever, because guess what? EVERY ONE STILL HATES THEM, AND THEY’RE STILL FUCKING LOSERS…

    Anybody who idolizes those dead dickheads needs a reality check.

    ….AND, if Eric and Dylan weren’t actually bullied, then, um… whoops, were those guys screwed up.



  277. Trench says:

    And now you’re officially banned.


  278. Weaknessdevours says:

    Eric and dylan were both weak, anyone supporting them deserves to rot away

    They let ANGER control them, and even to add more icing on the cake of weakness, they Shot unarmmed people, i’ve known people who’ve been made fun of worst then dylan and eric ever was, and do they go nuts?, fuck no, you think bill gates Shot everyone in his school because of what some Meathead jocks said?

    fuck no

    Eric and dylan were weak, those who support them are weak


  279. anomynous says:

    And to think that these small town DA’s in Gulf Shores,AL think they have a case. Boy, oh boy! Joe Meredith is nothing at all like Eric and Dylan. He’s never even had a disipline problem in school. Wish I could share the bogus evidence they have against him, but that will have to be saved for a later date. But just alittle info, (from a very reliable source, I must say) Joe is a well behaved young man. He has his strange beliefs, but he’s an artist. And I mean, a true, serious artist. He’s extremely intellegent and he is extremely passionate about film making. He knows ALOT about the film industry in general. He loves sci-fi and horror flicks, but he’s more interested in the grapics and the special effects than he is the blood and guts. Not to mention, he’s fascinated with the special effects in King Kong and the last Harry Potter movie that came out. So, after saying all that, my point is, that this child is being charged as an adult in Conspiracy to Commit Murder because he has a passion for making horror flicks. The media got a hold of it, and the child was deemed guilty before he had a chance. Now because of the media and the Small Town DA’s, this child is on house arrest because some rumors that went around school and some gory pictures and short films on his website. Sounds more like a case of freedom of expression. He shot a gun one time in his life and he didn’t like it. He’s not interested in guns at all. He didn’t even know what the uni-bomber was when recently asked. This doesn’t sound like a child that was planning a “Columbine Style Attack” on Gulf Shores High School. Just a kid with a wild and vulger imagination. When I look at this information about Eric and Dylan, I’m baffled that they can take a child like Joe Meredith and even begin to compare. I’m an educated person who has studied Eric and Dylan, as well as other serial killers, mass murderers, etc. One story that sticks in my mind about Eric was that he was a psychopath (duh) and would have probably gone on to a criminal life including a possible serial killer. On the other hand, Dylan was a depressed child, a follower, and could have possibly led a normal life if he had gotten help and avoided that dreadful day. This info. I’m sure is one of the many about Eric and Dylan, but it always stands in my mind. Sympathy goes out to all. It’s just sad and unfortunate.


  280. jema says:

    god bless you vodka and reb xx


  281. Trench says:

    It’s a little late for that.


  282. zakh says:

    fuck you trench!!!


  283. Trench says:

    Is that the best you got?


  284. zakh says:

    nah, i was joking. how was your 20th trench? did you hear about the five kids that were gonna shoot up another school? it’s columbine all over again.

    happy 4/20 everyone.


  285. zakh says:

    honestly, i dont see why everyone is calling eric and dylan cowards. i’ll bet that if eric or dylan were standing in front of you, you wouldn’t be saying any of the shit your saying here. it seems that the people saying eric and dylan are cowards, are the real cowards. why dont you waste your time doing something else.


  286. zakh says:

    88= hail harris
    8-11=hail klebold.

    how come it takes so long for one peson to post something?




  288. Billy Graham says:

    Well they were like gods.. Those fuckin jews an jocks deserved to DIE&gt
    TRENCH COAT MAFIA for life.

    And belief me it will hapeen again even if i have to do it!!!


  289. Trench says:

    Is that how they teach kids these days in the Conway SC area?


