More Athletic Sodomy

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Two expelled over hazing:

In this instance two Georgia high school wrestlers who were seniors attempted to sodomize a freshman wrestler with a jump rope handle. The seniors were expelled and face criminal charges. One of the fathers of the seniors said that his son was being made a scapegoat and that it’s the school’s fault for not properly supervising these kids. Yes, some responsibility should fall on the school but did you ever think of telling your son that it’s not ok to rape other athletes with a jump rope handle? A father was also being quoted as saying that hazing has been a long-standing tradition at this school. I’m sorry but where I come from forced sodomy is not a tradition. No wonder these kids are so fucked up in the head. It’s because their parents do nothing to discourage this kind of behavior.

Illegal Penetration of the Endzone

Methodist college charges seven in hazing incident:

Again I ask what is wrong with athletes? In Fayetteville, NC a college football player was charged with sodomizing one of his teammates with a pen. You have to really get in there to sodomize someone with a pen. Cavity searches are probably less personal. The player has not been suspended but may be expelled. WTF??? The player should have been expelled immediately. If it was a sexual assault on a female student he would have been expelled on the spot. Then again he is a football player so he probably would have only been suspended for a practice.

What gets me is school athletes are usually the most homophobic people in the world. Yet they have no problem with dragging their testicles across a teammate’s face or inserting something in his ass. Any form of hazing, especially this form, should be grounds for expulsion on any campus.