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One of the reasons I hate France:

Ira Einhorn was a hippy guru from the 70’s. He was arrested for killing his girlfriend Holly Maddux in Philadelphia in 1979. Her remains were found in a steamer trunk and had obviously been there for a while. He fled the country. He was tried and convicted in absentia. In 1997 he was arrested in France, but there’s a catch. We couldn’t get him back unless we promised not to seek the death penalty and grant him a new trial.

What business is it of France to tell us how to treat our criminals? If anyone deserves the death penalty its Einhorn.

He also claims to have invented Earth Day. So that’s one more reason not to like Earth Day either.

24 thoughts on “Why I Hate France

  1. rory says:

    Yes they do. Are you evn french? Jacque Chiraque is a communist liberal bastard and he absolutely hates america, until the next time a rebel army is drinking tea and coffee in paris!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Ted says:

    Just read about the hotel fire in Paris. I feel terrible. No wait, I’m over it now. Burn you bastards BURN.


  3. Trench says:

    France has Green Berets? You would think that would clash with their white flags. 😆


  4. transatlantic French says:

    Trench Says: “France has Green Berets? You would think that would clash with their white flags.”Read about the battles of Verdun, Bir Hakeim, Dien Bien Phu. There were also some pretty hard fighting in Syria in the 1920s. You’ll learn a few basics about holding against an ennemy 3 times more powerful. And you’ll understand why US Special Forces were proud to adopt the green beret in 1953.


  5. transatlantic French says:

    The Maginot Line was a very effective fortification. It obliged the Wehrmacht to drive through Holland and Belgium. The French and British commanders-in chief were stupid enough to go meet the Panzer divisions in these countries, instead of holding a defensive battle in the Ardennes.All German attacks against the Maginot line were bloody failures. On June 20th, the Maginot line troops, outflanked and besieged, were ordered by Marshall Petain to give up and to destroy their weapons. Many pretended not to have received the order, and fought on, until orders were confirmed. It was a lost battle, and a major disaster, due to poor strategic thinking under a parliamentary regime of babblers and socialists : the 3rd Republic, which had declared war to Hitler without having seriously prepared it.The soldiers themselves were not worse, nor better, than the British who surrendered in Singapore to the Japs, or than the 95,000 American servicemen who were POWs in Germany during World War II.They never hung their washes on the Siegfried line…


  6. Ted says:

    The French have come up with terror alert system to work like our color coded alert system. Theirs is a bit different. The system four level system they set up is, from lowest alert to highest, “run, hide, surrender, collaborate”


  7. please don't kill me! says:

    I understand, you had and have really big problems in your life, now I know why you have so much hate inside of you. But you have to know that France, French people and French cars are very sad for that, and hope some day you’ll forgive that… You are very lucky to have good cars in USA, for shure in France we all drive 1960 and 1974 cars, I go working by horse you know, with my baguette my beret a bottle of wine and a frog in my pocket for diner. Yes dear american guy, we’re all dreaming of living in america to enjoy the 21rst century we still don’t know!


  8. a frog says:

    I’ve just read many messages on this website…Ted, who have you voted for recently ? Oh, don’t answer, I know….


  9. please don't kill me! says:

    😀 😀 :grin:Europe do not harbor terrorists, do not support Iran’s nuclear plans, do not support north korea and USA do not create any democracy around the world, you have all these bullshits in mind while you read 12 international diarys:grin::grin:!!”Thoughout 2004, France continued to pursue one of Europe’s most effective and aggressive counterterrorism policies and made significant terrorism-related arrests.”Firsts words of the chapter named “France” page 46 of the US Department of State, Office of the coordinator for counter terrorism, Country Reports on Terrorism 2004, April 2005. that if you wanna speak of things seriously, it comes from your government, and shut your propaganda TV channel it makes you ridiculous


  10. lord_de_laze says:

    En France, nous sommes heureux que les Americains existent. Ca nous évite d’être le peuple le plus haïs de la planète. Encore une fois merci à vous.


  11. Freedom fries!!! says:

    je suis assez d’accord avec cette analyse, les français ont longtemps trainé une mauvaise réputation de chauvins, prétentieux croyant détenir la vérité devant le monde. Aujourd’hui, les choses ont changé, et c’est gràce aux américains. Le monde parle plus de la France pour son opposition à l’envahissement de l’Iraq que pour le chauvinisme de son peuple, quand aux américains, je suis persuadé que cette attitude de mépris qu’ils ont actuellement pour les lois internationnales et la vie d’autrui risque de leur causer du tors, on n’a je pense jamais intéret à se faire haïr par le reste du monde même si on est aussi armé que le reste du monde.


