Happy Halloween

I think it should be taken away from the kids. And I’ll tell you why.

Back in 1999 during my last exile in Philly, I was walking to get a cheesesteak on Halloween night and parents were taking their kids trick or treating into bars. Then I thought about it more. With all the child abductions that have been happening within the past year or so trick or treating is just not the brightest idea anymore. I mean we tell our kids not to take candy from strangers but on Halloween it’s ok. Then we dress them up in costumes that make it even easier for someone to abduct them. Have parties for them at school or the firehouse, but don’t make it easier on pedophiles to steal your kids.


Sniper claims ninth casualty:

Man, when I heard about this one last night I kept thinking about my wife. I really feel sorry for the victim’s husband. I mean he’s at Home Depot with his wife putting their stuff in the car and then in an instant she’s gone. To make matters worse she was in the process of overcoming breast cancer. Whoever the sniper is he is a cowardly piece of shit. I hope he dies in a hail of gunfire from the authorities.

I found another great article on Fox News about what actual military snipers think of this jackass. It can be found here.

Einhorn Trial

Einhorn testifies at own trial:

So Einhorn says that he didn’t kill his girlfriend in 1977 but the CIA was trying to frame him for his research into “psychic warfare”. Here’s what happened. Neighbors of Einhorn complained about the stench coming from his apartment. Police then found Holly Maddux’s body in a trunk in Einhorn’s closet. While Einhorn was home if I remember correctly. Even the biggest of conspiracy theorists have to say that this is a stretch.