  290. anomynous says:

    Unbelievable! It’s the kids out there with the mentality of “Billy Graham” , “Zakh”, “Dio Nero”, etc. that are making the good kids look bad. Innocent kids are being accused of making threats and actually having to go through the whole legal process. I’m talking about kids that would never take part in a school shooting or any other kind of criminal activity. It’s unfortunate that these f**ked up kids who are worshiping Eric and Dylan aren’t the ones being jerked up by the criminal justice system and charged with “stupidity”!


  291. Dionisia says:

    Pray to the Lord? What has he ever done for me? FIND the Lord? … eh. yeah. At least Dylan and Eric were real. They actually did something. Whether it was wrong or right is not the point. America needs these things to happen to make it see how fucked up it truly is.
    Dylan and Eric – We salute you.


  292. (_)(_) says:

    Wow what a bunch of pathetic people we have here. I sympathize with unpopular people, I used to be hugely fat and picked on to no end. I never went low enough to have so much vengeance though, I just fought the ones that made fun of me and my tremendous size usually ensured victory. I earned my respect that way, people just dont realize there is life beyond high school. TSK TSK. stupid kids. A bunch of panzies that cant fight with their two hands. They need guns.


  293. anonymous says:

    They didn’t target anyone. It wasn’t because they were bullied or any shit like that. Eric was a psychopath. He hated EVERYTHING and everyone.
    And if you’ve felt that kind of rage for no reason, wanting to kill everyone, destroy everything, then you’d understand.


  294. German girl says:

    Sorry, but my english is too bad to wrote it in english so…it´s in german

    Ich will nicht die Tat der beiden beschönigen und ich sage auch nicht, dass sie das Richtige taten. Aber man kann es nur verstehen, wenn man mal selber ein Außenseiter war. Ich war auch eine und bin heute zwar nicht die Beliebteste, aber mir geht es jetzt besser. Was ich aber sagen will ist, dass die Situation von Eric und Dylan eine ganz andere war. Sie waren nicht nur Außenseiter, wegen irgendwas müssen sie furchtbar gelitten haben.Ich habe das auch manchmal.Z.B. weine ich einfach so, weil ich keinen Sinn mehr in meinem Leben sehe. Das geht aber irgendwann vorbei.Bei Eric und Dylan war das vielleicht nicht so. Die Schuld liegt hier nicht an Videospielen oder Musik oder Filme, die Gesellschaft und die Schule und noch viel mehr hat hier zusammengespielt. Und ich glaube dass, als es erst in den Köpfen von eric und Dylan war, die Menschheit umzubringen,es keiner mehr aus ihren Köpfen hätte ausschlagen können. Die Lehrer waren bestimmt auch nicht “sauber”. Ich war auf einer Schule, auf der die Lehrer “Rassisten” sind und immer nur so tun, als seien sie so sozial. Lehrer sind manchmal beschiss… als jeder Schüler der Welt.

    Denkt nicht, ihr wüsstet warum Eric und Dylan das taten. Es ist nicht erklärbar.


  295. tetsuro says:

    so the little fucker kept a diary, for fucks sake i keep a, log book on locations and sketches of tags that i throw up, if the cops ever got it i could be treid in all 51 states.

    even chuck manson and jeffy dommer had log books on there killings. mass murders have a pentaint for wanting to relive there glory days as they sit in a cell and wait to fry:evil:


  296. mother green and her killing machine says:

    eric and dylan were two little whinny pussy fucks who did the only thing that two little whinny fucks know how to do take the cowords way out im a honky bastard living in the ghetto im not loved here but i would never kill those who push me around the truth is that mabye theyll regret it latter and mabye they wont whenever you get pushed around you push back not being a whinny little pussy mabye i shoudlnt be so hard on the cowords.but i take comfort in the fact that they are burning in hell america is better off without those two they give americans a bad name we dont need to fear people like dylon and eric they are the weak members off socioty i think they should have lived so they can be in prison right noe being fucked up the ass but hey who really gives a fuck if they lived or not it is over with now


