NC Autopsy Photo Law

Bill on autopsy photos revised :

The N.C. Press Association is pissed because the new law would create an unnecessary expense for newspapers, TV stations and others who want an outside expert opinion on a cause of death by causing them to bring experts to the medical examiner’s office or to seek a court order to obtain copies.

They state that no autopsy photo has ever been shown in a North Carolina newspaper or TV station. That’s all well and good but they still end up on the internet. You allow one copy to leave the medical examiners office and more copies will be made. And where do you think those copies will end up? The N.C. Press Association shouldn’t be pissed at the N.C. Senate. They should be pissed at all the mutants that get off on these pictures that cause such a high demand for them.

They should also pass a law that if someone is caught copying autopsy photos and putting them on the net that they should get some serious jail time. Like I said before, autopsy photos on the internet should be viewed the same as child porn, illegal and sick.

More Videogame Violence

Games and Murder Bedfellows Again?:

This is why most people think lawyers are scumbags. Some jerkass attorney from Florida is defending an Ohio teen accused of murder so he can prove that violent video games caused him to kill. The victim was stabbed multiple times and had her skull fractured. I can’t think of one game where that’s an objective. If this defense actually works it will open the floodgates for lawsuits. And that would be just as bad as the fatasses who sue McDonald’s because they’re fat. And responsibility dies another death.

More on overturned death sentence

Death Sentence Overturned Because Jury Used Bible:

This is a follow-up from one of yesterday’s entries. It turns out that the Bibles were not removed from the jury’s hotel rooms. And that they also referred to the Leviticus passage “eye for an eye”. And I say so what? What’s wrong with using scripture for guidance? I don’t think it violated sequestering. It’s not like the Bible has today’s headlines or anything. This is just another example of what’s wrong with our legal system. It takes a miracle to convict someone then any jackass lawyer can find any whacked out reason to have it appealed. All in the name of “criminal’s rights”. It makes me sick.

Death Row Saturday

Death sentence tossed out over Bible:

A judge in Colorado threw out a death sentence because some jurors looked to the Bible for guidance. Specifically Romans 13:1 which says “let every soul be subject to the governing authorities for there is no authority except from God.” Meaning that the jurors should follow the instruction of the court and that this kind of conviction warranted the death penalty. But now some scumbag may be spared the needle because some lawyer convinced a judge that this violated the separation of church and state. Check out what the guy was convicted of.

Judge John Vigil ordered a new sentencing hearing for Robert Harlan, who was convicted in 1995 of kidnapping, raping and murdering Rhonda Maloney, 25. He also shot a passer-by who tried to help, leaving her paralyzed.

If anyone sounded like they deserved the death penalty it’s that guy. Now my question is would they have thrown out the sentence if jurors read the Koran or some other religious text. Just wondering.

Illinois lawmakers pass death penalty reforms:

This coming from the state where the ex-governor commuted over 100 death sentences because he felt the system was “flawed”. Check out what the bill entails.

The measure makes it easier for murder defendants to get evidence that could help them in their trials, allows judges to second-guess jury death sentences and lets the Supreme Court set aside sentences it deems unjust.

That’s just great. Let’s make things easier on the criminals why don’t we? It’s too bad that no one in the Illinois legislature is speaking out on behalf of the victims.

Judge orders reforms on Mississippi’s death row:

So the conditions in Mississippi’s death row were so bad that the inmates were becoming insane. What do you mean by “becoming”? Aren’t they already on death row because they did something that most sane people wouldn’t? Boo-freakin’ hoo. Tell me again why I’m supposed to care.

Utah prepares for 2 firing-squad executions in June:

Now here’s a state that knows how to empty death row the right way. As usual, there are groups protesting the firing squad saying it’s cruel and unusual punishment. Let’s take a look at the scorecard shall we?

In 1992, Arguelles abducted and strangled Margo Bond, a janitor at a junior high school where he had been hunting for teenage victims. He also kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed two girls, ages 13 and 15, and stabbed a 16-year-old girl more than 40 times. He was sentenced to death in 1997. Arguelles has repeatedly said he wants to die.

Kell was convicted in 1996 of killing a black man, Lonnie Blackmon, at the Utah State Prison. Kell, serving time for a previous murder, stabbed Blackmon 67 times with a homemade knife in 1994. A prison videotape shows Kell shouting, “White power!” during the attack.

I guess what these scumbags did to their victims was fair and usual huh? I got an idea. Let’s let the victims families pick the means of execution. If the family says to feed them feet first into a wood chipper then we should respect their wishes.

But we have become so pussified as a nation that more than likely the only death sentence any of these guys will receive will be from old age.

Parents arrested in Northbrook

Two Adults, One Student Charged in Suburban Chicago Hazing Incident:

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Two parents arrested for providing minors with alcohol at the Northbrook “powder puff” hazing incident. Of course, the suspects are denying the allegations. Shouldn’t this be open and shut though? I mean how hard is it to track down someone who bought a keg? You have to leave a deposit especially if you don’t have your own tap. Anyway, this is obviously a case of parents trying to be their children’s buddies rather than being parents. Do I even dare repeat myself? You need a license to own a dog but any idiot can have a kid.

Ted made me do it

The Matrix Made Me Do It:

It seems that The Matrix has a disturbing effect on some individuals. Apparently, some weak-minded fools have killed people because they claimed to be in “the matrix”. This concerns me because the latest killer mentioned owned a trench coat similar to the one Keanu Reeves wore in the first movie. Hopefully, I’m wrong but I can just see another of these killings happening in a school where the movie gets blamed. Then the movie will be pulled off the shelves and honest trench coat wearing folk will be persecuted yet again. Anyway if any Keanu Reeves movie should make you want to kill someone it’s Sweet November.

Way to back pedal

School Offers Graduation Deal to Hazing Suspects:

Just when I thought school officials at Glenbrook North High School had a pair they’re now offering deals to the hazing suspects. If the students don’t fight expulsion or try to make money off the incident through a book deal or such they’ll be allowed to graduate. I say screw’em. No deals. Expel them. No graduation. But of course, some students are not taking the deal. I guess they feel they did nothing wrong. One lawyer even said, “We believe Marnie was punished for conduct which the school has accepted and tolerated for 23 years.”

Somehow I don’t think the school accepted and tolerated beatings and covering students with feces and pig intestines. Hopefully, Cook County prosecutors won’t be so accommodating.

Satanic cult defense

Defense: Satanic Cult May Have Killed Laci, Baby:

You’re kidding me, right? So Scott Peterson’s defense team is offering up the “satanic cult” theory in Laci’s death. I thought these were supposed to be competent lawyers. Do they actually think that’s going to fly with the jury? So I guess Scott Peterson dyed his hair and was found with $10K in cash on his way to Mexico because he was trying to hide from the said cult. Give me a break. If he actually walks on this defense I will personally lead the movement to have California removed from the country.

Charges Filed

Hazing Students Charged With Misdemeanor Battery:

Fifteen of the students involved with the Illinois “powder puff” hazing incident have been charged with misdemeanor battery. If found guilty sentences could range from 364 days in prison to or court supervision. How much do you want to bet none of those kids even sniff a jail cell. Police are still looking for the jackass parents who provided the kegs. If they do find them and they don’t serve any jail time then there’s no hope for the legal system in this country.