Mepham: The Final Chapter

Fourth player to get probation in hazing scandal:

The fourth and final suspect in the Mepham hazing/sexual assault trial was sentenced on was sentenced on Wednesday and again another one escapes with a cushy sentence. The mystery suspect only has to do 50 hours of community service, write a letter of apology to the victims and compose an essay describing how the case has affected him and others. Why didn’t the judge just make him write “I will not shove pine cones in other people asses” on the blackboard a hundred times. I seriously do not understand what Judge Robert J. Conway was thinking. He closed of proceeding to the public, instituted gag orders for all those involved, tried none of the four as adults, and gave mostly light sentences to the offenders. It seems like he thought that this was just a case of boys being boys. That would be true if they were trying out for the football team in ATTICA!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarzilla: The Final Chapter


C-Section Mom Gets Probation:

Melissa Ann Rowland, the woman who refused to have a Cesarean killing one of her unborn twins, was only given 18 months probation. Basically, because she’s a nut job. Now to me, that’s even more reason to keep her locked up. It seems that the Salt Lake City courts fawned all over her…

District Judge Dennis Fuchs called it a travesty that the system “can’t adequately deal with individuals like Miss Rowland.” He described her as someone who has repeatedly fallen through the cracks.

Fuchs denied a request by the prosecution that Rowland be barred from contacting the surviving twin, a girl who was adopted shortly after birth. The child was found with cocaine and alcohol in her system, and Rowland’s drug use while pregnant was the basis for the child endangerment charges.

So not only is this aberration of human existence escaping any jail time she’ll be allowed to visit the surviving twin that she poisoned with cocaine.

To make things even worse NOW, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU rallied around her saying that the prosecutors attempt to charge her with murder was somehow a conspiracy against abortion rights. How credible is an organization that has this…


…as their martyr?

Remember kids kill all you want. You’re not responsible, someone else is. The sick thing is some people actually believe that.

4/25/04: From The Mail Sack

Well it seems the mutants have picked up the pace. From, as usual, the Eric Harris Journal entry

People =shit: what Eric and Dylan was 100% justifiable! They were picked on and belittled,ridiculed and made to feel minuscule.

They needed a excuse to kill and they found it at the place they hated most their school.The people they killed were not inocent what animale is.They wanted to kill and the people who hurt them was a good place to start.

If you dont agree with me you are wrong fucked and overrated you ignorrant worthless waste of skin.

your time will come.

Comment by joey — Wednesday Apr 21, 2004 @ 12:39 am

Joey is my newest troll. There is no real proof that they were picked on and so what if they were. Again, no reason to kill 13 random people. The people they killed didn’t really even know them. Your heroes are cowards which makes you a coward as well.

Again from the same entry

ok SHUT UP i knew Eric i met him in an airport until about year ago i didnt put two and two together when i foudn out it snapped and i have been trying to get closure ever sinse. HE WAS THE BEST he was a totally sweet guy i cant say the same for Dylan only because i never got the chance to know him, i am only 14 Eric was 7 years older than me. but he talked with me anyway i met him 6 years ago and have missed him ever since. HE WAS TRUELY A TEREFFIC HUMAN BEING. AND I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE FOR HIM IN MY HEART. Eric you did what u did for your own reasons, i wish i coulda had more time wiht you but i guess thats the way things go. Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris and Kevin who can forget Kevin i love you all so much. i think about him every day too so know that your not alone. you are both excelent parents and u never did anything wrong wiht raising him. ERIC I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN BECAUSE GOD EVEN THOUGH U DIDNT BELIEVE IN HIM THAT MUCH DID FORGIVE YOU SO I WILL SEE YA UP THERE GREAT BUDDY IM SURE WIHT DYLAN AND MIKE AS WELL. NOT SOON BUT I WILL BE WIHT YOU AGAIN SOONER THAN WE BOTH THINK. for those of u stuck up bitches who wont look at both views of the story know this. Eric Harris would take days offa work to stay home when his dog was sick because h would get ceisures, does that seem like a killer to you? i dont htink so well ERIC i will pray for you every night god bless love always your friend and confedant ~Hannah~

Comment by ~Hannah~ — Thursday Apr 22, 2004 @ 1:31 am

Well at least my trolls are good for something. They pointed out that through the numbers it’s impossible that she met Eric Harris. Anyway Hannah you are a sick bitch. God does not forgive those who do not repent. Those two little cowardly pieces of shit are burning in hell as we speak. Keep that in your thoughts and seek help.

