Queensryche Rules

I know I haven’t posted in a while. everything is ok. I think I finally got busted by the Work Police. I have no web access at work right now. So I just thought I’d bring you this quick story about one of my favorite bands. My wife sent me this story. If it wasn’t for Queensryche me and my wife may not have met. But that’s another story for another time.

Ailing teen gets her dream: meeting Queensryche singer:

By Linda Castrone, Denver Post Staff Writer

How does a miracle begin?
A child in pain whispers a prayer. It is scooped up by her guardian angel, who draws it to her lips and blows it to the wind. It pierces the hearts of a dozen strangers, who move mountains to ease her suffering, if only for a moment.

In this case, the child in pain is 17-year-old Brittany Woneis, who was born with a rare but agonizing disease called epidermolysis bullosa that destroys her skin and soft tissues. Her prayer was to meet the rock star whose heavy-metal music is her constant companion.

Hospice of Metro Denver social worker Margaret Sharpe listened, and didn’t stop writing and calling until she captured the attention of Geoff Tate, lead singer of the band Queensryche, and his wife, Susan.

They were coming to Denver for a concert in July as part of Queensryche’s world tour and were touched by Brittany’s circumstances.

Says Susan, “The music must be something that enchants her. I told Geoff about her, and he said, ‘I’m not even worthy. Of course I’ll do it.”‘

With the Tates on board, the hospice worked with tour promoter Clear Channel Entertainment and Kroenke Sports Enterprises, owner of the concert venue, Universal Lending Pavilion. They came away with VIP parking passes and the pavilion’s two best boxes, then lined up transportation in a medical van.

By the time Brittany got her miracle last Tuesday, it had passed through 12 sets of hands. She arrived at the Queensryche concert with an entourage that included her mother, two uncles, one girlfriend, one social worker, four publicists, a reporter, a photographer and two on-site guides who whisked them backstage to meet the band.

And although about 3,000 other fans crowded into the pavilion to hear Queensryche perform, the band played especially for her.

Music helped ease pain

Brittany has been listening to Queensryche’s music since she was 3, she says, but since December she has been relying on it to get her through long, painful days. Her skin disease is now attacking the lining of her stomach, making it hard for her to absorb nutrients. With each pound she loses, she grows weaker and more susceptible to infection. Now only 36 pounds, she spends her days lying in bed or in a reclining chair, listening to music and watching TV. She hasn’t sat upright for months.

When Sharpe first met her, Brittany was discouraged by her declining health, but they found common ground in their love for music.

In mid-March, Brittany had another setback that hit her hard. The 32-year-old man who had been dating her mother died unexpectedly from an asthma attack.

“She considered him her dad,” Sharpe says. “When he died, she seemed hopeless. She told me she was miserable and ready to be done with this.

“Kids touch me,” she adds, “especially Brittany. She has been so cheated out of having more of a life, and there I was, powerless to help.”

Brittany resembles a rag doll, her lifeless limbs and torso covered with protective gauze bandages, her animated face and head the only parts left unwrapped. Twice a week the bandages are changed. It’s a process so painful she needs to be sedated beforehand.

As Brittany drifts off, and in between times when the pain gets unbearable, she slaps on her headphones and listens to Queensryche.

“When I’m not feeling good and nothing will make me feel better, I listen to loud music,” she says. “I wait for the, what do you call it? The adrenalin rush, and it makes me feel better.”

When asked if Brittany Woneis could meet him, Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate said, ‘I’m not even worthy. Of course I’ll do it.’
Seeds of a dream

One particularly trying day, Sharpe begged Brittany for help. “I wish there was something cool I could do that would make your life better,” she said. “Can you think of anything at all?”

Ten minutes later, Brittany had two ideas. “I want to meet Geoff Tate, or I want to pet an orca whale.”

“Oh, gosh,” Sharpe remembers thinking. “What am I going to do now?” Then she got to work. Dozens of e-mails and letters later, she heard from Susan Tate. “I’ll do whatever you need,” her e-mail said. “Let’s talk details.”

By that time Brittany was fighting another infection and “was doing so poorly I didn’t think she’d make it,” Sharpe says. She’d like to think the news of her upcoming date with Queensryche helped Brittany pull through.

Susan Tate doesn’t always travel with the band, but she flew in to meet them for their Denver date. Before the concert, she was busy backstage lining up a private room for Brittany’s “meet and greet” with the musicians. Once the girl’s entourage arrived, she ushered in the band, then brought Geoff back for a more private conversation.

