Redneck Monday

I just love theme days.

South Caldwell students can wear attire that includes rebel flag:

A local high school banned attire that contained the confederate flag. Well, all the rednecks were so up in arms about it they repealed the ban. As usual, the excuse they give is they want to celebrate their southern heritage. I saw this on a local news channel too. You should have seen the people who were wearing these t-shirts. Trailer park trash every last one of them. So not only is the confederate flag the flag of racists, rednecks, and losers, it’s now officially the flag of white trash everywhere. Wear it with pride. This is why people from every other part of the country think everyone from the south is a toothless illiterate bumpkin.


According to Stone Cold has been involved in another domestic dispute. This time by pushing down his current girlfriend injuring her hands and knees. You can also check it out at The Smoking Gun. The WWE should not put him on TV for a while. The first time this happened I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now it’s obvious he has a problem. So personally I think the WWE should fire his ass on the spot. I have no tolerance for women beaters. It just shows how much of white trash pussy he is. And go figure, his new t-shirt being sold by the WWE has a confederate flag on it. There’s another one to be proud of.

3/28/04: From The Mail Sack

Quick and dirty tonight but here we go with the hate mail.

As usual from the Eric Harris journal entry

I think they had a right to do what they did. If people would have paid more attention and see whats right in front of there face then it could have been prevented. If they were to blind to see somthing like that and so mean as to treat people like that then they deserved it. They had it coming.

Posted by: TeeJay at March 24, 2004 12:57 AM

Hey TJ. Somewhere out there is someone who thinks you’re mean. Karma is a bitch.

To keep the streak going one from the Eric Harris worship site entry

Those kids took years of abuse and harassment and shoved it into those kids and those teacher’s faces. Not only did they learn to shut the fuck up and stop treating ppll like shit, I think just about anyone living with the ability to understand the situation learned too. Im sorry people had to die but it was bound to happen sometime, if they didnt do it, someone else would have. I admire then for their bravey and Ill always defend them because they were treated like shit.

Posted by: Alexis at March 23, 2004 09:50 PM

Common sense dictates that being treated like shit is no excuse to shoot 13 unarmed people. Again it’s not bravery, it’s the most extreme form of cowardice.

Ok this one is from the Spain Bombing entry but obviously the poster is a mental midget….

OK what ever your name is the ass that writes this crap. You sir are a complete and total fool you know nothing. You spew bull shit on almost every subject. I cant stand your smart ass remarks such as ass clown and how Eric and Dylan are burning in hell. How the fuck do you know frankly you don’t have a clue no one does its something beyond your comprehension and you sound like an ass when you say these things. go ahead and pick apart my spelling and grammar and call me a mutant, freak or worshiper do that but just remember what an ass you are when you talk so much shit about something you cant understand something like death

Posted by: NBK at March 22, 2004 03:01 AM

You see I and most people believe in this place called hell where killers go when they die to be punished for eternity. Therefore Harris and Klebold are burning in hell 13 times over.

Veteran’s Stadium R.I.P.

Veteran’s Stadium R.I.P.

They blew up Veteran’s Stadium in Philly yesterday. Well since it was an implosion I guess they blew it in. Anyway, I am sad to see it go. As a stadium it sucked ass but I have a lot of great memories there. The first time I remember going there was a hot day in August when my Dad took me to see the Eagles play the L.A. Rams. The place was packed and it actually shook from the crowd noise. It was the place where I got to meet Tex Schramm. It was the place where either the pre-season before or the pre-season after I got to meet THE Pittsburgh Steelers before they won their last Super Bowl. I got the autographs of Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, and most importantly I got to meet one of my heroes in Rocky Bleier. It wasn’t all football either. My dad took me to see a lot of Phillies game there. I got to see such greats as Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa, Steve Carlton just to name a few. I also remember the lesser guys of the team like Manny Trillo, Greg Luzinski, and Bake McBride. I also got to witness Pete Rose both as a Phillie and a Red. As a stadium, it was a hole and I’m kind of glad it’s gone but I’ll always remember it as one of the few places where I actually have fond memories of spending time with my father. Vaya con Dios.

3/21/04: From the Mail Sack

Ever notice there seems to be a recurring theme in my hate mail…

From my guestbook..

From: dariafanguy

Location: Canada

Its too damn bad that theres helll and jail if both of those things were not there i would go to my school and cap some people myself. But there is so i salute eric and dylan for living out there desires wich i wont be able to do because im afraid of punishement.

It’s just school kid. Take it from someone who’s been there. Once it’s over you’ll wonder why you obsessed about it so much. Grow a set and stick it out.

And as usual from my entry on the Eric Harris Journal

OK,HERE IT IS,IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT READ IT. The whole jeffco school system is fucked up the Columbine teachers would watch Eric get beat up daily, watch eric get shoved into lockers daily and not do a thing about it cause he wasnt popular, and his parents didnt have conections The teachers at columbine still only stop about half of the fights that still happen at hour school, whereas if u even mention eric and dylan ur automatically suspended. before they reopened columbine they would give all the so-called “outcasts” an option of home school or back to columbine. they dont want any individuality in this school and its bull fucking shit. i dont condone killing the so-called “innocent by-standers” ( who,just for the record, were’nt innocent at all) they didnt got randomly shooting they got who they wanted. if u were there u would have know most of those killed did mess with Eric and Dylan on the regular basis. but i do believe a person can only be pushed so far there are 15 dead not 13 and there should be 15 crosses still on the hill…




Location, Littleton,Co

HS: Columbine

University: Denver

Acc. with eric and dylan: Classmate/Friend

im sure thats all ud need to track me down right?

