From the Mail Sack

We get letters…

From my entry on the Eric Harris journal

Well done Eric and dylan. I am very proud of you both and I hope people will be proud of me soon. I am going to do exactly what you did only I am going to kill EVERYONE in my school. I will aim for the heads and the propane bomb that I have made will go off when it is supposed to. Watch the news on the 18th of February ‘cos it’s gone to be a blast – so to speak – when I get back at those little fucking bastards and I hope that I get the same respect as Eric and Dylan. RESPECT 2 YOU GUYS. Hope the school mourns forever.HAHA. Fuck UR wife.Fuck UR kids and FUCK EVERYONE.

Posted by: Cheryl at October 23, 2003 08:41 AM

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Even if this isn’t a legitimate threat you are on sick bitch for even joking around like that. Threats like that can land you in jail. For reasons I can’t get into right now, that’s all I can say about that one.

This one from the same person from my entry on the Eric Harris worship site

What the fuck is wrong with Eric and Dylan’s parents? It isn’t their fault! How many people would honestly expect their kids, no matter how depressed, would blow up their school. Mine wouldn’t! So for all the idiots out there who are blaming the parents, don’t. Eric and Dylan may have killed people but at least they had a reason. Leave the parents alone ‘cos they have lost their kids too.

Posted by: Cheryl at October 24, 2003 06:20 AM

Now this one I can comment on. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with their parents. They weren’t doing their job and because of it, 13 people are dead. I don’t give a rat’s ass that they lost their kids. If they did a better job of keeping up with their own damn kids at least 13 people would be alive today. They had an arsenal in their own garage for crying out loud. If that’s not bad parenting then I don’t know what is.

Columbine Rampart Range Tape Released

Columbine Killers Documented Training on Tape:

A videotape of the two cowardly Columbine Killers, Harris and Klebold, was released today showing them shooting bowling pins and talking about what it would be like to kill real people. The tape was made 6 weeks prior to the Columbine massacre. Let me just quote the article…

The disturbing, 15-minute tape shows Klebold, Harris, another young man and a young woman doing target practice at a makeshift shooting range in a forested area in Douglas County, Colo.

The group can be seen firing several rounds from rifles, shotguns and a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol at bowling pins, trees, and other targets. Police said some of the weapons were used in the Columbine attack.

They can be heard laughing, joking and making cavalier comments about what it would be like if the bowling pins were human heads or bodies.

The video, taken on a shaky handheld camera on a snow-covered hillside in a national forest southwest of Denver, is the first made by the gunmen themselves to be released to the public.

Klebold at one point holds a sawed-off shotgun and shoots from the hip at a bowling pin wedged between two tree limbs. He and Harris then look at a bullet-shredded tree trunk.

Harris also blows across the muzzle of a shotgun like a gunslinger. At least four different weapons are used in the tape.

And the best one of all…

The videotape has never before been made public, though Brooks Brown, one of Klebold’s friends and the son of Judy and Randy Brown, told Fox News that several people had told him the tape was shown before the massacre in Harris’ and Klebold’s video class.

How many more signs did they need? This will go down in history as the most preventable tragedy of our time. I mean between Eric Harris’ journal, his problems with the law, and now this? How much more fucking obvious could it have been to their parents? All they had to do was look in their garage. If they had, more than 13 people would be alive today instead of just being memories. But with any luck, Harris and Klebold would have killed themselves anyway.

More Mepham Mayhem

Out of Bounds:

This is a great article about the Mepham High sodomy hazing case in Long Island. Some quotes and observations from the article…

Observation: Mineral Ice was used on the foreign objects before insertion. If anyone has gotten that stuff anywhere near a sensitive area or any kind of mucous membrane knows how painful that can be.

Quote: Victims were laughed at in the halls and called “faggot” and “broomstick boy.”

Quote: “Most of the shit they did was pranks, like shaving cream,”

Quote:“The kid that did it, I feel so bad for him,” the boy says. “I don’t even care what they did.”

What about the boys who were raped? I ask.

“Two of the kids are underclassmen, little kids,” he says. “They really couldn’t do anything about it. But one kid who got it in the shitter, he’s just like a fag.”

He stops, waiting for my reaction.

“Yeah,” he says. “I heard the kid liked it.”

