Sodomy Sunday

This one has been going on for a while now but between the hurricane and the server change I haven’t had much time to talk about this.

Anyway let’s begin…

Mepham FB Players Accused of Sexually Abusing Teammates:

A Long Island High School football team goes to a training camp in Pennsylvania. The students are in separate quarters than the coaches. Guess what happens. 3 players get sodomized in a hazing incident. Reportedly with broomsticks. 3 players get suspended from the team but are allowed to stay in school of course. It gets better.

Bellmore’s Awful Silence:

Students who witnessed the events and their parents were refusing to come forward and were retaining lawyers. One parent’s quote…‘Well, we’re not getting involved.’ But wait, there’s more.

Teens Attacked 3 Times at Camp:

The three boys, junior varsity players at the Bellmore school, allegedly were sodomized with broomsticks, golf balls and…wait for it…. PINE CONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only reason the boys came forward in the first place is because one of them continued bleeding for several days later and required surgery.

Board Benches Mepham:

So the school board canceled Mepham High’s football season and rightfully so. But check out this quote from the mother of a player who obviously had no life of her own so tries to live through her son…

But the mother of a ninth-grade player said the district, not the students, is responsible for what happened during the preseason football camp in Pennsylvania last month.

“I blame the school district because they let it happen,” the parent, who did not want to be identified, said yesterday afternoon. “A lot of the problems they have is due to lack of supervision at the camp.”

Sure, it’s the district’s fault. Hey, did you ever stop to think that maybe if these kids didn’t FORCE PINE CONES UP THEIR ASSES there would still be a football season? Dumbass. It doesn’t end there

Mepham Students Protest Board’s Decision:

30 football players, cheerleaders (of course) and supposed “supporters” (kids who wanted out of class), walked out of class and on to the football field to protest the school board’s decision to cancel the football season. The majority felt that the entire football team should not be punished for what 3 players did. Well maybe if some of the other players had tried to put a stop to it then that might not have been an issue assclown. As far as I’m concerned this school should never be allowed to have a football team ever.

The three suspects have been suspended. They should be expelled but that never happens to athletes. The Pennsylvania State Police are performing their own investigation so let’s hope some arrests will be made. This time with some jail time.

I would love to hear from some buckethead jock either from Mepham or any other school defend sodomy hazing. C’mon and step up if you have the balls. Tell me why sodomizing someone with a pine cone to the point of bleeding is so cool.

9/12/03 News Buds

Police investigate allegations of sex abuse in team hazing:

More fun with athletic sodomy. Again with a broom handle. The suspects are 16 and 17. The victims are 14. And as usual, the suspects have been suspended from the team but are allowed to remain in school. Sure, let rapists walk your halls freely and mingle with their victims. That’s a perfect setting for learning. I should be running the freakin’ schools in this country.

Grand Theft Assclown II

Grand Theft Assclown II:

I said it and someone must have been listening. Let me quote the article…

The family of a slain motorist has filed suit against the maker of a video game that two teens claim inspired them to shoot at passing cars on a Tennessee highway.

So the family of the victim is suing the makers of GTA because of two assclown kids that went on a shooting spree after playing it. If these kids had watched a movie would they be suing the movie company? If anybody should be sued it should be the dumbass parents. According to the article, a September 2000 Federal Trade Commission report says that parents are present at and involved in the purchase or rental of games 83 percent of the time. And where did these kids get the gun? Michael Moore probably thinks that they got it at their local Circle K. These kids obviously had something wrong with them, to begin with, and the video game is not the root of the problem.

GTA: Grand Theft Assclowns

Teens Plead Guilty to Highway Shootings:

Thanks to zombyboy for bringing this one to my attention.

So these two assclowns in Tenn. aged 14 and 16 decide to shoot up I-40 with a .22 because were bored and decided to shoot at tractor-trailer rigs, just like in the video game, “Grand Theft Auto.” At what point did both of them think this was a good idea? What makes this worse is that as juveniles they can only be held until they’re 19. A man is dead and they’ll walk free in 3 to 5 years with their records expunged probably. Now, let’s get to the point where I ask and what kind of parents allow their kids to play GTA. This is a game for adults. Any idiot can clearly see that by looking at the box. Having sex with hookers and then killing them and taking their money is not something that should be played by 14 to 16-year-olds. Obviously another case of parents not getting too involved with their children. Not to mention why they didn’t keep the guns locked up. As far as I’m concerned the parents should be up on charges too but God forbid people actually take responsibility anymore.

How long before someone sues Rockstar Games? Anyone?