Mr. Rogers 1928-2003

Fred Rogers dead at 74:

It’s hard to believe he’s gone. Some things you just think will be around forever. He may have been too sappy for some but there was a time when I was really young that Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood were my universes. Who can forget the Trolley and King Friday XIII and Speedy Delivery? Fred Rogers wasn’t just a TV show host either. He was a well-rounded and learned individual in the field of child welfare. And how many of us have started singing the song when we were either changing shoes or putting on a sweater? Now cancer has taken him away from us and from the children. The way things are today we could really use him. Today the neighborhood will never be the same.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Rogers family and all of those who grew up with him.

RI Club Fire

Fire Engulfs R.I. Nightclub:

We’ve all heard about this by now. Close to 100 people so far have been pronounced dead. The fire started due to pyrotechnics used by Great White in their show. The club owner says he did not give permission to the band to use pyro. Jack Russel, the lead singer, says he did. A lot of fingers are being pointed at Great White right now and at Jack Russel in particular. But think about this for a minute. Great White has probably done that exact pyro at other clubs hundreds of times without incident. And apparently, club owners are like cops when it comes to covering each other’s asses. The guy who owns the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (yes, THAT Stone Pony) said in this article that GW didn’t get permission to use pyro there. So have other club owners. And yet not one single loss of life until last night. And I’ve been to the Stone Pony. It’s just another dive club where someone famous happens to get his start. I wonder if he approached the media or the media approached him. Either way, it’s kind of ghoulish. But in the middle of all this finger-pointing, there are the victims. Close to a hundred dead and more missing. Among the missing is GW’s guitarist Ty Longley. Ty actually has his own website at A lot of fans and non-fans have signed the guestbook hoping for his safe return. But of course, the mutants have come out in full force. I won’t even attempt to repeat some of the sick shit they posted there but I hope those people eye’s burst for posting such crap.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their family and friends, Great White, and the family of Ty Longley. Hopefully, he will come home.

Actors against war.

Actors promote virtual protest march:

I first saw this on E!. Actors Martin Sheen, Mike Farrel, and Janeane Garofalo are announced a “virtual” protest against the yet to happen war in Iraq. This is me acting like I virtually care. What the plan is on Feb, 26th they plan on jamming congress and the White House with faxes and e-mails in protest of the non-existent war. Isn’t that harassment?

Anyway, look at some of the names involved with this. Martin Sheen, a fine actor but he’ll protest anything. Janeane Garofalo, known liberal comedienne. Mike Farrel, this jackass pisses me off the most. He is also in favor of releasing convicted scumbag cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Director Robert Greenwald who directed the cinematic masterpiece “Xanadu”. I mean who doesn’t have that on DVD?

In the article, actor Robert David Hall from CSI mentioned that the Pentagon has ordered 75,000 body bags. Janeane Garofalo also mentioned it on E!. Personally I’d like to know where they got this figure. I did extensive searching on the internet and the only thing I could find was this article about the company that makes body-bags. Quoting from the article…

Extra Packaging made an estimated 75,000 body bags last year…

Hmmm. Last year. And not for the Pentagon. First of all didn’t we only lose like 5 soldiers in Desert Storm?

Let me quote some celebrities…

“How is it that this debate has been twisted on its head, that somehow those that advocate peace and diplomacy are anti-American?” asked actress Janeane Garofalo. “Or those that advocate peace are anti-troops or pro-Saddam?”

Those who advocate a so-called peace are advocating turning a blind eye to the atrocities that have been committed in Iraq by its own leader. But hey I hear Saddam is really a nice guy. Just ask Sean Penn. Whatever.

San Francisco Protest

Tens of thousands in San Francisco say no to war:

Now I know I said I was going to quit but I can’t let this one go. I just don’t get it. Why aren’t these people protesting the deplorable human rights violations going on in Iraq? Why aren’t they pressuring Saddam Hussein to step down? I thought hippies were all about human rights. And according to the article, someone was even flying a French flag. Go figure. Here are some interesting quotes from the article.

“We are here to say, ‘Thank you, France, Thank you, Germany, Thank you, China’ and ‘Thank you, Sen. [Robert] Byrd,'” said David Harris, a founder of the draft-resistance movement during the Vietnam War.

And I’m supposed to listen to a known coward why???

Danny Glover was MC of the event. You know I used to have a feature here on my site called “The Punch in the Head Awards” given to celebrities whose egos have led them to believe that they’re actually useful members of society. I may have to bring it back just for Danny Glover. A quote from Mr. Glover…

“Nobody had ever associated the war on terrorism with Iraq until just recently,” Glover told a reporter. “Remember, the war on terrorism was with Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda and everything else. … We have to make a statement about this by stopping this ongoing war.”

Sounds like someone wants to have their cake and eat it too. So its ok to bomb the crap out of al-Qaeda but leave that poor innocent defenseless Saddam Hussein alone? I don’t think so. We’re talking about a man who used poison gas on an entire village in his own country. He’s experimented with the gas on his own citizens. But all this is all about oil right? Whatever. Like I said the other day, let the blood be on your hands.

Exclusive to The Night Blogger. OK, not really. But anyway here is an eyewitness account of the protest.