Posted by: Sarah at March 21, 2004 11:35 AM

I actually removed her last name from the comment because some people don’t have any common sense. The spelling alone I’m sure makes the University of Denver proud. But I digress. OK, even though the Jeff. Co. school system was not doing their job, even if some of the victims actually did harass Harris and Klebold it still comes down to the fact that is that’s still no excuse to gun down 13 random people in cold blood. There should only be 13 crosses because Harris and Klebold sleep in hell.

Neb. School Shooting Averted

Teen Charged in School Murder Plot:

Malcolm High School student Josh Magee was arrested with 20 homemade bombs and a bolt-action rifle in his school parking lot. He was spotted in the parking lot drinking liquor from a flask and putting on a black overcoat. He intended to kill everyone in the school except for three friends. He wasn’t picked on. He was even on the cross-country team and a musician. So why did he do it? I think this quote explains it…

Parents and school officials in this tiny town north of Lincoln said Magee often spoke about the 1999 Columbine shootings, in which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

“He asked them in class last week if they knew who Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were,” said Julia Lostrah, whose daughter is Magee’s classmate. “Then he said, ‘I know them.'”

Pure and simple, he’s a Harris and Klebold worshiping mutant. In my opinion, the only reason he wanted to kill people was for the sake of killing people. Thanks to the media those two little fucknuts burning in hell have been made posthumous celebrities. The only thing that was missing was a little butt-licking lackey. Klebold to his Harris if you will. Luckily the school administration was on the ball this time and averted what could have been a slaughter that would have been more disastrous than Columbine. The kid is only 17 which means more than likely he would have graduated either this year or next. I hope it was worth the next 20 years of his life not being able to stick it out until graduation. Again it has to be asked though why his parents didn’t intervene before this happened? I realize his dad is in Afghanistan on military duty but if the whole town knew that his obsession was Harris and Klebold why didn’t his mother?

Word of advice to parents if you hear your kids saying the words Harris and Klebold in a positive way it’s time to step in and put a stop to it.

And kids, it’s just high school it will be over. It’s not worth killing over.

Scarzilla Update


So our most recent mother of the year candidate has killed her newborn by refusing a caesarian, tried selling her stillborn son for bail money, now it turns out she has a previous conviction for child beating. Why did she beat one of her kids you ask?…

The 2000 conviction of Melissa Rowland stemmed from a supermarket incident in which she punched her daughter several times in the face after the toddler picked up a candy bar and began eating it, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported. Witnesses said Rowland screamed, “You ate the candy bar and now I can’t buy my cigarettes.”

Can it get any more white trash than that? Beats her kids over smokes. I bet they were discount menthols too. Just more reason to have this woman forcibly removed from society. But wait, it gets better. Several “women’s'” groups are coming to her defense saying she had the right to refuse the Caesarian. Sure, she had the right to willfully neglect the health and welfare of her unborn children. Just so she wouldn’t get a scar. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. But in today’s world of no personal responsibility, I guess it does make sense to some misguided fools. Don’t feel like having a baby for whatever reason? Sure no problem. Just kill it or let it die. God forbid it should interfere with your personal life.

3/13/04: News from TheTrench

Caesarean refusal leads to murder charge:


Jeez, that’s frickin’ scary. Anyway, the assclown pictured above was told she needed to have a Caesarean section multiple times to save one of her twins but she refused because she didn’t want to have a scar. Guess what. One of the babies died. Now she’s being charged with murder. I say good. This assclown deserves everything she gets. She killed one of her unborn children all in the name of vanity. I mean look at her. A surgical scar is the least of her troubles. Of course a lot of the pro-death…I mean “pro-choice” people are saying she committed no crime. It was only “a fetus”. It’s her choice. It’s her body. Bullshit. It was her irresponsible action that caused one of her babies to be stillborn. It was because of her irresponsible action that a child is dead. It’s manslaughter at worst murder at the most. And what unlucky bastard actually mated with that mutant. Remember kids, Abortion: allowing parents to shirk their responsibilities for over 30 years.

It’s only High School

Authorities: Lely students drew on Columbine for planned attack:

I’m not going to get on the parents this time since very little material was found. Tonight I’ll just use this time to tell kids in high school that it’s not worth it. High school is just a blip of your existence. It’s just four years. That may seem like a lot to you now but trust me it isn’t.

I hated my high school. Got picked on every day. Didn’t shoot the place up or threaten to blow it up. I just bided my time and then got the hell out of there. Haven’t looked back since. Hell, I haven’t even seen anyone from my high school in over 10 years.

The people who hate high school turn out to be more normal than the ones who relish over it. I mean the one who loved high school are the ones who usually retain that high school mentality throughout the rest of their lives. Who really wants to be that guy?

By the way doesn’t the third kid look like a fat Vinnie Vincent?

Sen. Flagg

Search for Kerry Ticket Mate Underway:

So Damien is out and Randall Flagg will be the nominee. You know when I first read this article in my sleep deprived state I thought it said that Kerry would be picking Jim Johnson as his running mate. That wouldn’t be such a good idea because the last two guys that had a VP named Johnson didn’t make it out of office alive.