Why I Hate France

One of the reasons I hate France:

Ira Einhorn was a hippy guru from the 70’s. He was arrested for killing his girlfriend Holly Maddux in Philadelphia in 1979. Her remains were found in a steamer trunk and had obviously been there for a while. He fled the country. He was tried and convicted in absentia. In 1997 he was arrested in France, but there’s a catch. We couldn’t get him back unless we promised not to seek the death penalty and grant him a new trial.

What business is it of France to tell us how to treat our criminals? If anyone deserves the death penalty its Einhorn.

He also claims to have invented Earth Day. So that’s one more reason not to like Earth Day either.

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow, September 28, in the year of our Lord 2002, marks the 5th anniversary of my website in some form or another. And since I don’t post on Saturdays right now I’m going to celebrate today. It all started 5 years ago on a crappy little Tripod site that was started for me by a woman who called herself Sentira. She was the artist behind the original “TheTrenchcoat” picture. So Sentira if you’re out there somewhere reading this, thank you. And since that day I’ve been addicted to making and maintaining my websites.

First, there was “The Lair of TheTrenchcoat” which also contained some of my (ugh)poetry. Then I started writing more and I split the site in two and had The Lair plus “The Written Works of TheTrenchcoat” which were two completely different sites. Then Columbine happened and I landed on the front page of the Washington comPost, so I decided to lay low. I changed the site to “Patrick Black: The Usual Suspect”. Then I changed it to “Suspect’s Symphony of Sychosis”. And eventually, I changed it to “The Written Works of the 13th Suspect”. After a while, I got tired of being a suspect and wanted to be a good guy again. So then I started “Patrick Black’s No Cure for Cancer” which for the first time featured a rant section. Then a friend of mine told me about Namezero which at the time was offering free top-level domain names. So I registered TheTrenchcoat.Org and split the sites up again to “The Written Works of TheTrenchcoat” and “The Gospel According to Vigilante 13”. Having 2 different names for the same persona didn’t last long and I changed it to “The Gospel of TheTrenchcoat”. And those two stayed that way for a while. Then I tried my hand at a Real Audio music site called “Radio Free Trenchcoat” so now I had three separate sites. Then in April 2001 I signed up with Xanga and registered the domain name of trenchreynolds.com. The idea was to have the Xanga site be a portal to my other three sites. That didn’t work out. So I combined “Gospel” and “Written” into “TheTrenchcoat Anthology” under trenchreynolds.com and killed the music site. Then I found out how to host my own blog and added it to “The Anthology”. I made the blog the front page of the site which is now what you see before you…”TheTrenchcoat Chronicles”. And in another year I’ll probably be calling it something else.

And I’ve used several different webhosts as well. Tripod, Geocities, WBS/Go.com, Angelfire, Freeservers, 0catch, and V3 Space. And let me tell you, a paid host is the way to go.

Beating Mom Pleads Innocent

Mom in videotaped beating to plead innocent:

I’m sure we all saw the videotape over the weekend. If this mom is so innocent then why did she dye her hair from blonde to brunette? It turns out she’s an Irish Traveler.

For those of you who may not know Irish Travelers are descendants of a group of Irish immigrants who settled in the US in the late 1800’s and would travel up and down the east coast in search of work. But today they’re mostly known for allegedly being grifters and con artists and for keeping to their own kind in a secretive fashion.

A few years ago I saw a story on Dateline where they said Irish Travelers from South Carolina would travel up and down the east coast stating they were roofers or contractors of some sort and then bilk elderly citizens out of their money.

The Irish Travelers creep me out for two reasons. One, in that South Carolina town I told you about, there are only 5 last names in the entire town, So you know there may be some serious inbreeding going on. Two, they marry off their daughters at 13 and 14 to much older men. To me, that’s just pedophilia.

Since the mother was arrested the child has been placed in protective care which in my opinion is the best for her. No one who would have their family hide them or dye their hair to evade authorities is innocent. I can not understand what her defense could possibly be.

Child Beating

Police search for woman caught beating her child on tape:

This makes me absolutely sick. Spanking is one thing but to punch your kid in the head repeatedly? There’s just no call for that. Guess where the lady was from. That’s right she’s from Texas. Apparently, Texas might be changing their name from the Lone Star state to the child abuse state. Not to make light of this situation but I can see it now. A new Fox special. “White Trash: Caught on Tape”.

France Sucks

French government release Nazi collaborator:

One more reason to hate France. The French released a French Nazi sympathizer, Maurice Papon, from prison who during WW II signed the orders to round up Jews in Bordeaux where they were then sent to the Auschwitz death camp. They released him saying he was too old and sick to serve out his 10-year sentence. 10 years??? That’s all he got for sending over 1000 Jews to their deaths? This guy should have been executed but France doesn’t believe in that.

Papon says he feels no remorse or regret for his actions. To me, that sounds like someone who should rot in jail for the rest of his days no matter how sick he is. And he shouldn’t receive any treatment either.

I wonder if the French surrendered to him as soon as he was released from jail. Oh wait, he’s not really German.