  297. Lime light says:

    okay before we start i would like to say im going to use text speak because of a spelling problem i have not because im an idiot
    i live in london, a place where suburbia is sumthing we see on the t.v and i use to attended public school were there were 150 students per year or (grade for those in the states). i was diffrent to other students, i had odd taste in films and music, i wore dirty shirts because no1 was around to show me how to wash them. i was bullied every day, beatings name calling. i later discoverd weed but found it cost to much so resorted to sniffing solvent. i later was sent to hospital because of an overdose. after that life got worse i was not just a freak but a DRUGGIE. now i have been expled and attend a local college. but in this i have found pople who are the same. now some say Eric and Dylan were not bullied but since then Brooks Brown a once time friend and long time enemy of Eric addmits they were picked on. and all you say there evil and should be hated, and all you who love them and think there gods are idiots. they are products of you. at a young age they tought by cartoons nd kids shows, that they will be heros and live great lifes, the to find out its all i lie. you make them hate and teach them thats the only thing you cant take away from them. in hate i think eric and dylan found themselfs. the media teaches them that violence gives them an above human status and students teach them violence works and parents teach them that no1 listens what did ppl expect to happen?. they wernt crazy they wernt sad they were already dead the only thing that kept them alive was the thought they could mean somthing to someone, they could make others just like them, and they did. so now all the hype is gone the legions of fans have grown up now we still remeber them. random killing no, more hate than you can understand yes. right and wrong are not a part of it. death is not a factor only hate.
    peace to you dylan and eric anti-heros of the MTV generation. your revoloution will come. and to those you killed may you rot as part of the world you were born into and would have gone on to be a part of its makeing, one less lawyer and 1 less actor is no big lose, a mass murder is a visual xpression of life in this the worlds most pointless phase.


  298. Joakim says:

    fucked up kids, how the fuck in hell can you be so fucking low to shot at innocent people that cant protect themself.

    I mean, if the are so freakin fucked up that they wanna kill people, go to some gangster place and shot at people who can fight back.

    It would been 10 times better if they just went in to the school with a baseball bat or something like that.
    And if they wanna commit suicide, do that then, why kill innocent people who _WANNA_ live.

    “cant blame the parents” then who to blame. psycho freaks when i saw this i just wanna kill myself and go to hell.
    And then kill Dylan and Eric with my bare hands. hope they burn in hell.


  299. grapuvious says:

    you all a bunch of gen x and y faggots that have the mentality of epsilon minus’. Fucking Harris and Kliebold knew and are fucking cowards that ruined the lives of many for what?.
    did they lift weights and learn to fight for their cause….fuck no pussies had to use daddy”s credit cards to use guns on the people that did not confront their whimpy faggot anuses that they both probably pentrated each other. you goth faggots can go fuck yourself if you think these pussies did something so big and purposeful for all in their their little girly shoes to follow. now go lift weights and put on some fucking motorhead, or ramstein or somsing…papi…or you will get put in a chamber to drown in your excrements and tattoo ink.


  300. Jim says:

    No matter how good or bad your high school experience is, it comes to an end after you graduate or drop out. After that, apart from college admissions, nobody cares what you did in high school.
    Eric was a racist who hated blacks, and an anti-semite who was also a Holocaust denier. He admired the Nazis. No wonder other kids didn’t like them. I didn’t like racists or Nazis in high school either.
    Most people have forgotten about them, except for their pathetic fan club. To most people they are already just a footnote in history, like the Lindbergh baby kidnapper. In 20 years, few people will remember them.
    By the way, Goths are as much conformists as anyone else. They hang out with their clique, listen to the same type of music, and wear the same style of clothes. And moan about how nobody understands them. I had some friends like that in high school, and the whining just got old after awhile. “Society” is an abstraction. Be mad at it if you want, but realize you are being mad at an ephemereal abstraction.
    People that do something with their lives don’t sit around blaming “society” for their problems. Get off your ass and start doing something for yourself and your friends instead of waiting on “society” to change and fix your life for you.