He and Brittany talked about how the group’s songs are written, how their videos are filmed, what songs their fans always want to hear. “The Lady Wore Black” and “Silent Lucidity” are enduring favorites, Geoff told her. The band plays them on each tour, alternating nights.

“Which one would you like to hear tonight?” he asked her. “You get to choose.”

She chose “The Lady Wore Black,” which wasn’t on that night’s set list. As she was escorted to the VIP seats in the heart of the tent, Geoff’s instructions went out over the crew’s walkie-talkies: “Brittany wants ‘Lady.’ Sub it in.”

Moving the stars

Susan and Geoff Tate have four children between them; other band members have three more. They often get special requests from fans but never anything like Brittany’s.

She’s not their average fan, for starters. Most are men in their 20s and 30s, Susan says. Many are cops, soldiers, computer jockeys and pro ballplayers.

Perhaps because they’re parents or because Geoff writes the lyrics that blast through Brittany’s headphones, they felt an irresistible urge to help. As the evening wore on, Susan flitted in and out of the VIP box, sitting beside Brittany and whispering encouragement.

After the show, she hugged Sharpe and promised not to forget Brittany once the band was back on the road. She also confided that, after the show, Geoff had been really quiet. “He was thrown off by how much it impacted him,” she told Sharpe.

Back in the VIP box, a little bubble of bliss surrounded Brittany and her entourage. Waiters and security guards wandered in and out of it, bringing her a sub sandwich and iced tea, and checking on her comfort.

When Queensryche finally came onstage, Brittany shifted into fan mode, singing along with Geoff and tapping out a rhythm on the plastic box that held her sandwich. When the spotlight shifted to Geoff at the front of the stage, she got quiet.

“‘The Lady Wore Black’ is the first song we ever wrote,” he began, “and tonight we’re gonna dedicate it to our new friend Brittany.”

Dressed in her mother’s black mesh top and shiny black pants, Brittany could have been the lady he was singing about. As he reached the refrain, she struggled to catch her breath, then began to cry.

The lady wore black

See the years through the tears in her eyes

The lady wore black

Her love can set me free.

As fans followed the singer’s eyes into the crowd, they swiveled in their chairs to watch the object of his ballad. Although momentarily in a fishbowl of attention, Brittany was unaware of them. Her eyes were glued to the stage and to Sharpe, who was blotting the tears.

Although already at its dramatic climax, the miracle continued a few more hours, as Brittany listened to another band, Dream Theater, and then was wheeled out to the souvenir booths. Fans along the way who might otherwise have stared at her bandages gave her thumbs-up signs, and one dropped a $10 bill on the counter and told an airbrush tattoo artist to “give the little girl whatever she wants.” (She picked a butterfly for her cheek and several more up the gauze of one arm.)

Buoyed by a giant adrenalin rush, she managed the trip home without anesthesia and finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. The next day, exhausted and feeling the aftereffects of a marathon day, she told Sharpe, “It was the best night I’ve ever had.”

Will the disease or the pain ease because Brittany shared a few hours with the band of her dreams? Most likely not, says Sharpe. But for one evening, an unlikely bond formed between a rock star and a teenage girl that altered them both.

I do not agree with Geoff Tate’s politics sometimes but the man is a hero as far as I’m concerned.

Jesus and Peter’s Biblical Odyssey

A couple of months ago Little Jay told me about how one of the women that Jade used to work for told him that the movie The Matrix had a lot of biblical connotations to it. So we thought what would it be like if Bill and Ted reunited for one more movie except playing Peter and Jesus.

Jesus(Keanu Reeves): Dude, you will deny me three times.
Peter(Alex Winter): No way.
Jesus: Way.
Peter: Bogus.

I’ll take the window seat for my ride. I want to enjoy the view.

Tex Schramm

Former Cowboys GM Schramm dies:

I hate the Dallas Cowboys. I always have and always will. Except for one.

When I was a little kid my dad used to take me to Philadelphia Eagles games all the time. Well in one bitter Philly December he took me to see the Eagles play the Cowboys. My dad knew someone in Vet Stadium security so we used to get into the boxes but not the private heated ones.

It was so cold that day I felt like I was getting frostbite. My dad asked his friend in security to take me to someplace warm. He takes me to the box next door which was heated.

Now my dad dressed me in head to toe Eagles’ green. Everyone in the box was in blue and silver. I didn’t care because I was warm. My dad’s friend took me down to an empty seat and asked the guy sitting next to it if it was ok if I sat there. The man said it was fine. Nicest guy I had ever met in my short life. He let me wear his gloves and got me some hot chocolate.

