Punches…Punches that need…heads

Tonight we have a first time Punch in the Head award winner. It’s someone so deserving of this honor she’s had it coming for a really long time. Ladies and gentlemen I give you our newest Punchie recipient Barbara Streisand. She wins the award tonight after addressing a crowd about gay marriages with this quote….

“The Bush Administration wants to change the positive inclusive direction of our Constitution by calling for an amendment that authorizes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Well, I say, no way,”

“Turning government into a marriage counselor is a joke … a waste of time and money. It’s not a policy; it’s a diversion.“

While I disagree with the President’s stance on gay marriages I do have to take Mrs. Brolin to task for her quote. She, and most lefty types, don’t want the government to intrude in the bedroom. Yet they want the government to provide free healthcare, raise our kids, and generally be nannies. So do you want the government to tell us what to do or not?

She also goes on to whine about the proposed CBS miniseries “The Reagans” which was never aired on CBS because too many people complained that it wouldn’t be a fair portrayal…

“I’ve seen [the right wing’s] ferocity up close, as I witnessed the astounding assault on the CBS movie about Ronald Reagan … They attacked that movie and drove it off network television before any of them had ever seen it. The right wing is very well-organized. They fight dirty.”

They fought dirty by organizing people who threatened to boycott CBS’ networks and advertisers if the show was not pulled. How is that fighting dirty? Isn’t that what lefties do best? When a company or group doesn’t follow their ideology don’t they protest and boycott? Oh but when the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY (TM) does it it’s playing dirty.

Well Babs thank you for the astounding display of hypocrisy. When you pick up your award please ask for it to be delivered to the bridge of your nose. It’s a large target and it couldn’t make it any worse.

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