  301. me says:

    Umm I think those guys were really sad thing to look at. And what im confused on is….If the jocks bullied them so much….why did all those other kids get killed? Like grls? And kids who dont even look CLOSE to being a jock. I think they wanted to be jocks, wanted to be accepted by them and wasnt so they killed ppl…but i think that they were so afraid of the jocks that even with the guns they were still afraid and couldnt kill ’em. Maybe they were bullied so much by them that even with a gun they still held this power over them or something. But yea, on utube they showed this film of them practicing shooting trees and bowling pins…WHO WAZ THAT CHICK SHOOTING WITH THEM!?!?!?!!? Did anyone bother to ask????? I would’ve arrested her if she knew something or not and I would’ve charged ALL there parents for what happened to!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN WATCHING THERE KIDS!!!! ALL PARENTS SNOOP EVERY NOW AND THEN!!!! WHERE WERE THERE PARENTS! I mean they didnt have to look very hard! They didnt really hide anything!!! And if u ask me…I think they wanted to get caught. They put out TO MANY SIGNS….I bet they wanted to see who was cared enough to ask questions, who cared to even think about what their child was doing. Since no one cared and no asked and no one took the time out to see why would they make school films called ”Hitmen for Hire” Columbined happened. What really spookes you is all the followers that they have secrelty out there waiting for their turn to either out-do or make history like Dylan and Eric. And not knowing whoose school is next. 😛


  302. Jema says:

    Still in my thoughts everyday


  303. The One! says:

    You know what, when it comes down to it, nothing is wrong nor right, its all based off oppinions, like laws, they are forced oppinions, no differant than the forced belifes of Natzi Germany was. you do sumething that the so called “Athority of the people” dont like, so you get trashed in jail, no better than Natzis to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know thers a differance, thats cause they dont want it to seem like that, but its Dam’n Straight True! Sorry if I offended!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  304. ____________ says:

    😐 😈 😯 🙂 :huh: I thing The One is on to something here, just because what Eric and Daylen have done and become does not mean is good or bad. they where decent kids gone to a path of destruction, and for ALL of thoes STUPID FUCKING PEICES OF WORTHLESS SHIT Who write a bunch of bull-shit like that they where gay, GET THE FUCK OFF IT! it was proven that they wernt, thoes “reporters” cant even keep their stories streight! cause thats not the only wrong full thing about this, they just want more confrentation over this whole Ideal so they can try to make profit or what not!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way I FUCKEN HATE HOMOESEXUALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No harm done, just me!


  305. Most Evil says:

    what Eric And Daylen did was not even the begining of what awaits !!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!………! Columbine High is going to be no more! thoes Two made so many mistakes, they could have did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so the massicer continues…… or does it?!?!!?!?! you will soon know of it!!!!!!! as it continues, countless schools will be tooken off the maps, and so on all the way, gaining alies as I go, then we hit big!!!!!!!! and no more getting my body lashed and slashed, I dont need help, you Cannot force change on people, dont you get it, thats why Eric’s Angermanagment classes did not Work! I stand abouve all thats been true!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty sick as you may as mildly as possible think and say, but thats your oppinion, not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  306. tty says:

    I must say I have to aggre with Me On about the fact that there are (too) many followers out there like Most Evil up there, the scarryest thing is I UNderstand! 😯 😐


  307. Most Evil says:

    I will wait till an EXTREMILY Intence Magnetic Storm CoMeS, then I will strike at the stroms approch, to add more Evil, Dark, Bile Drama to it all!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so it beggins soon enogh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine a hate so intence that it would drive you to slowly cut somebody in half (up and down) with a chain saw because of what they have done to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam’n that fuck’n sucked!!!!!!!!! they will be the first to Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as for police, Iv got planes so they cant even accses the school for a long ass time, till its too late of chorse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  308. Most Evil says:

    I know how Eric and Daylen got the stuff they did, first they made “Freinds” with the dealer, and he lowerd, and even throgh in free ammo, he even went shooting with them both, Eric shot a tree and said, “imagine that in somebodie’s brain!” and second, Daylen’s “girlfreind” got him the semi-automatic pistol, and finaly, due to the fact that you cant force change, ERic’s management class did not work, OF CHORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only you can choose your true path, weather it’s KILL or a SLAVE to every day boring-ass life,…….. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  309. Most Evil says:

    I know “Personaly” about this shit, so dont BULL-SHIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  310. Cheryl says:

    SOON………… it will be time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just you fucken wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !


  311. fja says:

    sadfj HYZX!@


  312. Bradly says:

    I’v finaly CRACKED!!!!!!! now I aggry wit ol Cherry up there and will fucken go through wit it bit!~ 😈


  313. Bradly says:

    I’m Fucken LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m CRAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hell YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sdljafsgfsjf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯 😈 😐


  314. Brandi says:

    Fuck you Alix, you are a Fucking pice of worthless trash! SO SHUT THE HELL UP YOU FUCKEN GOD DAM’N PRIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROVE YOUR SELF TRUE BITHCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  315. Most Evil says:

    And If you must know why Eric and Daylen shot many others aside from the “joks”, of chorse it could be a large varity and combinations of reasons, but mostlikely they hated society so much, and they thoght that Everybody else was gona do so much better than they where in “life” if you want to call it a “life” but did not really think of it as that, so the only way to them was to Go out with a big bang! and also they probibly liked the power feeling supresser that darkness and evil gave them and as a resault, the “massicure!” ya i spelled it wrong, big fucken deal!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they probibly did not think of it exsacly like that, but I hope you get the point, It’s Fucken hard to explain!!!!!!!!!!!!! but they knew they thoght Evil mostlikely, so they might have figgerd what the Hell, and carried out their destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yaaaaaaaaaaa…………! 😈


  316. ? says:

    The Root of All Evil is the Heart of A Black Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH A FUCK’N FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE ERIC AND DAYLEN KNOW OF MY GREAT DARK BILE EVIL POWERS WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOMS DAY IS SOON ENOGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  317. ? says:



  318. Eric Harris says:

    Now thinking of ways to over achive the hollocost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  319. Daylen Klebold says:

    All I HATE will parish Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😈


  320. ferjfu,..//.kjlshgHhjhjjjjjggffHhhhghghj says:

    OMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! so fucking great! Quake! Doom! Resadent Evil 4!!!!!!!!! 😈


  321. Nick says:

    You know what one of the weirdest things was, I think Rachel Scott, the girl that tended to be with them and one of the Killed knew she was going to die up to at least a year before “Columbine Hell” took place. She worte a journal entry that stated “This is my last year.” and that God had treated her well in her short life. and 20 min. before the Massacre started, she wrote one last entry that had a frowning face with Exacly 13 Tear drops on it, wich is how many people Eric and Daylen Killed, including her before Killing themselfs, bringing the Death Toll to 15. In ways it’s really sad, Especially for Rachel because she knew she only had a year left as the Killers did and she had to live with knowing this for a good amount of time, as the killers did too. Which helps majorly in proving the fact that This could not be prvented, especially if she wanted to prevent this, but couldent. I mean who knows, she might of wanted to die because she was in the tapes and knew too much about them and did not want to face consequences. I would not want to either. So She had no choice. I also belive it might be True that she was the one who went to the prom with Daylen and was his girlfreind. Though I’m not clear on that. I think Eric and Daylen wanted to go to the prom mostly because It was their last full day Alive, as was Rachels.