The Eagles lost that day. So after the game, my dad came and got me and the man sitting next to me told my dad that he had a really nice boy here. My dad’s jaw dropped open but he said thank you. After he left my dad said, “Do you know who that was?”. I said yeah, that was Mr. Schramm he was really nice to me. My dad said, “That was Tex Schramm, President of the Dallas Cowboys”.

I’ve never forgotten that day. Thank you, Mr. Schramm, for showing a very cold Eagles fan (at the time) your generosity.

My condolences go out to the Schramm family.

Eric Harris worship site

A reaction to a site being added to the watchlist.

Comment left by: Morticia Jada Raven-Ashe

Thanks for adding me to the list! Just another notch in my belt of accomplishments! 😉 Hate for people like you fuels my website. And while you’re at it, make sure you “black list” my Eric Harris website, too, at: www.(REDACTED)

Enjoy, shit for brains!

(UPDATE) Too many people have been looking for this site lately and I don’t want to give them the traffic.

Ok you asked for it. This site is as equally disgusting as your other one. I feel like I’m repeating myself here but Harris and Klebold were cold-blooded killers. They killed 13 innocent people. Most of us were harassed in school but we didn’t kill anybody over it. Eric Harris’ parents failed in their job as parents. They should be forcibly sterilized so they don’t reproduce again. Harris and Klebold are not people to be worshiped or idolized or even sympathized. What makes me even sicker is that there are other people out there like this sick bitch that have signed the guestbook. The only solace I take in a site like this is that Harris and Klebold are burning in hell.

The psycho bitch had something to say about me on her fucked up message board…

Does anyone know who this 34-year-old asshole is? He talks like he is close to the subject of Columbine, but perhaps he’s just a dickbrain like other people.

Then there’s a picture of some bimbo in leather with a swastika armband. Tell me this chick ain’t a sick fuck? Listen, little girl, if you took the time to read the TOP PART OF MY SITE you would know who the fuck I am. You need some serious time in an asylum.

NJ Teens

N.J. Teen in Alleged Killing Plot Described as Angry, Dark:

OK, I’m thinking bullying wasn’t the motive if this guy walked around town with a baseball bat and practiced martial arts. This is just one bent individual here. This sounds more like a cry for attention from the parent since Matthew Lovett’s brother was the one always getting the attention because of his cleft palate.

NJ Shooting Spree Foiled

Shooting spree foiled:

A Columbine-style killing spree was stopped today in South Jersey. 3 teens sporting trench coats, carrying guns and knives were captured by police after a botched car-jacking. The three were planning to kill three school “enemies” and then kill random people. They did not plan on being taken alive. The oldest suspect, Matthew Lovett, 18, had a Matrix obsession. From the article…

Lovett also imagined an almost supernatural aura around himself, sometimes referring to himself as The Mystic, The One and Neo, friends said. The One and Neo are names for Keanu Reeves’

character in The Matrix film series.

Another Matrix case. I wonder how long it will take before someone starts complaining about the movie.

According to this article Lovett had some anger issues and drew violent pictures and was picked on a lot at school and kept a list of enemies since grade school. Normally I would blame the parents for letting this go undetected but Lovett’s father had his hands full. Lovett’s brother had a cleft palette which required a lot of attention and his mom died 9 years ago. Still, someone had to notice these things. Then again it is the New Jersey public school system we’re talking about.

Actually there is a ton of blame to go around but I’m not going to get into that. What I can’t believe is that even after Columbine and all the copycats since that schools still don’t do anything about bullying. I’m also still amazed that kids are still bullying other kids in the wake of Columbine. Apparently, our children aren’t learning anything at school anymore.

Luckily through their own ineptness they were captured without incident.

Other articles:

N.J. Teens Accused of Plotting Killings

$1 million bail for alleged teen ringleader

Another Victory in Florida

State high court won’t hear challenge to autopsy photo law:

The Florida Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to the state’s law that restricts access to autopsy photos. For once Florida does something right. A student newspaper at the U. of Florida was trying to have the law overturned. The media, even college media, has some ego don’t they? As soon as you let one person in the media have access to autopsy photos, especially those of celebrities, then countless others will be able to get their hands on it and have them splashed all over the internet. Think I’m exaggerating. I don’t think so. The most search engine hits I get are people looking for Lisa Lopes’ autopsy photos. Unfortunately, laws do not exist like this in every state but they should. As I keep saying autopsy photos on the web should be looked at with the same disdain as child pornography.