I quit

Rallies in Europe, Asia on Day of Protest Against Iraq War:

I give up. No. Really. I’m sick of this. I guess the world has spoken. They want to leave Saddam Hussein in power. I say fine, leave him there. If the world wants to leave the Hitler of the Middle East in power then I say fine. Let them deal with the consequences. When Iraq starts invading other countries again and starts committing unspeakable acts against its own citizens or the citizens of other countries the US should just sit back and say..”Oh well, we warned you but you wouldn’t listen to us. Deal with it on your own.” Let the blood be on your hands.

Didn’t this war end?

Lincoln statue ignites Confederate passion:

Thanks to Tongue Tied for the link. I’ve talked about this before the crash happened. Anyway, it made the news again for some reason. The National Park Service wants to put a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a historic Civil War site in Richmond, Virginia. The problem is Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy, and some people still think it still is.

According to the article “confederate heritage” groups have their white hoods in a twist over the Lincoln statue being placed in Richmond. They compare it to an Osama Bin Laden statue being put in New York. Say what? First of all Lincoln didn’t crash a plane into a building full of thousands of people. Secondly, he won the war and freed the slaves. They should be able to put his statue anywhere they want.

A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had this to say…

“The Confederate states never forgave Lincoln for the harshness of the Union Army’s bloody march through the South, which left Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley devastated and Atlanta and Columbia, S.C., in cinders. The statue, he said, “is a not-so-subtle reminder of who won the war, and who our heroes should be.”

First of all the war ended roughly 140 years ago. Secondly, there is no Confederacy anymore. It ceased to exist the minute that Robert E. Lee surrendered. Basically, if you oppose a statue of Lincoln you might as well just come right out and say that you’re in favor of slavery. And don’t give me crap about the Civil War being about states’ rights. It was about SLAVERY. That states’ rights argument is just so people don’t think you’re actually in the Klan.

And speaking of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, if you’re forming a group like that why don’t you just from Sons of Nazi Veterans while you’re at it. They lost a war too. Get over it you dumb, ignorant, racist white trash, hicks.

The Perfect Memorial

“Mr. Perfect ” Curt Hennig found dead:

I’ve been watching Curt Hennig wrestle since his last days in the AWA. I remember him teaming with Scott Hall before he became Razor Ramon. Then he came to the WWF as a heel calling himself Mr. Perfect. That’s when I started rooting for bad guys.

One of the greatest matches I ever saw was at King of The Ring. I believe it was the final round match. It was Curt Hennig vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart. This match blew away almost every match I had seen until then. As a matter of fact, I was watching that PPV with my then-girlfriend. She kept rooting for Bret Hart so much that I eventually had to put her in the sharpshooter. She was a little too plump for the Perfectplex.

I even got to see him live at a couple of house shows in Philly. Not only was he phenomenal on TV but he was even better live. I don’t remember who he wrestled. That’s how good he was.

But the unfortunate thing in all this was there were rumors that Curt Hennig partied hard. It was alleged that his partying was what lead to his being released by the WWE this past year. I seriously hope that’s not what caused his death but I’ll be surprised if it’s not. He also left behind a wife and children. My condolences go out to the Hennig family.

There’s no “P” in Team

Police Investigate Hazing at High School:

Thanks to Bad Jocks for the link. So three high school basketball players have been suspended for hazing underclassmen. I’m surprised they actually got suspended. Here’s the best part though. The hazing consisted of hitting, SPANKING, (wait, it gets better) and URINATING on other players. I never understood the jock mentality. They tend to be the most homophobic group of people yet they engage in activities like sodomizing people with foreign objects like bananas and such, tea-bagging, shaving people’s crotches, and now urinating on other men. And you know I’m sure the players’ parents say it was just harmless fun. Any parent who is trying to get their kids interested in sports should read half the articles I do before making a decision. Or else they’ll come home one day either sodomized or the sodomist. It’s your choice.

Shave but no haircut

Principal to decide hazing incident outcome:

Thanks to BadJocks for the link. So is there an epidemic of student athletes that are repressed homosexuals that take they’re anger out on those weaker than them?

This time we have two high school wrestlers, one weighing 275 lbs., pinned a 120 lb. male cheerleader against a locker took off his pants and shaved his groinal area with an electric razor. What makes it stick in my craw, as usual, is that the principal hasn’t yet decided his punishment. What’s to decide? Throw his ass out of school. That’s assault at the least. An argument could probably be made for sexual assault.

At first, the wrestlers were left off with a warning before they got suspended for 10 days. But of course, some parents are outraged because a precious wrestler who may be wrestling in state finals is being punished. The attorney for the buckethead said that there were 3 other sexual assaults at the school that only resulted in suspensions of 3 days or less. And that the only reason this is being made an issue is that his client is championship wrestler. Then obviously there is something wrong with the school system.

Luckily the police have gotten involved. But more than likely he’ll get off with a fine and be allowed to wrestle and complete his “education”. Meanwhile, a smaller kid has to live with this trauma for the rest of his life. If there were any justice in the world all these jocks who like to haze by teabagging, sodomizing, or now shaving would be thrown in jail. With real criminals who will really sodomize them. Then maybe they will know what it’s like to carry that trauma around.