  322. fsad says:

    the fact that Erics bithday was in APRIL, the month of the massacre and Daylens was on SEPTEMBET 11, the day we got attacked on our own land was really weird! Eric said in his journal that they wanted to HIGHJACK A PLANE AND CRASH IT INTO THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING IN NEW YORK CITY, wich was also too weird. I mean, what are the chanches they Basicly get all that right dead on almost! Wholy Shit! thats too right, thogh it is quite interesting and unique. it makes you wounder…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯


  323. Hyzx! says:

    Well this whole thing is still not solved, really the only thing all people tend to agree on is the fact that they are killers. I think that maby one of the reasons they comited the Attack was because they wanted to show that they are Dangerous people, that can defend themselfs. the people and things that said and or made them feel, offended, degraded, and just plain Fucked-Up might have made them feel unsucsessfull and like faliors so they went to an uncontrollable Rage and Denyance of this stuff and took it too far. Or maby they just wanted to be Evil. Who Really Knows the Truth for Sure. So Whatever……………! 😈 👿


  324. Zina says:

    Eh ! Friends ! I think that guy who wrote on 10 september was Kimveer Gill, the guy who shooted on Dawson College the wenesday 13 at Montreal. If I’m wrong, please, mr. 9-10, anser me !


  325. Trench says:

    No that wasn’t Kimveer Gill but Gill did post here…



  326. Zina says:

    I dont like that guy… He was a stupid loner… Not too wise. Very not wise… Not like REB n V
    Thank U Trench


  327. xo ferg says:

    how can you people think this, innocent people were killed and you people think its no big deal…how would you like it if that was your best friend that was killed. eric and dylan wanted there 15 minutes of fame and they got it, but what happened to these peoples families and friends is so much worse. i come from a very small town, and when one person dies the whole town is effected, i know littleton isnt a -huge- town by any means, and this was a hard blow to take. i dont know why you guys idiolize people that ruined peoples hopes and dreams, people that ruined the chances of people that could have become legends, who were these people going to be? whats going to happen to the people that were supposed to marry them or the kids they were supposed to have? why dont you think about that before you go around worshiping people that did so many wrong things and took the wrong way out, yea we all get bullied at school, i get bullied and i am a bully, we all are, none of you can say that you havent ever said somehting to offend someone else, and you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didnt. so why dont you think about things before you think you have the right role models


  328. Madison says:

    You guys are Really crazy.Its a good thing you killed your self because i ever found you i would have done it myself..Power to Bullys..eric and harris Had NOOOO right to kill..Jenifer your crazzyyy so get a life..<3 mee


  329. Desirae says:

    maybe they did have some what of a point and i hope it changed the way ppl who are mean to other ppl think… maybe they’ll think twice first. but yea thank god they killed them slefs and got rid of all pain thry held inside


  330. m-dawg says:

    okayy CRAZZZYYYY bitch right here


  331. Konstantin says:

    I’m also obsessed with what Reb and V did. I don’t care it this was a revenge of just an act of violence. It doesn’t matter if the victims deserved that or not. And it doesn’t even matter that the victims were unarmed, frightend and helpless. It all doesn’t matter. Only thing that matters – these guys dared. They did what they wanted, they overpowered all their doubts. Reb and V overstepped the bound and proved to be action men. They supported each other until the very end. And they KNEW they will become icons. They have obviously set an example to follow.


  332. Konstantin says:

    You are a piece of crap, actully


  333. Daniel says:

    I fail to see why all of you that condemn their actions can say that they were evil and cowards. They were not cowards, they were normal guys, like the guy that holds a door open for you, or that guy you see in the hallway at work/school.
    People shrugged them off and ridiculed them daily, they took it.
    People scoffed at them and abused them, and they took it.
    It wasn’t the media that caused this.
    It wasn’t the videogames that caused this.
    It wasn’t the violent movies that caused this.
    It wasn’t any music that caused this.

    It was people doing to Eric and Dylan what humans do best: Be assholes

    This happens all the time, in all places, and everyone puts up with it.