  12. transatlantic French says:

    1) Legalize_lutfisk, you wrote:”I hate Chirac and his arrogant and chauvinistic people”, and that an opinion poll throughout Europe stated that people thought of the French as “arrogant”, “chauvinistic”, “ignorant” and “rude”.Well, usually these words are also used throughout the world to describe Americans (I mean the Yankees, not the Incas). I don’t care much about Chirac’s image, but could you provide us with a concrete example of French persons you met, and who behaved in an “arrogant and chauvinistic”, “ignorant” and “rude” manner ? I mean, real persons, not the clichés you find in films or in the media ?2) For your information: We rejected the “European constitution” because we read it. The farm subsidies concern only 5% of the citizens, and they were hardly mentioned during the referendum campaign.3) Last question. You say:- “Terror attack in London. (…) Primary suspect is, of course, Al Qaeda, though I bet they are celebrating in France”(I wonder what makes you write that, as we had our share of terror bombings in Paris, including in the metro station next to my place and, in the war against Al Qaeda, we are in the same camp as the British and the US).- and then you frown about the French for “having forbidden religious symbols in schools… (…), so it only affects muslims (…)”.That law was passed precisely to keep Islamists from spreading their propaganda in schools, and to restrain the influence of groups like Al Qaeda.So, which cause do you support ? The muslims of Al Qaeda, or the Western civilization ?


  13. FLIPPO says:

    Once again,always the same bullshits coming from misinformed assholes.Like this stupid fuck legalize lutfisk or this mongoloid called ted.Two caricatures of primitive francophobia.What are these bullshits:French arrogant,Chauvinistic,rude?Certainly less arrogant and chauvinistic than many other peoples,particularly the British,the most arrogant scum race of the planet,who are the lap dogs of this mongrel shit race of us’ians,this flock of primitive ignorant mongers,unable to locate Europe or Asia on a world map.So,these pieces of shit have the right to make jokes about the French but not the contrary.The truth is that you are jealous of France and the French,because we have a rich culture,a rich past,not like this stinky mongrel race of us’ians.Their classified historical monuments are the freeway bridges and the mac donald’S restaurants.Concerning Europeans,many of them buy houses in France.It means that most of them are a bunch of jealous bastards.Because this asshole jerk of G.W Bushette,look at the result in London.This fucker and his black maid Condoleezza under the orders of their boss Ariel sharon.And if i have a good advice to give to this trash called ted,it’s to sail his stinky body to the nearest crematorium .So,the world will be a better place.Already 1752 US pigs exterminated in Iraq.1752 little pieces of shit.God fuck america.


  14. Ted says:

    How naive can an argument be? It amazes me how the french decry the killing of “innocents” but never mention the countless deaths in the Iraq-Iran wars, the butchering in the Iraq-Kuwait wars, the missles fired into Isreal (who was not a participant in the war), the hundreds of thousands of Kurds he butchered and gassed, the 375,000 found in mass graves so far, rape rooms, tortue chambers, hostage taking….The french cry the arguments of cowards and traitors.


  15. Ted says:



  16. americanbychoice says:

    Oh yeah, up above the comments state all the brave French died in WWII, but it was WWI when they died. It only took 6 weeks for France to be Germanies house bitches in WWII, in France’s own house no less.


  17. americanbychoice says:

    damn i feel bad about not addressing the topic. no doubt, how dare they tell us how to deal with our criminals? same goes for Roman Polanski, that small, sniveling, film noir making, pedarist bastard knows what’s coming to him if he leaves the land of the cowardly. there, i’ve fulfilled my obligation to address the topic 🙂


  18. americanbychoice says:

    Terrorist attacks (in these days most importantly, suicide attacks) have been happening for YEARS by various groups and long before any wars in Iraq, Within the past three decades almost EXCLUSIVELY by Islamic Extremists. To complaint that “Because of your action, terror attacks are happening more frequently” is to MISS THE POINT AND HISTORY that they HAVE ALREADY BEEN happening for years with less attention, either because they were far away or not in the forfront of our political thinking (One fascate of which we as Americans should acknowledge, we fell asleep on the watch for terror). It wasn’t until America’s current president saw that the BIGGEST civilian mass murder during peace time (peace time to us anyway since al Queda had already declared their fatwa against us, and Iraq promised to stand by them) was NOT A SIMPLE CRIME but an ACT OF WAR.Also, to claim that terrorism existed only after we arrived in Iraq, is to miss ALL THE DOMESTIC TERRORISM SADDAM USED TO RULE HIS PEOPLE. Are child prisons and mandates for torture and rape a good way to control the population? Not say I, or the general populace of Secular people around the world. Many internationally recognized humanitarian organizations also disagree, and despite years of diplomatic run-arounds from Saddam (while France was making excuses to stall for time and bartered oil agreements) we STILL did not oust him for different reasons (geopolitical climates, focus on domestic issues, and ill advise from the U.N. that they would handle the situation)The previous attacks, escalating in severity, are proof enough that this would have never stopped until we had either been destroyed or destroyed the aggressors (in this case, al Queda and the Pro-Islamic Extremist countries that harbored and cultivated terror, ie Iraq) So of course now that we’ve had our eyes opened to the threat (the world seems to underestimate how much 9/11 changed our society) we’ve acted in our best interest and collaterally it will be a positive influence on the rest of freedom lacking countries ruled by dictators and despots.I understand why the Italian people care not, the prevalent sub-culture of Communism still lingers, but their government understands that we are the driving economic force in the world today, and our actions will also do long term good by breaking the backs of terrorists (unwelcome throughout the world, except in extreme theocracies where their exalted) militarily and economically.


