The 2002 Trenchie Awards.

That’s right kids it’s time for the 2nd Annual Trenchie Awards. The best and worst of my year as voted for by me. Last years winners will be listed after each category.

Best Movie of the Year:Gotta go with “The Ring”. It seriously creeped me out. It also might have had something to do with seeing it at a drive-through at night in Deliverance County. Honorable Mention: Red Dragon.
(2001 Winner: Stigmata)

Worst Movie of The Year: “Insomnia” wins hands down. Like I said on my message board this movie was so boring it should have been called “The Cure for Insomnia”
(2001 Winner: American Psycho)

Best Album of The Year: “Killing the Dragon” by Dio. Just as good as his early solo stuff. Honorable Mention: “Happenstance” by Fozzy.
(2001 Winner: Horror Show by Iced Earth)

Worst Album of The Year: Geoff Tate’s solo album. No offense Geoff but stick to Queensryche.
(2001 Winner: Stronger than Death by Black Label Society)

Best TV Show of The Year: “24” wins hands down. Either season.
(2001 Winner: Murder in Small Town X)

Worst TV Show of the Year: Scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one because it really wasn’t that bad a year for TV. But I gotta go with “Ultraman Tiga” on Fox Kids. When I heard a new Ultraman show was coming to the States I was psyched because I loved watching the original Ultraman when I was a kid. The new one just plain sucks. It’s still Japanese actors dubbed in English but they made the dialogue into comedy and it wasn’t funny at all.
(2001 Winner: The Joan Cusack Show)

Best Wrestling Moment/Match of the Year: Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam to unify the Hardcore and Intercontinental titles. I was sad to see the HC title go but I’m an old ECW fan from back in the day and this was a great match that almost rose to ECW standards.
(2001 Winner: Chris Jericho wins Undisputed Title)

Worst Wrestling Moment/Match of the Year: Do I even need to say it?? Triple H getting it on with a “corpse” while disguised as Kane.
(2001 Winner: Having to see Chris Jericho in a speedo)

Best Video Game of the Year: A late entrant this year but the winner is Suikoden III. I have been obsessed with this Japanese RPG since I got it. Final Fantasy X was really good but it was a little easy.
(2001 Winner: Twisted Metal Black)

Worst Video Game of The Year: Way of the Samurai. Avoid this game at all cost.
(2001 Winner: Simpson’s Wrestling)

Best Movie Line of the Year: John Ratzenberger as The Abominable Snowman in “Monsters Inc.” “He made himself a diaper out of poison ivy, wore it on his head like a tiara and called himself King Itchy.”
(2001 Winner: Lou Diamond Phillips in Bats. “Don’t tell me I’m up to my chest in bat shit.”)

Biggest Dumbass of the Year: We have a repeat winner. For the second Year in a row is Charlotte radio station WXRC 95.7’s station Manager Dave Ligafelt. First, he changed the format from the only hard rock station in town to another classic rock station. This year he changed the format to 60’s and 70’s and called it “The Ride”. Thanks for disappointing metal fans for two years in a row.
(2001 Winner: WXRC Station Manager Dave Ligafelt)

Most Inane Political Agenda of the Year: We had a lot to choose from this year. But the winner has to be easily offended Kalifornia Atheist possible communist Micheal Newdow. You remember him. He was the guy who said his daughter was offended by “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and got it declared unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit Court. Turned out his daughter was a practicing Christian.
(2001 Winner: (tie) PETA for trying to get the USC Gamecocks to change their name and a Pennsylvania judge for overturning Mumia Abu Jamal’s death sentence.)

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of the Year: Sean Penn for being Mr. Pacifist all of a sudden and saying that violence is not the answer with Iraq. This from the guy who punches out photographers for fun.
(2001 Winner: Rage Against the Machine)

Don’t drink and drive tonight and I’ll see you next year.

Sons of Nazis…Confederates…same thing.

Lincoln statue stirs controversy in Virginia:

Nothing says 5th generation racist bigot like people who still hold on to the ideas of the Confederacy. And when you protest a statue of Abraham Lincoln being put in the former Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia it just shows how far your bigotry goes. In my opinion, calling yourselves the Sons of Confederate Veterans is like calling yourselves the sons of Hitler. The only difference is the Confederacy wanted to enslave an entire race not exterminate them. But to me, there’s very little difference between the two.

Videogame violence…again

Sounding the alarm on video game ratings:

It seems that our good friend Senator Joe Lieberman has his panties in a bunch about video game violence again. He even admits that the ultra-violent sexual laden video games are a minority of the products out there. According to the article, Lieberman said a new round of congressional hearings may be necessary to raise parental awareness of the issue. Why would there need to be congressional hearings to raise parental awareness? The video game industry has the right to make whatever game they want. It’s up to the parents to be informed of what content is in their kids’ video games. For example, my 15-year-old son is begging me to let him play Grand Theft Auto 3. But, being the excellent parent that I am, know that in GTA3 you can have sex with a hooker and then beat her up to get your money back. That game has no chance in hell of ever being in my house. But Senator Joe thinks that Congress needs to inform parents of the violence in video games. Like congress doesn’t have other things to worry about. Personally, I think M rated games should not even be sold to anyone under 17 but parents need to take the responsibility to know what games their kids are playing. But as we all know no one is responsible for their own actions anymore.

Meet the new boss…

Gore out! Lieberman in?:

The Good news is Gore isn’t going to run in 2004. The bad news is Lieberman might. To me, there really is no difference between the two. They’re both about censorship. Think about it. Al’s wife Tipper was all about censoring music with the PMRC back in the 80’s. Al was 100% behind her. When Gore was running in 2000 he constantly spoke about how the entertainment industry needs to tone things down or face government reprisal. Yet, he took most of his campaign money from Hollywood bigwigs. Lieberman is a member of the PTC. A group with similar goals to that of the PMRC but more interested in television and video games than music. His group basically thinks they know what’s best for everybody and what programs everyone should be watching. They were most recently in the news protesting the Victoria’s Secret special that was on. If Lieberman runs I’ll do everything within my power to see that Bush gets re-elected. I don’t want the government telling me what I can and can’t watch.

Sharpie Sodomy

Methodist football player says hazing was humiliating:

Thanks again to for this one. The football player who was sodomized by his teammates with a Sharpie has finally spoken out about it. What really pissed me off was the “punishment” that was handed down by Methodist College towards the rapists. According to the article…

Methodist officials have punished five of the seven players.

Punishments range from suspension and psychological counseling to unspecified monetary fines. The two other players are required to undergo counseling, said Cynthia Curtis, a Methodist spokeswoman.

Excuse me??? Why weren’t expulsions handed down? Sodomizing anyone with any object against their will is rape. They need to be expelled and arrested. Just put them in a state pen for just one day and they’ll be sodomized by all sorts of objects.

Baghdad Sean

Sean Penn says war in Iraq is avoidable:

It looks like we have our new Hanoi Jane. Actor Sean Penn traveled to Iraq to see if a war in Iraq could be avoided. It must be nice to be a spoiled star and be able to indulge your every whim on a moment’s notice. Yes, a war in Iraq can be avoided and I didn’t have to travel to Iraq to figure it out. If Saddam Hussein disarms his country and steps down then war can be avoided. And a personal note to Sean Penn. You’re not the great actor/producer/activist you think you are. You will always be best remembered as Spicoli. Your fat brother is a better actor than you are.