Moore Stupidity

I Never Promised You a Ruse Garden — A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush:

*shakes head and rubs eyes in disbelief* Oh man. Lardass doesn’t give up, does he? It isn’t bad enough that he blatantly lied in “Bowling for Columbine”, now he says the President should have at least had the decency to plant WMDs in Iraq. He also mentions that the office of the President was “imposed” on George W. Bush by his dad and his dad’s friends. That was almost 3 years ago. Can we please get over that now. That spilled milk has been sour for a long time. He also refers to fictitious reasons for the fictitious war. Last time I heard those weren’t fictitious soldiers liberating the people of Iraq. But I forgot, they would be much happier under Saddam’s rule again, wouldn’t they?

Whatever. Jackass. You’ve been exposed as a fraud and yet you try to make everything else the issue besides you. The only people who are behind you (and there’s plenty of room) are your “Hollywood” crowd and the extreme left radicals who have never held a job in their life. Nice friends you got there fatass. Loser. You make me physically ill. The world would be a better place without you wasting oxygen.

There is no such thing as a wrongful birth

Is ‘Wrongful Birth’ Malpractice?:

Please read the article thoroughly. That’s a great message to send to your kids. Oh, we would have had you killed before birth if we knew you were defective. And since you’re such a burden on us we’re going to sue the doctor for millions of dollars so we can take care of your defective ass. Yeah, that would make me feel loved. Let’s say it all together kids. Any idiot can have a kid but you need a license to own a dog.

Do you smell something burning?

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Who are they you might ask? They were the only people ever executed for espionage. During the early 1950’s they helped provide Communist Russia with stolen information that helped Russia build their own nuclear arsenal. Last night a “memorial” was held in their “honor”. If I didn’t type it without the quotation marks I would have puked. One of the Rosenbergs’ sons runs a “children’s foundation that honors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg’s legacy from the past and celebrates the courage of families who continue to resist today. What legacy. A legacy that they were traitors to our country. The legacy that they loved Communism more than their children so much they were willing to die for their cause. If I were their kids I would be pissed.

Here’s how things went at the party…

Last night’s program, performed on a stage with a portrait of the Rosenberg couple emblazoned against the backdrop of an American flag, combined readings from the Rosenbergs’ prison letters and childhood recollections of Robert and Michael Meeropol, the couple’s sons.

That just makes me ill. If any party didn’t deserve an American flag it was that one.

Known Castro sympathizer Harry Belafonte was also in attendance…

Belafonte read a message honoring the Rosenbergs from Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. His supporters say he was framed for the crime.

Mazi Ibn Jamal, son of Mumia Abu-Jamal, said the fund has helped him cope with his father’s imprisonment.

Great, this is the kind of kids that this foundation is helping out? Son of a convicted scumbag cop killer.

Ok, I wasn’t around back in the 50’s when the trial took place but a lot of things that I’ve found out today lead me to believe that the Rosenbergs weren’t exactly innocent.

Palm Beach Post:

There is a monument to their memory in Cuba.

The Washington Post:

While decoded Soviet messages released in recent years appear to show that Julius Rosenberg was indeed a spy, supporters say nothing he contributed to the Soviets – and certainly nothing his wife did – warranted the electric chair.

I disagree considering how many people died in Korea and Vietnam but that’s neither here nor there.

Message from the Rosenberg family to the people of Cuba

That’s from Castro’s official news information website. I’m sure the true people of Cuba don’t give a flip about the Rosenbergs.

The Rosenbergs were not heroes. They are not to be revered. They were enemies of the country who got what they deserved.

Let someone do that to you and then tell me it’s not rape

Accused say they hazed, not raped, 16-year-old boy:

Thanks again to Bad Jocks for the link. The other day I told you about a hazing incident that was being prosecuted as a rape. More details have emerged. The accused in this instance are trying to justify themselves by saying that they were performing a hazing act known as “the bandit”. What is “the bandit” you may ask. Well I’ll let the article explain…

In his interview with police, Pristas said the four boys were in the weight room when Pelton and the 16-year-old began joking around. After the two began to grapple playfully, Pelton and Tavrell pinned the 16-year-old down and asked Pristas “to come over and administer the ‘bandit,’ ” according to the police report. Pristas then put his finger up to his knuckle in the boy’s anus. The 16-year-old was wearing shorts.

Someone who goes to this school posted the names of the accused in my comments last night. I took them down for legal purposes but there they are in black and white in the article. Shorts or no shorts, having a finger in your ass up to the knuckle is going to hurt. I think the shorts might even make it worse. What kills me is that these jackasses are acting like they didn’t do anything wrong. And I still want to know what possesses these clowns to forcefully insert an unwanted object into another man’s ass. Will someone please tell me? Luckily the prosecutor is unwavering and plans on going ahead with rape charges. Hmmmmm an 18-year-old in prison huh? He’s really going to find out what a bandit is. And it ain’t going to be someone’s finger.

More High School Hazing Hijinx

Students accused of rape in weight room:

Finally someone has enough sense to call what this athletic sodomizing is, rape. Sketchy details on this one but the prosecutor says…

“It was a locker room incident among boys,” city Prosecutor Kevin Weiler said. “It was not your traditional rape. But there’s sufficient evidence to meet the qualifications of the statute.”

The article goes on to say…

Weiler said one of the accused teens penetrated the 16-year-old victim at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School last month.

If you put something in somebody’s ass and they don’t want it or need it there then it’s rape. Of course, the defense attorney said it was just a “goosing”. Having something stuck in your ass is not a goosing. I think the victim has a lot of balls going to the cops like this, as well he should. And hopefully, the guys that did that to him will get some jail time. Then they will get “goosed” all the time.

More Hazing Sodomy

High school coach, students charged with hazing:

Thanks to Bad Jocks for the link. In Louisiana, a high school football coach and some of his former players were brought up on charges for yet another hazing incident. Want to know what they did? Let’s go to the tape…

According to an Oct. 29 subpoena, team members “accosted the victim, stripped him, taped him on top a bench, beat his buttocks with hands and objects, inserted a tubular object into his buttocks and an unknown individual placed his anus in the victim’s nose.”

Seriously. What is wrong with “scholastic” athletes? Let’s run down the scorecard, shall we? So far we have an unpeeled banana, a jump rope handle, the infamous Sharpie, and now a “tubular object”. And why in the hell would someone want to put their asshole on someone’s nose? The coach is being brought up on charges for failure to report. But seriously, am I missing something? What does sodomy have to do with sports? Is there an operation they give you that makes you want to be a prison rapist when you join the football team? Maybe six months month in county lockup will get them first class seats on the karma train.

Listen up you pencil necked geeks

Freddie Blassie passes away:

The wrestling community and its fans lost one of the great ones yesterday. Classy Freddie Blassie passed away yesterday. He died as more wrestlers should. Probably from old age. By the time I started watching wrestling Freddie Blassie had already retired from the ring and was a manager. He managed the first wrestler that ever scared the hell out of me, the Iron Shiek. Gimme a break it was 1982. The combined forces of Blassie and the Iron Shiek I knew spelled trouble for Bob Backlund’s WWF Title. They proved me right. But then again the Iron Shiek was no match for Hogan. And as a manager, Blassie was not afraid to interfere in any match. I just wish I could have seen some of his legendary matches. My condolences go out to the Blassie family.