  19. Ted says:

    Intersting point of view (until today I actually liked italians). It would make sense if you ignore elections in Iraq, Lybia disarming, elections in the Ukraine, Palatine and several other countries where there weren’t elections before. An Iraqi army and police force under civilian countrol is being built, schools rebuilt, more electirc to more places than ever under Sadam, millions of children being imunized, women holding office in a muslim country…..Do other country’s think we care if they hate us? I sure as hell don’t.


  20. Ted says:

    The US was the vanguard in containing the Soviet Union. We stood against them for 50 years with no help from france or germany. When the Soviet Union fell it opened the way for elections in the Ukraine. I can see where someone who footed the bill for 50 years and had troops guarding west germany for the same amount of time, I might think we had something to do with elections happening in the Ukraine. By the way the dust from the wall coming down wasn’t even settled before germany turned it’s back on us, I think I’m entitled to be bitter.Yes, there are still problems in Iraq, it’s been just over two years, give them a bit of time and they will be as stable as Turkey, the other nonsectarian Muslim country.I might have to go to Italy on business – I’m worried.


  21. JDUSA says:

    I am an American, and I love the U.S. I believe in the war in Iraq. I believe in the rights of all people everywhere to live free of oppression, tyranny, genocide, and censorship. I would like to think that everyone in the world who has a shred of human decency would feel the same. You may disagree with me when I say that liberating entire nations from the murderous dictatorships is a positive, constructive and will prove to be a great blessing to millions of people over time. Sadaam and Iraq is one case. Hitler and Nazi Germany is another. Fighting politically to free those held under communist regimes in Eastern Europe is another. These are just a few of examples. As a human race, it’s our responsibility to protect each other, fight evil and spread goodwill throughout the world. I’m a very strong Christian I believe that we are all brothers, regardless of religion, race, creed, country and/or political beliefs. We will always disagree on some things. Nobody is ignorant because of it. We all have different views, that’s life. Only history can tell if what the US is doing in Iraq is for the benefit of the future of the human race ( As it’s proved other efforts have been over the past 50 years), and why wouldn’t it be? Sadaam is out of power and terrorists are running out of caves and “Safe-houses” to hide in. If the whole world would combine efforts and fight terrorism, we could finish this ugly regime off in no time. Not without blood, sweat and tears. And our own lives, but as you can see I think every true, red-blooded American would die for freedom. If it was for his own or for someone else far away that believes in a different God, follows a different sport, speaks a different language, wears different clothes and despises them. That’s what I believe makes America great. The French people aren’t stupid. Neither are Americans. We can agree to disagree, and continue to defend each other. Because if not, let’s be serious. Terrorists will destroy this world. Not just the U.S.A, but France as well, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Germany, etc, etc, etc.


  22. JDUSA says:

    Hey Jo, Not everyone in the U.S. is a redneck, and every country has it’s advantages and disadvantages. i lived in South America for a couple of years. I’ve been to the Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Everywhere is different. With advantages and dis-advantages. Everywhere has ignorant, immature people. Even France, I hate to break it to ya. But there’s no point in insulting the people. Especially the U.S. Seeing as how in and of itself is so complex and diverse that it would take a lifetime to be able to effectively insult us all. Where’s the love?


  23. Suzanne says:

    I would agree that it is silly to say that France is jealous of the US, it simply isn’t true that any other country is. The US and its people needs to get its head out of the sand and take back the criminals in whatever form we can get them, with or without the Death Penalty.
    However Ii disagree that WWII would have been won without US assistance.
    This is a quote from the Wiki page answer on if the Allies would have won without the US:
    “The U.S. reverts to true neutrality, aiding neither side.
    In this case, the U.K. almost certainly would sue for peace by 1941, to avoid being starved out by the U-boat attacks. A peace treaty would have been favored by Hitler, stripping the U.K. of most of the British Empire – thus, Germany would have ended up with practically all of British possessions in Africa (most critically, Egypt and the Suez, plus the Arabian oil fields), while Japan takes all of British asia and likely India (though probably not Australia). ” clear win for the Axis without US aid and troops. France not even metioned obviously would have remained part of the Third Reich.


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