Speedy Lives

Viva El Speedy:

As I told you about before Cartoon Network had pulled all Speedy Gonzales cartoons off the air claiming that the cartoons were offensive to Mexicans even though the cartoon is widely popular amongst most Hispanics. Now score one for our side. Due to pressure from cartoon enthusiasts and Hispanic groups, Speedy has been released from his politically correct prison and is back on the air at Cartoon Network.

More on Daniel Pearl

Over the weekend I read a commentary from Chicago Tribune columnist Julia Keller. It was kind of a wishy-washy piece about that Boston rag publishing the Daniel Pearl pictures and linking to the video on their website. I can’t link the article since the Tribune asks you to register but I’ll post snippets from the article and then my comments.

The three-minute-or-so video of the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl was posted this week on the Web site of a popular and respected newspaper

Respected? If it was it’s not anymore.

And then, so swiftly that it takes the viewer by surprise, comes what seems to be Pearl’s decapitation. The qualification is necessary because there is no way to independently verify the video. Pearl’s executioner, who is not seen, then brandishes the severed head for several seconds

Let that sink in for a minute.

Given the video’s grotesque content, why would the Phoenix, for which Pearl once worked, post a link to it?

I didn’t know he once worked for that rag. That makes it even a bigger slap in the face.

why would the Phoenix, for which Pearl once worked, post a link to it? The Phoenix, after all, is a responsible news organization, an alternative weekly with a circulation of approximately 118,000 that was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1994, one of only two alternative weeklies ever to receive journalism’s top honor (the other was The Village Voice).

To gain national media attention and sell a few more issues. Then again the Pulitzer isn’t what it used to be.

In an interview, Mindich (the publisher) expressed dismay that the U.S. government had apparently taken pains to suppress the video. In fact, he added, the government should have aided widespread dissemination of the video, so that Americans could fully comprehend the murderous virulence of the anti-Semitism among Islamic extremists.

I don’t understand why our government hasn’t expressed their outrage. I don’t understand why President Bush didn’t get on the air and say, `This is completely intolerable.'”

No one has to say that this is intolerable. Most people with any amount of sanity know that this is a despicable act.

“If Daniel Pearl had his choice, he’d want it seen.”

I highly doubt that since you didn’t try to get his widow’s permission.

Mindich said he was aware of the brave new journalism world that he has helped initiate by instructing his Webmaster to link to the video.

“It was literally an instant from decision to execution. I just thought, `Wow. I can do this immediately.’ I felt empowered.”

Like a six-year-old with a new toy. This one just happened to garner national media attention.

Mindich said. It will remain indefinitely on the Phoenix site, he added. “I don’t see any reason to take it down.”

How about respect for Daniel Pearl’s family? No? I didn’t think so.

This is nothing more than an ego trip for Mindich so he can see his own name in national print. Stephen M. Mindich, you are nothing more than a sensationalist scumbag. Spitting on the memory of Daniel Pearl. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave. I hope you rot in hell.

Boston Paper Shows Pearl Pictures

I know I said I wasn’t going to post in the afternoon anymore but something has pissed me off so bad I couldn’t wait until tonight.

I am so disgusted once again. According to this article from Fox News an “alternative” (read: left-wing extremist rag) newspaper in Boston has printed pictures from the Daniel Pearl video. Including one of Pearl’s severed head. This “newspaper” has also linked to the Pearl video from their website. The publisher is using the CBS defense stating that America needs to see this video to he how much these terrorists hate Jews and Americans. And something occurred to me while thinking about this that didn’t occur to me the time I wrote about CBS showing the video. We don’t need to see how much they hate Americans and Jews. We all saw how much they hate us on September 11, 2001, when we saw the World Trade Center towers collapse live on TV. We got the point. There is no need to keep torturing this poor man’s family. Of course, the publisher of this rag hides behind the first amendment. But we all know the real reason for the publishing of the pictures and of the linking to the video. They want to sell more papers by appealing the lowest common denominator. They want people talking about them. And look here we are, talking about them. Notice I haven’t mentioned the paper or publisher by name. This is definitely a case of making the news instead of reporting it. This is right out of the National Enquirer handbook.

The publisher also says…

“The general public goes to films that are far more gory, and for no purpose other than to affect emotions.. “This is the real world, an enormously important event, the picture speaks a thousand words.”

True, but the general public realizes that these are not real people being killed in movies. We’re not talking about something that has a story, and a plot, and character interaction, and a happy ending. We’re talking about someone who was kidnapped, held hostage, and then brutally murdered. Someone who had a wife and a baby on the way. So now this rag is celebrating the baby’s birth by publishing pictures of its father’s severed head. Happy Birthday.

My question to you Mr. Publisher guy is if someone in your family had been brutally killed and it was videotaped would you be showing it in your newspaper and on your website? I seriously doubt it. There’s a special place in hell for people like you.