    Then, two teenagers decide, “Fuck this, I don’t want to put up with this anymore” and go on a rampage that few people can even dream of doing and suddenly, it’s wrong to fight back?

    That’s the problem with our society today. As portrayed with the Iraq war, we aren’t willing to defend ourselves anymore because of a bunch of activists that say that we shouldn’t retaliate.

    Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that retaliation is a good thing, it teaches people that are not smart enough to figure it out on their own that what they are doing is not acceptable.

    What these two kids did, while extremely brutal and horrific, was part of the wake up call that this country needs.
    In my mind Eric and Dylands’ actions were neutral, (meaning not bad or good)



  334. Trench says:

    And they got back at those who supposedly abused them. Oh no wait. They didn’t. They shot a bunch of unarmed people who didn’t even know them. That’s why they’re cowards.

    What about the mentally handicapped that Klebold used to bully? Should he have shot Klebold?


  335. Daniel says:

    If you look at what their plan was, and what actually happened, you would see that they planned to have the propane bombs placed in the lunch that most of their tormentors have, thus, eliminating most of them and causing mass panic in which they would sit outside and pick off the people that tormented them with his Hi-Point model rifle who fled out the doors that they were guarding. If you look at the reports I think you’ll find that he never used the rifle, only the shotgun and the tec-9. When the bombs didn’t go off however, Eric was enfuriated by it and he started killing people on the grassy knoll in anger (This is what is not acceptable).

    And yes, if the mentally handicapped kid that Klebold used to bully was sentient enough to understand that he was being insulted he would have been justified in going after Klebold.

    Anything else you wish to try and use against me? Or, are you quite through?



  336. Trench says:

    Let me see, so they planted bombs and when they were supposed to go off they would start picking people off as they would run from the school. Let me think about that one for a while….Nope…still cowards. And you are obviously in need of help.


  337. Daniel says:

    From your futile attempt at insulting me I gather that I have structured and executed the stating of my point correctly. It’s sad really, I expected a intellectual rebuttal from you. Your lashing out at me in an attempt to injure my ego and get the last word shows me that the only reason that you condemn their actions is because they hurt someone you knew, or you are just one of the ignorant people that believe whatever your Leader (Whether they be Religious, Social, or Political) says without question.

    Please wake up and face reality.

    Untill then,



  338. Trench says:

    It wasn’t an attempt at insult it was an observation. You’re in obvious need of psychiatric help.

    Besides you’re only 15. You know nothing of the real world.


  339. SeriouslySchizo says:

    I have no idea why pple are still obsessed with Columbine. I am. And its weird. I think their story has been sensationalised too much and therefore brought about the followers and fans. Society is sick and thats why this would be seen as cool because through the media, we have all been desensitized to violence.


  340. brittney says:

    no! they killed specific peole! i saw the tapes! they killed some of the “Christians” because they were being heritics, they killed some of the “Jocks” because they never let them just be themselves and always picked on them, they killed some “Jews” because they hated Jews (why? i dont know because Dylan Klebold was jewish.
    i am a born again Christian and i believe that God finnally let their anger build up and let them take it out! but by the grace of God, only a few of the 100+ bombs they planted went off. if they all had gone off there would have been at least 600 dead….very minimum!


  341. rory says:

    they did one of the few things they could. to the dipshit at the top blaming the parents”FUCK YOU” your obviously some fuck who has to blame someone i mean for the love of god its understandable to let kids have their privacy. besides even if they found it they might have em get councilling but it prolly wouldnt have prevented it.besides they killed themselves they took their own lives. they werent selfish enough to live through it they went in and got revenge on people who had hurt them and so many others likeley. its not the right way to handle bullies but yeah atleast they went through with what the said. they had reasons.


  342. Wow. says:

    You guys are all immature, ignorant people. High school isn’t everything. When you graduate, you will see there is a whole world. Why care what people do to you in HIGH SCHOOL. I have been picked on, I am still here, NONVIOLENT, and love life. I have sat in my room crying for days. Now I haven’t cried for months. IT GETS BETTER.

