Woman hanged in Iraq


March 30, 2003 — WASHINGTON – An Iraqi woman who was seen waving a white flag at coalition forces was found hanging from a light post the next morning, President Bush said yesterday, vowing that “war criminals will be hunted relentlessly and judged severely.”

The woman was “waving a white flag to get out of an area that was hazardous,” said Maj. Gen. Victor Renuart at the Pentagon’s Central Command post in Qatar.

“Our troops allowed her to continue. They continued on a patrol, came back some time later in the morning and found her hanged at the light post on a street corner.”

Similar acts of retaliation against civilians have been reported throughout Samawa, Nasiriyah and Basra, U.S. commanders said.

See what they do to their protesters. But I guess the Iraqi’s don’t really want us there huh? They’re living great lives under Saddam’s regime, aren’t they? Please. It’s reasons like this that we are fighting this war.

Anti-War Disruptions

Anti-War Groups Threaten Disruptive Action:

This really irritates the snot out of me. If you want to hold protests and peace rallies, fine. If you want to have a petition signed, fine. If you want to have a walk out, fine. But when you start talking about disrupting businesses and financial institutions or sabotaging military bases that’s just going too far. Where I’m from we have a word for such behavior. It’s called “treason”. Last time I checked I think they can still execute you for that. Think about that one.

And another thing. A lot of these anti-war people are saying that we should be more worried about North Korea. So if we launched an invasion against North Korea you’d be all for that? I highly doubt it. Lousy hypocrites.

Shady Backings

Anti-War Protests Have Big Price Tags:

According to the article some of the bigger anti-war groups such as A.N.S.W.E.R. and Not in Our Name are funded by larger political groups who support enemies of America. A.N.S.W.E.R. is supported by the Workers World Party, a Marxist organization that supports North Korea’s dictatorship. Not in Our Name is funded by the I.F.C.O. which supports Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Protest organizers don’t seem to be too concerned where the money is coming from. But how is it when a conservative political group gets its money from the NRA, oil companies, or tobacco lobby it’s a crime against all humanity.

If I was some kind of protester I’d rather get my money from Phillip Morris then groups that sponsor dictators. Now let’s sit back and watch the hypocrisy unfold.

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart Found Alive in Utah:

Who says there are no miracles anymore? Thank God she was found alive and in relatively good shape.

What makes me sick though is as soon as she was found the pedophiles started hitting the web looking for inappropriate pictures of her. For those of you who were searching for these pics, I hope the FBI busts your door down in the middle of the night.

CDC School Shooting Study

CDC: Most school shooters get guns from home:

Your tax dollars at work people. This is all well and good. Parents should keep their guns locked up and away from children. On the other hand, it’s not addressing the underlying problem. Why are these kids grabbing the guns in the first place? Not until the parents and the schools address this problem will school shootings stop.