Quote: A day later, the three alleged victims are still having broomsticks thrown at them from cars in the parking lot.

Quote: Superintendent Caramore tries to explain that hazing simply doesn’t happen at Mepham—that football was canceled not because of what the boys allegedly did but because their teammates never reported it. That hasn’t satisfied parents who complain about the lost scholarships, the deflated homecoming celebration, and the fund-raisers for other sports, all of which depend on football and are now ruined, they’re saying, because of a couple of messed-up kids. (God forbid anyone should actually be responsible for their actions.)

Quote: In July, when Reichstein’s son, an incoming freshman, showed up for football practice, a junior on the team—the lineman—started calling him and some of the other boys “pussy,” “faggot,” and “cocksucker.” Reichstein went to McElroy. He says the coach said, “Okay, I’ll handle it.” From that moment on, the junior stopped calling Reichstein’s son “faggot” and started calling him “tattletale boy.”

Now some words about the attacker…

Observation: The kid’s father died the day after hearing his son was possibly going to face criminal charges. I can sympathize with that but it does not change what he’s done.

Quote: (Italics mine) And then the lineman—whom classmates call a bully, who would shove kids he’d never even met into lockers as they walked by—stands suddenly, stepping out from his place in the front, and walks back eight rows to give a bear hug to his little brother

Quote:One day at practice, the lineman approached him while he was drinking from a water fountain. “Who do you think you are?” said the lineman, according to Reichstein’s son. “Are you on crack? Do you know who I am?”

The freshman, trying to show a little backbone, replied: “This is America. Go to the back of the line.”

The lineman was furious. “Don’t even think about sleeping at camp,” he said.

Quote: “I knew all those kids,” says another boy, a JV player. “I went to summer school with them.” The lineman, he says, “was always starting fights. You could just see he had so much anger in him. He’d just beat up on people—he’d be walking by and boom! Into the locker! I think he’s a dirtbag. Decent football player, though.”

All this over a game that children play. What gets me is that these parents who were expecting football scholarships for their kids are pissed at the school for canceling the season. The only people they should be pissed off at are the 3 little rat bastards who sodomized these poor kids. I guess common sense is in short supply in Bellmore.

Road Warrior Hawk Dies at 46

Road Warrior Hawk dies at age 46 at home in his sleep:

To me, the Road Warriors were the greatest wrestling tag team of all times. They were the only tag team to hold the AWA, NWA, and WWF tag titles. Some of you may also know them as L.O.D. When I saw them on TV as a kid they were the coolest. They came down to the ring with their faces painted, with shoulder pads that had spikes all over them, and their entrance music was Black Sabbath’s, Iron Man. Back then it didn’t get much cooler than that. The cause of death has not been determined at this time. I seriously hope it wasn’t anything related to drugs. You hate to see your heroes end up that way. First Stu Hart and now Hawk. I hope wrestling isn’t like Hollywood and we get a 3rd. Hawk’s real name was Mike Hegstrand. My prayers and condolences go out to the Hegstrand family and friends.

10/13/03 Oozing News Sores

Threatening letter reported in hazing case:

More from the Mepham front. A parent who spoke out about the pine cone sodomy hazing at Mepham high has received a letter threatening him with the same treatment if he does not stop speaking out about it. According to the article, his son is friends with the victims. Who the hell thinks high school football is all that important that they have to threaten violence against a guy who is standing up for three kids who had pine cones forced up their asses? Sounds like a parent depending on a scholarship to me. You know it wouldn’t be an issue if those kids didn’t sodomize their younger teammates. God forbid anyone should be responsible though. The article also states that if the sodomizers are tried as adults they could face at least 20 years. Poetic justice if they see adult jail time. They have a lot more interesting things than pine cones in prison. I’m still waiting to hear from an athlete who thinks its ok to shove unwanted objects up someone’s ass to promote teamwork.

Link via Bad Jocks.

Make up for lost time

Police to charge school athletes in sex assault:

Well it looks like at least one police department is going to get it right. The Pennsylvania State Police are planning to file charges against the 3 Mepham High athletes who sodomized their younger teammates with broomsticks, golf balls, and pine cones. Hopefully, when they get to prison they’ll be wishing for pine cones.

Link via Bad Jocks.