And again

i idalize then two boys–they have created the greatest school massacre in the century–they will never be forgotten–and yes, this is afucked up world–but smile and realize that there are fucked up people in it to!– if i had a chance i would go back–4/19/99–and i will tell VoDKa and Reb to check the bomb–they might not be on that hill to be remembered–but trust me–in me and my brothers eyes–they are the greatest two people that have ever walked this planet (except charles manson of course)..and being picked on and bullied was not the cause of this massacre–it was PLEASURE–pure fun–very enjoyable..and yet i wonder how eric was left handed and shot himself–*cough cough* KibbZ i wonder how that is possible?–im me– adustofdesire

Comment by Das Hat Ein Vorlerons Schwester — Thursday Apr 22, 2004 @ 9:59 pm

Oh and you’re a Manson worshipper. That just figures. If those two rat bastards are the two greatest people who ever lived in your eyes then just do the world a favor and kill yourselves now. Join your heroes.

And yet again

You all except for NBK reb and reb the natural born killer need to stop bitching about Eric and Dylan… Christ you didn’t even know them. In truth Eric and Dylan were really cool (well at least Eric was i could care less about Dylan) sure Dylan had problems and Eric may have been a little too into bombs but all around they were really cool guys… I love REB and he will be in my heart forever and always… I LOVE YOU REB!!

Comment by REB’S girl — Friday Apr 23, 2004 @ 9:01 pm

I love all these people who claim they met these two little shits. If everyone who claims to have met them actually met them they would have been the most popular guys in Colorado at the time. Again I Say if you love them so much do us all a favor and go join them.

A Sad Day of Death

Columbine tragedy spawns card game:

Tip of the old hat to Darcie for bringing this one to my attention. This is just un-fucking-believable. Some assclown from Texas has decided to try and make money by making a card game based on the Columbine massacre. Check out his reasoning behind it…

But Andy Richey insisted Wednesday he’s not trying to get rich.

Instead, Richey said he wants to use the money from sales of “Columbine, the Massacre” to go out of the United States and buy a kidney for someone who needs a transplant.

“It’s just to balance out my karma,” Richey said by telephone from Arlington, Texas, where he lives.

Balance out your karma? You have to got be fucking kidding me. You’re just begging to have your ass run over by the karma train 13 times. There are other ways to raise money if it actually is for a foreign transplant patient. This is nothing more than blood money. I hope you rot in hell.

Columbine: Then and now

I got over 1,300 hits yesterday for obvious reasons and only one good piece of hate mail. Come on mutants. You’re slacking off.

Anyway I want to go over one of the articles I posted yesterday…

The Depressive and the Psychopath:

This is a great article which goes with my theory that the alleged “bullying” had nothing to do with the shooting. The FBI team concluded that Harris was a psychopath and Klebold was a sycophant. Now I do not condone bullying in any way shape or form but how come we never hear any of the bullies’ names? We hear how they were supposed bullied but we never hear the names of the bullies. According to the article, the aftermath of Columbine would have been considered a failure in Harris’ and Klebold’s eyes. So they were in death as they were in life. Failures and cowards.

This one I saw yesterday but saved until today…

Iowa teen arrested after Columbine-style threat:

It turns out this mutant had no plans or weapons. It turns out he was a typical Harris and Klebold mutant. Just a punk who liked shooting his mouth off. When asked by his principal if he planned a school shooting he said…

“I don’t have to do things on the 20th. I can do them some other time.”

They locked his ass up after that. What gets me is this…

The shirt he wore to school last fall had pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 12 classmates and a teacher before turning their guns on themselves, and the phrase: “Always Remembered.”

What gets me is that someone actually manufactured a t-shirt as reprehensible as that and is making money off of it and that his parents actually allowed him to wear that shirt. And to school no less. If parents just did their fucking jobs we wouldn’t have half the problems in school that we do now. These parents are just pathetic.

All aboard the karma train. Next stop: France

Fugitive Commits Suicide In French Jail:

The other day I told you about Paul Goldman who killed his mistress then fled to France. The French government then told the US that we couldn’t have him back unless we took the death penalty off the table. Well, it seems that Mr. Goldman resolved the situation himself by taking his own miserable life in a French jail cell. Kind of fitting that he took the cowards way out in France.

