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Without truth there is no justice


The 3 football players from Mepham High in Long Island were sentenced today for sodomizing younger teammates in a hazing attack with broomsticks, golf balls, and pine cones. One was sent to a boot camp, the other to a juvenile detention facility, and the third got probation after providing prosecutors with information. On the one hand the punishment sort of fits the crime because in boot camp and juvenile hall they’ll be able to find out what its like to be intimidated by someone bigger than you or in a position of authority over you. On the other hand, the punishment isn’t enough. For all intents and purposes, they raped their younger teammates. Poetic justice would have been trying them as adults and putting them in a real prison where they can have a whole array of objects rectally inserted into them. These rapists will get out eventually. The victims have to live with this their entire lives. Hopefully, they’re in facilities like the one in the movie Sleepers.

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