    Dylan and Eric are complete scumbags. Same with Cho. I can’t believe any of you that side with them. Are you completely insane? Or trying to be cool over the internet?

    EVERYBODY gets picked on in HIGH SCHOOL, it isn’t the end of the world. Once you grow up, you will see that. Until then…… be safe.


  343. Alishea says:

    This was not a action done by two kids who just got picked on in school. This was about alot more than that. This was about two dumbass who wanted to hold alot of power in there hands. They wanted to hurt lots of ppl not just the one dude that called him a name last week. This was way bigger than that.. Read and learn.. These kids were hungry for power and power only.. they just sucked at what they were trying to do.. Had there bombs gone of right lots more ppl would have died.. Luckly they sucked at making bombs or there would have been alot more shit to talk about than a couple of picked on sorry ass kids.. Sorry my opinion…..


  344. The Jive says:

    I read all of his journals.

    whatever idiot wrote this artical completely missed the point of who he was what he was trying to say, and his thought process. You lady or guy or whatever the hell u are, are exactly what he described as a robot. And then you go on to say it could have been prevented. If they did find out about their plans before the fact he said it himself, he wasnt going down with out a fight, and he was armed to the teeth. Blood would have been shed either way. He was unhappy with this fucked up world, and that is just what it is, and he made some deep social analysis’s that are true of human nature that wouldnt make sense to a lamen or an idiot such as yourself. Stop trying to deconstruct what he said, he did what he did and hes dead, you cant argue with the dead, his statement was enternal, unquestionable, and definite and his motives and thoughts clear.

    accept the cold hard truth please and stop being such an uptight ass. What you think u have more wisdom or insight because you screwed some chic and brought a kid into this world? being a parent has nothing to do with it.
    search their rooms no one cares what the hell u do with ur dumb kids no need to bring that into the discussion.

    bye R.I.P E & D


  345. Trench says:

    You were 11 when Columbine happened. What do you know? You just think they’re cool because you have this “fuck the mainstream” attitude.

    Come back when you’ve lived in the real world.


  346. Paige says:

    Honestly. I don’t really think anything about Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, they often pass my mind, and at first I got offended when people talked about them, why only lord knows, but I don’t hate them yes what they did was wrong, why would any natural human being want to put another person through so much pain and sadistic torcher is beyond me. For Eric Harris to say “I want to tear a throat out with my own teeth like a pop can. I want to gut someone with my hand, to tear a head off and rip out the heart and lungs from the neck, to stab someone in the gut, shove it up to the heart, and yank the fucking blade out of their rib cage! I want to grab some weak little freshman and just tear them apart like a fucking wolf. show them who is god. strangle them, squish their head, bite their temples into the skull, rip off their jaw. rip off their colar bones, break their arms in half and twist them around, the lovely sounds of bones cracking and flesh ripping, ahh… so much to do and so little chances.” what the hell. Why would any human want that, if he wanted to do so many bad things to other people why was he a coward and not except the consequences of his actions, instead of taking the easy way out. I mean as far as his knowledge on life goes. He was a sinister boy and I do not doubt that there weren’t deep issues that caused this,but how could you want to do that to someone is beyond me.. NO ONE deserves that. Everyone desereves an equal shot at life, and Eric and Dylan ripped that away from 13 people, and if i could make it so it was me and not 13 people i would thats just horrible and its not the parents. Thats stupid to blame it on them… I don’t hate Eric or Dylan because of what they did. But yet I don’t commend them on a job well done. It is not in me to understand the stuff going through that boys mind, I’ve tried so hard and I go over it and over it but when it comes down to it, that boy was everything he said he hated, he completely contradicted himself in every journal entry he wrote. What I figured is he just hated himself and wanted someone to blame it on..I hope he got whatever punishment god wanted him to have, and I pray every day for all of there families..It is a tragedy and it is not the down fall of the human race.


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