4/11/04: From the Mail Sack

Only one this week and guess where it’s from. That’s right kids. It’s from my entry on the Eric Harris journal

Ich habe Eric und Dylan gekannt und war nicht ins wenigste ge?berrascht, als es alle hinabgegangen sind.. Sie waren Feiglinge und das derjenig, die gestorben sind, waren nicht unschuldig nicht.. Sie haben diejenigen get?tet, die sie n?tigen Tod gef?hlt haben.. Diejenigen, die niemann sagen, k?nnen entscheiden, wer lebt, und k?nnen voll von Schei?e sterben ist. Irgendjemand kann entscheiden, wer leben wird, und wird sterben, alles, das sie machen m?ssen, ist folgt durch damit.. Eric und Dylan haben gemacht, was mu?te gemacht werden und wenn sie nicht gehabt haben, h?tte jemand anders.. Ich gebe keine Schei?e, wenn ich Sie beleidigt habe, oder wenn Sie mit mir ?bereinstimmen, glaube ich blo? was ich erkl?re und wie ich f?hle.. K?nnen Sie Dylan und ewig Eric werden erinnert an f?r ihre Ausf?hrungen! (and I agree with ya Sarah… There should be 15 crosses atop that hill… Who gives a shit if Danny Rohrbough and anyone else doesn’t want them up… They both deserve to be recognized just as much as the other 13 so called “victims”)

Comment by Das Hat Ein Verloren — Thursday Apr 8, 2004 @ 10:58 pm

I guess I’m supposed to be impressed because you know German. The question is did you learn it before you became obsessed with two nazi loving peckerheads? Somehow I doubt it. Why should Harris and Klebold be recognized along with the 13 true victims? As I keep saying they were not victims. They were cowards. Unintelligent cowards at that. They didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with their problems in a rational manner. And apparently neither do you. Have fun goose-stepping in your mom’s basement fawning all over your cowardly idols for they rot in hell.

Another Reason to Hate France

France to Extradite U.S. Murder Suspect :

Just like in the Ira Einhorn case once again France refused extradition of an American suspect until the US took the death penalty off the table. Paul Goldman stabbed his mistress Fay Zonis seven times and left her to bleed to death. He then confessed the crime to his wife who helped him escape prosecution by helping him get to France. As far as I’m concerned Goldman deserves the death penalty. But now since he fled to France the French government wouldn’t extradite him until the Bucks County, PA prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty. Not only should the French have no right to tell us how to prosecute our criminals it sets a dangerous precedent. You can kill as many people as you want. If you get caught just flee to France and you won’t be put to death. Leave it to the French government to surrender to every criminal that cross their borders.

Matthew Lovett Sentenced


Matthew Lovett

N.J. Teen Gets 10 Years for Slaying Plot:

I told you, about Matthew Lovett last July. He was one of the three NJ teens who planned on shooting three of their school “enemies” then killing random people. He was sentenced to ten years today. He was facing fifty years. At his sentencing, Lovett said his excuse was…

“We decided to go home, back to my house. We realized we were in the wrong. We were just stupid,” Lovett said. “It was more fantasy than anything.”

A fantasy? You have got to be kidding me. It’s not a fantasy when you’re armed with rifles, a shotgun, several handguns, swords and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. That is damn near reality. 10 years is hardly long enough to keep this mutant locked up. His accomplices fared much better. Cody Jackson is serving a five-year prison sentence, for carjacking. Christopher Olson is serving four years for a weapons offense. Olson and Jackson’s parents said their sons were “led astray” by the older Lovett. A very common trait in New Jersey., the “not my kid” syndrome. God forbid that your kids should be held responsible for their actions. Personally, I feel they should each get a year for every round of ammunition they were carrying. But that’s just me.

Fear the Caterpillar

Parents of woman killed by Israeli bulldozer join anti-Caterpillar rally:

Rachel Corrie’s parents spoke at a rally to gain support for two protests against Caterpillar, the manufacturer of bulldozers and other construction equipment. For those of you who may not know Rachel Corrie was a supposed peace protester who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer that was demolishing Palestinian houses in Gaza. The thing is those Palestinian houses had tunnels that were used to smuggle arms in and out of Palestine. As far as Rachel Corrie being a peace protester I refer to this infamous picture…


Doesn’t look all that peaceful to me. Anyway, her parents are going to protest Caterpillar because their dumbass daughter sat down in front of a moving Israeli bulldozer made by Caterpillar that crushed and killed her. That’s as asinine as suing gun manufacturers. I don’t think the CEO of CAT was driving the bulldozer when she got squashed. The thing they should be protesting is their daughter’s common sense. One for standing up for a group of terrorists. Secondly for not knowing that sitting in front of a moving bulldozer will get you killed. Then again I guess her parents aren’t known for common sense either. I mean look who they hang around with…


But you know how the old saying goes. You lay down with dogs, you get crushed by a bulldozer. Or something.